JUNE ,97

6/30/97 8:08pm W/F-New Boston,NH-96 Mt.Vernon Rd-House fire-M/A to the scene

6/30/97 7:20pm 2nd.AL-Nashua,NH-6 West Hollis St-2 story 50x50 wdfr apt over store-heavy fire in the rear

6/30/97 5:13pm W/F-Gorham,ME-258 Evergreen Dr-Mobile home fire

6/30/97 3:20pm W/F-Waterford,ME-Passaconaway Rd-Vacant house fully involved & extending into the woods-M/A from Stoneham,Norway & Harrison FD's

6/30/97 2:45pm W/F-Richmond,ME-340 Beetle Rd-Shed fire-M/A from Dresden & Gardiner FD's

6/30/97 2:01pm W/F-East Kingston,NH-56 Haverhill Rd-Garage fire-M/A to the fire

6/29/97 6:46pm W/F-Marlow,NH-Marlow Hill Rd-Cabin fire extended to the woods-M/A from Alstead & Lempster FD's

6/29/97 3:40pm 2nd.AL-Alstead,NH-Alstead Center Rd-Garage & House fire-M/A to the fire

6/29/97 1:44pm MVA-Canaan,NH-Rt.4-Car into a motorcycle-DHART chopper to the scene

6/29/97 3:12am W/F-Portland,ME-61 Pleasant St-Building fire

6/28/97 1:15pm W/F-Rochester,NH-Hanson St. "Colby's Ole Place" cellar fire in restaurant

6/28/97 3:05am W/F-Gilford,NH-Main St at the Police Station-Electrical fire in the dispatch center

6/27/97 10:21pm W/F-Nashua,NH-East Hollis & Arlington St-Fire on Floor2 of 5 story mill-Sprinklers contained the fire

6/27/97 8:05pm MVA-Raymond,NH-Rt.27-Car into a T.T.unit-Jaws & Medflight working

6/27/97 7:28pm W/F-Pittston,ME-Rt.194-House fire-M/A from Randolph FD

6/27/97 3:40pm W/F-Portsmouth,NH-148 State St-"Richardson's Market"-3 story brick comm. over apartments

6/27/97 12:00pm 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-221 Spruce St.-3.5 story wdfr apartment building

6/26/97 3:45pm W/F-Claremont,NH-669 Hewitt Rd-2 story house fully involved-M/A tankers

6/26/97 10:28am W/F-Peru,ME-Pleasant St-House fully involved-M/A from Canton & Dixfield FD's

6/26/97 3:31am 2nd.AL-Derry,NH-30 Scobie Pond Rd-Garage fire with extension into the house

6/25/97 2:45pm W/F-Gardiner,ME-428 Water St-Canton Village Chinese Restaurant-Kitchen fire

6/25/97 1:50pm W/F-Portland,ME-28 Vermont Ave-Cellar fire

6/25/97 1:30pm MVA-Cumberland,ME-Blanchard & Skillings Rd-Jaws operating

6/25/97 9:15am W/F+-Brewer,ME-Wilson St at "Taylor Rental"-Building well involved with explosions-M/A to the fire

6/24/97 11:47pm 4th.AL-Rochester,NH-Linden & Signal St-"Colbath Equipment"-3 story wdfr 100x100 fully involved-Extensive M/A

6/24/97 11:02am MVA-Lewiston,ME-Maine Turnpike at the Lewiston exit-Jaws operating

6/24/97 00:40am W/F-Kennebunk,ME-Day St at Cousens School-20x30 mobile classroom fully involved

6/23/97 10:16pm W/F-Bethlehem,NH-Rt.116-Garage Fire

6/23/97 8:30pm 3rd.AL-Pembroke,NH-33 Front St-2.5 story wdfr apartment building-fire on floor 2 & attic

6/23/97 5:29pm W/F-Turner,ME-Snell Hill Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Buckfield FD

