7/31/97 4:24pm MVA-Peterborough,NH-Rt.202 by Agway Store-(2) trapped, jaws operating

7/31/97 3:37pm MVA-Dresden,ME-Rt.27-(2)Fatalities-Jaws operating

7/31/97 2:57pm W/F-Topsham,ME-10 Loon Dr-Garage fire attached to a house-M/A from Brunswick FD

7/29/97 6:48pm W/F-New Gloucester,ME-30 Range Rd-Barn fully involved-M/A from Poland FD

7/29/97 5:53pm MVA-Lewiston,ME-Ash & Howard St-Jaws operating

7/29/97 3:12pm 2nd.AL-Pittsfield,NH-86 Main St-Dryer fire extended to walls of apartment house

7/29/97 4:50am W/F-Hudson,NH-Highland Ave-House fire

7/29/97 4:49am 2nd.AL-Gorham,ME-812 Gray Rd-House fire-M/A from Windham FD

7/29/97 4:43am 2nd.AL-Keene,NH-Court St-Building fire

7/28/97 11:20pm W/F-Arundel,ME-876 Old Post Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Kennebunk,Kennubunkport & Biddeford FD's

7/28/97 9:27pm W/F-York,ME(Beach district) Freeman St at Hastings Lyman Condos-Porch fire

7/27/97 6:39pm W/F-Veazie,ME-32 Silvers Trailer Park-Mobile home fire

7/27/97 12:14pm MVA-Oxford,ME-Rt.26-Jaws operating

7/27/97 8:09am MVA-Nottingham,NH-100 Rt.4-Van into a pole-Jaws from Northwood FD operating

7/26/97 11:49pm W/F-Bethlehem,NH-Maplewood Hill Rd-House fire-M/A from Whitefield FD

7/26/97 6:14pm W/F-Waterboro,ME-Windy Lane off West Rd-House fire

7/26/97 3:47pm W/F-Brewer,ME-227 Wilson St-Structure fire

7/26/97 10:46am MVA-Litchfield,NH-Rt.3A-Car into a tree-Jaws operating

7/26/97 9:02am MVA-Haverhill,NH (Pike Village)Brushwood Rd-Car into a tree-Jaws operating

7/26/97 3:43am W/F-Mars Hill,ME-Fort St-House fire-M/A from Bridgewater FD

7/26/97 1:20am 2nd.AL-Old Orchard Beach,ME-46 West Old Orchard Ave-2.5 story wdfr house fully involved-M/A from Saco & Scarborough FD's

7/25/97 11:26pm W/F-Oxford,ME-158 Mechanic Falls Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

7/25/97 3:51pm 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-200 Commercial St-Fire on 5th floor of a 5 story brick mill building

7/25/97 3:07pm MVA-Falmouth,ME-Rt.100 & Eastern Ave-Car vs Dump truck-Jaws operating-(1)Fatality

7/25/97 2:07pm MVA-Albany,ME-Rt.5-Truck rollover-Carrying acetylene tanks which are leaking

7/25/97 9:56am W/F-Richmond,ME-Toothacker Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

7/24/97 7:39am W/F-Whitneyville,ME-Rt.1A-Structure Fire

7/24/97 7:50am MVA-Conway,NH-Rt.16 by the Deli-Jaws operating

7/23/97 9:25pm W/F-Canton,ME-10 Jones Rd-Shed fully involved near a house

7/23/97 7:41pm W/F-Manchester,NH-210 Garden Drive-3 story apartment building

7/23/97 7:09pm W/F-Biddeford,ME-157 Cleaves St-3 story apartment building

7/23/97 6:12pm W/F-Manchester,NH-160 Dow St-3 story apartment building

7/23/97 2:45pm W/F-Portland,ME-80 Grant St-3 story apartment building

7/23/97 1:03pm W/F-Brewer,ME-24 Union St-Ceiling fire at the Public Library

7/23/97 8:34am Small Plane Crash-Kensington,NH-92 Stumpfield Rd at George Cole's Airstrip-(1)person injured

7/22/97 8:16pm W/F-Topsham,ME-Main St in Pejepscot Village-Fire in the Mill-M/A to the fire which was quickly contained

7/22/97 12:27pm W/F-Durham,ME-Rt.136-Mobile "Camper" Home fire-M/A from Auburn & Lisbon Falls FD's

7/22/97 8:30am W/F-Lee,NH-13 Riverside Farm-Well drilling rig explosion with extention to a house-M/A to the fire

7/22/97 4:25am W/F-Lewiston,ME-Main & Canal St-Bates Mill-Structure fire

7/22/97 3:26am W/F-Cornish,ME-Rt.5 by the Maine Forest Fire Service Building-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Kezar Falls FD

7/22/97 1:42am MVA-Biddeford,ME-441 Pool Rd-Jaws operating

7/21/97 9:04pm MVA-Hollis,ME-Rt.202 & Deering Ridge Rd-2 car head on-multiple injuries-M/A from Waterboro,Buxton & Goodwins Mills FD's

