Southern Maine Fire Notification's May 2001 Logs

Thursday, May 31, 2001

01-851)10:45 PM-2nd.AL-Keene,NH-Knight St-Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-850)6:55 PM-W/F-Camden,ME-Mt.Battie St-Mobile Home fire

01-849)9:00 AM-MVA-Waterboro,ME-Deering Ridge & Townhouse Rd-Jaws from Hollis FD operating

01-848)7:55 AM-MVA-Alton,NH-Woodlands Rd-Well Drilling Rig overturned with serious injury-DHART chopper to the scene

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

01-847)6:55 PM-W/F-Portland,ME-Spring St at Mercy Hospital-Electrical fire in the lab

01-846)4:12 PM-MVA-Dover,NH-Dover Point Rd at "Tuttle's Greenhouse"-Car into a building-Jaws operating

01-845)1:50 PM-MVA-Rockport,ME-Rt.90 & Meadow St-Dump truck rollover-Jaws operating

01-844)00:40 AM-MVA-Buxton,ME-Unknown location-Jaws operating

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

01-843)2:55 PM-W/F-Woodstock,NH-5 Pitres Drive-Mobile home fire with a burn patient-M/A from Lincoln & Campton FD's

01-842)12:40 PM-MVA-Rochester,NH-Rt.125 near the Barrington town line-Jaws operating

01-841)12:17 PM-W/F-Danbury,NH-Rt.4 & 104 (Ragged Mt. Hwy)-Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-840)10:30 AM-MVA-Haz Mat-New Gloucester,ME-Maine Turnpike-Truck rollover with Containers of several hazardous chemicals-No leak, Minor injuries

01-839)3:00 AM-2nd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-39 Beechstone Apartments off Lang Rd-Fire in 1 unit, of a 3 story wdfr Multi family building-M/A to the fire

Monday, May 28, 2001

01-838)11:00 PM-MVA-Weare,NH-Rt.114-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-837)7:15 PM-MVA-Troy,NH-Bigelow Hill Rd-Car Vs Pole-Serious injury, Jaws operating

01-836)4:14 PM-3rd.AL-Tuftonboro,NH-Ledge Hill Rd at "Winner's Circle Horse Farm"-3 story farmhouse heavily involved-M/A that went to the fire and to cover was from Alton, Wolfeboro, Effingham, Freedom, Kezar Falls,Me., Madison, Moultonboro, Conway,Tamworth, Sandwich, Milton, Wakefield, Ossipee Corner, Center Ossipee, West Ossipee FD's

01-835)-MVA-Old Orchard Beach,ME-Unknown location-Motorcycle accident, (1) Fatality, (1) Injured

01-834)2:55 PM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-Rt.93-Jaws operating

01-833)7:05 AM-W/F-Lewiston,ME-111 Bartlett St-Building fire

Sunday, May 27, 2001

01-832)10:15 PM-MVA-Tilton,NH-Rt.3 near Brook Rd-(1) Fatality

01-831)-MVA-Princeton,ME-Rt.1-Car Vs Tree-Car fully involved-(1) Fatality burned in the car

01-830)8:15 AM-W/F-Danville,NH-19 Haverhill Circle-House fire-M/A to the fire

Saturday, May 26, 2001

01-829)Afternoon-Pedestrain Struck by car-Norridgewock,ME-Rt.201A-(1) Fatality

01-828)1:00 PM-Woods Fire-Township 10-SD,ME-off Rt.182 near Tunk Lake-Large woods fire-Extensive M/A to the fire along with Maine Forest Service

01-827)3:30 AM-MVA-Charlestown,NH-Acworth Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating

Friday, May 25, 2001

01-826)4:00 PM-MVA-Sidney,ME-Rt.95 NB-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-825)1:32 PM-MVA-Hampton,NH-Rt.95 NB, south of the tolls-Jaws operating and several M/A ambulances

Thursday, May 24, 2001

01-824)10:30 PM-MVA-Harrington,ME-Marshville Rd-(1) Fatality, (2) seriously injured

