11:32pm MVA-Kingston,NH-Rt.125 at the Mobile Station-Pedestrian Struck-Trauma team activated

5:34pm W/F-Lewiston,ME-123 Vail St-House fire

10:30am MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.9-Car VS Truck head on-Jaws operating


10:30pm W/F-Glenburn,ME-Pushaw Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

7:50pm W/F-Abbot,ME-Pond Rd-20x50 Garage fully involved-(Lightning Strike) M/A from Guilford, Sangerville and Monson FD's

8:45am MVA-Farmington,ME-Rt.2-Car VS Flatbed truck and several other cars-(1)Fatality

MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.125 near Rt.87-Car into a tree-Jaws operating-(1)Fatality

00:35am MVA-Jay,ME-Old Jay Hill Rd-2 car head-on-(1)Fatality


10:45pm MVA-East Kingston,NH-Rt.107 by Carmen's Fried Chicken-Motorcycle MVA-(1)serious injury/P>

5:31pm W/F-Brunswick,ME-315 Maine St-2.5 sty wdfr building-Attic fire

1:59pm Hollis,ME-Small Plane crash-Plane submerged in the Saco River-Minor injury to the pilot


1:09pm W/F-Dixmont,ME-East Dixmont Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

10:24am MVA-Milton,NH-Spaulding Turnpike by Exit 17-Rollover,Ejection-(2)Fatalities


10:15am MVA-Derry,NH-Kendall Pond Rd-Car into a pole-(4) Serious injury-Medflight to the scene

7:50am MVA-Township 12, Range 10-Aroostook County,ME-on logging road about 45 miles west of Portage-Van carrying 12 Mexican workers rolled over.(2)Fatalities and multiple people injured


10:08pm 2nd.AL-Sanford,ME-1 North Ave-3 story vacant wdfr apartment over commercial-Heavy fire on arrival-M/A to the fire

8:03pm MVA-Franklin,NH-383 North Main St-Jaws operating

6:42pm MVA-North Haverhill,NH-Rt.10-Tractor Trailer VS Car-Jaws operating

4:44pm W/F-Glenburn,ME-Rt.221-House fire-M/A to the fire

2:26pm W/F-Stratham,NH-Frying Pan Lane at the Sunshine Stables-Car fire in a metal clad barn, with extention to the barn-M/A to the fire

12:03pm W/F-Topsham,ME-124 Catsum Rd-House fire

9:09am MVA-Lee,NH-Rt.4 by the Rt.155 overpass-Rollover with ejection & serious injury

8:50am MVA-Concord,NH-Rt.93 at mile 44-Rollover-Jaws operating


7:00am MVA-Concord,NH-Rt.93 by Exit 15-Tanker Truck Rollover with entrapement and a large fuel leak-Jaws & Foam units to the scene-Extended operations

00:53am 2nd.AL-Laconia,NH-180 Union Ave-3 story wdfr house fire


9:15pm MVA-Winterport,ME-Rt.139-Rollover-(1)Fatality

3:11pm MVA-Saco,ME-Rt.1 by Fun Town-Jaws operating-7 ambulances to the scene

11:15am W/F-Weare,NH-3 Upper Craney Hill Rd-House fire


3:31pm W/F-Kittery,ME-166 Manson Ave-1 story house fire-Heavy smoke on arrival-S/C Naval Shipyard engine to the fire-Kittery Point engine to cover

6:05am W/F-Madawaska,ME-5th Avenue-House fire


7:43pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Beech & Lowell St-Rollover-Jaws operating

4:43pm W/F-North Berwick,ME-Dove Drive-So.Berwick engine to cover-Mobile home fire

12:57pm W/F-Bath,ME-595 High St-Building fire-M/A to the fire

4:00am W/F-New Portland,ME-Katie's Crotch Rd-House fully involved-M/A to the fire

2:23am MVA-Old Town,ME-Rt.16 by Old Town Lumber-Pickup into a tree-(2)Fatalities


11:17pm MVA-Windham,ME-Rt.202 & 302-Jaws operating

5:58pm 2nd.AL-Northfield,NH-Oak & Pine ST-Building fire-M/A to the fire

00:34am 2nd.AL-Greenville,NH-724 Turnpike Rd-1.5 story wdfr house fully involved-Extensive mutual aid to the fire


7:34pm 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-South Commercial & Granite St-Fire on 3rd floor of a 3 story mill building-Using 4 lines and 3 ladder trucks

4:30pm MVA-Lee,ME-Rt.6-Car/Truck head-on-Jaws from Lincoln FD operating-(1)Fatality