7/21/97 7:17pm MVA-Buxton,ME-Rocky Dundee Rd & Rt.112-Jaws operating from Hollis FD

7/21/97 3:45am MVA-Wells,ME-I95 North at mile 14-Car vs Moose-Jaws operating

7/20/97 3:59pm W/F-Franklin,NH-Hunt Ave-House fire

7/20/97 11:20am MVA-South Portland,ME-I95 SB at Exit 7-Van rollover with multiple injuries-(2)people trapped for extended period-many mutual aid ambulances to the scene

7/20/97 7:55am W/F-Orrington,ME-Rt.15-Building fire-M/A to the fire

7/20/97 2:34am W/F-Skowhegan,ME-162 Madison Ave-3 story apartment building-Fire on floors 2 & 3-M/A to the fire

7/20/97 00:38am W/F-Hampton,NH-Ocean Blvd & "P" St-2.5 story commercial bldg-50x100-fire in rear trash bins extended

7/19/97 9:47pm W/F-Wilton,NH-106 Temple Rd-House fire

7/19/97 8:50pm 3rd.AL-East Derry,NH-Young Rd-Vacant house fully involved

7/19/97 7:28pm MVA-Manchester,NH-By-Pass 28 & Wellington Rd-Jaws operating

7/19/97 3:54pm MVA-Thornton,NH-I93 by Exit 29-Jaws operating

7/19/97 1:17pm W/F-Fremont,NH-60 Walker Lane-House fire

7/19/97 7:56am W/F-Randolph,ME-Windsor Heights Apartments-Apartment fire

7/18/97 10:55pm W/F-Woolwich,ME-748 Chop Cross Rd-Cabin fire-M/A to the fire

7/18/97 6:06am MVA-Londonderry,NH-I93 SB by Exit 4-Jaws operating (1 Fatality)

7/17/97 11:57pm W/F-York,ME-94 Scotland Bridge Rd-Shed fully involved (Lightning strike)

7/17/97 7:51pm W/F-Rindge,NH-57 Conifir Rd-Garage fully involved (Lightning strike)

7/17/97 7:31pm MVA-Bath,NH-Rt.135-Jaws operating

7/16/97 9:01pm MVA-Smithfield,ME-Rt.8 & 137-Jaws operating

7/16/97 7:00pm W/F-Richmond,ME-Church St-Funeral Home fire

7/16/97 6:11pm W/F-Portsmouth,NH-559 Sagamore Ave-3 story apartment building-fire on 3rd floor & attic- M/A from Kittery & Naval Shipyard FD's to the fire

7/15/97 12:55pm MVA-Concord,NH-I93 NB by Exit 16-Jaws operating

7/15/97 2:45am W/F-Rumford,ME-Pine St-Vacant Apartment building fire-M/A from Mexico FD

7/14/97 11:01pm W/F+-Orrington,ME-Dow Rd-3 story house fully involved-M/A from Brewer & Holden FD's

7/14/97 5:44pm W/F-Bethel,ME-Vernon St-House fire-M/A from Greenwood FD

7/14/97 3:20pm W/F-Gorham,ME-27 Preble St-House fire

7/14/97 11:19am W/F-New Boston,NH-6 Coach Rd-House fire

7/13/97 10:19pm W/F-Brewer,ME-517 South Main St-Commercial building fire

7/13/97 10:16pm MVA-Parsonsfield,ME-Rt.160-Rollover with 4 injuries-Jaws operating

7/13/97 7:00pm W/F-Scarborough,ME-22 Teale Point Dr-House fire

7/13/97 4:19pm MVA-Tilton,NH-I93NB by exit 20-Jaws operating

7/13/97 2:23am 2nd.AL-Winchester,NH-Coombs Bridge Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

7/12/97 5:16pm W/F-Lewiston,ME-26 Low St-Garage fire

7/11/97 7:07pm W/F-Lyman,ME-Walker Rd-Mobile home fully involved-M/A to the fire

7/11/97 4:56pm W/F-Unity,ME-Dump Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

7/11/97 11:46am 2nd.AL-Enfield,NH-George's Hill Rd-House fully involved-M/A to the fire

7/11/97 5:59am W/F-Portland,ME-75 Lawn Ave-Building fire

7/11/97 4:31am W/F-Salem,NH-7A Raymond Ave-Condominium Complex fire

7/11/97 3:51am W/F-Epping,NH-next to 17 Center Court-vacant Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

7/10/97 10:00pm W/F+-Brooks,ME-Rt.7 in center of town-"Smokehouse Restaurant" fully involved-M/A to the fire

7/10/97 8:19pm W/F-Chester,ME-Rt.116 at "Judy's Market-M/A to the fire

7/10/97 8:45am MVA-Milford,NH-Rt.101 & 101A-Jaws operating

7/10/97 6:13am 2nd.AL-Pittsfield,NH-Rt.28-2.5 story house fire-M/A to the fire

7/9/97 11:23pm MVA-West Baldwin,ME-Rt.5-Jaws operating

7/9/97 7:27pm W/F-Northfield,NH-50 Elm St-2.5 story house-heavy fire on floor 2-M/A to the fire