01-823)10:00 PM-W/F-Georgetown,ME-31 Sagadahoc Bay Rd-House fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-822)9:30 PM-W/F-Winslow,ME-Bay St at "Crafter's Gallery"-Heavy fire on arrival-M/A from Fairfield, Waterville & Vassalboro FD's

01-821)4:20 PM-MVA-Newfield,ME-303 Bridge St-(2) Cars, Head-on-(2) Sets of Jaws working, M/A ambulance to the scene

01-820)1:15 PM-4th.AL-Nashua,NH-18 1/2 Arlington St at Arlington Arms Apartments-Building fire

01-819)8:00 AM-MVA-Newport,NH-Rt.11/103 at Hoyt's Trucking-Truck Vs Van-Jaws operating

01-818)4:32 AM-W/F-Bartlett (Glen village),NH-Dundee Rd-Barn fully involved-M/A from Jackson FD to assist the Bartlett & Glen FD's

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

01-817)10:21 PM-MVA-Bradford,NH-Rt.114 & 103-Jaws operating

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

01-816)10:41 PM-MVA-Windham,NH-Rt.93 NB by the scales-Car Vs Moose-Serious injury

01-815)Evening-MVA-Bangor,ME-Rt.95 near the Hermon town line-Rollover-(1) Fatality and others injured-Jaws operating

01-814)6:32 PM-W/F-Westbrook,ME-3 Nasson Ave-House fire

01-813)3:55 PM-MVA-Portland,ME-I-295 Southbound-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-812)1:50 PM-MVA-Rochester,NH-123 Franklin St-Car VS Tree-(1) Fatality, (1) Serious injury-Jaws operating

Monday, May 21, 2001

01-811)6:30 PM-MVA-Augusta,ME-Rt.95 at Mile 108-Tractor Trailer Accident-Jaws operating

01-810)5:25 PM-W/F-Sandown,NH-28 Reed Rd-House fire-M/A from Chester & Hampstead FD's

01-809)3:55 PM-MVA-Center Harbor,NH-Rt.3 by the Mug Restaurant-School Bus Vs Pole-MCI delcared-10 children transported

01-808)6:15 AM-MVA-Keene,NH-West ST at "T=Bird Market"-Car Vs Trailer Truck-Serious injury

01-807)3:22 AM-3rd.AL-Manchester,NH-229 Putnam St-Large 4 story occupied apartment building heavily involved

Sunday, May 20, 2001

01-806)4:15 PM-W/F-Hartland,ME-Pleasant St-Mobile Home fire-M/A from St.Albans FD

01-805)4:10 PM-W/F-Moosehead Junction Township,ME-very remote huunting camp fully involved-Access through the town of Shirley. Fire also spread into the woods-Greenville FD was aided by Monson & Shirley FD's

01-804)2:26 PM-2nd.AL-Farmington,NH-365B Dodge Cross Rd-Barn fully involved-M/A from Milton, Rochester & New Durham FD's

01-803)10:27 AM-MVA-Walpole,NH-Rt.12 & 123-Car Vs (2) Motorcycles-Several seriously injured

01-802)7:15 AM-2nd.AL-Goffstown,NH-69 Center St-Building fire

01-801)3:30 AM-MVA-Raymond,ME-Rt.85-Car Vs Pole-Several patients ejected-(1) Fatality-Wires down

01-800)2:40 AM-MVA-Milford,ME-Rt.2-Car Vs Truck head -on-(2) Fatalities, (1) Critical patient

01-799)Early Morning-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Payne Rd-(1) Fatality

Saturday, May 19, 2001

01-798)7:05 PM-MVA-Whitefield,NH-Rt.3 North-Jaws operating-(1) Fatality

01-797)Morning-MVA-Parkman,ME-Rt.150-Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality

Friday, May 18, 2001

01-796)6:50 PM-W/F-Berwick,ME-26 River St-Brush fire extended to a structure-M/A from Somersworth & So.Berwick FD's

Thursday, May 17, 2001

01-795)7:30 AM-W/F-Tilton,NH-Rt.3 at "Wright Auto & Marine Service"-Cellar fire-M/A from Belmont, Laconia, Winnisquam & Sanbornton FD's

01-794)7:12 AM-2nd.AL-Weare,NH-86 Walker Hill Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

