11/30/97 00:11am 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-268 Goffstown Rd-3 story wdfr apartment house-heavy fire all floors

11/29/97 4:45pm MVA-Nashua,NH-Everett Turnpike near Exit 4-Car vs. Tractor Trailer-Jaws operating,(1)Fatality

11/29/97 11:01am MVA-Haverhill,NH-Rt.25-Car into a tree-(1)Fatality

11/29/97 11:01am MVA-Haverhill,NH-Rt.10 at Newbury Crossing-Jaws operating

11/29/97 2:09am W/F-Livermore,ME-401 River Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

11/28/97 9:30pm W/F-Portsmouth,NH-rear of 105 Bartlett St-Storage trailer well involved with exposure problems

11/28/97 4:39pm MVA-Limington,ME-off Town Farm Rd-ATV rollover-(1)Fatality

11/28/97 4:37pm MVA-Scarborough,ME-Rt.1 at Dunstan Corner-Jaws working-Serious injury

11/28/97 2:15pm MVA-Portland,ME-Brighton Ave & Riverside St-Rollover-3 trapped, Jaws operating

11/28/97 1:44pm MVA-Pembroke,NH-Rt.3 at Double Decker Bridge-Jaws operating

11/28/97 1:09pm MVA-Chichester,NH-Rt.4-Jaws operating

11/28/97 12:45pm MVA's-Concord-Canterbury,NH area-Rt.93 & 393-Multiple accidents with injury & entrapment-Many mutual aid co's working

11/28/97 11:39am 3rd.AL-Manchester,NH-272 Auburn St-3 story wdfr occupied apartment building-50x50-Heavy fire

11/28/97 11:16am MVA-Derry,NH-I93 by Windham town line-Rollover,(2)sets of jaws operating

11/28/97 10:25am W/F-Sanford,ME-Brook St-2 story duplex building- apartment fire

11/287/97 4:22am 2nd.AL-Ossipee,NH-58 Ryefield Rd-Mobile home fully involved-M/A to the fire- (1)occupant with serious burns Medflighted to burn center

11/27/97 11:59pm 2nd.AL-Campton,NH-Braymen Rd-2.5 story wdfr house, heavy fire on all floors-M/A to the fire

11/27/97 4:19pm 3rd.AL-North Haverhill,NH-Brushwood Rd-House fire-Extensive Mutual Aid

11/27/97 12:22pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Lake Ave & Lincoln St-Jaws operating

11/27/97 2:29am 2nd.AL-Charlestown,NH-133 Nicholas Lane-House fire-M/A to the fire

11/27/97 00:27am 2nd.AL-Ossipee,NH-1310 Rt.16-Large Farmhouse with attached Barn-Heavy fire in the house- M/A from Wolfeboro,Wakefield,Effingham,Freedom,West Ossipee and Ossipee Corner FD's

11/26/97 10:09pm MVA-Bangor,ME-Rt.95 by Exit 43-Rollover, Jaws operating

11/26/97 4:26pm MVA-Gilford,NH-Country Club Drive-Jaws operating

11/26/97 3:08pm W/F-Gorham,ME-16 Cider Mill Lane-House fire

11/26/97 10:38am W/F-Casco,ME-Long Meadow Rd-Chimney fire extended into the roof-M/A from Raymond FD

11/26/97 7:38am MVA-Hooksett,NH-Hooksett Rd-Jaws operating

11/26/97 1:48am W/F-Exeter,NH-4 Prospect St-2.5 story house fire

11/25/97 4:30pm W/F-Tilton,NH-Sherwood Dr-Redwing Trailer Park-Mobile Home fully involved

11/25/97 10:51am MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.9 & 10-Jaws operating, (1)Fatality

11/25/97 7:24am W/F-Lincoln,ME-Clay Rd. Mobile home park-Mobile Home fully involved

11/25/97 6:23am W/F-Scarborough,ME-9 Avenue 3-Fire in partitions of a House

11/25/97 2:25am W/F-Madrid,ME-Reeds Mills Rd-2 story Farmhouse fully involved-M/A from Salem Township,Phillips and Rangely FD's-(1) Fatality confirmed

11/24/97 3:23pm MVA-Auburn,ME-Rt.4 by Lake Auburn-Head-on with (1)Fatality

11/24/97 2:29pm MVA-Londonderry,NH-Rt.93 near Exit 5-Rollover-Jaws operating

11/24/97 8:07am W/F-Washington,NH-Lookout Point Rd-House fully involved

11/24/97 1:37am W/F-Gorham,ME-End of Winslow Rd-House fire-M/A from Windham FD

11/24/97 1:14am W/F-York,ME-(York Beach District)Fort Hill Ave.Ext-Chimney fire extended into walls of house