7/9/97 5:29pm W/F-Center Ossipee,NH-51 Rolling Park-1 story cape home fully involved

7/9/97 4:41pm 3rd.AL-Scarborough,ME-55 Elmwood St-Barn & House fire-(Lightning strike)

7/9/97 4:38pm G/A-Bradford,NH-10 Breezy Hill Rd-"Kearsarge Reel Co."-100x400 mill fully involved- (Lightning Strike) 21 towns M/A to the fire

7/9/97 3:48pm MVA-Scarborough,ME-Cumberland Way-Jaws operating

7/9/97 2:23pm Waterboro,ME-Rt.202 in South Village-Lightning strike to the church steeple-minor fire in walls-M/A to the fire

7/9/97 11:51am MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.9 & Washington St-Jaws operating

7/9/97 5:34am W/F-Scarborough,ME-383 Rt.1-Moosehead Motel-House fire

7/8/97 8:16pm W/F-Seabrook,NH-Adam's Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire

7/8/97 3:10pm 3rd.AL-York,ME-120 Fieldstone Estates-2 story wdfr house & garage fully involved-M/A from York Beach,Kittery,Kittery Point,Eliot & Portsmouth FD's

7/7/97 11:00pm W/F-Gilead,ME-Freedom Square Apartments-Apartment fire

7/7/97 6:55pm W/F-New Durham,NH-318 South Shore Dr-Structure fire(Lightning strike)

7/7/97 5:45pm W/F-East Conway,NH-Greenhill Rd-House fire

7/7/97 5:15pm W/F-Dunbarton,NH-16 Holiday Acres-Cottage fire(Lightning strike)

7/7/97 5:09pm W/F-Marlboro,NH-Rt.101 West-House fire(Lightning strike)

7/7/97 5:09pm W/F-Harrisville,NH-Town Center at the Church-Fire in the steeple(Lightning strike)

7/7/97 3:00pm W/F-Fitzwilliam,NH-Duton Rd-Barn fire-(Lightning strike)M/A to the fire

7/7/97 2:37pm W/F-Chesterfield,NH-Rt.9 in Spoffard Village-House fire (Lightning strike)

7/6/97 11:06pm 2nd.AL-Raymond,ME-Frye Island in Sebago Lake-100x100 building fully involved

7/6/97 9:41pm MVA-Oxford,ME-Rt.26 at the Speedway-Jaws requested ASAP

7/6/97 4:41pm W/F-Bridgewater,NH-1201 Mayhew Turnpike-House fire

7/6/97 3:50pm W/F-Dover,NH-46 Dover Point Rd-Shed fire

7/6/97 3:32pm MVA-Acton,ME-Milton Mills Rd-Jaws operating

7/6/97 12:25pm 2nd.AL-Nashua,NH-55 Lake St-outside fire extended to a large mill building

7/6/97 11:11am MVA-Brunswick,ME-42 Larry Lane-Jaws operating

7/6/97 9:00am 3rd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-155 Parrott Ave-Attic fire at the Junior High School

7/5/97 3:08pm MVA-Chichester,NH-Rt.4-Jaws operating

7/5/97 2:30pm W/F-Perry,ME-Shore Rd-Camper fire extended into a house

7/5/97 7:50am MVA-Sebago,ME-Douglas Hill Rd-Jaws operating

7/4/97 9:40pm Fireworks accident at commercial display-Portland,ME-East End beach-several injury's

7/4/97 9:40pm Fireworks accident at commercial display-Portsmouth,NH at Leary Field on Rockland St-10 injuries,several serious burns

7/4/97 12:39pm W/F-Bath,ME-84 Russell St-Apartment Building fire

7/4/97 4:08am MVA-New Castle,NH-Rt.1 by CMP Building-(1)fatality

7/3/97 12:47pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Lowell & Pine St-Jaws operating

7/3/97 8:30am W/F-Litchfield,NH-Rt.3A at Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse Restaurant

7/2/97 11:57pm MVA-Lancaster,NH-Rt.3-Jaws from Whitefield FD operating

7/2/97 9:18pm Small Plane crash-Islesboro,ME-near Flat Island-(2)fatalities

7/2/97 3:30pm 3rd.AL-Lewiston,ME-144 Sabattus St-3.5 story apartment house fire

7/1/97 8:38pm W/F-Rye,NH-Sagamore Rd at Rye Elementary School-Roof Fire-M/A from New Castle & Portsmouth FD's

7/1/97 6:38pm W/F-Scarborough,ME-37 Whistler's Landing-Garage Fire with extension to floor above

7/1/97 3:45pm W/F-Randolph,ME-Windsor St-Barn Fire-M/A from Pittston & Gardiner Fd's

7/1/97 1:28pm MVA-Paris,ME-Rt.26 at the Dew Drop Inn-Jaws operating-Car on fire

7/1/97 1:26pm MVA-Falmouth,ME-Rt.1 & Martin's Point-Jaws operating


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