01-793)4:10 PM-MVA-Westbrook,ME-Rt.302 & Brook St-Jaws operating

01-792)8:23 AM-MVA-Goffstown,NH-Rt.114 & Greer Rd-(1) Fatality

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

01-791)10:40 PM-2nd.AL-Merrimack,NH-8 Profile Dr-House fully involved

01-790)Evening-MVA-Tremont,ME-Rt,102-Car Vs Tree-(2) Fatalties, (2) Injured

01-789)1:34 PM-2nd.AL-Nashua,NH-86 Arbor Ave-2.5 story house fire

01-788)12:15 PM-MVA-Wolfeboro,NH-Rt.28 & Timberlane Rd-Lakeside Ambulance Vs Pole with wires down-Serious injury-M/A from Alton & Ossipee

01-787)9:41 AM-W/F-Lamoine,ME-171 Mud Creek Rd-Barn fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-786)00:41 AM-W/F-Kingston,NH-Rt.125 at the Little River Motel-M/A to the fire

Monday, May 14, 2001

01-785)5:55 PM-W/F-Goffstown,NH-80 Lewis St-Building fire

01-784)5:00 PM-2nd.AL-Bretton Woods,NH-off Rt.302 at the Mt.Washington Hotel-Fire on the decking-M/A to the fire

01-783)4:04 PM-MVA-Alfred,ME-Rt.111 & Drown Rd-Car Vs Dump Truck-Jaws working-M/A from Goodwins Mills & Waterboro FD's-(1) Fatality

01-782)2:40 PM-W/F-Hiram,ME-413 Trip Town Rd-House fully involved with a 2 acre woods fire-M/A from Baldwin, Brownfield, South Hiram, Cornish and Kezar Falls FD's

01-781)11:30 AM-Forest Fire-Bucksport,ME-off Rt.15-Large fire with over 30 FD's at the scene

01-780)11:28 AM-MVA-Casco,ME-Rt.302 & Brown Rd-Jaws operating-M/A from Naples, Windham & Raymond EMS

01-779)10:10 AM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-108 Fogg Rd-Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating

01-778)4:30 AM-W/F-Buckfield,ME-261 Streaked Mountain Rd-Building fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-777)3:14 AM-W/F-Sidney,ME-Rt.23 at the New England Music Camp-House & Barn fully involved-M/A to the fire

Sunday, May 13, 2001

01-776)10:57 PM-MVA-Northwood,NH-Rt.4 by the Irving Station-(2) cars, (1) Trapped, Jaws operating, M/A from Nottingham FD

01-775)6:41 PM-W/F-Hartford,ME-8 Stetson Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-774)3:10 PM-MVA-Nashua,NH-F.E.Everett Highway Exit 2 ramp-Rollover with fire-(3) people ejected, (1) Fatality, (2) Seriously injured

01-773)1:00 PM-W/F-Atkinson,ME-Range Rd-House fire-M/A from Milo, Sebec and Dover-Foxcroft FD's to the fire

01-772)12:30 PM-MVA-Claremont,NH-Pedestrian struck-Main St at the bridge-Serious injury

01-771)7:00 AM-W/F-Peterborough,NH-Main & Summer St at the Rite Aid Pharmacy-Fire in the walls and floor area

01-770)6:34 AM-2nd.AL-Lewiston,ME-308 Bates St-4 story apartment building fire

01-769)1:01 AM-ACW-Biddeford,ME-Rathier St-Garage fire

Saturday, May 12, 2001

01-768)9:55 PM-MVA-North Berwick,ME-570 High St-Car Vs Moose-Jaws from Sanford FD operating

01-767)6:10 PM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-Rt.102 & WWest Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-766)5:50 PM-W/F-Madison,NH-220 Eidelweiss Drive-Shed fire extended to some woods and a vehicle-M/A from West Ossipee FD

01-765)5:27 PM-4th.AL-Hampton,NH-707 Ocean Blvd-3 story 50 x 75 wdfr apartment building heavily involved-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-764)4:30 PM-W/F-Moultonboro,NH-19 Windy Point Rd-Dumpster fire extended to a building-M/A to the fire

