November 2001 Fire & MVA Log

Friday, November 30, 2001

01-1713)9:55 PM-W/F-Farmington,NH-48 Lancelot Shores Dr.-House fire-M/A from Rochester, Strafford & Milton FD's

01-1712)8:55 AM-MVA-Hancock,ME-Rt.1-Jaws from Ellsworth FD operating-Several injured

Thursday, November 29, 2001

01-1711)7:40 PM-3rd.AL-Deering,NH-Mansonville Rd.-House fire-Extensive M/A to the scene

01-1710)6:50 PM-W/F-Bowdoin,ME-1722 Augusta Rd.-Garage fire-M/A from Litchfield & Bowdoinham FD's

01-1709)6:48 PM-W/F-Derry,NH-6 Brooks St-House fire

01-1708)2:05 PM-MVA-Auburn,ME-204 Park Avenue-Jaws operating

01-1707)8:39 AM-W/F-Rumney,NH-East Rumney Rd.-Chimney fire extended to the partitions

01-1706)7:28 AM-W/F-Piermont,NH-328 Rt.25C-Building fire-M/A from Newbury & Bradford FD's to the scene

01-1705)4:30 AM-W/F-Bowdoin,ME-near 802 Main St.-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Bowdoinham & Lisbon Falls FD's to the scene

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

01-1704)2:43 PM-W/F-Mexico,ME-24 Roxbury Rd.-3 story apartment house-Fire on the 3rd floor-M/A from Rumford, Peru & Dixfield FD's

01-1703)6:35 AM-W/F-Croydon,NH-Winter Rd.-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Newport FD to the fire

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

01-1702)10:30 PM-MVA-Frenchville,ME-Rt.1 at the Madawaska town line-(1) Fatality, (5) injured, Jaws from Madawaska FD operating

01-1701)10:30 PM-General Alarm-Berlin,NH-824 Western Ave. Heavy fire involving an old 4 story boarding home, a garage and a duplex home-Heavy fire throughout all buildings-M/A from Gorham FD to the scene

01-1700)7:21 AM-MVA-Candia,NH-Rt.101 west near Exit 3-Rollover with Jaws operating

Monday, November 26, 2001

01-1699)11:10 PM-MVA-Unity,NH-Gilman Pond Rd.-Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality, (3) injured, DHART to the scene, Jaws operating

01-1698)6:10 PM-2nd.AL-Wiscasset,ME-Maine Yankee Power Plant off Rt.1-Fire in the chemical lab-M/A to the scene

01-1697)5:30 PM-HAZ MAT-Sunapee,NH-Garnet St.-Propane tank rupture with vapor cloud-M/A tankers to the scene

01-1696)5:20 PM-MVA/HAZ MAT-Lancaster,NH-Main St.-Tractor Trailer unit struck a propane tank with a leak-Area evacuated. M/A to the scene, large appliances operating master streams

01-1695)4:20 PM-MVA-Winchester,NH-Rt.119-Van rollover into the Ashuelot River-Jaws operating-(5) Injured, M/A from Richmond & East Swanzer FD's to the scene

01-1694)10:55 AM-W/F-Saco,ME-Wood Ave & Washington St.-Bedroom fire in a 2.5 story house

Sunday, November 25, 2001

01-1693)4:25 PM-Woods Fire-Goshen,NH-Lempster Coach Rd.-Woods fire with extension to a shed-Quick knockdown

01-1692)11:25 AM-MVA-Farmington,NH-Old Bay Rd. near the New Durham town line, Jaws operating, M/A from New Durham FD to the scene

Saturday, November 24, 2001

01-1691)6:25 PM-W/F-Derry,NH-Island Pond Rd. Junkyard fire involving multiple cars

01-1690)6:05 PM-W/F-Hampton Falls,NH-Rt.1 next to the Getty Station-House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1689)2:55 PM-MVA-York,ME-area of 360 Mountain Rd.-Car Vs Tree-(2) Trapped, (2) Fatalities-Jaws of Life operating-York Beach, York Village & Ogunquit FD's operating

