Sunday, January 31, 1999 3:50 PM

99-251) 3:51pm Snowmobile Accident-Bowdoin,ME-area of 39 Cathance Farm Lane-1Rider injured

99-250) 2:50pm MVA-Durham,ME-Harry Davis Rd-Rollover,Jaws operating

99-249) 1:45pm W/F-Newburgh,ME-397 Mudgett Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-248) 11:09am Snowmobile Accident-Stoddard,NH-off Rt.123 on the trail to the Pitcher Mt. Fire Tower-Rider with head injuries

99-247) 10:21am MVA-Searsport,ME-Rt.1 & Moose Point State Park-Jaws operating at a multi vehicle accident-M/A from Belfast FD

99-246) 7:45am W/F-Mattawamkeag,ME-The New Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-245) 2:43am Snowmobile Accident-Lebanon,ME-Snowmobile thru the ice on Northeast Pond-Rider ok

Saturday, January 30, 1999

99-244) 5:43pm Snowmobile Accident-Laconia,NH-off Hillcroft Rd. in Paugus Bay-Snowmobile & Rider thru the ice-Rider ok

99-243) 3:38pm W/F-Seabrook,NH-8 Adams Ave. off Rt.286-1.5 story occupied farmhouse fire-M/A from Hampton FD

99-242) 1:45pm W/F-Addison,ME-East Side Rd-Chimney fire extended in to the walls of a house

99-241) 12:40pm W/F-Fairfield,ME-70 Ohio Hill Rd-House fire-M/A from Oakland,Winslow and Waterville to the fire

99-240) 8:45am W/F-Harpswell,ME-535 Basin Point Rd.-House fire

99-239) 00:43am MVA-Fryburg,ME-Haleytown Rd. near Rt.302-Rollover with person trapped under the car

Friday, January 29, 1999

99-238) 11:58pm W/F-Andover,NH-118 Kearsarge Mt.Rd.-Chimney fire extended into the partitions of a house

99-237) 10:11pm 2nd.AL-Londonderry,NH-85 Highlander Way- 1 story apartments-30x100 with attached ell-Heavy smoke showing

99-236) 6:36pm W/F-Washington,NH-22 Washington Drive-House fire-Quick Knockdown-M/A units returned

99-235) 6:36pm MVA-Detroit,ME-Rt.62-Jaws operating from Newport FD

99-234) 1:12pm MVA-Gorham,ME-Rt.25 & Bartlett Rd-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-233) 11:24am MVA-West Trenton,ME-Rt.230-Jaws from Ellsworth FD operating

Thursday, January 28, 1999

99-232) 7:13pm 3rd.AL-Gorham,ME-250 Libby Ave-2.5 story Farmhouse fire-M/A to the fire

99-231) 6:30pm W/F-Greenville,ME-2 miles in on the unplowed Casey Rd-Seasonal House fully involved-Firefighters had to travel to the fire by snowmobile

99-230) 2:54pm W/F-Lyme,NH-89 Beaver Pond Rd-House fire

99-229) 2:23pm W/F-Mechanic Falls,ME-40 Elm St at "Great Northern Recycling"-M/A to the scene

99-228) 2:20pm W/F-Rindge,NH-Rt.202 at the rear of Sears-A Trailer fire

99-227) 8:01am MVA-Charlestown,NH-Rt.12 & Unity Stage Rd-Jaws operating from Claremont FD

99-226) 7:50am MVA-Nashua,NH-Everett Turnpike at Exit 8-Jaws operating

99-225) 7:38am MVA-Lyman,ME-South Waterboro Rd near the Brock Rd-(2) Cars, Head-on-(1)Fatality, (1)Serious Injury-M/A from Waterboro FD

99-224) 6:54am MVA-Manchester,NH-Mammoth & Smythe Rd-(2)Cars, Head-on, Victims trapped in both vehicles-Jaws operating

99-223) 6:03am W/F+-Canton,ME-Rt.140 by the Fire Station-2.5 sty wdfr 30x40 house & barn-Heavy fire in both buildings-M/A from Peru, Buckfield, Turner & Dixfield FD's-(2)Fatalies

