Saturday, July 31, 1999

99-1199)Evening MVA-Epping,NH-Rt.125-Car Vs Motorcycle-(1) Fatality

99-1198)7:35 PM W/F-Limington,ME-11 Hemlock Lane-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

99-1197)12:54 PM W/F-Orland,ME-Schoolhouse Rd next to the fire station-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-1196)10:05 AM W/F-Center Harbor,NH-Lake St at "Sandman Cottages"-Chimney fire extended to the walls of a building-M/A from Moultonboro FD

Friday, July 30, 1999

99-1195)5:35 PM W/F-Madbury/Barrington,NH town line-Rt.9-Shed fire

99-1194)1:15 PM MVA-Oxford,ME-King & Beechwood St-(2) Sets of Jaws operating-(1)Fatality

99-1193)2:44 AM W/F-Moultonboro,NH-18 Holland St (Rt.109)-House fire-M/A to the fire

Thursday, July 29, 1999

99-1193)4:15 PM MVA-Milton,NH-Rt.125 by the Treatment Plant-2 cars, Head-on-Jaws from Milton & Rochester operating, ambulances from Milton,Rochester and Farmington working

99-1192)9:21 AM W/F-Whitneyville,ME-Flat Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Jonesboro, Machias, Machiasport, Marshfield and East Machias responded to the fire

99-1191)4:28 AM W/F-Otisfield,ME-Bolster's Mills Rd-Vacant House fully involved-M/A from Harrison, Casco & Oxford FD's

99-1190)4:21 AM MVA-Warner,NH-601 Kearsarge Mt.Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating-(2) Fatalities

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

99-1189)Evening Boat Explosion-New Limerick,ME-Drews Lake in Aroostook County-3 people burned and transported to a Bangor hospital

99-1188)3:21 PM W/F-Sanford,ME-1 River St-Chemical fire in the 1st floor of a commercial building

99-1187)1:21 PM W/F-Portsmouth,NH-487 Ocean Rd-2 story house-fire in the attic

99-1186)7:39 AM MVA-Washington,ME-Rt.17 near Rt.220-Dump truck Vs Car-Patients airlifted to hospital-Jaws operating

99-1185)7:21 AM MVA-Hermon,ME-Colebrook Rd-Jaws from Bangor FD operating

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

99-1184)6:01 PM MVA-Turner,ME-Rt.4-Pickup Vs Car-(1) Fatality

Monday, July 26, 1999

99-1183)5:12 PM W/F-South Portland,ME-55 Carigan Ave-House fire

99-1182)4:05 PM MVA-Standish,ME-Rt.113 at Fire Lane 19-Head-on, Jaws operating

99-1181)2:35 PM MVA-Littleton,NH-Rt.93 NB between Exit 43 & 44-Rollover-(1) Fatality

99-1180)12:40 PM W/F-Andover,ME-North Main St-"Andover Wood Products"-Structure fire-M/A from Roxbury, Greenwood, Bethel & Rumford FD's

99-1179)11:11 AM MVA-Hooksett,NH-Bypass 28 & Joann Dr-Dump Truck rollover-Driver trapped-Jaws operating

99-1178)10:00 AM 2nd.AL-Plaistow,NH-12 Newton Rd-House fire

99-1177)9:58 AM 2nd.AL-Portland,ME-58 Exchange St-Restaurant fire

Sunday, July 25, 1999

99-1176)7:00 PM MVA-Greene,ME-Rt.202-(1)Fatality

99-1175)5:00 PM W/F-Manchester,NH-195 McGregor St-Fire on the 5th floor and roof area-Sprinklers operating

99-1174)4:55 PM W/F-Seabrook,NH-Ocean Drive at Seabrook Beach-House fire-M/A from Hampton & Hampton Falls FD's

99-1173)2:40 PM 3rd.AL-Bedford,NH-25 Norman Circle-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-1172)12:55 PM MVA-Winslow,ME-Bay St at Lobster Trap Restaurant-Jaws operating-M/A from Fairfield & Waterville FD's

99-1171)12:15 PM W/F-Bethel,ME-8 Vernon St-(Rt.35) House fire-M/A from Newry & Greenwood FD's

99-1170)6:30 AM MVA-Northwood,NH-Rt.4 at Northwood Storage-(2) Cars head-on, (2) Trapped,Jaws operating-(1)Fatality. M/A from Epsom, Nottingham and Concord FD's