01-1688)8:55 AM-MVA-Augusta,ME-Rt.95 by the Belgrade exit-Rollover with (1) Fatality

01-1687)5:40 AM-W/F-Portsmouth,NH-1 Pierce Island at the "Fishermen's Co-op"-42 ft. off Shore Fishing Trawler fire-M/A from Kittery, Rye, Hampton & Pease ANGFD for coverage

Friday, November 23, 2001

01-1686)9:50 PM-MVA-Alexandria,NH-Rt.104 & Carl Gibson Rd.-Jaws from Bristol FD operating

01-1685)7:22 PM-MVA-Derry,NH-10 "A" St.-(3) children struck by a vehicle, all with serious injuries

01-1684)6:32 PM-W/F-Bartlett,NH-Linderhoff Country Club (Glen Fire District) Partition fire in a Condo Unit-M/A from Jackson FD to the scene

01-1683)3:55 PM-MVA-Dover,NH-Silver & Towle St-Jaws operating

01-1682)3:00 PM-ATV MVA-Pelham,NH-Tallant Rd. ATV vs Tree-(1) Fatality

01-1681)1:00 PM-W/F-Troy,NH-100 High St.-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Fitzwilliam, Marlborough & Meadowood FD's to the scene

01-1680)11:00 AM-MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.101 near Exit 7-(1) Fatality

01-1679)8:57 AM-W/F-Whitefield,ME-Rt.126-House fully involved-M/A from Alna, Somerville & Jefferson FD's to the scene

Thursday, November 22, 2001

01-1678)9:55 PM-W/F-Derry,NH-10 Park Ave.-2.5 story house fire-M/A from Londonderry & East Derry to the fire

01-1677)9:30 PM-MVA-Oakfield,ME-Rt.95-Rollover-Jaws from Island Falls FD operating, M/A from Houlton FD also on scene

01-1676)8:30 PM-W/F-Lee,ME-Skunk Hill Rd.-House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1675)7:14 PM-W/F-Cape Elizabeth,ME-Sweet Fern Rd-2 story house heavily involved-M/A from Scarboro FD to the scene

01-1674)6:56 PM-W/F-Sidney,ME-Sunflower Drive-Garage fire

01-1673)4:25 PM-W/F-Brooks,ME-Cook Drive-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Monroe, Jackson & Waldo FD's to the fire

01-1672)3:46 PM-W/F-Rumney,NH-797 Quincy Rd.-House fire-M/A from Campton, Hebron, Wentworth and Plymouth FD's

01-1671)2:00 PM-MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.101-Car Vs Bridge abutment-Person trapped, car fully involved-(1) Fatality

01-1670)1:40 PM-MVA-Nashua,NH-Rt.3 Northbound at Exit 1-(1) Fatality, (2) Seriously injured, Jaws operating

01-1669)1:18 PM-W/F-Hooksett,NH-West River Rd at "Merrimac Heights Apartments"-Kitchen fire

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

01-1668)4:46 PM-3rd.AL-Lewiston,ME-Lincoln St. a large 4 story brick Mill complex-Extensive M/A to the scene

01-1667)4:08 PM-W/F-Bristol,NH-150 Baron Rd.-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-1666)1:55 PM-W/F-Laconia,NH-29 1/2 Academy St-Building fire

01-1665)11:25 AM-W/F-Bethlehem,NH-2433 Main St.-Building fire-M/A to the scene

01-1664)11:22 AM-W/F-Warren,NH-High St. in Glencliff village-2.5 story house fully involved-M/A from Rumney, Ashland, Plymouth, Hebron, Wentworth, Piermont & Haverhill FD's

01-1663)8:55 AM-MVA-Pittsfield,ME-I-95 at Mile 145-Rollover-Jaws operating, Lifeflight to the scene, (2) seriously injured

