6:12pm W/F-Epping,NH-56 Blake Rd-Barn fully involved-M/A from Lee, Raymond, Fremont, Brentwood and Exeter FD's to the fire-(1)Burn victim-(Attempted Suicide) Medflighted to Boston

4:30pm MVA-Wilton,ME-Wilton Rd-Car Vs Truck-Jaws from Farmington FD operating-(4) people injured


9:24pm W/F-Embden,ME-Moulton Rd-Chimney fire extended to the wall-North Anson & Solon FD's responded to the fire

5:54pm W/F+-Skowhegan,ME-Rt.150 & Dr.Mann Rd-2 story wdfr furniture storage building fully involved-7 departments responded to the fire scene


9:38pm W/F-Levant,ME-Mount Pleasant Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

11:27am ACW-Manchester,NH-213 Union St-Industrial Machine fire in a Commercial Building

7:53am W/F-Nashua,NH-4 Faxon Ave-1.5 story house-Scene of earlier fire

3:45am 3rd.AL-Nashua,NH-4 Faxon Ave-1.5 story house fully involved


9:03pm W/F-Whitefield,NH-Spencer Rd-Barn fully involved-(Lightning Strike)-M/A to the fire

8:21pm MVA-Manchester,NH-1354 Elm Street-Jaws Operating

6:47pm MVA-Portsmouth,NH in the Traffic Circle-Motorcycle Vs Car-(1)1045c2+ Serious Head Injury, (1)1045c3 minor injury

6:29am 2nd.AL-Hampstead,NH-381 Sandown Rd-House Fire-M/A to the fire


11:54pm W/F-Caribou,ME-Old Van Buren Rd-Barn fully involved

8:45pm MVA-Buxton,ME-Motorcycle into a pole-(1)Fatality

12:47pm W/F-Jonesport,ME-Sawyer's Cove in Moosabee Reach-Lobster Boat fire-USCG Assisted at the scene

11:46am W/F-Norway,ME-23 Fair St at "Ken's Auto"-Building Fire-M/A from Paris and Oxford FD's

8:13am 2nd.AL-Concord,NH-4 Hall Street-Meineke Tire Building-Heavy fire on arrival in a 40 x 120 building

6:00am W/F-Winthrop,ME-Main St at "Kempton's Sporting Goods"-2 story brick commercial building


7:00pm MVA-Amherst,ME-Rt.9-(2) Cars head-on-(1)Fatality, Jaws operating

3:25pm MVA-Windham,ME-Rt.202 at the Rotary-Jaws operating

12:12pm W/F-Dublin,NH-Rt.137 at Monadnock Glass Company-Building Fire-M/A from 3 towns to the fire

5:45am MVA-Berlin,NH-Rt.16 by the Milan town line-Truck into a tree-(1)Fatality


10:49pm W/F-Newport,ME-Elm Street Mobile Home Park-Mobile Home Fire

8:10pm W/F-Henniker,NH-57 Birchwood Terrace-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

7:24pm MVA-Kennebunk,ME-Rt.99 (Cat Mousam Rd) by Turnpike Overpass-(2)Children trapped, Jaws operating

6:40pm 3rd.AL-Brookfield,NH on the Wolfeboro town line - Pleasant Valley Rd-Vacant Farmhouse with heavy fire-Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire

6:27pm W/F-Henniker,NH-55 Quaker Rd-House Fire

6:17pm 2nd.AL-Amesbury,MA-9 Elizabeth St-1.5 story cape-Heavy smoke on arrival-Merrimac FD to the fire

7:48am W/F-Anson,ME-Rt.201A-House Fire-M/A from North Anson, Starks, Madison and Skowhegan FD's responded to the fire

5:45am W/F-Wells,ME-25 Maple St at Drakes Island-1 story house fully involved-M/A from Kennebunk to the fire


10:30pm 3rd.AL-Rockland,ME-Fire at the Spear Lumber Co. on Main St.-Storage Building fully involved-M/A from Rockland, Thomaston, So.Thomaston, Owl's Head and Camden to the fire

