3/31/97 3:19pm W/F-Warren,NH-Rt.25-House Fire

3/30/97 10:30pm MVA-Ellsworth,ME-Rt.1A-(3)cars-head-on,rollover-(1)Fatality

3/30/97 8:35pm W/F-Limington,ME-Kendrick Rd-House Fire-M/A from Buxton,Hollis & Standish FD's

3/30/97 6:47pm W/F-West Ossipee,NH-Scandia Estates-Piney Circle-Mobile Home Fire

3/30/97 9:54am 2nd.Al-Bow,NH-"Blue Seal Feed Co." 520 Hall St-Fire in grain silo

3/30/97 1:19am 2nd.Al-Farmington,NH-North Main & Winter Court-2.5 story wdfr 40x70 apartment building-M/A from Milton,New Durham & Middleton FD's

3/29/97 10:45pm W/F-Goshen,NH-923 Center Rd-Mobile Home Fire

3/29/97 6:17pm W/F-Windham,ME-483 Falmouth Rd-House Fire (Lightning Strike)

3/29/97 6:05pm W/F-Raymond,ME-19 Coles Rd-Fire Lane 153-House Fire (Lightning Strike) M/A from Casco FD

3/29/97 3:28pm W/F-Conway,NH(Redstone Village)East Conway Rd-House Fire

3/29/97 12:28pm W/F+-Monroe,NH-1965 Coppermine Rd-Workshop Fire-M/A from Barnet,VT & Woodsville,NH

3/29/97 10:19am W/F-Grafton,NH-Barney Hill Rd-Garage Fire-M/A from Canaan & Danbury FD's

3/29/97 5:37am W/F-Milan,NH-East of River Rd-House Fire

3/29/97 2:28am W/F-Concord,NH-39 High St-2.5 story woodframe-fire on floor 2

3/28/97 1:26pm W/F-Standish,ME-Rt.35 & 25 at Bonney Eagle High School-Snack Shack Fire

3/28/97 11:08am W/F-Exeter,NH-37 Hillton Ave-Mobile Home Fire

3/28/97 5:53am 2nd.Al-Manchester,NH-45 Nashua St-2.5 story woodframe-heavy fire 2nd floor & roof

3/27/97 10:20pm General Alarm-Rochester,NH-400 No.Main St-"Thompson Center Arms Mrg.Co."-Fire destroyed 3 large industrial buildings & a 4th smaller wood frame building. Mutual Aid from over 18 communities responded to this fire.

3/27/97 9:40am W/F-Laconia,NH-Elm St in Lakeport-(2)Buildings Fully Involved

3/27/97 6:43am W/F-North Yarmouth,ME-Rt.9-"Anderson's Lobster Mill"-M/A from Yarmouth,Cumberland,Pownal & Freeport FD's

3/27/97 3:23am 2nd.Al-Walpole,NH-Wentworth Rd-House Fire

3/26/97 11:20pm W/F-Goffstown,NH-59A Elm St-2 story house fire

3/26/97 2:11pm W/F-Concord,NH-515 North State St-2.5 story wdfr-fire on floor 2

3/26/97 12:54pm W/F-Bucksport,ME-Evergreen Cemetart Rd-House Fire

3/26/97 07:21am W/F-Portland,ME-259 Danforth St-Fire in ceiling of 3 story woodframe apartment building

3/26/97 00:41am W/F-Manchester,NH-100 Carl Dr-1 story metal autobody shop-several cars on fire inside

3/25/97 11:39pm W/F-Hanover,ME-Rt.2-Building fully involved-M/A from Newry & Rumford FD's

3/25/97 10:59pm W/F-Epping,NH-54 Pleasant St-Rockland Apartments-Fire in the partitions

/3/25/97 7:51pm W/F-Lewiston,ME-97 Blake St-3 story woodframe OMD-M/A from Auburn,Greene & Lisbon FD's


3/25/97 3:33pm W/F-Auburn,ME-896 Turner Rd-House Fire

3/25/97 8:13am W/F-Manchester,NH-254 Donald St-1.5 story woodframe house

3/25/97 4:41am 2nd.Al-Londonderry,NH-Morningside Dr-2.5 story house-M/A from Hudson,Derry & Litchfield FD's