01-1662)6:16 AM-W/F-Pelham,NH-1 Meadow Lane-Fire in partitions of a dwelling

01-1661)6:15 AM-MVA-Bethlehem,NH-Rt.3-Tractor Trailer rollover-Jaws from Twin Mountain FD operating

01-1660)5:15 AM-2nd.AL-Belmont,NH-Mile Hill Rd. at the Laconia line-2.5 story house fully involved-M/A to the scene

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

01-1659)9:00 PM-W/F-Boscawen,NH-about 38 Jackson St.-House fire-M/A from Concord & Webster FD's

01-1658)6:40 PM-W/F-Kennebunk,ME-4 River Oaks-House fire-M/A from Wells FD to the scene

01-1657)Afternoon-W/F-Brooks,ME-Littlefield Rd-House fire-M/A from Jackson, Waldo & Monroe FD's

01-1656)2:55 PM-MVA-Wakefield,NH-Rt.16 & 109-Jaws operating, Serious injury

Monday, November 19, 2001

01-1655)5:15 PM-MVA-Holden,ME-Rt.1A-Jaws from Brewer FD operating

Sunday, November 18, 2001

01-1654)11:57 PM-3rd.AL-Woodstock,NH-Rt.3 & 112-the "Chalet Restaurant" Heavy fire throughout-M/A from Easton, Franconia, Lincoln, Twin Mountain and Campton-Thornton FD's to the fire

01-1653)8:31 PM-2nd.AL-Amherst,NH-51 County Road-Large area with extensive M/A to the fire

01-1652)4:52 PM-2nd.AL-Keene,NH-42 Portland St.-Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-1651)1:30 AM-MVA-Belmont,NH-Plummer Hill Rd-Pickup truck vs Trees-Jaws, DHART chopper to scene for (3) seriously injured

Saturday, November 17, 2001

01-1650)11:52 PM-MVA-West Swanzey,NH-Rt.10 by Effendi's Market-Vehicle fully involved with (1) Fatality

01-1649)Afternoon-Woods Fire-Peterborough,NH-off the Sand Hill Rd.-Extensive M/A to the scene

01-1648)11:05 AM-MVA-Gilmanton,NH-Rt.140 & Cogswell Road-Jaws operating

01-1647)4:07 AM-Woods Fire-Francestown,NH-off the Woodward Hill Rd.-Large woods fire-Extensive M/A to the scene

01-1646)2:07 AM-W/F-North Anson,ME-Union St. at the former "Sonoco Products Co."-Mill fire-M/A from Anson, Starks and Madison FD's to the fire

Friday, November 16, 2001

01-1645)9:47 PM-4th.AL-Allenstown,NH-5 Whitten St.-2.5 story building well involved with extension to (2) exposure buildings-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-1644)5:15 PM-Woods Fire-Deerfield,NH-off the Reservation Road-Extensive woods fire-M/A from Candia, Nottingham, Northwood & Raymond FD's to the fire

01-1643)5:50 PM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-Mammoth Rd.-Jaws operating & Medflight to the scene

01-1642)5:45 PM-W/F-Jackson,NH-Rt.16 at the "Dana Place Inn". Large 3 story wdfr farmhouse-M/A from Bartlett, Glen & North Conway FD's to the scene

01-1641)3:45 PM-MVA-Poland,ME-McGuire hill Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-1640)2:38 PM-MVA-St.George,ME-758 Port Clyde Rd. (Rt.131)-(1) Fatality

01-1639)1:07 PM-3rd.AL-Allenstown,NH-end of Dowst Rd.-Extensive M/A to the scene

01-1638)11:41 AM-W/F-Londonderry,NH-184 South Rd.-Mobile Home fire-(1) Fatality

01-1637)10:20 AM-MVA-Phippsburg,ME-Basin Rd.-Person trapped under a car-Possible fatality

01-1636)9:15 AM-W/F-Stow,ME-Rt.113-Structure well involved-M/A from North Fryeburg, Fryeburg & Chatham FD's as Stow has no fire department