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

99-222) 11:53pm W/F-New Gloucester,ME-171 Shaker Rd at "Deisel Repair"-1 story wdfr garage with heavy fire-M/A from Gray & Poland FD's

99-221) 10:00pm MVA-Manchester,NH-628 Second St-Jaws Operating

99-220) 3:35pm W/F-Lincoln,ME-Rt.2 at Lincoln Pulp & Paper-Fire in the roof of the Tissue Mill

99-219) 3:23pm 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-76 Schiller St-2.5 story occupied house-Heavy fire

99-218) 10:15am W/F-North Hampton,NH-6 Cedar Rd-2 story wdfr 40x60 storage barn at "Jeff's Custom Trailer's"-Stovepipe ignited the walls & fire spread into the roof area-M/A from Hampton & Rye FD's

99-217) 9:12am W/F-Gilmanton,NH-6 Deer Run (Shellcamp)-Partition fire in a house-M/A from Belmont FD

99-216) 8:03am MVA-Winter Harbor,ME-Rt.186-(2)Trapped,Jaws operating

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

99-215) 6:00pm MVA-Goffstown,NH-Mast Rd at the "Super Shaws" parking lot-Driver struck 6 parked cars and 2 pedestrians-(1)Fatality, (1) seriously injured

99-214) 1:02pm W/F-Belmont,ME-Rt.3-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

99-213) 12:50pm MVA-Standish,ME-Rt.25 & Warren Rd-(2)Cars, Head-on,Jaws operating

99-212) 12:30pm MVA-Turner,ME-Rt.4 in North Turner-Car Vs Logging Truck-(1)Fatality

99-211) 5:40am W/F-Monmouth,ME-South Monmouth Rd-Garage fire-M/A to the fire

Monday, January 25, 1999

99-210) 10:03pm W/F-Tuftonboro,NH-8 Brewster Rd. in Melvin Village-House fire-M/A from Moultonboro, Wolfeboro & Ossipee Corner FD's

99-209) 9:32pm MVA-Pelham,NH-342 Mammoth Rd-Police Cruiser involved-Serious injury to the Officer & his K9 partner

99-208) 7:30pm 3rd.AL-Waterboro,ME-Rt.5 & Old Alfred Rd-"Jim's Getty Station" fully involved next to the Center Waterboro Fire Station-M/A from Limerick, Hollis, Shapleigh, Newfield, Goodwins Mills, Alfred, and Ross Corner FD's

99-207) 5:15pm Boat Sinking-Port Clyde,ME-near Hooper island-(2) men swam to safety, treated for hypothermia, (2) other men drowned

99-206) 5:14pm Snowmobile Accident-Wolfeboro,NH-off Whitten Neck Rd-(1)1045c2

99-205) 4:30pm Skiing Accident-Lincoln,NH-Loon Mt.Ski Area-(1)Fatality, (2) others injured after skking down a closed trail

99-204) 11:00am Skiing Accident-Bartlett,NH-Rt.302 at Attitash-Bear Peak Ski Area-(1)Fatality

99-203) 8:10am MVA-Madbury,NH-173 Madbury Rd near the fire station-(2)Cars, Head-on-with patient ejected & patient trapped-Jaws from Durham FD operating

99-202) 1:50am W/F-Acworth,NH-Cole Pond Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

Sunday, January 24, 1999

99-201) 11:15pm MVA-Franklin,NH-Rt.3-Jaws operating-(1)Fatality

99-200) 5:30pm MVA-Auburn,ME-E.Waterman & Turner St-Jaws operating

99-199) 2:04pm MVA-Concord,NH-Sheep Davis Rd in front of Sam's Club-Jaws operating & 4 ambulances to the scene

99-198) 11:10am W/F-Eustis,ME-8 May Rd-House fire-M/A from Carrabassett Valley FD

99-197) 8:01am MVA-East Conway,NH-area of 173 East Main St-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating

99-196) 2:30am MVA-Newburgh,ME-Rt.95-Rollver-(1)Fatality

Saturday, January 23, 1999

99-195) 7:14pm W/F-Liberty,ME-Rt.173-"Liberty Town Hall & Community Center" fully involved-M/A from Montville, Palermo & Searsmont FD's responded to the fire