3/24/97 10:50pm W/F-Vassalboro,ME-Main St-Building Fire

3/24/97 5:09pm W/F-Barrington,NH-Rt.9 & Wildcat Rd-Vacant Building Fire

3/24/97 10:36am W/F-Nashua,NH-Mill St-House Fire

3/24/97 07:55am 2nd.Al-Newmarket,NH-11 Bay Rd-2.5 story woodframe apartment building-heavy fire floor 2 & attic

3/24/97 7:49am W/F-Atkinson,NH-7 Crystal Hill Rd-Kitchen Fire in occupied house

3/24/97 00:09am W/F-South Portland,ME-847 Broadway-2 story House Fire

3/23/97 9:29pm W/F-Twin Mountain,NH-2269 Rt.3 North-Chimney extended to house-M/A from Whitefield & Bethleham FD's

3/22/97 8:56pm W/F-Bethleham,NH-River Rd-House Fire-M/A from Twin Mt & Littleton FD's

3/22/97 5:23pm 2nd.Al-Gorham,ME-Shaw's Mill Rd-Chimney fire extended to 2 story house

/3/22/97 3:23pm W/F-Woolwich,ME-Hockomock Rd-1story blacksmith shop fully involved

3/21/97 1:00pm W/F-Franklin,NH-254 Pleasant St-Structure Fire

3/21/97 12:44pm W/F-Livermore,ME-Waters Hill Rd-Chimney extended to House

3/20/97 8:39pm W/F-Cape Elizabeth,ME-537 Ocean House Rd-Chimney extended to house

3/20/97 9:55am W/F-Bangor,ME-54 Fairfax St-2 Story Garage Fire with apartment overhead

3/20/97 8:02am W/F-Tamworth,NH-Gardner Rd-House Fire

3/20/97 1:23am 2nd.Al-Exeter,NH-4 Gary Lane-House Fire

3/19/97 8:31pm W/F-Portland,ME-255 Oxford St-Apartment Building Fire

3/19/97 9:59am W/F-Portsmouth,NH-400 Gosling Public Service Schiller Station-Fire in coal storage area of a 600ft ship in the Piscataqua River, another first alarm was transmitted for this fire at 9pm-extended operations

3/19/97 2:15am W/F-Winchester,NH-Elm St-Building fully involved

3/18/97 10:32pm W/F-Canterbury,NH-17 Sunset Hill Rd-Chimney fire extended to partitions

/3/18/97 11:31am W/F-Livermore Falls,ME-68 Hunton Loop Rd-Mobile Home Fire


3/17/97 11:20pm W/F-Allenstown,NH-125 Monroe Ave-Mobile Home Fire

3/17/97 9:49pm 2nd.Al-Windham,ME-148 River Rd-House Fire

3/17/97 6:03pm W/F-Portland,ME-17 Quebec St-House Fire

3/17/97 11:28am W/F-Lincoln,ME-Rt.2-Mobile Home Fire

3/17/97 11:07am W/F-Lagrange,ME-Medford Rd-House Fire-M/A from Alton FD

3/17/97 9:34am 2nd.Al-Manchester,NH-331 Lake Ave-2.5 sty apartment building

3/17/97 6:11am W/F-Belmont,NH-81 Concord St-House Fire

3/16/97 1011pm W/F-Fryeburg,ME-Rt.113 on Fire Lane F-A vacant cottage fully involved

3/16/97 12:39pm W/F Sidney,Me. Goodhew Rd.- House Fire M/A to Scene

3/16/97 3:28am 2nd Al- Westbrook Me-Box 256-14 Sargent St. Fire On 2nd Floor of a house

3/15/97 10:57pm W/F-Biddeford Me. Box 6411-Scadlock Mills Rd.- House Fire

3/15/97 1244pm W/F--Seabrook N.H. Box 38- Centennial St.- Garage Fire M/A From Hampton For Station Coverage

3/14/97 8:33pm W/F-Rochester-N.H.-Box 4-33 Highland Ave. Apartment Fire at Rochester East Apartments

3/14/97 7:54pm W/F+Mexico,ME-Main St- 2 1/2 stry wdfr house fire-Rumford,Dixfield & Roxbury FD's M/A

3/14/97 10:35am W/F-Brownville,ME-Rt.11-Cottage Fire

3/14/97 9:55am W/F-Nashua,NH-31A Underhill St-2.5 story house-fire on floor 2

3/13/97 7:58pm W/F-Old Orchard Beach,ME-42Central Park Avenue-2 story wdfrm house fire