6/23/97 3:49pm W/F-Nashua,NH-Charles St at Nashua Corp. Roof fire

6/23/97 00:36am W/F-Phippsburg,ME-Bowker Rd-Building Fire

6/22/97 6:02pm MVA-Harrison,ME-Haskell Hill Rd-Car vs Motorcycle-(1) Fatality

6/22/97 3:31pm W/F-Topsham,ME-41 Barrows Drive-House (attic) fire

6/22/97 2:59pm W/F-Unity,ME-Hunter Rd-1.5 story house fire-M/A from Freedom & Thorndike FD's

6/22/97 1:38pm W/F-Jay,ME-Macomber Hill Rd-Garage fully involved (lightning strike)

6/22/97 10:42am W/F-Lyman,ME-Rt.5 & 202-Fire in walls of a 2 story restaurant-M/A from Hollis & Waterboro FD's

6/22/97 7:58am MVA-Peru,ME-Rt.108-Rollover, Jaws from Canton FD working

6/22/97 7:52am W/F-Tilton,NH-Lakes Region Outlet Mall on Rt.3-Fire in the ceiling area

6/21/97 6:27pm 2nd.AL-Hampton,NH-467 Ocean Blvd-2.5 story Bed & Breakfast-Heavy fire on arrival

6/21/97 5:47pm MVA-Grafton,NH-Rt.4 at Tewksbury Pond-(2)Motorcycles head-on-DHART chopper for multiple trauma

6/21/97 5:30pm W/F-Waterboro,ME-West Rd-Garage fully involved, attached to a house-M/A from 5 towns

6/21/97 11:00am MVA-East Kingston,NH-North Rd-(1)fatality

6/20/97 10:50pm W/F-Sullivan,NH-Gilsum Rd-House fully involved

6/20/97 10:23pm MVA-Gilead,ME-Northwest Bethel Rd-Car VS Moose-serious injury

6/20/97 14:52pm 2nd.AL-Westbrook,ME-717A Bridgton Rd-Auto Repair Garage fully involved with injuries

6/20/97 12:07pm MVA-Rochester,NH-Cross Rd-Rollover with person trapped-Jaws operating

6/20/97 7:08am W/F-Saco,ME-410 Ferry Rd-2 story house fire

6/19/97 9:57pm W/F-Hebron,ME-Hebron Station Rd-House fire-M/A from Minot,Buckfield,Paris & Norway FD's

6/19/97 8:14pm MVA-York Beach,ME-Church St-Jaws operating

6/19/97 5:33pm W/F-Sabattus,ME-25 Elm St-Building fire-M/A from Lisbon FD

6/19/97 12:22pm MVA-West Paris,ME-17 Benton Hill Rd-2 car head-on-Jaws operating

6/19/97 7:17am W/F-Claremont,NH-91C Main St-Building Fire

6/19/97 4:30am 2nd.AL-Lebanon,NH-Messanger ST-Barn fire attached to a house

6/19/97 2:51am W/F-Wells,ME-786 Ocean Ave-Shed fully involved with exposures

6/19/97 1:44am W/F-Brentwood,NH-10 Haley's Circle-Log Cabin Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

6/18/97 8:58pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Amoskeag St on the bridge-Jaws operating

6/18/97 7:43am W/F-Mexico,ME-Granite St-Building fire-M/A from Rumford FD

6/17/97 8:23pm W/F-Glenburn,ME-Rt.15-Building Fire-M/A to the fire

6/17/97 5:34pm W/F-Portland,ME-165 Lexington Ave-House Fire

6/16/97 10:07pm W/F-Unity,ME-Depot Rd-Structure Fire-M/A to the fire

6/16/97 8:25pm MVA-Londonderry,NH-18 Kendall Pond Rd-Jaws operating

6/16/97 7:25pm 2nd.AL-Lempster,NH-132 Stage Rd-Mobile Home Fire

6/16/97 6:10pm MVA-Scarborough,ME-Rt.114 at the Golf Course-Car vs Motorcycle-CPR in progress

