2006 Maine & New Hampshire Public Safety Log

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JUNE 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

0855)14:25 PM-ACW-Waterville, ME-49 Cool St. A barn fire.

0854)13:10 PM-MVA-Loudon, NH-On Currier Rd. A car in the water, CPR in progress.

0853)01:28 AM-W/F-Sandwich, NH-696 Squam Lake Rd. An out building fully involved, M/A requested.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

0852)16:42 PM-MVA-Salem, NH-389 Main St. Jaws working, S/C 2 additional Rescues.

0851)09:17 AM-W/F-Brunswick, ME-12 Dunning St. Fire in an occupied multiple dwelling, M/A requested.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

0850)20:39 PM-W/F-Holderness, NH-458 Prospect Rd. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0849)14:19 PM-MVA-Chesterfield, NH-Rt 9 at Stowe Rd. Jaws operating.

0848)14:00 PM-MVA-Montville, ME-On Rt 220. With entrapment, jaws operating.

0847)12:32 PM-MVA-Newfield, ME-142 Water St. A rollover with entrapment, confirmed fatality on scene.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

0846)13:19 PM-W/F-Effingham, NH-Wilkinson Swamp Rd. A 20x30 cottage fully involved, M/A requested.

Monday, June 26, 2006

0845)22:20 PM-ACW-Portland, ME-218 Park Ave. Fire showing floor 2 of an occupied multiple dwelling.

0844)19:43 PM-MVA-Lebanon, ME-Rt 202 & Barley Rd. With entrapment, 2 sets of jaws going to work.

0843)12:00 PM-W/F-New Vineyard, ME-151 Anson Valley Rd. A structure fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

0842)10:00 AM-1st.AL-Newfields, NH-15 Swampscott Rd. Fire in a commercial building, M/A to work & cover.

0841)07:40 AM-MVA-Winslow, ME-Rt 201. At Verti Dr with entrapment, jaws operating.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

0840)22:20 PM-MVA-Concord, NH-I-93 Southbound at Exit 15. With entrapment, Jaws operating.

0839)21:33 PM-W/F-Madison, NH-15 Bergdorf Dr. A basement fire in a 1.5 story 24x24 "A" frame house, M/A requested.

0838)19:17 PM-Water Rescue-Tamworth, NH-White Lake Campground Rt 16. Overturned canoe with 2 subjects in the water.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

0837)14:00 PM-W/F-North Berwick, ME-80 Lower Main St. Heavy smoke showing on arrival, M/A to work & cover.

0836)04:27 AM-2nd.AL-Standish, ME-3 Ossipee Trail West. A fire in an occupied multiple dwelling, M/A to work & cover.

Friday, June 23, 2006

0835)19:59 PM-MVA-Atkinson, NH-Rt 111 at Waters Edge Rd. Multiple patients and entrapment, jaws requested.

0834)10:40 AM-MVA-Rockland, ME-5 Payne Ave. A headon with entrapment, M/A requested.

0833)08:48 AM-ACW-Manchester, NH-5 Wheel Lock St. Fire on floor 2 of an Unknown Type structure.

0832)08:45 AM-MVA-Nashua, NH-West Hollis St. Dump truck vs numerous vehicles.

0831)05:22 AM-W/F-Hampton, NH-Ocean Boulevard at 32 Boars Head. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

0830)11:55 AM-Tech Rescue-Berwick, ME-Cliffs on Salmon Falls River. 2 subjects down an embankment, M/A requested.

0829)10:55 AM-ACW-Cumberland, ME-66 Wynn Rd. Box 3124 for a house fire, M/A requested.

0828)08:01 AM-W/F-Rockland, ME-6 Purchase St. Fire on the 2nd floor bedroom, quickly knocked down.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

0827)19:51 PM-Water Rescue-Franklin, NH-Central St at the Park. 2 people in the water.

0826)17:00 PM-2nd.AL-Plainfield, NH-On Tallow Hill Rd. A building well involved, M/A to work & cover.

0825)11:42 AM-MVA-Lyman, ME-Rt 111. Car vs dump truck headon with entrapmnet, jaws operating.

0824)10:35 AM-3rd.AL-Claremont, NH-On Maple Ave. Fire in a 2.5 story wood frame structure, M/A to work & cover.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

0823)22:39 PM-MVA-Bow, NH-I-93 Northbound near I-89. With entrapment, jaws operating.

0822)22:37 PM-W/F-Saco, ME-4 Dixie Ave, Fire in a 3 bay garage, M/A requested.

0821)21:07 PM-W/F-Scarborough, ME-3 Cranberry Pines. 2 propane tanks on fire.

0820)20:04 PM-W/F-Westbrook, ME-On Bridgeton Rd. A barn fire, M/A requested.

0819)19:25 PM-MVA-Manchester, NH-I-93 Northbound at Londonderry Town line. Jaws operating.