9:46am W/F-Brunswick,ME-Pleasant Hill Rd & Main St-Jaws operating

00:30am MVA-Alton,NH-Rt.11-Rollover-(1)Fatality

00:05am W/F-Auburn,NH-287 Dearborn Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire


8:41pm MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Rt.1 By-Pass & Greenleaf Ave-(2) Sets of Jaws operating

MVA-Bedford,NH-Rt.101-4 cars involved-(1)Fatality

3:40pm W/F-North Conway,NH-Rt.16 next to Saco Valley Insurance-Vacant 3 story wdfr house-Fire in the attic-M/A from Conway Village & Redstone FD's

1:00pm W/F-Farmington,ME-Town Farm Rd at the new Wood Chip Mill-Building fire-M/A to the fire

11:35am Manchester,NH-Vintage Airplane crash in the area of 150 Frontage Rd-(1)Fatality

10:38am W/F-Raymond,ME-Thomas Pond Terrace-House fire-M/A to the fire

3:45am W/F-Deblois,ME-Worcester Energy Co. Biomass Plant-Building fire-Companies tied up for over 13 hours.-M/A from Cherryfield FD

1:31am W/F-New Ispwich,NH-area of 216 Upper Pratt Pond Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire


8:14pm W/F-Pelham,NH-30 Jericho Rd.-House fire

7:00pm W/F-Caribou,ME-Main St at the Caribou Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire


9:15pm W/F-Princeton,ME-Lakeside Place-House fire-M/A from Indian Township & Grand Lake Stream FD's

8:28pm MVA-Standish,ME-Rt.113 by the Wagon Wheel-Rollover-(1)Fatality

9:02am W/F-Danville,NH-69A Back Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

6:26am W/F-Arrowsic,ME-Mill Island Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire


12:35pm W/F-Portland,ME-64 Clark St-2.5 story wdfr house fire

12:06pm W/F-Benton,NH-Rt.116-House fire-M/A to the fire

10:13am W/F-Dexter,ME-Garland Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire


8:10pm 2nd.AL-Raymond,NH-Upper Scotland Rd-2 story house fire-M/A to the fire

4:54pm MVA-Effingham,NH-Elm St near Lost Valley-Rollover-Jaws operating

4:30pm W/F-Hope,ME-Alford Lake Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

4:00pm W/F++-Jonesboro,ME-"Indeck-Jonesboro" Woodchip Plant-Heavy fire in 10,000 tons of chips-M/A from Marshfield, Machias, Machiasport, Jonsport and the Maine Forest Service

4:55am W/F-Gorham,NH-Rt.2 at Sadie's Restaurant-Heavy fire on arrival


W/F-Derry,NH-206 Chases Grove Rd-House Fire-M/A to the fire

4:40pm 2nd.AL-Newton,NH-69 Peasley Crossing Rd.-House fire-(Lightning Strike)-M/A to the fire

11:45am MVA-Pelham,NH-Sherburne Rd-2 car head-on-Jaws operating

2:37am Portsmouth,NH-300 Woodbury Ave at The Holiday Inn-Person trapped under the elevator car in the shaft-Extensive Extrication

2:24am W/F-Topsham,ME-River Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

1:44am W/F-Bethlehem,NH-Main Street-Building fire-M/A from Littleton, Whitefield and Twin Mountain FD's


11:05pm MVA-Littleton,ME-off Rt.1on the West Ridge Rd-Rollover-(1)Fatality

11:04pm 2nd.AL-Greenville,NH-173 Merriam Hill Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

4:15pm W/F-Deerfield,NH-58 Nottingham Rd-Farmhouse fire-M/A to the fire


MVA-Boothbay,ME-Rt.27-Jaws operating

1:15am 2nd.AL-Manchester, NH-Maple St. -2.5 story wdfr building fire


11:15pm 3rd.Al-Derry,NH-7 Manchester Rd.-Hadco Corp.-Chemical Fire in a commercial building-M/A to the fire

4:35pm W/F-Hampden,ME-Sawyer Rd-Barn fully involved with extension into the woods-M/A from Newburg, Hermon and Winterport FD's

1:30pm W/F-Campton,NH-Beebe River Rd.- A 1 Story 75x75 wdfr sawmill building-Cellar fire-M/A to the fire


MVA-Lebanon,ME-Rt.202 & Little River Rd-3 Cars involved-Jaws operating

MVA-Brunswick,ME-River Rd. -Jaws operating

MVA--Sanford,ME-Rt.109 by Weathervane Restaurant-2 Car head-on- (2)Sets of Jaws operating-M/A from Alfred FD