11/23/97 6:09pm MVA-Brunswick,ME-Rt.95 by Exit 22, Rollover with multiple injury, Jaws operating

11/23/97 5:03pm W/F-Turner,ME-Rt.4 near Mud Rd-Building fire-M/A from Buckfield & Livermore FD's

11/23/97 4:50pm MVA-Ellsworth,ME-Rt.1A near the Hancock town line-Jaws operating

11/23/97 4:20pm W/F-Nashua,NH-67 Morrill St-2.5 sty house fire

11/23/97 2:33pm W/F-Northeast Harbor,ME-Main St-Building fire-M/A to the fire

11/23/97 2:06pm MVA-Northwood,NH-Rt.4 by Post Office-Jaws & 4 ambulances working

11/23/97 1:23pm W/F-Moultonboro,NH-95 Kanasatka Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

11/23/97 12:25pm W/F-West Gardiner,ME-17 Cobbossee Ave- at New Mills Market-Building Fire

11/23/97 11:28am MVA-Gilford,NH-Rt.11 at Scenic Dr-Jaws operating

11/23/97 10:02am MVA-Arundel,ME-Log Cabin the Railroad Tracks-Jaws operating

11/23/97 7:54am MVA-Plaistow,NH-96 Main St-Jaws operating

11/23/97 1:22am W/F-Sanford,ME-40 North Ave-30x30 wdfr house,fire on floor 2

11/22/97 2:12pm 2nd.AL-Weare,NH-3 North Stark Highway-Building fire-M/A to the fire

11/22/97 1:42pm W/F-Mexico,ME-143 Back Kingdom Rd-Structure fire-M/A from Dixfield & Rumford FD's

11/22/97 9:29am MVA-Rochester,NH-Spaulding Turnpike by Exit 16-Rollover with entrapment

11/22/97 7:17am MVA-New Durham,NH-Brackett Rd-Car into a pole, live wires on the car with victim trapped inside

11/22/97 4:47am 2nd.AL-Ossipee,NH-165 Brown's Ridge Rd-2 story house,heavy fire in attic area-M/A to the fire

11/21/97 11:38pm 2nd.AL-Scarborough,ME-90 Beech Ridge Rd-3 story house-Rescues being performed on arrival,(1)Fatality

11/21/97 9:02pm W/F-Hooksett,NH-7 Vinedale Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Manchester FD

11/21/97 8:18pm W/F-Cornish,NH-Rt.120-House fire-M/A from Claremont & Ascutney FD's

11/21/97 4:39pm W/F-Warren,NH-Rt.25-House fire-M/A from Wentworth FD

11/21/97 3:18pm MVA-Boothbay,ME-Rt.27-(2)sets of Jaws operating

11/21/97 1:36pm 2nd.AL-Antrim,NH-153 Turner Hill Rd-Garage fire-M/A to the fire

11/20/97 7:24pm MVA-Portsmouth,NH-1390 Lafayette Rd by Yoken's-Jaws operating

11/20/97 1:27am 2nd.AL-Derry,NH-224 Chases Grove, Lot 24-Mobile Home fire

11/19/97 9:33pm W/F-Temple,NH-Howard Hill Rd-Fire on 2nd floor of House-M/A to the fire

11/19/97 5:49pm MVA-Hudson,NH-Rt.111 & Industrial Prk Dr-(1)Fatality, Jaws operating

11/19/97 12:28pm W/F-Kennebunkport,ME-Arundel Rd-Barn fire

11/19/97 5:17am W/F-Bedford,NH-139 Plymouth St-20x40 1 Story house fire-M/A 1 Engine from Manchester FD

11/18/97 4:59pm MVA-Newfield,ME-Newfield Rd near Ross Corner-Jaws from Shapliegh FD working

11/18/97 4:55pm MVA-Cundy's Harbor,ME-Bethel Point & Cundy's Harbor Rd-Car into a pole-live wires on the car trapping the driver

11/18/97 3:15pm MVA-Antrim,NH-Rt.9 at Stoddard town line-Tractor trailer rollover-(1)Fatality trapped

11/18/97 2:10pm W/F+Alfred,ME-170 Gile Rd-1.5 sty wdfr 200+ yr old Farmhouse fire-M/A from Waterboro, Shapliegh, Sanford, Goodwins Mills and Lebanon FD's

11/18/97 2:00am W/F-Gorham,ME-New Portland & Brackett Rd-Garage fire

11/17/97 9:38pm W/F-Vienna,ME-Rt.41-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

11/17/97 6:07pm MVA-Mont Vernon,NH-Rt.13 & New Boston Town Line-Jaws operating

11/17/97 10:45am W/F-Derry,NH-(East Derry Precinct)-192 Hampstead Rd-1 sty wdfr detatched garage fully involved-s/c Derry engine

