2006 Maine & New Hampshire Public Safety Log

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MAY 2006

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

0749)18:45 PM-2nd.AL-Loudon, NH-Maple view Dr. A single story modular, crews going to work.

0748)17:30 PM-SUSP Package-Rollingsford, NH-South St near Fron St. units on scene requesting NHSP Bomb Squad & South Berwirk FD.

0747)04:38 AM-W/F-Augusta, ME-17 Lees Ct. A mobile home fully involved, M/A requested.

0746)01:10 AM-2nd.AL-China, ME-16 Meadowood Dr. A structure fully involved on arrival, M/A to work & cover.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

0745)22:15 PM-MVA-Gray, ME-28 Mountainview Rd. A single vehicle car accident, with serious injuries.

0744)20:55 PM-MVA-Benton, ME-River Rd at Neck Rd. Two sets of jaws and Lifeflight requested.

0743)19:25 PM-MVA-Winchester, NH-178 Warwick Rd. Subject pinned under the vehicle, extrication in progress.

0742)16:09 PM-2nd.AL-Gorham, ME-14 Valley View Dr. A garage fire, M/A to work & cover.

0741)00:52 AM-2nd.AL-Falmouth, ME-15 Indian Way. A house fire, everyone to be reported out.

Monday, May 29, 2006

0740)12:45 PM-MVA-Barrington, NH-148 Hall Rd. 1 person trapped, M/A Heavy Rescue and an Ambulance from Durham.

0739)07:15 AM-MVA-Walpole, NH-Area of 1264 County Rd. 1 car approximately 25ft down an embankment with entrapment, jaws working.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

0738)19:45 PM-MVA-Scarborough, ME-Beech Ridge Rd at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. A rollover with entrapment, jaws requested.

0737)19:15 PM-W/F-Stoddard, NH-Doe Rd. A building fully involved on arrival, M/A to work & cover.

0736)18:45 PM-MVA-Bow, NH-Rt 93 Southbound near Rt 89. A rollover with fire, 1 confirmed fatality.

0735)11:45 AM-MVA-Lempster, NH-Rt 10 at Jolly Roger Speed Park. 14 Y/O unresponsive w/ comprimised airway from a motorcycle racing accident, DHART requested.

0734)01:50 AM-W/F-Sanford, ME-19 Winter St. A 2.5 story wood frame structure 20x30 fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

0733)00:29 AM-ACW-Hampton, NH-Box 515 for 2 Wingate Rd. A basement fire in a 2 story structure, M/A to cover.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

0732)16:33 PM-W/F-Deerfield, NH-Across from 227 South Rd. A fully involved structure, M/A to work & cover.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

0731)23:35 PM-MVA-Laconia, NH-Summit Ave at Wentworth Cove Rd. A rollover with entrapment, airbags being used.

0730)19:29 PM-W/F-Hillsboro, NH-35 Wyman St. Working fire, M/A requested.

0729)17:39 PM-MVA-West Ossipee, NH-Rt 16 at the Pizza Barn. With entrapment, confirmed fatality.

0728)11:30 AM-MVA-Lee, NH-Rt 155(Lee Rd). Car vs tree with 1 person entrapped, jaws going to work.

0727)09:30 AM-H/M-South Portland, ME-Lincoln St at Main St. A gas main break, evacuations being made, request for Gas Company ASAP, M/A to cover.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

0726)17:59 PM-3rd.AL-Lempster, NH-929 Rt 10. The Lempster Wholesale Garage fully involved, Tankers requested.

0725)15:09 PM-W/F-Hancock, ME-Rt 182. A fully involved structure fire, M/A to work & cover.

0724)10:53 AM-TECH Rescue-Westbrook, ME-Rt 302 at Methodist Rd. A male subject fell 40 ft down a reveen, S/C 2 Engines & a Squad.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

0723)23:08 PM-W/F-Topsham, ME-11 Lubee Ln. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0722)15:43 PM-MVA-Bowdoinham, ME-I-295 MM37 Southbound. One subject pinned under a horse trailer, jaws requested.

0721)14:24 PM-W/F-Peterborough, NH-Sand Hill Rd. An outbuilding fully involved, M/A requested.