12:45pm W/F--Gray, ME- 3 Kimball Lane-House fully involved-M/A from Raymond and Windham FD's to the fire


7:10am W/F-Laconia,NH-Court Street at "Goulet Plumbing Suppply Co."-Building fire, fire thru the roof


8:26pm W/F-Barrington,NH-9 Stuart St-Cottage fully involved-M/A to the fire

7:59pm W/F-Haverhill,NH-County Rd & Rt.10-House fire

7:00pm 2nd.AL-Barnstead,NH-Brindle Pond Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

3:57pm MVA-Benton,ME-Rt.100-2 car head-on-Jaws from Fairfield FD operating

2:49pm MVA-Waterville,ME-Rt.95-Rollover, Jaws operating

2:15pm W/F-Portland,ME-67 Carter St-House fire

12:01pm MVA-Cumberland,ME-Rt.95 southbound at mile 58-Jaws operating

9:13am MVA-Saco,ME-Maine Turnpike near Mile 39-Jaws operating

5:11am W/F-Salem,NH-87 Lowell Rd. at the "L.L.& S. Company"

5:02am MVA-Bethel,ME-East Bethel Rd.-Jaws operating

4:40am MVA-Scarborough,ME-Maine Turnpike Mile 39 Southbound-Car VS Moose-Serious injury


12:40pm MVA-Concord,NH-Warren & Green St-Jaws operating

12:13pm MVA-Portland,ME-Brighton & Row Ave-Jaws operating

6:10am 2nd.AL-Rindge,NH-West Main St at the Jones Farm-Barn & House fire-Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire scene

5:40am MVA-Monson,ME-Rt.15-Lumber Truck rollover-Jaws operating, Minor injuries

4:43am Portsmouth,NH-Pierce Island at the Fish Co-op-35' Lobster boat-Heavy fire below decks


8:33pm MVA-Raymond,ME-#35 Rt.156-Rollover, Jaws operating

5:26pm 2nd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-98 White Birch Drive at the former Pease Air Base housing-2.5 sty wdfr vacant apartment building fully involved-Numerous brush fires in the area due to high winds-S/C Eliot Forestry over the 2nd Alarm

4:35pm W/F-Denmark,ME-8 Moose Pond Shore Dr.-House fully involved-M/A from Brownfield & Bridgeton FD's

2:59am W/F-Lewiston,ME-Lincoln St-"Cairo Club"-2 story wdfr 35x50-Heavy fire conditions

2:59am W/F-Gray,ME-277 Yarmouth Rd-Barn fully involved, attached to a house-M/A to the fire


4:41pm MVA-Bangor,ME-Broadway at Six Mile Falls-(2) Sets of Jaws operating

3:17pm 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-Merrimac & Lincoln St-Garage fully involved, extended into a 3 story duplex-Heavy fire all floors

11:20AM W/F-Old Town,ME-715 Stillwater Ave-Heavy fire on floor 2 of a structure

6:25am MVA-Fort Fairfield,ME-Rt.1A-Head-on Accident-(1)Fatality at scene


10:35pm MVA-York,ME-Rt.1 near Gulf Hill-Car VS Moose-Minor injuries

4:58pm Portsmouth,NH-rear of Osprey Landing-Building collapsed on subject-Air bags used to free the injured victim

8:14am MVA-Newmarket,NH-132 Exeter Rd-Jaws operating

6:24am MVA-West Swanzey,NH-Rt.10-(2)Sets of Jaws operating, DHART Chopper to transport traumatic code

00:24am W/F-Temple,NH-23 Colburn Rd-House fire (Lightning Strike)-M/A to the fire


7:03pm MVA-Bow,NH-Rt.3A & Vaughan Rd-Jaws operating

6:22pm MVA-York,ME-10 Southside Rd-Car into a tree-Jaws working on (2) victims trapped

00:40am MVA-Sanbornton,NH-Rt.93-Rollover-(1)Fatality

00:27am W/F-Chelsea,ME-Rt.9-Structure fire-M/A to the fire


4:29pm W/F-Greenwood,ME-Rt.26 in Locke Mills Village-Apartment fire across from Bob's Store

1:00pm W/F-Smithfield,ME-Quaker Lane Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

10:32am MVA-Bowdoin,ME-Rt.125 & 201-(2)sets of Jaws operating

2:03am W/F-Berwick,ME-170 Blackberry Hill Rd-Fire in the walls of a 2.5 story wdfr farmhouse-(Lightning Strike)


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