June 2002 Fire & MVA Log

JULY 2002

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

02-1012)9:00 AM-MVA-Vassalboro,ME-Rt.201 near the Fire Station-(2) cars, (1) Fatality, (1) Injured

02-1011)6:30 AM-MVA-Windsor,ME-Tyler Rd. (2) Pedestrians struck by a vehicle-(2) Fatalities on scene

02-1010)1:00 AM-W/F-Orland,ME-Rt.1 at the Orland Home Co-op-Auto Repair Building & Shingle Mill well involved-M/A from BUCKSPORT, PENOBSCOT, SURRY, ORRINGTON, SEDGEWICK, AND CASTINE FD's to the scene

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

02-1009)4:57 PM-MVA-Old Town,ME-Perkins Ave. Car Vs Child on Bike-Serious injury

02-1008)10:42 PM-MVA-Harrison,ME-Haskell Hill Rd. Jaws from Bridgton FD operating

Monday, July 29, 2002

Sunday, July 28, 2002

02-1007)8:42 PM-MVA-York,ME-Scituate Rd. Car Vs Tree-(1) Trapped, (2) Sets of Jaws operating, (2) injured

02-1006)6:51 PM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Rt.95 SB near Exit 4-Jaws & 3 ambulances operating

02-1005)3:21 AM-MVA-Jay,ME-Rt.133-Rollover-(4) Injured, Jaws operating

02-1004)00:30 AM-W/F-Nashua,NH-12 Kenmore Rd. Dwelling fire-(1) Fatality

Saturday, July 27, 2002

02-1003)10:42 PM-W/F+-Derry,NH-Windham Rd. 2.5 Story farmhouse well involved with extension into a barn-M/A tankers to the scene

Friday, July 26, 2002

02-1002)5:50 PM-MVA-Dover,NH-Silver & Atkinson St. Jaws operating

02-1001)1:30 PM-MVA-Stockton Springs,ME-Rt.1 & Muskrat Farm Rd. (2) Cars, (1) Injured, (1) Fatality

02-1000)10:00 AM-Woods Fire-Croydon,NH-remote fire on the side of Penny Royal Hill-M/A to the scene

Thursday, July 25, 2002

02-999)9:56 PM-MVA-Wilton,ME-unknown location-Jaws from Wilton & Farmington FD's operating

02-998)8:02 PM-3rd.AL-Monroe,NH-Rt.135-House well involved-M/A to the scene

02-997)1:00 PM-Woods Fire-Orland,ME-half mile in the woods off Leach's Point Rd. Ingited several days earlier from a lightning strike-Maine Forest Service chopper used for water drops, M/A crews from Bucksport & Brooksville FD's worked the fire

02-996)5:00 AM-3rd.AL-Littleton,NH-Cottage St. at the River Glen Elderly Housing Complex-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

02-995)4:32 PM-Boat fire-Portsmouth,NH-at the dock near 500 Market St. 4-5 passengers treated for smoke inhalation due to a fire aboard the tour boat "THOMAS LEIGHTON" - M/A ambulances to the scene

02-994)1:00 PM-MVA-Fairfield,ME-Center Rd. Jaws operating, Serious injury

02-993) 12:00 PM-MVA-Poland,ME-Range Hill Rd. Cement truck rolled over into Middle Range Pond-(1) Fatality

02-992)11:40 AM-MVA-Boothbay,ME-Shore Rd. in Ocean Point-(1) Fatality

02-991)9:35 AM-W/F-Bethlehem,NH-Pinewood Ave-House fire-M/A to the fire

02-990)1:50 AM-MVA with fire-Twin Mountain,NH (Carroll)-Rt.302 by Zealand-(1) Fatality

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

02-989)10:44 PM-W/F-Milton,NH-103 Ford Farm Rd. Double wide Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

02-988)10:10 PM-W/F-Limerick,ME-off Sokokis Trail North (Rt.5) Building fully involved-M/A to the scene

02-987)8:59 PM-ATV MVA-Wilmot,NH-off Rt.4-(2) Seriously injured

02-986)4:45 PM-W/F-Stratham,NH-52 Union Rd. Storage Building Fire (Lightning Strike) M/A tankers to the fire

02-985)3:30 PM-W/F-Scarborough,ME-4 Val Terrace-2.5 story House, fire in the attic (Lightning Strike)

02-984)2:58 PM-W/F-Parsonsfield,ME-444 Maplewood Rd. House fire (Lightning Strike) M/A to the fire

02-983)Afternoon-W/F-Industry,ME-Rt.148-House fire (Lightning Strike) M/A from Farmington & Wilton FD's