6/16/97 3:57pm MVA-Hampstead,NH-Rt.111 & Emerson Ave-Jaws operating

6/16/97 8:22am MVA-Waterboro,ME-Townhouse Rd-Car into a pole-Jaws operating-M/A rescue from Hollis FD

6/16/97 8:05am MVA-Bristol,ME-Rt.32 in Round Pond-car into a house-Jaws operating

6/15/97 10:40pm MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Rt.33 at Flightline Sunoco-Car head on into tractor trailer truck with fire-Jaws working

6/15/97 5:07pm MVA-Dennysville,ME-Rt.1-Jaws operating-(1)fatality

6/15/97 3:58pm MVA-Sandwich,NH-Rt.25-2 car head on-3 jaws operating,6 patients

6/15/97 3:55pm W/F-Windham,NH-Abbott Rd-House Fire

6/15/97 3:54pm 2nd.AL-Greenville,NH-659 Darling Hill Rd-House fully involved, spread to the woods

6/15/97 12:39pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Lake Ave & Lincoln Ave-Jaws operating

6/14/97 9:08pm 3rd.AL-Richmond,ME-Main St-3.5 story wdfr 40x80 church-fire thru the roof

6/14/97 7:31pm MVA-Lisbon Falls,ME-Rt.125-Jaws operating

6/14/97 5:57pm W/F-Laconia,NH-White Oaks Rd at Summit at 4 Seasons Condos

6/14/97 12:22pm MVA-Wolfboro,NH-Main St-Car under a truck-Jaws operating

6/14/97 3:30am 2nd.AL-Bucksport,ME-Rt.15-House Fire

6/13/97 10:10pm W/F-Otisfield,ME-Rt.121 at Spur's Corner, Rt.121-3 story vacant country store-heavy fire on floor 2

6/13/97 7:30pm W/F-Mechanic Falls,ME-10 Yates St-House Fire

6/13/97 5:13pm MVA-Bristol,NH-West Shore & Lakeview Ave-Motorcycle accident-DHART Chopper to the scene

6/13/97 3:39pm MVA-Hooksett,NH-Main & Riverside St-(1)fatalty, jaws operating

6/13/97 2:54pm W/F-Plaistow,NH-29 Harriman Rd-Garage Fire

6/13/97 1:00pm MVA-Pelham,NH-Talent & Mammoth Rd-Jaws operating

6/13/97 10:45am W/F-Carroll,NH(Twin Mt.)Rt.115-House Fire-M/A from Whitefield & Bethlehem FD's

6/13/97 9:05am MVA-Hudson,NH-Rt.102-(2)sets of jaws working

6/12/97 8:28pm W/F-Lee,NH-7 Earl Drive-2 story house-fire on floor 2-M/A tankers to the fire

6/12/97 6:39pm MVA-Portsmouth,NH-1500 Lafayette Rd-2 cars, 3 ambulances,Jaws operating

6/12/97 5:10pm W/F-Westbrook,ME-84 Warren Ave-Warehouse struck by lightning

6/12/97 4:50pm 2nd.AL-Westbrook,ME-Pride St-House Fire

6/12/97 7:24am W/F-Deer Isle,ME-Sunshine Rd-House Fire-M/A from Brooksville FD

6/11/97 7:26pm W/F-Machias,ME-Main St-Structure Fire-M/A from East Machias & Marshfield FD's

6/11/97 6:14pm MVA-Bristol,NH-Rt.104-(3)motorcycles into guardrail-(2)fatalities-DHART helo to scene

6/11/97 11:10am 4th.AL-Waterville,ME-Autumn St-3 story woodframe apartment house fire