0818)19:06 PM-W/F-Corinth, ME-On Hudson Rd at Morrison School. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

Monday, June 19, 2006

0817)22:27 PM-MVA-Jaffrey, NH-Rt 124 near Milliken Rd. A rollover with entrapment.

0816)19:57 PM-W/F-New Portland, ME-106 George Cole Rd. Building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0815)19:33 PM-W/F-Woodstock, ME-Main St. Fire showing frfom the Masonic Hall, M/A to work & cover.

0814)16:50 PM-MVA-Minot, ME-On Woodman Hill Rd. Dirt bike accident, Lifeflight requested.

0813)12:15 PM-MVA-Hampton Falls, NH-I-95 Southbound South of the tolls. 2 trapped with serious injuries jaws working, S/C 5 Engines & 3 Ambulances & 2 Medflights.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

0812)18:18 PM-MVA-Nashua, NH-Buck Meadow Rd. Motorcyclist down with serious injuries, Medflight requested.

0811)17:08 PM-MVA-Henniker, NH-Rt 202 at Liberty Hill Rd. Jaws working 1 fatality and 1 critical.

0810)01:20 AM-MVA-Temple, NH-On Webster Highway. With ejection, DHART requested.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

0809)20:04 PM-W/F-Kittery, ME-90 Pepperell Rd at Captain Simeons Restaurant. Fire in the walls of a 2 story wood frame 36x60, M/A requested.

0808)18:47 PM-MVA-New Gloucester, ME-45 Pond Rd. 1 confirmed fatality, Lifeflight requested.

0807)11:42 AM-MVA-Lee, NH-On Fox Garrison Rd. A car vs pole with serious injuries, Medflight requested.

0806)01:33 AM-MVA-Rumney, NH-On Hearse House Rd. Motorcycle crash one confirmed fatal on scene.

Friday, June 16, 2006

0805)16:35 PM-MVA-Alton, NH-Alton Mountain Rd. Motorcycle crash, DHART requested.

0804)15:56 PM-MVA-Kingston, NH-Rt 125 S/B at New Boston Rd. Motorcycle crash subject with severe head trauma.

0803)15:53 PM-Plane Crash-Portland, ME-Box 7245 for 1001 Westbrook St. A small plane down off the end of the runway, M/A requested.

0802)15:41 PM-H/M-Windham, ME-Rt 302 at Napa. An underground propane line ruptured, gas company enrout

0801)11:55 AM-MVA-Danbury, NH-Rt 104. Motorcycle accident 1 confrimed fatality multiple others injured.

0800)10:35 AM-2nd.AL-Windham, NH-74 Meetinghouse Rd. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0799)09:11 AM-MVA-Manchester, NH-Rt 93 Northbound at Rt 293 Split. 1 car rollover with confirmed fatality.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

0798)20:53 PM-2nd.AL-Tilton, NH-186 Hogdon Rd. A house fire, M/A to work & cover.

0797)18:54 PM-W/F-Somersworth, NH-144 Blackwater Rd. Fire in a 1 story house, M/A requested.

0796)18:27 PM-MVA-Whitefield, ME-On Rt 218. A rollover with entrapment airbags working, S/C Lifeflight.

0795)14:30 PM-MVA-Dover, NH-67 Glen Wood Ave. Vehicle into a tree with entrapment, jaws going to work.

0794)10:45 AM-W/F-Fairfield, ME-College Ave at the Chinet Corporation. Fire in the duct work of a large commercial building, M/A Waterville FD.

0793)07:42 AM-MVA-Lee, NH-Near 576 Rt 125. A car vs pole with entrapment, jaws working.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

0792)23:22 PM-W/F-Keene, NH-On Brewer St. Fire in an Occupied Multiple Dwelling.

0791)16:41 PM-W/F-Raymond, NH-1 Margeret St. A house fire, M/A requested.

0790)08:44 AM-MVA-TRoy, NH-76 Old Keene Rd. With entrapment, jaws working.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

0789)22:57 PM-MVA-Hooksett, NH-28 pleasant St. A rollover with entrapment, jaws going to work.

0788)17:58 PM-MVA-Epping, NH-Rt 155. 2 cars headon with serious injuries, 2 Medflights requested.

0787)17:08 PM-MVA-Norway, ME-On Rt 118. Serious injuries, Medflight requested.

0786)11:28 AM-W/F-Bedford, NH-7 Whisky Rebellion Rd. Fire in a dwelling under construction.

0785)07:22 AM-W/F-Windham, ME-211 Tandberg Trail. A basement fire in a 2.5 story 24x40 woodframe duplex, M/A requested.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

0784)18:31 PM-W/F-Gray, ME-15B Collyer Brook Rd. Fire in the basement of a 1 story wood frame dwelling.

0783)16:18 PM-MVA-Nashua, NH-Everett Turnpike at Exit 5 Northbound. Jaws going to work.