11/16/97 8:15pm W/F-Jefferson,NH-Turnpike Rd-Large Railroad tie pile on fire-M/A from Dalton,Whitefield & Lancaster FD's

11/16/97 4:45pm MVA-Old Town,ME-Rt.95-Car into a tree-Jaws operating

11/16/97 3:46pm MVA-Mechanic Falls,ME-Rt.121-Jaws from Poland FD and 4 ambulances working

11/16/97 11:16am 2nd.AL-Derry,NH-3 Robin Rd-Garage & House fully involved-M/A tankers to the fire

11/16/97 7:55am 2nd.AL-Loudon,NH-360 Upper City Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

11/16/97 7:34am MVA-York,ME-Rt.1 & 91-(2)car head-on-Jaws operating

11/16/97 3:50am W/F-Westbrook,ME-S.D.Warren Co. on Cumberland Ave-Fire in Machine Shop

11/16/97 1:59am W/F-Nashua,NH-42 Genderon St-Bedroom fire in 1 story wdfr house

11/16/97 00:37am W/F-Berwick,ME-Powerhouse Rd-Fire in an apartment over garage

11/15/97 11:00am W/F-Casco,ME-Rt.11 & Rt.85-Mobile home fire-M/A from Naples & Raymond FD's

11/15/97 9:20am W/F-East Boothbay,ME-Hiawatha Trail-Cottage Fire

11/15/97 5:15am 2nd.AL-Londonderry,NH-205 Mammoth Rd-House fire-Rescues made

11/15/97 00:51am 2nd.AL-Hampton,NH-2 Malek Circle-2,5 sty wdfr 200+ hr old house-Heavy fire throughout-M/A to the fire

11/14/97 6:25am W/F-Auburn,ME-130 Hampshire St-3 story wdfr apartment building-fire on floor 3

11/13/97 9:53pm W/F-Acton,ME-Peck Rd-2 story house fire-M/A from Milton,Sanford,Shapliegh & Lebanon FD's

11/13/97 1:24pm MVA-Raymond,NH-78 Chester Rd-Jaws & 2 Medflights to the scene

11/13/97 12:40pm 2nd.AL-Wolfeboro,NH-Lehner St-Municipal Power Building-M/A to the fire

11/13/97 10:54am W/F-Mechanic Falls,ME-Elm St near the "Old Elm St.Variety Store"-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A from Auburn,Poland and Oxford FD's

11/12/97 9:17pm W/F-Upper Enchanted Township,ME-Grace Pond-Cottage fire-Jackman Fire Dept. responded to the fire

11/12/97 8:17pm W/F-Hope,ME-Barnstown Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

11/12/97 7:29pm W/F-Portsmouth,NH-Peverly Hill Rd at Pike Industries-Vacant 20x20 storage building fully involved-M/A from Greenland,Rye and North Hampton FD's

11/12/97 7:13pm MVA-Manchester,NH-I-93 NB by Exit 8-Jaws operating

11/12/97 5:17pm W/F-Cape Elizabeth,ME-14 Cheverus Rd-House fire

11/12/97 4:31pm W/F-Bartlett,NH (Glen district) Hurricane Mt. Rd-A dwelling fire

11/12/97 1:53pm W/F-Hinsdale,NH-188 Meetinghouse Rd-House fire

11/12/97 8:12am W/F-South Berwick,ME-131 Witchtrot Rd-20x20 Barn fully involved

11/12/97 7:13am MVA-Hopkinton,NH-I-89 SB near Exit 5-Jaws operating

11/11/97 5:24pm W/F-Holden,ME-Rt.1A-House fire

11/11/97 4:30am W/F-Brunswick,ME-413 Harpswell Rd (Rt.123)House fully involved-M/A to the fire

11/11/97 1:00am 2nd.AL-Chichester,NH-127 King Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

11/10/97 2:32am W/F-Waterford,ME-Jesse Wright Acres-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

11/9/97 8:48pm W/F-Nashua,NH-182 Amherst St-Attic fire in a Function hall

11/9/97 8:24pm MVA-Wilmot,NH-Wilmot Center Rd-Jaws from New London FD working

11/9/97 2:23pm W/F-Buxton,ME-Rt.112 & Warren Rd-House fire

11/9/97 10:21am W/F-Poland,ME-85 Evergreen Dr-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

11/9/97 9:57am W/F-Madison,NH-36 East Shore Drive-House fire-M/A to the fire

11/8/97 4:39pm 2nd.AL-Concord,NH-Storer St-2 story warehouse fire

11/8/97 10:29am MVA-Lee,NH-Rt.125 near the Epping line-Jaws operating

11/7/97 8:57pm 2nd.AL-Concord,NH-24 Lydon St-Cellar fire in a 3 story apartment building

11/7/97 5:59pm W/F-Chichester,NH-53 Carpenter Rd-Chimney fire extended into the walls of a house-M/A to the fire