01-763)4:00 PM-Small Plane Crash-Township 12, Range 7,ME-Maine Forest Service Fire Spotter plane crash landed into the trees-No injuries

01-762)Afternoon-Woods Fire-Jay,ME-unknown location-Chopper dropping water

01-761)Afternoon-Woods Fire-Chesterville,ME-unknown location-Chopper dropping water

01-760)2:07 PM-Woods Fire-Somerville,ME-Clement Mt Rd-Large fire in the woods-Extensive M/A to the scene

01-759)2:06 PM-W/F-Lovell,ME-12 Foxboro Rd-House & woods fire-M/A from Stoneham, North Fryeburg, Sweden & Waterford FD's

01-758)4:50 AM-MVA-Hermon,ME-Rt.2-(1) Fatality

Friday, May 11, 2001

01-757)7:45 PM-W/F-Lebanon,ME-13 Old Ledge Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A from Milton & Rochester FD's

01-756)6:00 PM-MVA-Presque Isle,ME-Rt.227-Person ejected-(1) Fatality

01-755)Afternoon-Woods Fire-Millinocket,ME-Staceyville Rd-10 acre fire-M/A to the scene

01-754)2:40 PM-MVA-Ossipee,NH-Rt.16 by Lovell River-(2) Cars, head-on-Jaws from West Ossipee FD operating-(2) Fatalities

01-753)2:37 PM-W/F-Scarborough,ME-129 Running Hill Rd-House fire

01-752)2:30 AM-MVA-Township 6, Range 11,ME-Telos Rd, 21 miles north of the Golden Rd-Rollover-(1) Fatality

01-751)1:34 PM-Woods Fire-Sandwich,NH-222 Whiteface Intervale Rd-1-2 acre woods fire-M/A from Center Harbor, Holderness, Moultonboro and Tamworth FD's to the fire

01-750)1:34 PM-MVA-North Yarmouth,ME-Rt.115-Jaws operating

01-749)12:21 PM-2nd.AL-Bedford,NH-Rt.3 at the Sheraton Wayfairer Hotel-Fire on floor 1 & 2-M/A to the fire

01-748)9:30 AM-2nd.AL-Bow,NH-14 Essex Drive-Woods Fire-M/A to the fire

Thursday, May 10, 2001

01-747)5:21 PM-W/F-Poland,ME-Rt.26 next to the Poland Spring House-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

01-746)4:30 PM-10th.AL-(Haverhill) Woodsville,NH-Swiftwater Rd-House & Barn fire with close to a 100 acre woods fire-Extensive M/A to the fire from Vermont and New Hampshire FD's

01-745)3:50 PM-3rd.AL-Alton,NH-Main St & Pearson Rd-Barn fully involved with large woods fire-M/A to the fire

01-744)2:40 PM-W/F-Casco,ME-Camp Sunshine-Building fire

01-743)12:25 PM-W/F-Madison,NH-Rt.113-Barn fire-M/A from West Ossipee, Freedom, Tamworth & Conway FD's

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

01-742)10:55 PM-W/F-Franklin,NH-South Main St at the "Windmill Restaurant"-Building fire

01-741)7:00 PM-Woods Fire-Avon,ME-Spruce Mountain off the Day Mountain Rd-Several acres involved-FD's from Pillips & Strong were assisted by the Maine Forest Service

01-740)6:00 PM-3rd.AL-Boscawen,NH-off King St-Woods fire-M/A to the fire

01-739)5:40 PM-2nd.AL-Epsom,NH--Woods fire on Old Turnpike Rd-M/A to the fire

01-738)3:04 PM-2nd.AL-Kingston,NH--19 Marshall Rd-Building fire at a Stable-M/A to the fire

01-737)3:00 PM-W/F-Lewiston,ME-Pleasant St Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire

01-736)Afternoon-Woods Fire-Mapleton,ME--unknown location-7 acres burning-M/A from Presque Isle & Maine Forestry

01-735)2:10 PM-MVA-Claremont,NH--Arch & Charlestown Rd-Jaws operating

01-734)2:00 PM-W/F-Knox,ME--Rt.139-Mobile Home fully involved with extension into the woods-M/A from Thorndike, Brooks, Freedom and Unity FD's to the fire