01-1635)9:00 AM-W/F-Jackman,ME-East Marston Rd.-Apartment building fire

01-1634)00:55 AM-MVA-Lewiston,ME-River Rd. & Alfred Plourde Parkway-Jaws operating, -Serious injury & (1) Fatality

Thursday, November 15, 2001

01-1633)1:01 PM-Woods Fire-Waterboro,ME-West Rd. on the Power Lines-Car & Woods fire-M/A from Ross Corner, Alfred & the Maine Forest Service to the scene

01-1632)11:09 AM-W/F-Laconia,NH-14 Fair St-House fire

01-1631)6:46 AM-MVA-Gilmanton,NH-Rt.107 at Frisky Hill-Jaws from Belmont FD operating

01-1630)6:45 AM-MVA-Gilmanton,NH-Rt.140 by the Elementary School-Jaws operating

01-1629)1:50 AM-W/F-Jefferson,NH-Meadows Rd.-House fire-M/A from Lancaster & Whitefield FD's to the fire

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

01-1628)6:10 PM-W/F-Caribou,ME-Van Buren Rd. (Rt.1)-Potato House fully involved-M/A from Loring, Washburn, Limestone, Presque Isle & Van Buren FD's to the scene

01-1627)3:30 PM-W/F-Bowdoinham,ME-847 Post Rd.-Cottage fire

01-1626)12:24 PM-Woods Fire-Strafford,NH-Little Niagara Rd. near Blue Job Mountain-Large area burning. M/A from Rochester, Barrington, Northwood & Barnstead FD's to the scene

01-1625)9:01 AM-W/F-Palermo,ME-Marden Hill Rd.-House fire-M/A from Albion, Freedom, China & Waterville FD's to the fire

01-1624)7:42 AM-W/F-Dalton,NH-Misty Meadow Rd.-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Gilman,VT & Whitefield, Littleton & Lancaster,NH FD's to the scene

01-1623)12:50 AM-3rd.AL-Portland,ME-211 Cumberland Avenue-Apartment fire on the 13th floor of the high rise apartment building (Franklin Towers)

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

01-1622)2:45 PM-MVA-Weare,NH-36 River Rd. Car into the river with a person trapped

01-1621)1:30 PM-MVA-Sunapee,NH-Burma Rd.-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating

01-1620)11:25 AM-MVA-Newport,NH-Rt.11/103 west-Jaws operating, (2) Injured

01-1619)10:02 AM-W/F-Bartlett,NH-Jericho Rd. in Little Seabrook-Car & House fire-M/A from Glen & Jackson FD's to the scene

01-1618)9:02 AM-MVA-Ossipee,NH-Chickville Rd.-Car Vs Pole-Jaws from West Ossipee FD operating

01-1617)6:24 AM-W/F-Waterboro,ME-Rt.5 by Westshore Drive-House fire-M/A from Goodwins Mills, Alfred, Hollis, Ross Corner & Limerick FD's

01-1616)2:34 AM-3rd.AL-Lewiston,ME-141 Spring St.-75 x 100 1 story warehouse heavily involved-M/A to the scene

Monday, November 12, 2001

01-1615)11:15 AM-W/F-Union,ME-158 Howe Hill Rd.-House fire-M/A from Appleton, Washington, Hope, Rockport, Waldoboro& Warren to the scene

01-1614)4:18 PM-MVA-Henniker,NH-Rt.202 at the Hillsboro town line-(2) Fatalities-Jaws operating-M/A from Hillsboro FD to the scene

01-1613)1:05 PM-Woods Fire-Lyndeboro,NH-Rt.31 near Winn Mountain-3-4 acres involved-M/A from Brookline, Wilton, Temple, Greenville, NH Forest Fire Service & Milford FD's to the scene

01-1612)9:01 AM-W/F-Naples,ME-unknown location-House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1611)4:45 AM-W/F-Bowdoinham,ME-875 Ridge Rd.-House fire-M/A from Topsham, Dresden, Richmond, Bowdoin FD's to the scene