02-982)Afternoon-W/F-China,ME-Maple Ridge Rd. 2.5 story House fire-(Lightning Strike) M/A from Fairfield, South China, Vassalboro, Whitefield, Winslow, Palermo & Albion FD's to the fire

02-981)Afternoon-W/F-Franklin,NH-321 Prospect St-House fire (Lightning Strike) M/A to the fire

02-980)2:33 PM-MVA-Farmington,NH-Rt.11-(1) Fatality, Jaws of Life operating-M/A from Milton FD for station coverage

Monday, July 22, 2002

Sunday, July 21, 2002

02-979)2:19 PM-ATV MVA-Standish,ME-off Rt.114 near Marietta's Pit-Lifeflight to the scene for serious injuries

02-978)9:40 AM-MVA-Derry,NH-(East Derry district) Hampstead Rd. Jaws operating, DHART chopper to meet EMS at the Parkland Hospital

02-977)9:12 AM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Rt.95 (Maine Turnpike) 3 cars involved, Jaws operating

02-976)2:40 AM-ACW-Manchester,NH-640 Harvard St. Storage trailer fire (ARSON)

02-975)2:30 AM-2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-643 Harvard St. 3 story aparment building fire (ARSON)

02-974)1:43 AM-W/F-Manchester,NH-144 Wilson St. Fire in an "Auto Repair Shop" (ARSON)

Saturday, July 20, 2002

02-973)11:30 PM-MVA-Derry,NH-Rt.93 northbound near the Windham town line-Jaws operating

02-972)6:45 PM-W/F-Woodstock,NH-Rt.3 at the Woodstock General Store-Fire in the building-M/A from Lincoln & Campton/Thornton FD's

02-971)6:17 PM-W/F-Washington,ME-Rt.126 at Mariner Hot Top-Asphault Truck & Small Hot Top Plant on fire-M/A from Somerville, Jefferson, Nobleboro, Whitefield & Brunwick Naval Air Station FD's to the scene

02-970)5:01 PM-W/F-Enfield,NH-about 127 Livingston Lodge Rd. Building fire-M/A to the scene

02-969)11:01 AM-W/F-Lancaster,NH-Rt.3-House fire-M/A to the scene

02-968)10:00 AM-MVA-South China,ME-Rt.3-(2) cars, head-on-Jaws operating

02-967)7:34 AM-MVA-Oxford,ME-Mechanic Falls Rd. (2) cars, head-on, (1) Fatality, Jaws operating

02-966)2:10 AM-W/F-Lewiston,ME-Nomar Court-House fire

Friday, July 19, 2002

02-965)11:55 PM-2nd.AL-Brunswick,ME-112 Main St. 2,5 story brick building containing a Tavern with apartments above-M/A to the scene

02-964)4:10 PM-W/F+-Farmington,NH-19 East Grove St. 3 story apartment building heavily involved-M/A from New Durham, Milton, Rochester FD's & Wakefield FD's to the fire

02-963)1:06 PM-MVA-Lebanon,ME-Rt.202 near State Line Auto-Jaws from Rochester FD operating

02-962)8:19 AM-MVA-Gilford,NH-Rt.11-Jaws operating

Thursday, July 18, 2002

02-961)5:57 PM-MVA-Weare,NH-Rt.114 & Maplewood Rd. (2) cars, head-on, (2) seriously injured, Jaws operating

02-960)2:50 AM-W/F-South Portland,ME-Mariner St near Cobb St. 2 bay Garage fire (Lightning Strike)

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

02-959)11:30 PM-MVA-Randolph,ME-Windsor St. Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality, (1) Injured

02-958)3:30 PM-W/F-Farmington,NH-Peacefull Pines Trailer Park on Watson Corner Rd. Kitchen fire in a mobile home-M/A from Milton FD

02-957)7:00 AM-W/F-Anson,ME-Hollin Waite Rd. 2 story house fully involved-M/A to the fire

02-956)1:36 AM-MVA-Moultonboro,NH-Sticks & Stones Rd. on Moultonboro Neck-Car Vs Trees-(1)Fatality

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

02-955)4:00 PM-MVA-Frankfort,ME-North Searsport Rd. Rollover with ejection-Serious injury-Lifeflight to the scene

02-954)10:00 AM-Small Plane Crash-Palermo,ME-small plane crashed in Sheepscot Pond-Minor injury to the pilot

Monday, July 15, 2002

02-953)10:40 PM-MVA-Shirley,ME-Rt.15-(2) Motorcycles Vs Moose-Serious injury

02-952)8:28 PM-W/F-Rye,NH-Washington Rd. at "Rand Lumber Co." - Large outside fire-M/A from New Castle & Portsmouth FD's to the scene

02-951)7:21 PM-MVA-Alton,NH-Rt.11 in West Alton-(2) vehicles on fire - 6 ambulances to the scene

02-950)7:12 PM-W/F-St.George,ME-Rt.131 & Walston Rd. in Tenants Harbor village-Structure fire (ATTN: person paging us this incident-please use only 80 characters per page-you keep getting cut off-thanks!)