6/11/97 10:35am W/F-Keene,NH-Court St-Structure Fire

6/10/97 8:34pm MVA-Portland,ME-I295 NB at Tewkey's Bridge-Jaws Operating

6/10/97 7:34pm W/F-Nashua,NH-Silver Lane-3 story building fire

6/10/97 4:26am 2nd.AL-Jaffrey,NH-77 Old Sharon Rd-House Fire

6/10/97 2:50am W/F-Bethel,ME-Rt.2 in West Bethel-former Newton/Tibbetts Dowl Mill-Structure fire

6/9/97 7:34pm W/F-Casco,ME-Rt.302 at Point Sebago-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

6/9/97 6:31pm W/F-Bristol,NH-Hall Rd-Farmhouse fire-M/A to the fire

6/9/97 4:36pm W/F-Windham,ME-22 Misty Drive-House Fire-M/A to the fire

6/9/97 4:10pm W/F-Gray,ME-300 Yarmouth Rd-House fully involved, spread to surrounding woods-M/A to the fire

6/8/97 1:40pm W/F-Goffstown,NH-Shirley Hill Rd-Barn Fire

6/8/97 3:40am W/F-Augusta,ME-4 Northern Avenue-3 story apartment building

6/7/97 6:38pm MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.27 at Star Speedway-accident on the track-Jaws operating

6/6/97 9:39pm 2nd.AL-West Bethel,ME-Rt.2 the former Tibbetts Dowl Mill fully involved M/A from Gilead,Newry & Greenwood FD's

6/6/97 9:11pm W/F-Freeport,ME-15 Prout Rd-Shed Fire

6/6/97 8:10pm W/F-Lewiston,ME-162 Bartlett St-Fire on 1st floor with an injury

6/6/97 4:59pm W/F-Milford,NH-241 Nashua Rd-Garage Fire

6/6/97 4:10pm 2nd.AL-Wells,ME-Hilton's Lane & Rt.9B at "Yankee Stripper" 2 story wdfr barn & shop fully involved-M/A from Ogunquit, No.Berwick,Berwick,York Beach,Kennebunk & Sanford FD's

6/5/97 8:14pm 2nd.AL-Keene,NH-47 Colorado St-3 story apartment building

6/5/97 00:05am W/F-Laconia,NH-13 Arch St-House Fire

6/4/97 11:57pm W/F++-Harpswell Neck,ME-Thompson Rd off Rt.123-Large House fully involved once the home of "National Enquirer" owner

6/4/97 11:50pm W/F-Lancaster,NH-Indian River Mobile Home Park-Mobile Home Fire

6/4/97 9:01pm MVA-Newfield,ME-Rt.11 & Bridge St-(1)fatality

6/4/97 6:03pm MVA-Bedford,NH-Rt.293 East-TT unit and 4 cars-Jaws operating

6/3/97 5:37pm MVA-Manchester,NH-1100 Hanover St-Jaws operating

6/3/97 11:07am 2nd.AL-Westbrook,ME-Cumberland St at S.D.Warren Paper Co-Fire in Chipping area

6/3/97 2:45am W/F-Stratham,NH-18 Butterfield Lane-Partition Fire in occuped house

6/2/97 2:54pm 2nd.AL-Standish,ME-Rt.25-Garage Fire

6/2/97 10:44am W/F-Brewer,ME-South Main St-"Fine Paper Co" explosion with injuries

6/2/97 9:49am W/F-South Portland,ME-363 Maine Mall Rd-Sheratan Tara Hotel-Laundry Room Fire

6/1/97 11:23pm W/F-Swanzey,NH-Rt.10-Building Fire

6/1/97 10:07pm MVA-Saco,ME-Rt.112-Car into a pole-Jaws operating

6/1/97 6:33pm 2nd.AL-Jefferson,NH-Rt.115-House fire-M/A from Whitefield,Lancaster & Twin Mountain FD's

6/1/97 4:28pm W/F-Rochester,NH-Rt.125 at Todd's Seafood Restaurant

6/1/97 3:15pm W/F-Concord,NH-64 Hutchins St-20x20 shed fully involved


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