5/31/97 11:33pm W/F-Stratford Hollow,NH-Bog Rd-Mobile Home fully involved

5/31/97 8:09pm W/F-Rochester,NH-156 North Main St-Building fire

5/31/97 5:23pm MVA-Center Harbor,NH-Rt.3-CPR in progress

5/31/97 5:08pm MVA-Holderness,NH-Rt.175-Jaws operating

5/31/97 5:05pm MVA-New Hampton,NH-Rt.104 & I93-Jaws operating

5/31/97 11:54am MVA-Stratham,NH-Rt.108 & 101-Jaws operating

5/31/97 3:40am W/F-Phippsburg,ME-Gomez Rd in Sebasco Estates-Building fully involved-M/A to the fire

5/30/97 2:00am 3rd Alm Loudon NH 28 Kenney Rd Large 2 1/2 Stry wdfr House W/Attached Barn Several towns M/A

5/29/97 8:30pm W/F-Oxford ME Rte 26 (Undercover Antiques) 2-Sheds well involved 5-Towns M/A

5/28/97 1:34am MVA-East Machias,ME-Rt.1-(2 Fatalities)

5/28/97 2:34pm W/F-Hill,NH-Rt.3A near Pinecrest-Structure fire & 6 acres of woodlands-6 towns & forest service M/A

5/28/97 2:40pm MVA- Norway ME Rte 118 3 CAR W/Entrapment M/A Jaws from Paris

5/27/97 9:25pm W/F Henniker NH 7 Old Hillsboro rd fire on fl1 M/A Hillsboro

5/27/97 6:48pm MVA-Levant,ME Exeter Rd Rollover W/ejection serious injures

5/27/97 3:30pm MVA-Madbury NH Rte 9 West of Reservoir M/A Barrington for Extrication

5/27/97 1:51pm 2nd alm Concord NH 1 West st Large Multi-Family Building

5/27/97 12:38pm W/F-Deering NH Holton Crossing rd a Mobile Home

5/27/97 11:36am W/F-Hooksett NH 1181 Hooksett rd fire in 2str Comm. bldg

5/27/97 6:07am MVA-Freeport,ME I-95 S.B. R/O W Entrapment Jaws Used

5/26/97 1:58pm MVA-Lewiston,ME Sabattus St. and East Ave. W/Entrap Jaws Used

5/26/97 11:06am MVA-Tamworth,NH RTE 25w @ Gilman RD Rollover into Water W/entrapment M/A from w.Ossipee & Conway als. 1-1045-C2+++

5/26/97 11:01am W/F Eddington,Me Chemo Pond Rd. Fire Showing from Mobile Home

5/25/97 4:52pm MVA-Derry,NH-50 Kendall Pond Rd-2 car head-on-jaws operating, trauma team activated

5/25/97 4:41pm MVA-Atlinson,NH-Rt.111 & Waters Edge-M/A ambulance & jaws working

5/25/97 08:25am MVA-Concord,NH-I98 SB at exit 2-rollover, jaws operating

5/25/97 07:55am 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-209 Pine St-3 story wdfr apartment house fire

5/25/97 02:36am MVA-Portsmouth,NH-1155 Islington St-2 car, 3 injuries,jaws working

5/25/97 02:00am 2nd.AL-Concord,NH-46 Warren St-Apartment house fire

5/25/97 00:18am W/F-Eddington,ME-Chemo Pond Rd-Mobile Home fully involved

5/24/97 11:57pm 3rd.AL-Hampton,NH-10 Cutler Ave-2.5 story wdfr house-Heavy fire & exposure problems

5/24/97 11:15pm W/F-Corinna,ME-Barker & Center Rd-Building Fire-M/A from Newport & Dexter FD's

5/24/97 8:49pm W/F-Oxford,ME-Rt.121-Large shed fire-M/A from Mechanic Falls FD

5/24/97 5:45pm MVA-Township 2, Range 9, south of Millinocket (State St.)1 car rollover-(1)fatality

5/24/97 2:03pm MVA-East Derry,NH-36 East Derry Rd-Car into a tree,jaws operating

5/21/97 6:35pm W/F-Richmond,ME-Rt.201-House Fire-4 towns M/A to the fire

5/21/97 9:45pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Beech & Salmon St-Jaws operating

5/21/97 8:31pm W/F-Bethel,ME-Rt.2 (357 Mayville Rd)Riverview Motel-M/A from Newry FD