02-949)6:10 PM-ATV MVA-Northfield,ME-in the woods off Rt.192-(1) Fatality

02-948)6:01 PM-W/F-South Portland,ME-26 Spring Brook Drive-Building fire

02-947)5:40 PM-W/F-Buckfield,ME-Bryant Rd. Building fire-M/A to the scene

02-946)4:20 PM-Woods Fire-Lyme,NH-Hubbard Rd. Large area with M/A to the scene

02-945)12:21 PM-W/F-Hampton,NH-90 Island Path-1 story cottage fire

Sunday, July 14, 2002

02-944)7:34 PM-3rd.AL-Concord,NH-9 Maple St. 2.5 story house fully involved with exposure problems-M/A to the scene

02-943)1:40 PM-Woods Fire-North Berwick,ME-Stub Marsh Rd. M/A from Lebanon, Sanford, South Berwick and the Maine Forest Service

02-942)7:40 AM-MVA-Auburn,ME-Rt.4 at the Turner town line-(1) car, (1) Fatality

02-941)7:34 AM-MVA-Augusta,ME-Rt.3 (Belfast Rd.) at the Vassalboro town line-(2) cars head-on, Jaws operating, Lifeflight to the scene-(2) Fatalities at scene

Saturday, July 13, 2002

02-940)Evening-MVA-Corinna,ME-Exeter Rd. (1) Fatality

02-939)6:21 PM-3rd.AL-Manchester,NH-795 Merrimac St. at Elm St.- 6 story brick commercial office building-Heavy fire on 2 top floors-M/A to the scene

02-938)1:30 PM-Woods Fire-Ossipee,NH-off the Granite Rd. near Pickpocket Mountain-Remote fire-M/A from Milton, Wakefield, Effingham, Freedom, Center Ossipee, West Ossipee, Tamworth, Madison,NH & Acton and Newfield,ME FD's along with the NH Forest Fire Service

02-937)11:30 AM-Woods Fire-Bennington,NH-Island fire on Lily Pond-M/A to the scene with forestry equipment and manpower

02-936)4:00 AM-MVA-Phillips,ME-Rt.4-State Police Cruiser Vs Moose-Jaws operating-Minor injury

Friday, July 12, 2002

02-935)10:30 PM-W/F-Thornton,NH-Thornton Gore Rd. Cottage fire-M/A from Woodstock FD

02-934)7:15 PM-W/F-Rollinsford,NH-off Main Street at the Town Dump-Large debris pile fire with extension into the woods-M/A from Rochester, Dover, Somersworth, Eliot, Berwick & South Berwick FD's

02-933)6:37 PM-W/F-Portsmouth,NH-47 Opal Avenue-2 story house fully involved-M/A from Rye, Pease Air National Guard, Newington, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Exeter and Kittery FD's to the scene and to cover the empty house's

02-932)12:04 PM-MVA-Brunswick,ME-Pleasant Hill & Woodside Rd. (2) Fatalities-Jaws operating

02-931)11:22 AM-Haz Mat-Rockland,ME-5 Gordon Drive at "Fisher Engineering"-Large propane leak

02-930)6:45 AM-W/F-Rangeley,ME-Main St. 2.5 story wdfr house & store-"Zoo Boutique"-Heavy fire on floor 1

Thursday, July 11, 2002

02-929)10:50 PM-MVA with fire-Jackson,ME-Bog Rd.-Car Vs Tree, car burst into flames-(1) Fatality

02-928)4:50 PM-2nd.AL-Portland,ME-195 Congress St. 3 story wdfr apartment building-fire on floors 2 & 3

02-927)Afternoon-W/F-Lincolnville,ME-Fernald's Neck Rd. Cottage fire

02-926)9:04 AM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-25 Stonehendge Rd-(2) cars, Jaws operating

02-925)5:30 AM-W/F-Richmond,ME-Rt.194 near Exit 26 off Rt.95-Cellar fire in the "Exit 26 Quick Stop" convenience store-M/A from Dresden, Bowdoinham & Litchfield FD's to the fire

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

02-924)5:27 PM-W/F-Saco,ME-857 Portland Rd. (Rt.1) House fire

02-923)5:15 PM-W/F-Belmont,NH-near 19 Union Rd. abandoned Sugar House fully involved with a substantial woods fire-M/A to the scene