0782)15:38 PM-Tech Rescue-York, ME-Off Birch Hill Rd at Birch Hill Paint Ball. A carryout for a subject in the woods having a medical problem.

0781)14:44 PM-1st.AL-Epping, NH-44 Mast Rd. Heavy smoke showing from a residential structure, M/A requested.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

0780)22:10 PM-ACW-Andover, NH-328 Main St. A partition fire.

0779)15:45 PM-MVA-Alton, NH-IAO Frank C Gilman HWY. A motorcycle well into the woods serious injuries, M/A ATV's to the scene.

0778)14:38 PM-MVA-Bartlett, NH-Rt 16 & Rt 302. 1 person trapped, M/A requested.

0777)13:18 PM-W/F-Stratham, NH-30 Bunker Hill Ave. Fire in a vacant trailer, M/A Tanker requested.

0776)11:56 AM-2nd.AL-Dover, NH-55 Backriver Rd. Fire on the 1st floor of a 1.5 story wood frame 28x40 building, M/A requested.

0775)03:30 AM-2nd.AL-Exeter, NH-On Folsom St. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0774)03:15 AM-3rd.AL-Petersborough, NH-125 Carley Rd. A building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0773)01:43 AM-3rd.AL-Portland, ME-65 Payson St. A 3 story apartment building fire on the third floor, M/A requested.

Friday, June 9, 2006

0772)21:21 PM-W/F-Norway, ME-Rt 26 at the Moore Camp. A small camp fully involved.

0771)21:04 PM-2nd.AL-Belmont, NH-120 Depot St. Unknown type building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0770)12:06 PM-MVA-Stoddard, NH-Rt 9 North of the Stone Arch Bridge. Jeep vs 7 motorcycles multiple injuries 3 confirmed fatals onscene, DHART requested.

0769)12:05 PM-H/M-North Walpole, NH-Rt 12 at the Jiffymart. 100 - 150 gallon gasoline spill with runoff into storm drains.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

0768)09:22 AM-2nd.AL-Westbrook, ME-90 Bridge St. At the Dana Wapp Mill, fire between floors 2 & 3, M/A to work & cover.

0767)05:57 AM-W/F-Peterborough, NH-On Middle Hancock Rd. A 30x50 building fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

0766)05:47 AM-W/F-Merrimack, NH-8 Sundale Dr. A building fire, M/A requested.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

0765)20:50 PM-MVA-Hampton, NH-On Ashworth Ave. A pedestrian struck by a car with serious head trauma.

0764)16:11 PM-MVA-Alfred, ME-On 202. 1 confirmed fatality on scene.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

0763)21:16 PM-MVA-Auburn, ME-On Veterans Bridge. With entrapment, jaws requested.

0762)20:41 PM-ATV Accident-Claremont, NH-Off Washington St. 1 subject with serious injuries, request for help for a carryout.

0761)10:29 AM-MVA-Wells, ME-Sanford Rd(Rt 109) at Pool Dr. 2 vehicle rearend with entrapment, jaws working, Sanford FD requested.

Monday, June 5, 2006

0760)10:35 AM-W/F-Raymond, NH-55 Blueberry Hill Rd. A house fire, M/A to work & cover.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

0759)18:35 PM-MVA-Portsmouth, NH-I-95 Southbound at Exit 5. With entrapment, jaws & airbags going to work.

0758)13:25 PM-MVA-New Durham, NH-Area of 266 Kings Highway. Pickup vs tree with entrapment, 2 Ambulance & the jaws requested.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

0757)21:40 PM-MVA-Scarborough, ME-24 Payne Rd. Car rolled on side with entrapment, jaws working.

0756)16:55 PM-2nd.AL-Portsmouth, NH-219 Raleigh Way. Heavy smoke showing from a 2.5 story OMD, M/A requested.

Friday, June 2, 2006

0755)18:45 PM-2nd.AL-Salem, NH-56 Main St. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

0754)17:10 PM-MVA-Portsmouth, NH-Market St at I-95. Accident with entrapment, jaws going to work.

0753)06:12 AM-2nd.AL-Londonderry, NH-6 Planeview Dr. Fire in a commercial building, M/A to work & cover.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

0752)18:40 PM-W/F-York, ME-26 Mallard Rd. Smoke showing from a 2.5 story wood frame building.

0751)16:25 PM-MVA-Windsor, ME-Rt 17. 2 subject entrapped, M/A jaws from Jefferson requested.

0750)01:04 AM-W/F-Nashua, NH-Kinsley St at Walnut St. Fire in an occupied multiple dwelling, rescues being made.

MAY 2006 Fire Log

FIRE and ACCIDENT Code Identifiers:
ACW = All Companies Working
W/F = Working Fire
H/M = Hazardous Materials Incident
M/A = Mutual Aid
10-45 = Injured Person and codes:
C3 = Minor Injury
C2 = Serious Injury
C2+ = Life Theatening Injury
C1 = Probable Fatality

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