0720)12:35 PM-2nd.AL-Manchester, NH-213 Auburn St. A 2.5 story woodframe structure with fire in the attic.

0719)02:10 AM-ACW-Standish, ME-Box 7115 for 228 Northeast Rd. Fire in a commercial building "Hunnewell First Technologies", M/A to work & cover.

Monday, May 22, 2006

0718)17:22 PM-W/F-Rochester, NH-Box 7 for 33 Highland St. A 2 story wood frame structure heavy smoke showing.

0717)12:54 PM-MVA-Litchfield, ME-Rt 197 at Hallowell Rd. A rollover with entrapment, jaws to work.

0716)12:45 PM-MVA-Rye, NH-271 Harbor Rd. Car vs tree 1 subject entrapped, jaws going to work.

0715)10:08 AM-1st.AL-Barrington, NH-42 Barrington Estates Mobile Home Park off Young. Heavy smoke showing from a mobile home, M/A to work & cover.

0714)09:45 AM-W/F-Rochester, NH-79 Pine St. Smoke & fire showing from the basement of a structure.

0713)09:35 AM-W/F-Gilmanton, NH-36 Leatherstocking Ln. Fire in a single family home, M/A to work & cover.

0712)03:03 AM-W/F-Allenstown, NH-53 New Rye Rd. A fully involved garage w/exposure, M/A to work & cover.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

0711)03:51 AM-MVA-Harrisville, NH-14 Dublin Rd. A rollover with entrapment, DHART requested.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

0710)21:15 PM-MVA-Milton, NH-Appleby Rd(Rt 75). A single vehicle crash well off the road with entrapment, jaws requested.

0709)20:15 PM-MVA-Portland, ME-I-295 Southbound at Washington Ave. 2 car accident with entrapment, jaws going to work.

0708)19:25 PM-MVA-Durham, ME-6 Country Acres. Single vehicle rollover into a polewith entrapment, jaws working.

0707)15:53 PM-TECH Rescue-Concord, NH-7 Langdon St at Concord Trailways. A building collapse with 1 subject trapped.

0706)15:20 PM-ATV Accident-Clifton, ME-Mccutcheon Rd. ATV vs tree, patient headon into tree, Lifeflight on standby.

0705)14:23 PM-MVA-Antrim, NH-Rt 9 and Liberty Farm Rd. 2 car headon with entrapment, jaws requested.

0704)05:15 AM-ACW-Kennebunkport, ME-Guinea Rd. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to cover.

0703)01:14 AM-MVA-Belgrade, ME-Rt 135 near Minot Hill Rd. A rollover with 3 ejected, 1 confirmed fatality, Lifeflight requested.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

0702)17:54 PM-2nd.AL-Kittery, ME-22 Kempf St. Fire in a 2 story wood frame OMD 100x30, M/A to work & cover.

0701)09:40 AM-W/F-Biddeford, ME-Box 2073 for 32 Pool St. Heavy smoke showing from floor 2 of a 3 story structure.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

0700)06:24 AM-W/F-Concord, NH-105 Pleasant St. Large steam plant fire extended from an outside boiler, M/A to cover.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

0699)23:30 PM-W/F-Kensington, NH-4 Wild Pasture Rd. Fire in a 1.5 story 30x40 structure, M/A to work & cover.

0698)21:41 PM-W/F-Candia, NH-Raymond Rd at Lars Transmission. 3 T/T units and 2 cars fully involved with exposure to a structure, M/A to work & cover.

0697)20:38 PM-Water Rescue-Wilton, NH-Off Rt 31. A kayaker in the river in distress.

0696)19:34 PM-Water Rescue-Limington, ME-Sand Pond Rd. A person on the rocks in the water on the rapids.

0695)11:05 AM-MVA-Salem, NH-Lowell Rd(Rt 38) at Lancaster Farm Rd. 1 entrapped and 1 ejected, Medflight was requested but denied due to weather.

0694)03:30 AM-W/F-Biddeford, ME-Box 5773 for 20 Wadlin Rd. A 2 story house with attached garage, garage fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

Monday, May 15, 2006

0693)10:30 AM-Water Rescue-Eliot, ME-Frost Hill Rd at Drake Ln. 2 people trapped in a car with rising water.