02-922)5:12 PM-MVA-Conway,NH-Modock Hill Rd. Rollover-(1)Fatality

02-921)Afternoon-MVA-Greene,ME-Sawyer Rd. Car Vs Tree Stump-(1) Fatality

02-920)Afternoon-MVA-Wesley,ME-Rt.9-Car Vs Tractor Trailer hauling wood chips-(1) Fatality, (1) Injured-Jaws operating

02-919)12:40 PM-W/F-Grafton,NH-Wild Meadow Rd. Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

02-918)11:30 AM-MVA-Solon,ME-South Solon & Rowell Mountain Rd's-Asphault Truck Vs Van-(1)Fatality

02-917)1:34 AM-W/F-Londonderry,NH-Mammoth Rd. at the Lion's Hall-Structure fire

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

02-916)3:27 PM-W/F-Cape Elizabeth,ME-103 Old Ocean House Rd. House fire

02-915)11:20 AM-MVA-Waterville,ME-North Main St. at Elm Plaza-Jaws operating

02-914)1:34 AM-W/F-Standish,ME-Cole Hill Rd. - Cellar fire in a farmhouse

02-913)1:16 AM-W/F-Porter,ME-across from 308 Kennard Hill Rd. Building fire-M/A from South Hiram, Cornish, Hiram & Freedom FD's assisted the Kezar Falls FD

Monday, July 08, 2002

02-912)11:45 PM-W/F-Manchester,NH-423 Fox Hollow Way-Building fire

02-911)7:30 PM-MVA-Cornish,ME-Rt.160-Jaws from Limerick FD operating

02-910)4:01 PM-MVA-Lebanon,ME-Rt.202 at the Sanford town line-Car rolled over-Jaws operating from Sanford FD

Sunday, July 07, 2002

02-909)4:30 PM-W/F-Portland,ME-871 Washington Ave. 3 story apartment building, fire on floor 2

02-908)Morning-W/F-Gardiner,ME-Brunswick Ave. House fire-M/A from Farmingdale FD

02-907)9:30 AM-MVA-Embden,ME-Cross Town Rd. Rollover, driver pinned under the car-Jaws operating from North Anson FD, Lifeflight to L/A in Solon to pickup the patient

02-906)4:10 AM-W/F-Arundel,ME-Rt.1 at "Southern Maine Marine Services Co." Building fully involved with explosions-A total of 5 boats, a trailer and storage warehouse were destroyed in the fire-M/A from Kennebunk, Alfred, Goodwins Mills & Kennebunkport FD's

Saturday, July 06, 2002

02-905)7:30 PM-W/F-Brownville,ME-Russell Rd.-House & Barn fully involved-M/A to the scene

02-904)Evening-ATV MVA-Greenwood,ME-along the railroad tracks off Rt.26-(1) Fatality

02-903)3:35 PM-W/F-Buxton,ME-197 Depot Rd. Garage fire

02-902)9:14 AM-MVA-Charlestown,NH-Rt.12 by Jim's Marina-Rollover-Jaws operating

02-901)8:31 AM-W/F-Portland,ME-Springbrook Way in the Riverton Projects-Structure fire

02-900)1:31 AM-MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.101 by Exit 7-Rollover-(1)Fatality

02-899)Early Morning-MVA-Oakland,ME-Rt.23-Motorcycle into the woods-(1)Fatality

Friday, July 05, 2002

02-898)8:49 PM-W/F-Jefferson,NH-Meadows Rd. House fire (Lightning Strike) M/A to the fire

02-897)7:10 PM-2nd.AL-Derry,NH-97 Rockingham Rd. 2.5 story house fire-M/A to the scene

02-896)2:51 AM-W/F-Plymouth,NH-Highland St. & Pleasant St. next to Boyd Hall - a Construction trailer fully involved with chemicals involved-M/A from Ashland & Campton FD's to the fire

02-895)2:34 AM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Lafayette Rd. near the Cinema's-Car into the woods-Jaws operating

02-894)2:10 AM-MVA-Wells,ME-Hilton's Lane-Serious injury, Jaws from Ogunquit FD operating

02-893)Early Morning-MVA-Caribou,ME-566 West Presque Isle Rd. - House fire (Lightning Strike) M/A from Presque Isle &Loring FD's to the fire

Thursday, July 04, 2002

02-892)8:25 PM-W/F-Orrington,ME-unknown location-Garage fire-M/A to the scene

02-891)7:04 PM-W/F-Amherst,ME-Rt.9 near Rt.181-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Mariaville & Aurora FD's to the scene