3/13/97 4:00pm W/F-Hinsdale,NH-28 Freedom Acres-Mobile Home Fire

3/13/97 2:03pm W/F-Concord,NH-16 1/2 Linden St-2.5 sty wdfr house-fire on floor 1

3/13/97 1:09pm W/F-Ossipee,NH-15 Water Village Rd-Structure Fire-M/A from Wolfeboro FD

3/13/97 11:45am W/F-Monroe,ME-Chandler Rd-Mobile Home Fire-M/A from Jackson FD

3/13/97 9:30am W/F-Wolfeboro,NH-Endicott St-House Fire

3/13/97 7:39am W/F-Northfield,NH-37 Diana Rd-Mobile Home Fire-M/A from Sanbornton & Franklin FD's

3/13/97 6:50am W/F-Jay,ME-Rt.17-House Fire-M/A from Wilton & Livermore Falls FD's

3/12/97 1:01pm W/F-Cornish,ME-Circle Dr-House Fire-M/A from So.Hiram,West Baldwin & Kezar Falls FD's

3/12/97 11:23am 2nd.Al-Manchester,NH-310 Lucas Rd-1.5 sty wdfr house well involved-M/A tanker & engine from Londonderry FD

3/11/97 7:03am 2nd.Al-Troy,NH-Mill St-Vacant Warehouse Fire

3/11/97 1:06am MVA-York,ME-Ridge Rd near Old Post-Car into pole & tree-(3) fatalities

3/10/97 8:39am 2nd.Al-Lebanon,NH-Chelsea St-Building Fire

3/9/97 8:00pm W/F-Limington,ME-Hemlock Lane-Large Shed fire-M/A from Limerick FD

3/9/97 5:27am W/F-Marlborough,NH-Oliver Rd-Chimney fire extended to walls of house

3/8/97 11:11pm W/F-Manchester,NH-Belmont & Lake Ave-1 sty Auto Body Shop well involved

3/8/97 10:40pm W/F-Kennebunk,ME-16 Constitution Dr-Garage & House Fire

3/8/97 4:56pm W/F-Durham,NH-Rt.155 at Leewood Orchard-Vacant 1 sty wdfr fully involved-Lee FD M/A

3/8/97 00:10am 2nd.Al-Salisbury,NH-55 Humphrey Rd.-Garage & House Fire

3/7/97 1:53pm W/F-Turner,ME-Rt.4-Garage Fire-M/A from Buckfield FD

3/6/97 3:55pm W/F-Manchester,NH-170 Spruce St-3 sty wdfr apartment building-attic fire

3/6/97 2:13pm W/F-Carroll Township,ME-Brown Rd-House Fire

3/6/97 1:47pm W/F-Temple,NH-Colburn Rd-House Fire

3/6/97 11:42am W/F-Dunbarton,NH-Mansion Rd-Blackman's Sawmill-Shed Fire

3/5/97 5:24pm 2nd.Al-Canterbury,NH-Old Tilton Rd-Large Shed Fire

3/4/97 4:20pm W/F-Newton,NH-Whittier St.extension-House Fire

3/4/97 3:45pm W/F-Durham,ME-Rt.9 at Country Acres Trailer Park-Mobile Home Fire

3/4/97 6:56am 2nd.Al-Farmington,NH-Central Block Apartments on Central St-4 sty brick elderly housing-cellar fire-rescues made

3/3/97 11:10pm W/F-Freeport,ME-44 McCoyt Dr-Cellar fire in occupied dwelling

3/3/97 10:43pm W/F-Monroe,NH-1959 Coppermine Rd.-House Fire

3/3/97 6:28pm W/F-Exeter,NH-12 Ash Brook Rd-House Fire

3/3/97 3:16pm W/F-Manchester,NH-opp 214 Conant St-Garage Fire

3/3/97 2:15pm 2nd.Al-Saco,ME-Lincoln & Spring St-Saco Mfg.Co.-2 sty wdfr 100x200 commercial building

3/3/97 12:59pm W/F-Warren,NH-Rt.25C-House Fire-M/A from Wentworth & Rumney Fd's

3/3/97 4:20am W/F-Bartlett,NH(Glen Village)Rt.302-Mobile Home Fire

3/1/97 5:41am W/F-Gardner,ME-22 Spring St-2 story house fire(2nd fire)

3/1/97 1:47am W/F-Gardner,ME-22 Spring St-2 story house fire


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