Southern Maine Fire Notification's June 2001 Logs

Saturday, June 30, 2001

01-989)8:57 PM-W/F-Rockland,ME-1 Commercial St at the "Landings Restaurant"-Fire in a storage room-Sprinklers made quick knockdown

01-988)7:20 PMMVA-Salem,NH-Rt.93 at the State Line-SUV Vs Tree-(1) Fatality-Jaws operating

01-987)5:28 PM-W/F-Gardiner,ME-9 Fountain St-2 story house fire-M/A to the fire

01-986)1:14 PM-MVA-Milton,NH-Rt.16 near the Railroad Overpass-(2) Cars, (1) Fatality, (4) Injured-M/A ambulances from Rochester, Middleton & Wakefield to the scene

Friday, June 29, 2001

01-985)5:28 PM-W/F-Chester,ME-Main St at "Walpole Woodworkers"-Large Sawdust pile fire-Lincoln FD was assisted by Lee, Springfield, Medway, East Millinocket, Howland & Mattawamkeag FD's

01-984)4:20 PM-2nd.AL-Wilton,NH-Souhegan St at "Souhegan Wood Products"-Building fire-M/A to the scene

01-983)Afternoon-W/F-Madbury,NH-Rt.155 at "Elliot Rose Greenhouse"-Car fire extended to a building-M/A from Lee, Durham, Dover & Barrington FD's

01-982)12:22 PM-W/F-Warren,ME-Rt.1 at "School House Farms"-Building fire

01-981)5:10 AM-2nd.AL-Henniker,NH-30 Main St at "Daniel's Pub" with apartments above-M/A from Bradford, Hillsboro, Hopkinton, Ware & Warner FD's

01-980)2:40 AM-3rd.AL-Madbury,NH-Rt.155 at "Madbury Metals"-A 3 story, 200' long crusher building fire-M/A from Stratham, Durham, Lee, Barrington, Dover and Newington FD's

Thursday, June 28, 2001

01-979)9:10 PM-MVA-Berwick/North Berwick,ME-Rt.4 at the town line-Car Vs Moose-(2) Injured

01-978)8:28 PM-MVA-Bingham,ME-Dead Water Rd off Rt.16-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating, Lifeflight to the scene-(3) Injured

01-977)2:10 PM-W/F-Canton,ME-116 Turner St (Rt.108)-House fire-M/A from Dixfield & Peru FD's

01-976)12:58 PM-MVA-Dover,NH-Back River Rd-Jaws operating

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

01-975)8:04 PM-2nd.AL-Dover,NH-8 Hanson St-3 story apartment building fire-M/A to the fire

01-974)Evening-W/F-Corinth,ME-Rt.15-House fire-M/A from Kenduskeag FD to the fire

01-973)12:30 PM-Woods Fire-Campton,NH-Ridge Rd off Puckerbrush Farm Rd-1st alarm forestry responce to the scene-2 acres burned, a logger was found burned to death in the fire area. M/A from NH Forest Fire Service, Rumney, Waterville Valley, Ashland, Holderness & Plymouth FD's

01-972)3:08 AM-2nd.AL-Scarborough,ME-149 Pleasant Hill Rd-50 x 250 commercial building with heavy fire

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

01-971)8:01 PM-W/F-Strong,ME-Main St at "Strong Wood Products"-Fire in boiler room extending to other parts of the building-M/A to the fire

01-970)5:45 PM-MVA-South Portland,ME-Connector Rd between Rt.1 and Exit 7-(1) Fatality, (2) Seriously injured

01-969)3:55 AM-W/F-Trescott Township,ME-Rt.189-House fully involved-(1) Fatality-Whiting and Lubec FD's responded as Trescott has no fire department

01-968)1:15 AM-W/F-Newport,NH-208 John Stark Highway-Garage fully involved, attached to a house-Fire also in the house-M/A from Goshen, Claremont & Sunapee FD's

Monday, June 25, 2001

01-967)4:07 PM-Woods Fire-Hanover,NH-Storrs Pond area-Large woods fire-M/A to the fire

01-966)3:10 PM-MVA-Amherst,ME-Rt.9-Car Vs Tractor Trailer truck-Jaws operating, Lifeflight to the scene-Serious injury