10:14pm MVA-South Portland,ME-Gorham & Clark's Rd-Jaws Operating

8:00pm MVA-Shirley,ME-Rt.15 at the Maine D.O.T. Shed-Car Vs. Moose-Jaws from Greenville FD operating

1:45pm MVA-Coplin Plantation,ME-Rt.16-Car VS Tractor Trailer-Jaws operating-Stratton/Eustis FD & Sugarloaf Rescue working at the scene-Serious Injury

8:00am MVA-Manchester,NH-Lake Ave & Maple St-Jaws operating

5:45am 4th.AL-Franklin,NH-East Bow Street at the "Steven's Mill"- 3 story brick mill building with heavy fire-Extensive Mutual Aid to the scene


11:13pm W/F-Phippsburg,ME-Carrying Place-Wharf Fire-M/A to the fire

2:13pm MVA-Vassalboro,ME-Rt.201-Car VS Dump Truck-Jaws operating

11:23am MVA-Greene,ME-Rt.202 by Myer's Country Store-Jaws operating

2:30am W/F-Manchester,NH-289 Concorde St-2.5 story wdfr-Cellar fire with extension


9:02pm W/F-Old Town,ME-South Main St at the FT James Mill-Fire in the Bleach Plant-M/A from Orono FD

8:43pm MVA-Waterville,ME-Main St-Car VS Bicycle-(1)1045c2++


11:40pm MVA-Skowhegan,ME-West Front St-Mini Van head on into a Tractor Trailer rig-Van burst into flames-(1)ejected and (1)trapped-Both were fatalities

10:47am W/F-Sorrento,ME-Bay View Rd-Building heavily involved-M/A from Sullivan and Gouldsboro FD's


7:40pm W/F-Standish,ME-Barker Rd-Building fully involved

7:39pm MVA-Shapleigh,ME-31st. Street at Mousam Lake-Motorcycle accident with serious injury-ALS from Sanford FD to the scene

12:50pm MVA-Westbrook,ME-Warren Ave-(1)Fatality and Multiple injuries


8:45pm MVA-Franklin,ME-Rt.200 & Rt.182-Jaws Operating

5:36pm MVA-Pownal,ME-Libby Rd-Car vs Tree-Jaws operating

11:53am W/F-Keene,NH-Myrtle St. at Kingsbury Machine & Tool-2 stry brick/metal building, fire in the ductwork- 2 towns M/A to scene

3:00am W/F-Eastport,MEe-232 Water St.-House Fire


11:38pm W/F+-Sandown,NH-Main St at Marino's Market- 2 stry wdfr w/apartments above- Heavy fire thru roof-Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire

7:40pm W/F-St.Agatha,ME-Main St-Garage,Warehouse and 2 story house heavily involved-M/A from Frenchville, Sinclair and Guerrette FD's

3:31pm W/F-Hallowell,ME-101 Second St-Apartment fire-Sprinklers contained the fire to 1 apartment

11:49am MVA-Hopkinton,NH-Goffstown Back Rd-Pickup VS Dump Truck-(2)Fatalities-This was the result of a Police chase

9:34am W/F-Porter,ME-Porterfield Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

9:05am MVA-Palmyra,ME-Warren Hill Rd-(2)Car, Head-on-Jaws from St.Albans FD working


6:38pm MVA-South Portland,ME- I-295 North bound-Jaws operating

6:15pm W/F+ Farmington,NH-17 North Main St. (Desperado's Restaurant) 2 stry 40X80 Building- Heavy fire M/A from multiple departments to the fire

5:30pm MVA-Winthrop,ME-Upper Main St-Pedestrian struck by car-(1)Fatality

2:41pm MVA Hudson,NH-Lawson Rd-(3) Car accident w/entrapment- Jaws working

00:24am W/F-Buxton,ME-George Sawyer Rd-30x30 Barn fully involved-(Lightning Strike)-M/A to the fire