99-194) 6:27pm MVA-Norway,ME-Rt.118 & Wiley Rd-Jaws from Paris FD operating

99-193) 7:54pm MVA-Dover,NH-Spaulding Turnpike by the Tolend Rd. bridge-Jaws & 2 ambulances working

99-192) 12:32pm W/F-Allenstown,NH-29 River Rd-Auto Repair Garage fire-M/A to the fire

99-191) 12:05pm W/F-Troy,ME-Rt.202-Pickup fire in a barn, fire spread to the barn-M/A from Detroit, Dixmont and Unity FD's responded to the fire

99-190) 10:33am MVA-Hancock,ME-Rt.1 on Hancock Hill-Straight Truck carrying Sea Urchins rolled over-Driver trapped, Jaws operating-Road closed due to massive Urchins scattered about

99-189) 1:10am Snowmobile Accident-Rockwood,ME-(2)Sleds went through the ice into Moosehead Lake at the mouth of the Moose River-All escaped with minor hypothermia

99-188) 00:31am MVA-Biddeford,ME-Maine Turnpike Mile 26 NB-Rollover,Jaws operating

Friday, January 22, 1999

99-187) 11:10pm W/F-Waterville,ME-College Ave at the "Chinet Mfg.Co."-Commercial Building-Fire in the Electrical Control Room-M/A from Fairfield FD

99-186) 11:00pm 2nd.AL-Bristol,NH-Rt.104 at "Freudenberg NOK"-Commercial Building-M/A to the fire

99-185) Evening Snowmobile Accident-Alderbrook Township,ME-(near Pittston Farm)-Multiple sled pileup on a blind hill-Several people injured

99-184) 10:13pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Lake Ave & Wilson St-Jaws operating

99-183) 9:55pm MVA-Whiting,ME-Rt.1-Rollover, Jaws operating

99-182) 8:13pm MVA-Wells,ME-Maine Turnpike, Mile 16 NB-(5) Patients, Jaws operating, M/A from Ogunquit FD

99-181) 7:40pm MVA-Franklin,NH-Rt.127 at Punch Brook-Jaws operating

99-180) 6:43pm MVA-Manchester,NH-Kelly & Debuke St-Jaws operating

99-179) 6:30pm W/F-Waterboro,ME-Ossipee Hill Rd-Partition fire in a house-M/A to the fire from Hollis FD-(1) Firefighter taken to the hospital for Cardiac trouble

99-178) 5:30pm ATV Accident-Liberty/Montville,ME town line off Rt.173 on Stevens Pond-ATV through the ice-Liberty FD Dive Team to the scene-Recovery made,(1)Fatality

99-177) 2:37pm W/F-Eddington,ME-Rt.178-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

Thursday, January 21, 1999

99-176) 4:30pm 2nd.AL-Stratham,NH-141 Stratham Heights Rd-1 story ranch style house-Fire in the cellar with extension-(1)occupant transported with 3rd degree burns-Tanker shuttle operations

99-175) 2:59pm MVA-Littleton,NH-202 Main St-Person pinned under a car-Jaws operating

99-174) 2:45pm MVA-Cumberland,ME-125 Foreside Rd-Jaws operating

99-173) 8:05am W/F-Litchfield,ME-North Oak Hill & Oak Hill Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Wales & Monmouth responded to the fire

99-172) 2:30am W/F-Newfield,ME-Rt.11 at Mirror Lake-2 story Chalet style house fire-M/A to the fire

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

99-171) 9:40pm W/F-Greenville,ME-Rt.15 in Greenville Junction-"The Frog Rock Cafe", formerly the Road Kill Cafe-1.5 story wdfr Restaurant on the shore of Moosehead Lake-Building totally involved-M/A from Monson & Sangerville FD's responded to the fire