01-965)Afternoon-MVA-Lexington Plantation,ME-Back Rd-(2) Cars, head-on-Jaws operating-Lexington-Highland FD & Sugarloaf Rescue operated at the scene

01-964)11:30 AM-W/F-Jefferson,ME-35 Rockland Rd-Building fire-M/A to the scene

01-963)7:45 AM-MVA-North Berwick,ME-Rt.4 & Quarry Rd-(2) cars, head-on-Jaws from Sanford FD operating-M/A ambulances from Alfred & Sanford to the scene

01-962)6:08 AM-W/F-Manchester,NH-13 Ray St-Building fire

Sunday, June 24, 2001

01-961)7:24 PM-W/F-Standish,ME-160 Varney Rd-15 x 30 Storage shed fire

01-960)12:40 PM-W/F-Jay,ME-5 Bridge St-Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-959)12:04 PM-MVA-Belmont,NH-Rt.140-car on fire-(1) Fatality

01-958)4:40 AM-W/F-Paris,ME-Hill St-Structure fire-M/A from Norway FD

01-957)3:00 AM-W/F-Gilford,NH-Camp Winsheblo near Liberty Hill-1 story Main lodge fully involved-M/A from Laconia FD to the fire

Saturday, June 23, 2001

01-956)4:45 PM-MVA-Pittsburg,NH-Rt.3-Jaws operating

01-955)11:34 AM-MVA-Rochester,NH-30 Autumn St-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating

01-954)10:20 AM-MVA-Franklin,ME-Rt.182-(2) Cars, head-on,Jaws operating, (1) Fatality

01-953)8:45 AM-Haz Mat-New Gloucester,ME-156 Meadow Lane-Chlorine Spill-M/A to the scene

Friday, June 22, 2001

01-952)7:21 PM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Holmes Rd at Beech Ridge Speedway-Jaws operating on unresponsive subject

01-951)5:20 PM-3rd.AL-Nashua,NH-81 Chestnut St-3 story apartment building fire

01-950)11:12 AM-2nd.AL-Londonderry,NH-28 Hardy Rd-House fire

Thursday, June 21, 2001

01-949)Evening-MVA-Dunbarton,NH-Rt.77-Car Vs Ledge-(1)Fatality

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

01-948)6:35 PM-W/F-York,ME-5 Starboard Lane-Garage fire-(Lightning Strike)

01-947)5:55 PM-W/F-Ogunquit,ME-17 Hickory Hill Lane-House fire-(Lightning Strike)

01-946)5:30 PM-ACW-North Berwick,ME-Dyer St at "Hussey Seating Co"-M/A from Wells, Berwick & So.Berwick FD's-(Lightning Strike)

01-945)5:00 PM-2nd.AL-Auburn,ME-167 Winter St-3 story building, heavy fire on floor 3

01-944)9:00 AM-W/F-Troy,ME-North Dixmont Rd-2 story house fully involved-M/A from Unity, Thorndike & Dixmont FD's to the fire

01-943)3:30 AM-MVA-Ellsworth,ME-Rt.180-Rollover-(1) Fatality

01-942)1:45 AM-W/F-Bridgewater,ME-Boundary Line Rd-2 story house well involved-(2) Fatalities (children)-M/A from Monticello & Mars Hill FD's to the fire

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

01-941)Late Evening-MVA-Verona,ME-Rt.1 at south end of the Hancock-Waldo bridge near Bucksport-Vehicle split a pole and rolled down a steep embankment-Several injured & (1) Fatality

01-940)8:31 PM-W/F-Acton,ME-722 Lakeside Dr. on Great East Lake-House fully involved-M/A from Milton & Wakefield,NH, Shapleigh & Newfield,ME FD's

01-939)4:32 PM-MVA-Pelham,NH-Kimball Hill Rd near the Hudson town line-Jaws operating

01-938)12:30 PM-MVA-Brookline,NH-Rt.13 near the Fuel Station-Rollover-Jaws operating

Monday, June 18, 2001

01-937)11:00 PM-W/F-Stratham,NH-54 River Rd-Cellar fire in an occupied house-M/A from Exeter, Newfields & North Hampton FD's to the scene