0692)01:05 AM-2nd.AL-York, ME-426 York St. Fire showing from the 3rd floor of a 2 & 3 story wood frame OMD 50x150, M/A to work & cover.

0691)00:10 AM-2nd.AL-Augusta, ME-Maple St. A wood frame building with heavy fire showing on arrival, M/A to the scene.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

0690)16:15 PM-2nd.AL-Newmarket, NH-15 Exeter St. A basement fire extending up, M/A to work & cover.

0689)09:46 AM-H/M-Ogunquit, ME-Rt 1 at the Town Line Motel. A large propane tank leaking.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

0688)23:15 PM-Water Rescue-York, ME-Beechwood Ave. A subject trapped in a flooded yard in distress, Water Rescue Team attempting rescue.

0687)19:10 PM-Water Rescue-York, ME-Roaring Rock Rd at Cow Beach. A car on a flooded road with 2 people in it.

0686)15:58 PM-Water Rescue-Rindge, NH-Grassy Pond Rd on Grassy Pond. An overturned boat with 2 people in the water.

0685)12:55 PM-MVA-Westbrook, ME-Larrabee Rd. 4 patients with 2 trapped in the vehicle, request extra Rescue.

0684)10:47 AM-W/F-Kittery, ME-Duncan way. Heavy smoke showing on arrival.

Friday, May 12, 2006

0683)22:37 PM-ACW-Skowhegan, ME-Jackson St. Fully involved mobile home fire.

0682)18:01 PM-ACW-Portland, ME-Box 1156 for 638 Congress St. Fire in the walls of an unknown type building.

0681)15:29 PM-MVA-West Ossipee, NH-Rt 16. Vehicle crash with entrapment, jaws working.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

0680)22:15 PM-MVA-Deering, NH-Deering Center Rd. 1 vehicle on its side with 1 patient entrapped.

0679)17:15 PM-MVA-Richmond, NH-56 Homestead Highway(Rt 32). A car off the road with entrapment, jaws requested.

0678)15:40 PM-W/F-Bedford, NH-10 Ironhouse Dr. Fire in the ductwork of a commercial building, M/A to work & cover.

0677)06:18 AM-2nd.AL-Nashua, NH-17 Kessler Farm Dr. Fire on Floor 2 of an unknown type structure.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

0676)19:10 PM-W/F-Lebanon, ME-Maple St. Smoke showing from a 20x40 trailer, M/A from Sanford FD.

0675)16:13 PM-MVA-Meredith, NH-Daniel Webster HGWY & Parade Rd. a rollover with injuries.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

0674)20:18 PM-MVA-Swanzey, NH-Rt 12 near Swanzey Diner. 2 cars with entrapment, jaws going to work.

0673)15:41 PM-MVA-Marlborough, NH-293 Main St. 2 cars with entrapment 1 critical, 3rd Ambulance requested.

0672)13:58 PM-W/F-Columbia Falls, ME-Tibbettstown Rd. A large brush & woods fire, heavy equipment requested.

0671)13:43 PM-2nd.AL-Jay, ME-459 Fort Hill Rd. A barn fully involved extended to a 2 story 40x30 wood frame house, M/A requested.

0670)10:45 AM-W/F-Hancock, ME-Rt 182. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A Tankers.

0669)04:24 AM-W/F-Portsmouth, NH-Lang Rd at Stonecroft Apartments. Smoke & fire showing from an OMD.

Monday, May 8, 2006

0668)19:29 PM-1st.AL-Campton, NH-1472 Rt 175. Building fire fully involved with exposures.

0667)19:03 PM-ACW-Manchester, NH-Box 325 22 Walnut St. 3 story woodframe occupied rooming house fire on 1st floor.

0666)18:32 PM-MVA-Kittery, ME-I-95 at Mile 5 Northbound. A single vehicle accident with 1 patient entrapped, jaws working.

0665)10:56 AM-Tech Rescue-Biddeford, ME-585 Alfred St. An injured construction worker in a trench.