Sunday, November 11, 2001

01-1610)5:17 PM-MVA-Arundel,ME-Rt.111-Jaws operating, M/A ambulances from Goodwins Mills & Biddeford FD's

01-1609)3:55 PM-MVA-Dixfield,ME-Canton Point Rd. (2) Cars, (1) Fatality, (1) Injured

01-1608)3:50 PM-MVA-Amherst,NH-Rt.101 at the Bedford town line-Jaws operating-Serious injury

01-1607)12:25 PM-MVA-Kittery,ME-Dion Ave.-Rollover with Jaws operating

01-1606)8:50 AM-W/F-Scarborough,ME-272 Broad Turn Rd.-Garage fire-M/A from Saco & Buxton FD's to the scene

01-1605)6:02 AM-W/F-Sidney,ME-Middle Rd.-Auto Body Shop fully involved-M/A from Oakland, Rome & Belgrade FD's to the scene

Saturday, November 10, 2001

01-1604)6:00 PM-MVA-Wells,ME-Rt.1 by "Maniacs Restaurant"-(1) Fatality, (1) Injured

01-1603)2:15 PM-2nd.AL-Derry,NH-13 Weston St. House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1602)12:30 PM-W/F-Antrim,NH-340 Concord St. Structure fire

01-1601)11:48 AM-W/F-Wayne,ME-Old Kents Hill Rd.-Farmhouse fire-M/A to the scene

01-1600)10:28 AM-MVA-Rollinsford,NH-Rt.4 & General John Sullivan Way-Jaws operating, 3 ambulances working at the scene

01-1599)Early Morning-MVA-Casco,ME-Rt.11-Car Vs Trees-(5) Fatalities

Friday, November 09, 2001

01-1598)11:30 PM-MVA-Kennebunk,ME-Old Falls Rd. near the Afred town line-Car Vs Trees-Extensive extrication with Jaws, (2) Serious injury

01-1597)5:20 PM-2nd.AL-Westbrook,ME-Eisenhower Driver at "Pratt Abbott Cleaners"-75 x 100 commercial building fire-M/A to the scene

01-1596)12:00 PM-2nd.AL-Augusta,ME-41 North Belfast Ave.-Building fire

01-1595)9:12 AM-MVA-Weare,NH-Rt.114 in South Weare-Jaws operating

Thursday, November 08, 2001

01-1594)7:00 PM-W/F-Acton,ME-Acton Ridge Rd. The old 1 room Schoolhouse fully involved with a woods fire-M/A from Shapleigh, Newfield & Wakefield FD's to the fire

01-1593)Afternoon-W/F-Corinth,ME-Beech Grove Rd. Deisel Repair Garage fully involved-M/A from Hudson, Kenduskeag, Glenburn, Bradford, Levant & Charleston FD's to the fire

01-1592)2:28 PM-MVA-Manchester,NH-Spruce & Hall St. Jaws operating

01-1591)8:15 AM-W/F-Columbia,ME-Main St. Fire Station & Town Hall next door, fully involved-All equipment lost accept for 1 Fire Engine. M/A from Addison, Cherryfield, Jonesport, Harrington, Millbridge, Columbia Falls & Maine Forest Service to the fire

01-1590)7:25 AM-W/F-Buckfield,ME-23 Turner St.-Building fire-M/A from Sumner, Hebron & South Paris FD's the fire

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

01-1589)4:20 PM-2nd.AL-Augusta,ME-85 Bridge St.-Building fire

01-1588)3:34 PM-MVA-Rumney,NH-Rt.25-Jaws from Plymouth FD operating

01-1587)12:54 PM-MVA-Kennebunkport,ME-Rt.9 by Goosefare-Rollover, Jaws operating

01-1586)11:50 AM-Woods Fire-Moscow,ME-Rt.201-Large woods fire-M/A from Maine Forest Service Helicopter, West Forks, Solon, North Anson FD's to the scene