01-936)9:30 PM-MVA-Norway,ME-Main St by Twin Mt Glass-Pedestrian Struck by a Car-(1) Fatality

01-935)7:45 AM-MVA-Holderness,NH-Rt.93 NB near Exit 25-Jaws operating-M/A from Plymouth FD

01-934)11:11 AM-W/F-Biddeford,ME-53 Bradbury St-2 story house fire-M/A from Saco FD

01-933)6:27 AM-2nd.AL-Hopkinton,NH-1264 Hatfield Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-932)4:10 AM-MVA-Wallagrass,ME-Rt.11-Jaws from Fort Kent FD operating-(1) Fatality, (2) 1045c2 serious

Sunday, June 17, 2001

01-931)6:35 PM-W/F-Buxton,ME-1640 Long Plains Rd (Rt.22)- House fire

01-930)5:27 PM-ACW-Portsmouth,NH-Longmeadow Lane at "Betty's Dream Apartments"-Lightning strike with fire in a wall

01-929)4:28 PM-W/F-Eliot,ME-51 Fore Rd-Barn fire-M/A from Kittery Point, South Berwick & Kittery FD's

01-928)7:54 AM-MVA-Greenville,NH-Rt.31-Rollover-(1)Fatality

Saturday, June 16, 2001

01-927)7:04 PM-MVA-Laconia,NH-Parade Rd & Old Parade Rd-(1) Fatality, (1)1045c2++, (2) 1045c3's

01-926)6:57 PM-MVA-Meredith,NH-Lovejoy Sands Rd off the Meredith Neck Rd-Motorcycle Accident-(1) Fatality

01-925)5:00 PM-Drowning-West Ossipee,NH-Westwood Shores Campground-3 yr old found in 4 ft of water-CPR performed for over 1 hr by EMS & Huggins Hospital personel. Units assisting were West Ossipee FD, Medstar EMS, NH Fish & Game, Ossipee PD & NH Marine Patrol

01-924)5:00 PM-MVA-Laconia,NH-Parade Rd-Motorcycle Accident-(2) 1045c2, (1) 1045c1

01-923)5:00 PM-Woods Fire-Searsmont,ME-Rt.3 across from "Crow Rope"-Large area with Maine Forestry Chopper dropping water at scene

01-922)2:45 PM-W/F-Portland,ME-143 Grant St-Fire & Explosion in 4th floor apartment of a large 4 story apartment building-Several injured people

01-921)11:38 AM-Ultra-Light Chopper Crash-Gilford,NH-off the runway near Lily Pond by Laconia Airport-Rt.11C-(1) Fatality

01-920)6:57 AM-MVA-Rockland,ME-Park St-(2) Cars, head-on-Jaws operating

01-919)5:44 AM-3rd.AL-Hudson,NH-4 Park Ave-Building fire

01-918)4:45 AM-MVA-Nashua,NH-F.E.Everett Turnpike-Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality

Friday, June 15, 2001

01-917)7:55 PM-MVA-Casco,ME-Rt.302-(2) Trapped, Jaws operating

01-916)7:55 PM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Rt.95 NB at Greenland town line-Rollover with ejection-Serious injury

01-915)3:18 PM-W/F-Cornville,ME-East Madison Rd-2 story house fire-M/A from Skowhegan & East Madison FD's

01-914)Early Morning-W/F-Cushing,ME-unknown location-House fire

01-913)2:04 AM-W/F-Derry,NH-Island Pond Rd at Ballard Pond-Fire at a junkyard-M/A from East Derry, Atkinson, Windham & Chester FD's

01-912)00:15 AM-MVA-Meredith/Laconia,NH-Rt.3 by the Town Line Motel-Motorcycle accident-(2) Fatalities

Thursday, June 14, 2001

01-911)6:45 PM-MVA-Belmont,NH-Rt.140 & Main St-Jaws operating

01-910)Afternoon-MVA-Barnstead,NH-Rt.28-(1) Fatality

01-909)3:53 PM-MVA-Rockland,ME-Broadway & Talbot Ave-Car Vs Tractor Trailer unit-Jaws operating, (1) Fatality