0664)09:15 AM-W/F-West Paris, ME-Rt 219 IAO Moose Pond Animal Shelter. A 2 story wood frame dwelling heavy fire on floor 2, M/A to work & cover.

0663)07:22 AM-W/F-Sanford, ME-Main St at Storer St. Fire in a 2.5 story wood frame structure.

0662)06:19 AM-W/F-North Yarmouth, ME-434 Walnut Hill Rd. Fire in a commercial building, M/A to work & cover.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

0661)21:13 PM-1st.AL-Belmont, NH-Grey Rock Rd. Trailer fire at the Winnisquam Beach Campground. M/A to work & cover.

0660)18:44 PM-Tech Rescue-Jaffrey, NH-Mt Monadnock off Rt 101. Injured hiker on a mountain, UMASS Lifeflight requested.

0659)17:00 PM-ACW-Unity, NH-Brick Farm Rd. 5 to 6 acres of brush burning, M/A to work & cover.

0658)16:48 PM-MVA-Lebanon, ME-240 Hubbard Rd at Berwick Line. A rollover with ejection and serious injuries.

0657)10:29 AM-W/F-Newmarket, NH-3 Kimball Way. Heavy smoke showing from an occupied dwelling.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Friday, May 5, 2006

0656)21:12 PM-MVA-Pittsfield, ME-Main St(Rt 100). A car vs motorcycle, possible fatal.

0655)16:06 PM-2nd.AL-Fairfield, ME-Ten Lots Rd. Large area of woods and brush on fire, M/A requested & Forestry Helo.

0654)16:04 PM-3rd.AL-Salisbury, NH-Bay Rd at the Andover Town Line. Brush fire spreading rapidly, M/A to work & cover.

0653)15:53 PM-MVA-Rockland, ME-Maverick & Brewster St. Car vs motorcycle with serious injuries, Lifeflight requested.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

0652)14:50 PM-MVA-Conway, NH-Rt 16 by BP Deli. A school bus crash with about 40 injuries, M/A requested.

0651)12:24 PM-ACW-Waterville, ME-Box 533 33 Sherwin St. A building fire.

0650)04:55 AM-4th.AL-Bath, ME-Washington St. Fire at the former stinson Cannery, M/A to work & cover.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

0649)20:38 PM-MVA-Stratham, NH-132 Portsmouth Ave(Rt 33). 2 car headon with entrapment, jaws requested.

0648)16:42 PM-MVA-Manchester, NH-Rt 293 southbound at Rt 93 Northbound on ramp. Rollover with ejection, patient trapped under vehicle.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

0647)22:35 PM-W/F-Nashua, NH-Broad St Nashua Mall. Fire in the back of the Bugaboo Creek Restaurant.

0646)20:35 PM-W/F-Weld, ME-62 Church St. A structure fire, M/A to work & cover.

0645)19:23 PM-W/F-Ogunquit, ME-Rt 1 at Ocean St. Fire in the rear of the Fireside Restaurant.

0644)13:01 PM-W/F-Norridgewock, ME-96 Martin Stream Rd. A structure fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

0643)12:33 PM-W/F-Farmington, NH-Rt 11 Across from Strafford Motel. Fully involved building fire, M/A to work & cover.

Monday, May 1, 2006

0642)18:25 PM-MVA-Harpswell, ME-Grover Ln at Cundy's Harbor Rd. 2 car accident with entrapment, jaws being requested.

0641)14:02 PM-W/F-Nashua,NH-Box 71 68 Walnut St. A building fire.

0640)13:35 PM-MVA-Alstead, NH-1113 Rt 123. A single vehicle crash with entrapment, jaws working.

0639)09:17 AM-W/F-Eddington, ME-On Coffey Hill Way. Heavy fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

APRIL 2006 Fire Log

FIRE and ACCIDENT Code Identifiers:
ACW = All Companies Working
W/F = Working Fire
H/M = Hazardous Materials Incident
M/A = Mutual Aid
10-45 = Injured Person and codes:
C3 = Minor Injury
C2 = Serious Injury
C2+ = Life Theatening Injury
C1 = Probable Fatality

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