01-733)11:40 AM-Woods Fire-Lebanon,ME--off the Bigelow Rd-2-3 acres moving fast-M/A from Acton, Milton, Farmington, Rochester, York County Hot Shot Crew and the Maine Forest Service to the fire

01-732)1:38 AM-2nd.AL-Augusta,ME--Leighton & Mt.Vernon St-2.5 story house well involved-M/A to the fire

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

01-731)11:55 PM-W/F-Rochester,NH--Amazon Campground on Whitehouse Rd-Vacant trailer fire

01-730)-2nd.AL-Keene,NH--107 Davis St-House fire

01-729)6:15 PM-2nd.AL-Sandwich,NH--222 Whiteface Intervale Rd-Barn fire attached to a house with a woods fire-M/A to the fire-Fire was stopped in the ell and the house was saved

01-728)5:20 PM-W/F-Center Ossipee,NH--5 Scotch Pine Lane-Mobile Home fully involved with a woods fire

01-727)5:00 PM-Woods Fire-Manchester,NH--Rock Rimmon Park-6 acre fire

01-726)4:37 PM-W/F-New Gloucester,ME--286 Town Farm Rd-Barn fully involved with a woods fire-M/A to the fire

01-725)4:20 PM-W/F-Minot,ME--Brighton Hill Rd-Structure fire-M/A from Turner, Mechanic Falls, Poland, Auburn FD's M/A

01-724)Afternoon-Woods fire-Orland,ME--Long Pond Rd-Extensive M/A to the fire-Chopper for water drops

01-723)Afternoon-Woods fire-Dedham,ME--woods fire on Dedham Bald Mountain off Rt.46-Chopper for water drops

01-722)Afternoon-Forest Fire-Wytopitlock,ME--Large forest fire along the railroad-(2) Black Hawk Helo's brought in for water drops-Over 281 acres burned

01-721)Afternoon-Woods fire-Lubec,ME--50+ acre fire-zCove Rd off Rt.189

01-720)Afternoon-Woods fire-Cooper,ME--off Rt.86-21 acres burned-Fire spread fast & crowned in spots-M/A from Meddybemps, Alexander, Cherryfield, Moosehorn National Refuge Fire Dept., Calais, Wesley and Maine Forest Service ground crew-Chopper dropping water

01-719)3:20 PM-8th.AL-Allenstown,NH--110 Wing Rd-Barn fully involved which extended to large 3 story farmhouse & spread to about 10 acres of woods-Extensive M/A from Allenstown, Boscawen, Bow, Bradford, Canterbury, Chichester, Pembroke, Concord, Dunbarton, Epsom, Hopkinton, Loudon, Northwood, Pittsfield, Salisbury, Warner, Belmont, Barnstead, Tilton-Northfield, Strafford, Nottingham, Raymond, Deerfield, Hooksett, Weare, Goffstown, Auburn, East Derry and Webster to the fire

01-718)2:45 PM-W/F-Portland,ME--72 Commercial St-Building fire

01-717)12:45 PM-Woods fires-Mattawamkeag,ME--multiple fires along the Canadian Pacific Railway-Chopper for water drops

01-716)12:45 PM-3rd.AL-Newfields,NH--180 Piscassic St-2 story Colonial style House heavily involved-M/A from Exeter, Durham, Stratham, Epping, Lee, Newmarket, Greenland, Raymond & Kensington FD's

01-715)11:00 AM-Woods Fire-Antrim,NH--backside of Willard Pond-3 or 4 acres going, access by boat only-M/A to the fire

01-714)6:55 AM-W/F-Caribou,ME--Old Washburn Rd-House fire-M/A from Presque Isle FD

Monday, May 07, 2001

01-713)11:30 PM-2nd.AL-Andover,NH--79 Kearsarge Mt. Rd-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

01-712)8:30 PM-Forest Fire-Waltham,ME--Rt.179 by the old dump-4 or 5 acres burning-M/A from Ellsworth, Eastbrook, Franklin & Maine Forest Service

01-711)5:15 PM-W/F-Hope,ME--High St-Grass fire spread to a workshop and shed-Both were lost-M/A from Appleton, Camden and Lincolnville FD's

