24 Hour Updated Alarm Log
First set of numbers to the left of the log are the number of calls this month.
Second set of numbers are the number of calls for the year 2002.
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September 2002 Fire & EMS Runs

63-692-Sept.25-Auto Accident - Rt.1A by the York Harbor Motel - 1 car into the guardrail - (1) injured

62-691-Sept.24-Medical Call - Organug Rd. at York Middle School - Unknown medical call

61-690-Sept.23-Fire Alarm Activation - 15 Long Sands Rd. York Public Library - No fire, Faulty Alarm
60-689-Sept.23-Arcing Power Lines - Raydon Rd.

59-688-Sept.22-Fire Alarm Activation - 19 Woodbridge Rd. No fire, smoke from burned food

58-687-Sept.21-Medical Call - Long Sands Rd at the Masonic Hall - Chest Pains

57-686-Sept.20-Medical Call - Maine Turnpike Toll Plaza - Diabetic Emergency

56-685-Sept.19-Fire Alarm Activation - 15 Long Sands Rd. - York Library. Pull station pulled by child - No fire
55-684-Sept.19-Call to investigate a ruptured Liquid O2 tank - 231 Scituate Rd.

54-683-Sept.18-Medical Call - York Middle School. Student fell off the monkey bars

53-682-Sept.17-Fire Alarm Activation - 19 Woodbridge Rd. Food on the stove
52-681-Sept.17-Fire Alarm Activation - 145 Fieldstone Estates. Faulty Alarm

51-680-Sept.16- Assist in a search for a 14 year old boy near the Coast Ridge Elementary School
50-679-Sept.16- Medical Call - 2 Woodbridge Rd. Person Fallen

49-678-Sept.15- Medical Call - 18 Creation Lane - Difficulty Breathing
48-677-Sept.15- Fire Alarm Activation - 15 Long Sands Rd. "York Public Library" - Faulty alarm

47-676-Sept.14- Chimney Fire - 20 Garrison Ave (Beach District)
46-675-Sept.14- Oven Fire - 10 Summit Lane

45-674-Sept.13- Medical Call - 3 Victoria Court - Abdominal Pains

44-673-Sept.12- Medical Call - Spur Rd. - Unknown medical problem
43-672-Sept.12- Fire Alarm Activation - Rt.1 at Stonewall Kitchen - No fire, water problem caused sprinkler system to activate

42-671-Sept.11- Medical Call - Sentry Hill Eldery Care Facility - Respiratory problem
41-670-Sept.11- Fire Alarm Activation - Rt.1 at Meadowbrook Plaza (no fire alarm, just an alarm from an emergency exit door sounding)
40-669-Sept.11- Transformer Explosion - 15 Organug Rd.
39-668-Sept.11- Bark Mulch Fire - Stage Neck Rd. in the parking lot of Stage Neck Inn
38-667-Sept.11- Reported Cottage Fire - Morningside Dr. (Beach District) only a grass fire
37-666-Sept.11- Bark Mulch Fire - Stage Neck Rd. in the parking lot of Stage Neck Inn

36-665-Sept.10- Medical Call - Rt.95 at the southbound scales - Diabetic emergency
35-664-Sept.10- Auto Accident - Cider Hill & Birch Hill Rd. No injury
34-663-Sept.10- Medical Alarm - 34 Caincrest Park - No emergency, accidental alarm
33-662-Sept.10- Auto Accident - Rt.95, 1 mile south of the tolls, Southbound lane - (1) car rollover, (1) patient - head injury
32-661-Sept.10- Medical Call - 73 Fernald Ave. - Difficulty Breathing
31-660-Sept.10- Medical Call - 161 York St. Bldg. 5, Apt.2 - Foot injury
30-659-Sept.10- Medical Call - 17 Riverbend Rd. - Injuries from a fall
29-658-Sept.10- Medical Call - 6 Eureka Ave. - Person fell
28-657-Sept.10- Fuel Spill - York St. at "Cumberland Farms Store"

27-656-Sept.09- Medical Call - 8 Lilac Lane - Injuries after falling from a ladder
26-655-Sept.09- Auto Accident - Bell Marsh Rd. (1) Injured
25-654-Sept.09- Medical Call - 74 York St. - Cardiac problem

24-653-Sept.08- Auto Accident - Rt.1 & Spur Rd. No injury, fluid spill only
23-652-Sept.08- Auto Accident - Rt.95 south of the tolls in the northbound lane - Car Vs Guardrail - (1) Injured
22-651-Sept.08- Medical Call - 188 Long Sands Rd. - Injured leg
21-650-Sept.08- Medical Call - 5 Hannaford Dr. inside Hannaford's store - Seizure

20-649-Sept.07- Vehicle Fire - Maine Turnpike mile 6 southbound

19-648-Sept.06- Medical Call - 298 Long Sands Rd. - Difficulty Breathing
18-647-Sept.06- Medical Call - Spur Rd. - Unknown medical emergency
17-646-Sept.06- Auto Accident - 184 Scituate Rd. Person struck by a vehicle
16-645-Sept.06- Medical Call - 264 Rt.1 at "Lunch Break" - Person fallen from a ladder

15-644-Sept.05- Medical Call - 343 Rt.1 at "York Collision" - Person with chest pains

14-643-Sept.04- Smouldering Pile of Bark Mulch - Mill Dam Rd.
13-642-Sept.04- Vehicle Fire - Rt.1 & Cider Hill Rd. (Rt.91) Pickup truck well involved
12-641-Sept.04- Medical Call - 5 Hannaford Drive at "Hannaford's Store" - Injuries from a fall
11-640-Sept.04- Medical Call - 161 York St. Building 5 - Knee injury

10-639-Sept.03- Partial Collapse of a barn - York St. behind Bragdon Insurance building
09-638-Sept.03- Fire Alarm Activation - Long Sands Rd. at "York Heart Health Institute" - No fire, alarm tripped by workers
08-637-Sept.03- Medical Call - 3 Bayview Avenue - Difficulty Breathing

07-636-Sept.02- Fire Alarm Activation - York St. & Varrell Lane "Lancaster Block" - No fire, alarm caused from power surge in the area
06-635-Sept.02- Outside odor of propane gas - Woodbridge Rd. by the York Weekly building

05-634-Sept.01-Auto Accident - Southside Rd. near the Blaisdell Farm - (1) car, (1) Injured
04-633-Sept.01- Illegal Outside Fire - Ferncroft Rd.
03-632-Sept.01- Medical Call - 115 Roaring Rock Rd. - Unresponsive male
02-631-Sept.01- Medical Call - 801 Rt.1 at "York Woods Condos" - Unresponsive female
01-630-Sept.01- Fire Alarm Activation - Brickyard Court at "Visiting Nurses" office building - No fire, faulty alarm

Incident Photos
Photos of recent incidents.