01-908)1:30 PM-MVA-Raymond,NH-Rt.27-Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality

01-907)10:30 AM-W/F-Eddington,ME-Merrill Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Holden & Brewer FD's

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

01-906)5:38 PM-W/F-Newfields,NH-Rt.85 at "Hutchinson Sealing Co"-Fire in a commercial building-M/A from Newmarket, Exeter, Epping, Stratham FD's

01-905)12:55 PM-MVA-Salem,NH-Rt.93 North at Exit 2-Jaws operating on extended extrication-M/A to the scene-(1) Fatality

01-904)00:25 AM-W/F-Alton,NH-Abeonego Rd-Garage fully involved with exposure problems-M/A to the fire

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

01-903)8:30 PM-MVA-Phillips,ME-Rt.4-Rollover with ejection-(1) Fatality

01-902)3:58 PM-W/F-Milton,NH-23 Ernst Rd off Rt.153-Vacant mobile home fully involved-M/A from Farmington, Middleton, Rochester, Wakefield,NH & Lebanon,ME FD's

Monday, June 11, 2001

01-901)10:51 PM-W/F-Concord,NH-61 Manor Dr-2.5 story house fire

01-900)9:54 PM-W/F-Salem,NH-37 Seed St-2.5 story house fire-M/A from Methuen,MA, Windham, Hampstead, Derry FD's

01-899)4:50 PM-Woods Fire-Palermo,ME-off Rt.3 between the Parmenter Rd and Turner Branch Brook-M/A from China, Weeks Mills FD's & Maine Forest Service ground units & Chopper

01-898)3:40 AM-2nd.AL-Goffstown,NH-Lamey Dr off Daniel Plummer Rd-"Goffstown Self Storage" Building fire-M/A to the fire

01-897)2:15 AM-MVA-Hinsdale,NH-Plain Rd-Jaws operating-Serious injury

Sunday, June 10, 2001

01-896)5:15 PM-W/F-Woolwich,ME-442 Montsweag Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-895)2:22 PM-MVA-Jefferson,ME-Rt.32-(1) Fatality, Jaws from Waldoboro FD operating

01-894)Afternoon-MVA-Jackson,NH-Rt.16-Motorcycle accident-(2) Fatalities

01-893)12:45 PM-MVA-Keene,NH-Winchester St-Jaws operating

01-892)1:20 AM-2nd.AL-Epsom,NH-336 Black Hall Rd-Garage fire-M/A to the scene

Saturday, June 09, 2001

01-891)10:10 PM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-Ash St-Motorcycle Vs SUV-Serious injury to rider

01-890)7:20 PM-MVA-Gilead,ME-Rt.2-Motorcycle accident-(1) Fatality

01-889)Afternoon-MVA-Canaan,ME-Rt.23-Multiple motorcycle accident-(1) victim amputated leg & arm, others with serious injury

01-888)Afternoon-MVA-Skowhegan,ME-Rt.201-Motorcycle off the road-(1) Fatality, (1) Seriously injured

01-887)3:30 PM-MVA-Meredith,NH-Rt.3 & Parade Rd-Motorcycle accident-Serious injury

01-886)3:20 PM-2nd.AL-York,ME-Rt.1 & 91-"Mandarin Inn Chinese Restaurant"-Heavy fire in kitchen with extension-M/A from York Beach, Kittery Point, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Eliot & Kittery FD's

01-885)Afternoon-2nd.AL-Concord,NH-Village St-Apartment building fire

01-884)2:10 PM-2nd.AL-Danville,NH-40 Caleb Dr-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-883)1:45 PM-2nd.AL-Old Orchard Beach,ME-East Grand Ave at "Palace Playland" Fire in the Bumper Car building-M/A from Saco & Scarborough FD's

01-882)8:45 AM-W/F-Bristol,NH-South Main St at the Hill town line-House fire-M/A from New Hampton, Franklin, East Andover, Hill, Bridgewater & Alexandria FD's

01-881)3:45 AM-W/F-South Paris,ME-Prospect Ave-House well involved-M/A from Norway FD