01-710)Afternoon-Forest Fire-Northport,ME--off Pitcher Rd-30 acres + speading fast over a remote area. M/A from Waldo, Lincolnville, Stockton Springs, Camden, Belfast, 2 Choppers from the Maine Forest Service to the scene

01-709)2:05 PM-W/F-Chesterville,ME--near Locke Pond off Zion Hill-Cottage fully involved with extension into the woods-M/A to the fire

01-708)9:30 AM-MVA-Temple,ME--Intervale Rd-(1) Fatality

Sunday, May 06, 2001

01-707)8:20 PM-W/F-Skowhegan,ME--Rt.2 near Eaton Mountain-House fully involved with extension to the woods-M/A to the fire from Canaan, Madison, Norridgewock & Anson FD's

01-706)7:30 PM-W/F-Madison,ME--20 Ingalls St-House fire-M/A from East Madison, Anson and Skowhegan to the fire

01-705)3:22 PM-W/F-Newmarket,NH--Ash Swamp Rd at the town dump-Large debris pile fire-M/A to the fire

01-704)3:20 PM-3rd.AL-Mount Vernon,NH--Salisbury Rd-House & Garage fire with extensive brush fire-M/A to the fire

01-703)2:45 PM-MVA-North Hampton,NH--Rt.95 SB, 1 mile north the tolls-Jaws & 3 ambulances operating

01-702)2:24 PM-MVA-Cumberland,ME--137 Gray Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-701)2:00 PM-MVA-Auburn,ME--Hotel & Stevens Mill Rd-(1) Fatality

Forest Fire-Addison,ME--off Rt.187----involving over 500 acres, 2 homes and a mobile home-M/A to the fire--This is a continuing fire from Friday--Still burning

01-700)1:19 AM-2nd.AL-Tamworth,NH--Rt.25 in South Tamworth-Barn fire with extension to woods and an auto-M/A from Moultonboro, West Ossipee, Sandwich, Madison and Center Ossipee FD's

Saturday, May 05, 2001

01-699)8:04 PM-MVA-Casco,ME--Rt.302 at State Park Rd-Jaws operating

01-698)4:27 PM-2nd.AL-Henniker,NH--River Rd at the dam-Large brush fire-M/A to the fire

01-697)8:28 AM-W/F-Brewer,ME--unknown location-Building fire-M/A from Holden FD

01-696)6:45 AM-MVA-Oxford,ME--Rt.26 by Burlington Homes-(2) Fatalities

Friday, May 04, 2001

01-695)10:10 PM-2nd.AL-Thomaston,ME--Rt.1 at "Dragon Cement"-Heavy fire on top floor of the 5 story conveyor system

01-694)9:24 PM-3rd.AL-Rindge,NH--East Monmonnac Rd-Brush fire & a Cottage fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-693)8:30 PM-MVA-Lebanon,ME--Rt.202-Jaws from Sanford FD operating

01-692)8:00 PM-MVA-Lewiston,ME--East Ave & Pleasant St-Motorcycle accident-(1) Fatality

01-691)4:30 PM-MVA-Sharon,NH--Rt.123 Temple Rd-Serious injury-Jaws operating

01-690)4:24 PM-W/F-Canaan,ME--Robert Johnson's Sawmill fully involved with extension to the woods-M/A from 11 fire companies including Fairfield, Clinton and Skowhegan FD's

01-689)4:05 PM-MVA-Keene,NH--Rt.12-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-688)1:10 PM-MVA-Farmington,NH--Rt.11 by Rite Aid-Motorcycle Vs Car-Jaws operating

01-687)1:00 PM-Woods fire-Addison,ME--off Rt.187----involving over 300 acres, 2 homes and a mobile home-M/A to the fire

01-686)12:45 PM-W/F-Windham,NH--Rt.28 at "Stateline Auto"-Building fire with extension to brush-M/A to the fire

01-685)11:19 AM-MVA-Newport,NH--Rt.11 & 103-Jaws operating

01-684)11:07 AM-W/F-Oxford,ME--20 Staples Ave-Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-683)3:55 AM-5th.AL-Pittsfield,NH--21 Main St-Large 3 story apartment house with heavy fire throughout-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-682)7:00 AM-MVA-Ellsworth,ME--Rt.1A-Jaws operating-Lifeflight to the scene