5/21/97 3:02am MVA-Monson,ME-Rt.15 near Shirley town lineTanker truck rollover-(1)fatality

5/20/97 6:30pm 2nd.AL-Limerick,ME-Wescott St-2.5 story apartment building-M/A from Kezar Falls,Standish,Newfield Waterboro and Limington FD's

5/20/97 11:27am W/F-Bartlett,NH-(Glen Village)Rt.16 at Rox Run Condominiums-Cellar fire-Jackson FD M/A

5/20/97 8:28pm MVA-New Gloucester,ME-Snow Hill Rd-Jaws operating

5/19/97 2:49pm MVA-Londonderry,NH-Harvey Rd-Rollover,jaws operating

5/18/97 12:13pm W/F-Shapliegh,ME-Apple Rd at Square Pond-24x32 log cabin fire

5/18/97 4:06am MVA-Wiscasset,ME-Rt.1-rollover,Jaws operating

5/17/97 5:57pm W/F-Bedford,NH-428 Donald St-1.5 story house-Kitchen fire extended to attic

5/17/97 4:15pm W/F-Claremont,NH-8 Union St-House Fire

5/17/97 1:16pm MVA-Bangor,ME-Odlin Rd-Jaws operating

5/17/97 12:26pm MVA-Warner,NH-I89 SB near exit 9-Jaws operating

5/16/97 11:21pm MVA-Laconia,NH-Scenic Drive-Car into a tree-Jaws operating

5/16/97 9:36pm MVA-Manchester,NH-I93 & 293 split-Jaws operating

5/16/97 5:09pm W/F-Wiscasset,ME-Rt.1-Barn Fire

5/16/97 12:25pm 2nd.AL-Windham,ME-Roberts Rd-24x36 single family house fire

5/16/97 11:57am MVA-Manchester,NH-Maple St & Auburn St-Car into Schoolbus with fire

5/16/97 11:55am W/F-Cumberland,ME-near 94 Lakeside Drive-Cottage Fire

5/16/97 8:52am W/F-Kittery,ME-51 Wilson Rd-Mobile Home Fire-(1)burn injury to occupant

5/16/97 2:08am W/F-Laconia,NH-Blueberry Lane-Apartment Building Fire

5/16/97 00:25am W/F-New Boston,NH-20 McCollum Rd-House fully involved-Mt.Vernon,Francestown & Weare FD's mutual aid with tankers

5/14/97 9:43pm MVA-Cumberland,ME-44 Gray Rd-car into a brook-(1)fatality

5/14/97 4:14am 2nd.AL-Bedford,NH-Hardy Rd & Amhert St-Barn fully involved

5/11/97 6:57pm W/F-Rochester,NH-35 Charles St-Apartment building fire

5/11/97 2:17p,m W/F-Salem,NH-8 Kelley Rd-Garage Fire-M/A from Pelham FD

5/11/97 2:05pm W/F-Plymouth,ME-Troy Rd-Garage Fire-M/A from Newport FD

5/11/97 11:50am MVA-Oxford,ME-Rt.26 at Oxford Plains Speedway-Multi Car Accident on the track with injuries

5/11/97 9:00am W/F-Fayette,ME-Jackson Mill Rd-Chimney fire extended into the house-M/A to the fire

5/10/97 8:23pm MVA-Loudon,NH-NH International Speedway on turn 3-4-Jaws operating

5/10/97 7:23pm W/F-Brewer,ME-425 Wilson St-Stacey's Motel-Attic Fire

5/10/97 3:15pm W/F-Candia,NH-42 Jane Ave-Partition fire in occupied house

5/10/97 1:08pm MVA-Hampstead,NH-Rt.121 & Depot Rd-Jaws operating

5/10/97 4:57am W/F-Dover,NH-Portland Ave & Portland St-Building fully involved

5/10/97 1:27am W/F-Bangor,ME-2132 Broadway-Building Fire

5/10/97 1:07am W/F-Sanford,ME-Roberts St Little League Park-Maintenance building & Grandstand fire

5/9/97 3:49am W/F-Sweden,ME-Rt.93 near the fire station-2 story wdfr house well involved-Lovell,Waterford & Bridgeton FD's M/A