02-890)Evening-Sky Diving Accident-Lebanon,ME-Upper Guinea Rd. - Parachustist from Sky Dive New England crashed into the road-Massive injuries resulting in fatality

02-889)6:18 PM-5th.AL-Dunbarton,NH-3 Mansion Rd. House & Garage well involved-Extensive M/A to the fire

02-888)3:25 PM-2nd.AL-Kingston,NH-10 Hunt Rd. Building fully involved-M/A to the fire

02-887)2:30 PM-W/F-Corinna,ME-Main St. at Corinna Historical Society (former Corinna Union Academy) (Lightning Strike) Heavy fire in the walls and roof area-M/A from Pittsfield, St.Albans, Dexter & Newport FD's to the fire

02-886)5:30 AM-W/F-Monmouth,ME-213 Ridge Rd. House fire-M/A from Leeds & Wales FD's to the scene

02-885)3:24 AM-W/F-Sebago,ME-Robbinson Hill Rd. 2.5 story house well involved-M/A from East Baldwin, North Baldwin, Bridgton, Standish, Gorham & Hiram FD's to the scene

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

02-884)10:20 PM-W/F-Franklin,ME-Franklin Trading Post fully involved (Lightning Strike)-Rt.182-M/A from Eastbrook & Hancock FD's to the fire

02-883)5:28 PM-Boating Accident-Windham,ME-Little Sebago Lake off Smith Rd. (2) boats collided with (6) injured people, (1) Fatality-Divers & M/A rescue units to the scene

02-882)3:44 PM-MVA-Greenland,NH-191 Dearborn Rd. Rollover-Jaws from Stratham FD operating

02-881)12:30 PM-MVA-Turner,ME-Rt.4 & 219-Motorcycle Vs Car-(1) Fatality

02-880)12:17 PM-3rd.AL-Pelham,NH-53 Dutton Rd. Large propane leak-M/A tankers to the scene, area evacuated

02-879)11:00 AM-MVA-Wakefield,NH-3301 White Mountain Highway near Palmer's Motel-Car Vs Motorcycle-Rider with severe neck laceration

02-878)8:54 AM-W/F-Plaistow,NH-51 Kingston Rd. "Atlas Motor" Stucture fire-M/A to the fire

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

02-877)8:55 PM-2nd.AL-Newington,NH-Fox Run Mall-Fire in the electrical room near the food court-M/A to the scene

02-876)6:00 PM-MVA-Milford,NH-Rt.101A near Ponomah Hill Rd. 1 person ejected, serious injury

02-875)12:39 PM-MVA-Palermo,ME-North Palermo Rd. Jaws operating-Lifeflight to the scene

02-874)12:30 PM-MVA-Palmyra,ME-Rt.2 & 152-(2) cars, head-on-(4) Injured-Jaws from Newport FD operating

02-873)9:45 AM-MVA-Phillips,ME-Rt.142 - Car Vs Pole with wires down-Extensive extrication-Jaws from Farmington FD operating-(2) injured-Lifeflight to the airstrip to meet the ambulance

02-872)8:45 AM-W/F-Sullivan,ME-Old Rt.1 - Construction trailer fire

02-871)8:45 AM-W/F-Waltham,ME-Cemetary Rd. Barn fire-M/A Franklin, Eastbrook & Osborne FD's to the scene

02-870)6:02 AM-W/F-Auburn,ME-6 Pine St. 2 story dwelling fire

Monday, July 01, 2002

02-870)7:02 PM-W/F-Troy,NH-281 Richmond Rd. House fire-M/A tankers to the scene

02-869)4:50 PM-MVA-North Fryeburg,ME-Rt.113 by the Green Thumb Farm-Jaws from Saco Valley Fire District operating

02-868)3:49 PM-MVA-Chelsea,ME-Townhouse Rd. - Rollover into a pole-Jaws operating-(3) Injured, Lifeflight to the scene

02-867)3:40 PM-MVA-North Lovell,ME-Rt.5 near Slab City Rd. Car Vs Logging Truck-(1) Fatality

02-866)2:15 PM-3rd.AL-Yarmouth,ME-Cousins Island at the Wyman Power Generating Station-Fire in the Boiler Room area-Extensive M/A to the fire

02-865)6:50 AM-W/F-Sabattus,ME-916 Middle Rd. (Rt.9) Lumber Yard Storage Building fire-(Lightning Strike)-M/A to the fire

02-864)4:20 AM-W/F-Norridgewock,ME-Ward Hill Rd. Large Barn fully involved-(Lightning Strike)-M/A from Madison, East Madison and Skowhegan FD's to the fire

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