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

01-1585)3:12 PM-W/F-Acton,ME-188 Orchard Rd.-House fire-M/A from Shapleigh, Lebanon, Newfield & Sanford FD's to the scene

01-1584)Morning-MVA-Township 30,ME-Rt.9-Car Vs Tractor Trailer Truck-(1) Fatality

01-1583)9:12 AM-W/F-Rochester,NH-19 Kendall St.-House fire

01-1582)Morning-MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.9 & 12-(1) Fatality

Monday, November 05, 2001

01-1581)7:00 PM-W/F-Hermon,ME-588 Pinetree Rd. House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1580)3:16 PM-W/F-Skowhegan,ME-165 Eaton Mt.Rd. -Truck fire inside a garage with some extension-M/A from Canaan FD to the scene

01-1579)2:30 PM-W/F-Linneus,ME-Somerville Rd.-Mobile home fully involved-M/A from Hodgdon FD to the scene

Sunday, November 04, 2001

01-1578)4:40 PM-MVA-Rochester,NH-Airport Drive-Motorcycle accident-Serious injury

01-1577)1:49 PM-W/F-Hartford,ME-Rt.219 & Church St.-Building fire-M/A from Buckfield, Sumner & Turner FD's to the scene

01-1576)11:30 AM-W/F-Milford,NH-30 Middle St. A restaurant fire

01-1575)10:25 AM-W/F-Unity,NH-Sawyer Brook Rd. Garage fire-M/A from Lempster & Charlestown FD's to the fire

01-1574)4:45 AM-MVA-Township 2 Range 8,ME-Rt.95 at Mile 227-(5) Injured, Jaws from East Millinocket FD operating

01-1573)1:25 AM-MVA-Litchfield,ME-Rt.126 & Huntington Hill Rd. (1) Fatality

01-1572) 00:15 AM-MVA-Lubec,ME-Rt.189-Car rear-ended a Fire Truck that was returning from a fire in the downtown-(1) Fatality in the car, Jaws operating

Saturday, November 03, 2001

01-1571)8:30 PM-W/F-Lubec,ME-Water St-2 buildings, 2 story building that housed an Insurance Co. & a 2 story wdfr (former Coggins restaurant)-M/A from Whiting,ME & Campobello Island,NB

01-1570)Evening-MVA-Merrimac,NH-F.E.Everett Turnpike-Car Vs Pedestrian & Parked Vehicle-(1) Fatality

01-1569)6:40 PM-W/F-Northfield,NH-Elm St.-2 story House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1568)6:33 PM-MVA-Poland,ME-North Raymond Rd. Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating

01-1567)4:58 AM-W/F-Manchester,NH-Mammoth & Oakland Ave-Lumber Company sheetrock building fully involved

Friday, November 02, 2001

01-1566)6:22 PM-W/F-Derry,NH-114 Chases Grove-House fire-M/A to the scene

01-1565)4:58 PM-W/F-Livermore Falls,ME-Rt.106 in East Livermore-Barn & Farmhouse fully involved-M/A from Jay, Livermore, Leeds, Wayne & Fayette FD's to the scene

01-1564)3:00 PM-W/F-Lisbon Falls,ME-31 Dumas St. Dwelling fire

01-1563)8:50 AM-W/F-Hooksett,NH-1465 Hooksett Rd. at Granite Hills-Pickup truck with propane tanks onboard fully involved

Thursday, November 01, 2001

01-1562)6:58 PM-MVA-China,ME-Oak Grove-Jaws operating

01-1561)1:30 PM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Broad Turn & Burnham Rd.-Jaws operating

01-1560)1:20 PM-MVA-Rochester,NH-Whitehouse Rd.-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-1559)Morning-W/F-Pittsfield,ME-14 Davis St.-House fire

01-1558)7:30 AM-W/F-Concord,NH-Storrs St. at the Railroad Building next to Capital Supply Co.-Structure fire