01-681)1:00 AM-MVA-Smithfield,ME--Rt.8-Jaws operating from Oakland FD-Lifeflight to the scene

01-680)12:05 AM-2nd.AL-Lewiston,ME--Throncrag Bird Sanctuary off Montello St-Large woods fire-M/A from Auburn & Greene FD's

Thursday, May 03, 2001

01-679)2:45 PM-W/F-Lee,NH--130 Cartland Rd-Brush fire extended to a structure-M/A to the fire

01-678)10:45 AM-2nd.AL-Portsmouth,NH--behind Patriot's Park Apartments off Lafayette Rd-2 acre woods fire-M/A to the fire

01-677)12:00 PM-W/F-Orient,ME--off Rt.1--Large brush fire extended to a vacant general store a barn & large 3 story house-all were leveled in the fire -Danforth FD who covers Orient, was assisted by Weston, Reed Plantation, Linneus, Monticello, Haynesville, Maine Forest Service Chopper & Hodgdon FD's

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

01-676)10:21 PM-3rd.AL-Freeport,ME--Rt.136 at Sargent Trucking Co. 100 x 100 Metal & Wood Building-Heavy fire at the rear-Tanker shuttle operations

01-675)Evening-2nd.AL-Fairfield,ME--Rt.201 Business Center at the "A+ Home Healthcare Home Oxygen Medical Equipment Co"-100 x 150 commercial building-Fire on floor 1 & 2-M/A from Winslow,

01-674)4:17 PM-3rd.AL-Thomaston,ME--Beachwood St behind the Grange Hall-Large woods fire-M/A from Rockland, Cushing and Warren FD's

01-673)6:34 PM-W/F+-Detroit,ME--Station Rd at the Walpole Woodworking Co.-(3) Buildings fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-672)6:34 PM-2nd.AL-Lee,NH--9 Newtown Plains Rd-Extensive woods fire-M/A to the fire

01-671)6:01 PM-MVA-Milton,NH--Rt.125-Motorcycle MVA-Rider thrown into the woods-Serious injury

01-670)5:00 PM-W/F-Newbury,NH--Ramblewood off Rt.103-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

01-669)4:10 PM-Woods Fire-Augusta,ME--remote area off the Middle Rd-Maine Forestry chopper dropping water on the 1 1/2 acre fire

01-668)3:34 PM-4th AL-Portsmouth,NH--off Ocean Rd railroad tracks-Large woods fire-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-667)Afternoon-Woods fire-Mattawamkeag,ME--unknown location-20 acres burned-M/A to the fire

01-666)2:30 PM-2nd.AL-Hinsdale,NH--76 Brattleboro Rd-Brush fire extended to a structure-M/A to the fire

01-665)1:15 PM-2nd.AL-Fairfield,ME--Ohio Hill Rd-Brush fire extended to a large barn-Barn fully involved-M/A from Skowhegan, Albion, Oakland, Winslow, Waterville and Norridgewock FD's to the fire

01-664)5:10 AM-W/F-New Limerick,ME--County Rd-House fire-Houlton FD covers New Limerick and responded to the fire

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

01-663)7:50 PM-W/F-Manchester,NH--48 Huse Rd-30 x 50 cinderblock commercial building-Attic fire

01-662)5:30 PM-W/F-Greenfield,NH--Saw Mill Rd-Brush fire extended to a garage-M/A to the fire

01-661)2:10 PM-W/F-Epping,NH--Old Hedding Rd at the town dump-Recycling Building heavily involved with extension to about 1/2 acre of woods-M/A from Fremont, Brentwood, Nottingham and Newfields FD's

01-660)1:04 PM-W/F-Poland,ME--Poland High School-Kitchen fire

01-659)9:30 AM-MVA-Thomaston,ME--Rt.1-Pickup Vs Pole-(1) Fatality

01-658)9:30 AM-3rd.AL-Lewiston,ME--Sabattus St-"Zeng's Garden" a Chinese Restaurant with heavy fire-M/A from Auburn & Greene FD's to the fire