10:59pm W/F-Portland,ME-719 Stevens Ave-Westbrook College Chapel-Fire in the steeple-(Lightning Strike)

6:35pm MVA-Kingston,NH-Mill & Danville Rd-Jaws Operating

4:17pm W/F-Nottingham,NH-278 Stage Rd-House fire-M/A from Northwood FD to the fire

12:56pm W/F-Augusta,ME-Civic Center Drive at the Sidney Town line-2 story house fire-M/A to the fire

8:14am W/F-Sorrento,ME-Bayview Rd-Storage Building Fire

8:14am W/F-Wells,ME-Sawyer Rd & Rt.109-Vacant 2 story 20x40 wdfr farmhouse fire-M/A from Sanford to the fire


5:14pm W/F-Corinna,ME-Bond Rd-Barn Fire-M/A to the fire

3:03pm 2nd.AL+-Dover,NH-254 Washington St-3 story wdfr dwelling-Heavy fire thru the roof-Extensive M/A to the fire

9:14am 3rd.AL-Northwood,NH-60 Fiore Rd. at Northwood Lake-2.5 story house heavily involved-Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire


4:46pm MVA-Searsport/Stockton Springs,ME-Rt.1 at the Town Line-2 Car-Head-on with fire and entrapment-Jaws operating-(2)Seriously injured patients

9:30am W/F-Greenville,ME-Lewis Rd-1 story house heavily involved-M/A from Monson FD to the fire-Man rescued from the roof of the house

00:28am MVA-Woolwich,ME-Old Stage Rd-Motorcycle into a tree-(1)Fatality


9:00pm MVA-Augusta,ME-Coney St-Jaws Operating

8:30pm MVA-Marlow,NH-Main St-Rollover-(1)Fatality

8:09pm 3rd.AL-Dorchester,NH-Rt.118-Large House heavily involved-Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire

00:34am MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.101 by Buxton Oil Co.-Rollover-(1)Fatality


6:19pm MVA-York,ME-Ridge Rd & Old Post Rd-(1)Fatality

4:40pm MVA-Bradford,ME-Rt.155-Rollover with ejection-(1)Fatality

2:30pm MVA-Addison,ME-Rt.187 at Indian River Variety Store-(2)Car head-on-Jaws Operating


10:00pm MVA-Stoddard,NH-Rt.9-(1)Fatality

9:48pm 2nd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-Willow Court at Pease Tradeport-2 story vacant 6 unit apartment building-Heavy fire on arrival

12:10pm Freedom,NH-Building Collapse with a victim trapped-West Ossipee FD to the scene for extrication--Unknown location at this time

10:08am MVA-Bedford,NH-Rt.293 Westbound by Merrimack River-Rollover with ejection

6:00am 2nd.AL-Portland,ME-247 Congress St-3 story wdfr occupied apartment building-Heavy fire on 3rd floor

00:24am W/F-Hart's Location,NH-Rt.302 at the Notchland Inn-Partition fire around the chimney-Bartlett,Glen and North Conway FD's responded


10:45pm W/F-Seabrook,NH-Rt.107 at Cimmeron Apartments

12:55pm MVA-Kennebunk,ME-Maine Turnpike at Mile 26-Rollover with victim trapped

3:00am W/F-Swans Island,ME-Harbor Rd-2 story House & Barn fully involved also destroying 2 cars in the yard-Swans Island FD responded with their 2 trucks to the fire, but due to being on an island, no Mutual Aid was available


10:45pm W/F-Waterville,ME-College Ave at Keyes Fibre Co. Fire in the Control Room

2:15pm MVA-Biddeford,ME-Rt.111 near VIP Auto--1 Trauma Code-Photo/Recon to the scene