Friday, June 08, 2001

01-880)6:25 PM-W/F-York,ME-Ridge Rd at the former "Draft House Restaurant"-1 story woodframe building with heavy fire in rear-York Beach & York Village FD's responded to the fire

01-879)2:20 PM-MVA-Presque Isle,ME-Maine Winter Park Center Rd-Logging truck rollover-Jaws operating

01-878)1:00 PM-W/F-Fort Kent,ME-North Perley Brook Rd & Market St-Fire in 3 Storage Buildings-Man arrested for arson

01-877)4:49 AM-W/F-Liberty,ME-Washington Rd-Building fire-M/A from Montville & Searsmont FD's

01-876)Early morning-W/F-Yarmouth,ME-Unknown location-Building fire-M/A from Freeport & No.Yarmouth FD's

Thursday, June 07, 2001

01-875)9:50 PM-MVA-Unity,NH-Unity Springs Rd-Car Vs Trees-Jaws operating

01-874)3:30 PM-W/F-Garland,ME-Avenue Rd-House fire-M/A from Hudson, Dexter, Newport, Corinth & Corinna FD's

01-873)11:30 AM-5th AL-Springfield,NH-Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co. Large commercial building fire-M/A from Bradford, Goshen, Claremont, New London, Sunapee, Newport, Lempster, Andover, Grantham, Sutton, Newbury, Wilmot FD's plus additional companies to cover empty stations.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

01-872)8:15 PM-ATV Accident-East Derry,NH-off Island Pond Rd-Serious injur-Med Flight to the scene

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

01-871)10:30 PM-MVA-Colebrook,NH-Rt.3-Rollover with ejection-(1) Fatality

01-870)4:10 PM-2nd.AL-Greenland,NH-281 Post Rd-House fire-M/A to the scene

01-869)10:59 AM-W/F-Thomaston,ME-29 Main St-Kitchen fire in a 2 1/2 story building

01-868)10:05 AM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-Rt.28 & 28A-Car Vs Tree with fire-Jaws operating

01-867)8:45 AM-W/F-Clinton,ME-Park St at Ames Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Fairfield FD to the scene

Monday, June 04, 2001

01-866)8:00 PM-MVA-Dunbarton,NH-Stark Highway North at the bottom of Mills Hill-Jaws operating

01-865)3:45 PM-W/F-North Conway,NH-1956 West Side Rd-House fire

01-864)3:07 PM-3rd.AL-South Thomaston,ME-Rt.131 & Westbrook St-Barn fully involved-(Lightning Strike) M/A from St.George, Thomaston & Rockland FD's to the fire

01-863)10:00 AM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Maine Turnpike Mile 41 NB-(1) Fatality, Jaws operating

01-862)00:05 AM-3rd.AL-Loudon,NH-Rt.106 Storage Facility-Fire involving 24 storage units-M/A to the fire

Sunday, June 03, 2001

01-861)12:05 PMW/F-Sanbornton,NH-Plummer Rd-Barn fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-860)Early morning-MVA-Raymond,NH-Rt.27-Car Vs Pole and Tree-(1) Fatality

Saturday, June 02, 2001

01-859)8:32 PM-W/F-Eddington,ME-Fox Lane off Rt.9-Building fire-M/A from Brewer & Holden FD's

01-858)7:10 PM-W/F-Orrington,ME-Rt.15-1 story building fire-M/A from Holden & Brewer FD's

01-857)Early morning-MVA-Raymond,NH-Rt.27-Car Vs Tree-(2) Fatalities

Friday, June 01, 2001

01-856)9:15 PM-MVA-Twin Mountain,NH-Rt.3 at the Whitefield town line-Jaws operating

01-855)6:01 PM-W/F-Raymond,ME-Rt.85-Building fully involved-M/A to the scene

01-854)1:50 PM-W/F-Franklin,NH-10 Chance Pond Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-853)8:01 AM-MVA-Windham,ME-Rt.302 by "Auto & Truck Used Parts"-Jaws operating-(3) seriously injured patients-M/A ambulance to the scene

01-852)8:00 AM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Sarah Long Bridge on Rt.1 By-Pass-Car Vs Tanker Truck-Jaws operating-Serious injury