5/8/97 10:20pm W/F-Manchester,NH-opposite 307 Manchester St-Garage Fire

5/8/97 7:22pm 2nd.AL-York Beach,ME-Ocean House Condos on Marietta Ave-Fire in 1 condo unit

5/8/97 5:35pm W/F-Manchester,NH-555 Canal St-Wall Street Towers-Trash Compactor fire

5/8/97 1:54pm W/F-Saco,ME-3 Emerson Ave-1.5 story wdfr house-Heavy fire

5/8/97 8:07am 2nd.AL-Woodsville,NH-Nelson St-2 story wdfr house-6 towns M/A to the fire

5/7/97 4:08pm MVA-Bristol,ME-Rt.130-rollover with jaws operating

5/6/97 12:00pm Train Derailment-Calais,ME on the Maine Central Railroad-involving several Chlorine Tank cars

5/6/97 10:30am W/F-Waldoboro,ME-Chapel Rd-House Fire-M/A from Warren,Thomaston & Rockland FD's

5/6/97 1:27am W/F-North Jay,ME-Rt.4 at"Keene's Corner Store" fully involved

5/5/97 6:41am W/F-Unity,ME-Depot St-House Fire-M/A from Thorndike FD

5/5/97 1:30pm W/F-Bremen,ME-180 Nobleboro Rd-Mobile Home Fire

5/5/97 9:03am W/F-Plymouth,NH-Langdon St & Texas Hill Rd-House Fire-M/A to the fire

5/5/97 9:00am W/F-Hudson,NH-5 Executive Drive-Fire in ductwork of a commercial building

5/5/97 8:20am W/F-Gorham,NH-Rt.16-the Peras Home Center-now vacant 1 story wdfr hardware store-totally destroyed-M/A from Berlin FD

5/5/97 4:25am W/F-Deering,NH-Dudley Pond Rd-House Fire-M/A to the fire

5/5/97 1:04am W/F-Kingston,NH-126 Main St-2 story house,well involved-M/A to the fire

5/4/97 10:25pm W/F-Kittery,ME-2 Old Armory Way-2 story duplex-heavy fire on floor 2

5/4/97 9:32pm MVA-Rochester,NH-Salmon Falls Rd-1 car into woods-victims ejected-(2)fatalities,(1)1045c2

5/4/97 2:32pm MVA-Lebanon,ME-Rt.202 & Hubbard Rd-5 injured patients,jaws from Sanford FD working

5/4/97 1:06pm MVA-Chichester,NH-Rt.4-multiple patients,jaws operating

5/4/97 1:00pm W/F-North Conway,NH-57 Mechanic St-2.5 story wdfr house fire

5/4/97 1:45am MVA-Naples,ME-Lake House Rd-Jaws operating

5/3/97 6:50pm W/F-Winterport,ME-Rt.139-House Fire-M/A from Frankfort FD

5/3/97 12:15pm MVA-Dover,NH-6th St & Whitttier-Jaws operating

5/2/97 10:45pm 2nd.AL-Ashland,NH-North Ashland Rd-Condo Fire

5/2/97 7:45pm W/F-Fayette,ME-Rt.17 at 12 Corners-House Fire

5/2/97 4:45pm MVA-Wiscasset,ME-Birch Point Rd-rollover,jaws operating

5/2/97 1:59pm W/F-Deerfield,NH-120 Mount Delight Rd-House Fire-M/A from Candia & Raymond FD's

5/2/97 12:11pm 2nd.AL-Merrimack,NH-59 Daniel Webster Hwy-Nashua Corp.-Transformer Bldg fully involved

5/2/97 11:14am MVA-Derry,NH-30 Kilrea Rd-Jaws Operating

5/2/97 6:50am 2nd.AL-Charlestown,NH-Cardinal Lane-Mobile Home fully involved

5/1/97 11:31pm W/F-Mt.Vernon,ME-Plains Rd-Mobile Home Fire

5/1/97 10:51pm 2nd.AL-Keene,NH-Rt.101 by Rocky Brook Motel-Building Fire

5/1/97 8:31pm W/F-Sunapee,NH-3 Avery Lane-House Fire

5/1/97 3:35pm W/F-Littleton,NH-31 Myron St-House Fire

5/1/97 1:13pm W/F-Epping,NH-Pine & Pond Park on Rt.125-Mobile Home Fire

5/1/97 8:19am MVA-Vassalboro,ME-Cross Hill Rd-truck vs School Bus-jaws operating


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