1:03am W/F-Derry,NH-4 Alladin Village on Kendall Pond Rd-Apartment fire


4:15pm MVA-Webster,NH-Deer Meadow Rd-(3)Victims ejected-Photo/Recon to the scene

6:20am W/F-Strafford,NH-509 1st.Crown Point Rd.-Across from the Blue Job Fire Tower Trail Parking Lot-Barn fully involved-M/A from Barnstead, Barrington and Rochester FD's-(Lightning Strike)

5:50am 2nd.AL-Stratham,NH-94 Portsmouth Ave-2.5 story wdfr occupied house-Heavy fire in the 2nd floor and Attic areas-Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire


7:03pm W/F-Littleton,NH-School at the High School-Fire in 1 room-M/A from Lisbon and Bethlehem FD's

5:51pm W/F-Rochester,NH-11 Four Rod Rd-100 Bales of hay on fire, Spread to (2) small outbuildings (Chicken Coops)-M/A from Milton, Farmington and Lebanon FD's to the fire

4:07pm MVA-Lyme,NH-Baker Hill Rd-Jaws Operating

6:20am W/F-Cooper,ME-Eastern Ridge Rd-House & Garage Fire -M/A from Alexander FD to the fire

3:45am W/F-Pittsfield,ME-Rt.100-3 unit apartment house-Heavy fire on arrival-5 towns Mutual Aid to the fire


4:00pm W/F-Belgrade,ME-Rt.11 at Fire Lane 11-Cottage Fire-M/A from Smithfield, Oakland and Sidney FD's

2:30pm 2nd.AL-Weare,NH-378 Reservoir Rd-Vacant House fully involved-M/A to the fire

8:00am W/F-Lebanon,ME-Rt.202 in South Lebanon-Mobile Home fully involved-1 occupant with burns-M/A from Sanford, Berwick, Rochester and Milton FD's

3:46am 2nd.AL-Bedford,NH-208 South River Rd-1 story former church, now a Karate Studio fully involved-M/A to the fire

3:27am W/F-Kennebunk,ME-158 Port Rd in Lower Village-2.5 story occupied house fire-M/A engine & ladder from Kennebunkport FD,

1:33am 2nd.AL-Pelham,NH-7 Appaloosa Drive-2 story vacant house with heavy fire-M/A to the fire

00:43am W/F+-Lyndonville,VT-Rt.5 (Church St) next to Northeast Kingdom Waste Management Headquarters at the Lyndonville Tap & Die Co. (PMI)-Heavy fire in a 1 story brick 100x300 mill building-Wall collapsed on a St.Johnsbury Firefighter who was killed-8 Towns Mutual Aid to the fire


11:50pm MVA-Newmarket,NH-Bay Rd-Motorcycle Accident-(1)Fatality

9:04pm MVA-Sanford,ME-Blanchard Rd-Car into a pole-Car fully involved,live wires down on the car-(1)Victim trapped in the car-Photo & Reconstruction Teams called to the scene-Confirmed Fatality

8:20pm W/F-Dexter,ME-Garland Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Corinna & Garland FD's

5:09pm MVA-Windham,NH-Rt.111 & Meetinghouse Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating


10:03pm W/F-Standish,ME-Dorothy Drive-Building fully involved

4:00pm W/F-North Vassalboro,ME-11 Cemetary Rd-House fire

2:52pm MVA-Dover,NH-6th ST & Whittier St-Jaws operating

2:00pm W/F-Patten,ME-Rt.11-House & Garage fully involved-M/A from Mt.Chase, Island Falls, Sherman and Staceyville FD's

6:29am MVA-Newburgh,ME-Rt.9-Rollover with entrapment & Serious injury


11:10pm MVA-Belmont,ME-Rt.3-Rollover-Jaws operating

1:45pm W/F-Westport,ME-58 Greenleaf Rd-2 story house fire-M/A to the fire from Edgecomb, Wiscasett and Woolwich FD's

8:34am MVA-Swanzey,NH-Matthews Rd-Car into a Tree-Patient ejected-Serious injury

00:43am MVA-Hollis,ME-High St-(2)Trapped,Jaws operating



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