11/7/97 5:39pm MVA-Northwood,NH-Rt.4 by Glen Abby Trailer Park-2 Cars, head-on,Jaws from Epson FD operating

11/7/97 3:11pm W/F-Poland,ME-Tiger Hill Rd-Mobile home fire-M/A to the fire

11/7/97 12:17pm W/F-Pownal,ME-122 Libby Rd-House fire-M/A from Freeport & Durham FD's

11/7/97 5:10am W/F-Randolph,NH-Durand Rd-Fire in a Greenhouse

11/6/97 10:27pm MVA-Epsom,NH-Rt.4 by the circle-Jaws operating

11/6/97 5:57pm W/F-Bath,ME-122 Oak St-House fire

11/6/97 4:06pm W/F-Manchester,NH-471 Cedar St-2 stall garage fully involved spread into a 1.5 story house-(1)Burn victim

11/6/97 3:01pm W/F-Portsmouth,NH-48 Columbia St-Fire in 1room on Floor 2 of 2.5 sty OMD

11/6/97 1:49pm W/F-Lempster,NH-Rt.10 & Darrell Rd-Mobile Home fire

11/6/97 12:59pm 3rd.AL-Manchester,NH-359 Concord St-3 stall garage fully involved spread to 2 Triple Deckers

11/6/97 4:28am W/F-South Portland,ME-257 Front St-2.5 story brick & wood 60x175-Fire in an office

11/6/97 00:39am 2nd.AL-Alfred,ME-153 Back Rd-2.5 story house fully involved-Severe water problems- M/A from Acton,Wells,Sanford,Waterboro,Goodwins Mills,Hollis,Limerick, Arundel and Lebanon Fire Departments

11/5/97 7:04pm MVA-Brookline,NH-Rt.13 & Quimby Rd-Car into a pole-(2)sets of Jaws working

11/5/97 5:34pm MVA-Biddeford,ME-Rt.1 by Turnpike Connector-Serious injury,Photo-Recon Team activated

11/5/97 3:46pm W/F-Lewiston,ME-21 Walnut St-House fire

11/4/97 9:16pm W/FGilford,NH-4 Aviation Drive-Fire in Ductwork of Vernitron Corp.

11/4/97 6:10pm W/F-Nashua,NH-42 Temple St-Garage fire

11/4/97 8:04am MVA-Hopkinton,NH-Comet Hill Rd-Rollover, Jaws operating

11/3/97 9:38pm 2nd.AL-Hampstead,NH-193 Main St-3 story commercial barn well involved attached to a 2.5 story house, The house sustained no damage at all. Extensive mutual aid responded

11/3/97 7:58pm W/F-Lewiston,ME-47 Spruce St.-Kitchen fire

11/3/97 3:05am 2nd.AL-Franklin,NH-515 Salisbury Rd-House fully involved-M/A from 10 towns with tankers

11/2/97 6:27pm W/F-Manchester,NH-168 Wellington Terrace-Laundry Room fire

11/2/97 6:21pm MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.27 at Star Speedway-Jaws operating

11/2/97 4:09pm W/F-Manchester,NH-210 Garden Dr-3 story apartment building-Fire in 1 apartment

11/2/97 1:13pm W/F-Wolfeboro,NH-Warren Sands Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

11/2/97 12:35pm W/F-Dixfield,ME-Canton Point Rd-Structure fire-M/A from Peru Fire Dept.

11/2/97 8:49am W/F-Wakefield,NH-Nutter Island in Balch Lake-House fire

11/2/97 7:34am W/F-Dresden,ME-Dresden Mills by Eastern River-Building fire-M/A to the fire

11/2/97 4:13am W/F-Stark,NH-Rt.110-Building fully involved-M/A from Milan & Groveton FD's

11/2/97 4:12am W/F-Manchester,NH-853 Hall St-2.5 story house fire

11/2/97 1:44am W/F-Nashua,NH-100 Main St-Apartment fire in 2 story building

11/1/97 11:44pm W/F-Rollinsford,NH-118 Sligo Rd-Cellar fire in occupied house

11/1/97 7:57pm W/F+-Rumford,ME-26 Oxford St-4 story apartment house-5 towns M/A to the fire

11/1/97 5:54pm W/F-Londonderry,NH-24 Industrial Drive-40ft trailer fully involved

11/1/97 6:00am MVA-Corinna,ME-Rt.7-Jaws operating-(2)Fatalities

11/1/97 4:14am W/F-Gilford,NH-Welch Island-House fire-(1)Fatality, (1) victim with serious burns

11/1/97 1:31am W/F-Portland,ME-95 Beckett St-Building fire

11/1/97 00:44am 2nd.AL-Epping,NH-34 Melling Glenn-A condo building with heavy fire-M/A to the fire


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