99-170) Afternoon W/F-Caribou,ME-Van Buren Rd-Commercial Garage Fire

99-169) 2:00pm W/F-Orrington,ME-545 Fowler Rd-2 story house fire-M/A to the fire

99-168) 1:03pm Snowmobile Accident-Campton,NH-Rt.175 behind the Owl's Nest Golf Course-Near 129 Mad River Rd-(1)1045c2-Carry out

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

99-167) 5:02pm W/F-Ellsworth,ME-240 State St-Fire in the 2nd floor kitchen of the Elks Lodge-Sprinklers contained the fire to a small area

99-166) 12:20pm MVA-Charlestown,NH-Rt.12 & Lover's Lane-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-165) 6:18am W/F-Lancaster,NH-off Rt.3-Mobile Home fire

99-164) 4:14am 2nd.AL-Washington,NH-231 Valley Rd-Barn fully involved attached to a house-M/A to the fire

99-163) 2:09am 2nd.AL-Laconia,NH-30 Spring St-1.5 story house fire-M/A to the fire

99-162) 1:15am W/F-Bailyville,ME-Houlton Rd-Garage Fire, attached to the house-M/A to the fire

Monday, January 18, 1999

99-161) 11:42pm W/F-York,ME-off Rt.1 in Whipoorwill Estates-at the end of Nighthawk Lane-Vacant 2.5 story wdfr house with attached garage-Cellar fire extended to 1st floor-(3) 75lb Propane Tanks exploded and was felt 3 miles away

99-160) 9:28pm W/F-Dover,NH-Crosby Rd at "Bayhead Mfg.Co."-Fire in a large Industrial Oven in a 35x150 1 story commercial building

99-159) 7:08pm MVA-Greenville,NH-Rt.31 at Adams Hill-Rollover with 2 victims trapped under the car-(1)Fatality-Jaws operating

99-158) 1:34pm W/F-New Durham,NH-310 Merrymeeting Rd-1.5 story 24x24 House-fire contained to the kitchen area-M/A to the fire

99-157) 7:56am W/F-Groveton,NH-Sawmill Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A from Stark & Lancaster FD's

99-156) 7:54am MVA-Freeport,ME-Rt.95 at Exit 19 Ramp-Rollover, Jaws operating

Sunday, January 17, 1999

99-155) 10:00pm MVA-Henniker,NH-Rt.114 near Rt.202-N.H. Dept. of Corrections Van carrying 1 female prisoner rolled over, prisoner pinned under the van-Jaws operating

99-154) 8:25pm MVA-Lisbon,NH-Rt.302 & Dodge's Corner-(2)Cars-Head-on,with fire,Jaws operating

99-153) 1:16pm 2nd.AL-Loudon,NH-35 Beehole Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-152) 1:10pm MVA-Buxton,ME-Rt.22-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-151) 7:15am W/F-Arundel,ME-Old Alfred Rd-Chimney fire extended into the walls of a house-M/A from Kennebunk FD

Saturday, January 16, 1999

99-150) 8:14pm W/F-Wilmot,NH-Rt.4A-Garage fire-M/A from Andover & New London FD's

99-149) 4:30pm 2nd.AL-Hanover,NH-Grant Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-148) 3:03pm W/F-Eddington,ME-off Rt.9-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

99-147) 10:14am W/F-New Durham,NH-Main St at the Old Baptist Church-Heavy fire & a quick knockdown

99-146) 6:21am W/F-Levant,ME-Rt.222 across from the Fire Station-1.5 story house fire-M/A to the fire

99-145) 1:52am W/F-Rye,NH-Adams Trailer Park off Rt.1 at the Portsmouth line-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A from Portsmouth,Greenland, North Hampton & New Castle FD's

99-144) 1:45am W/F-Milton,NH-Main St in Milton Mills by the Post Office-2.5 story house-Heavy fire in walls-M/A from Wakefield, Acton, Rochester & Lebanon FD's

Friday, January 15, 1999

99-143) 11:00pm W/F-Greenville,ME-Washington St-Garage fully involved, attached to a house-Fire stopped at the ell-M/A from Monson FD

99-142) 7:15pm MVA-Carrabassett Valley,ME-Rt.27 near the Kngfield line-Pickup with 3 snowmobiles on trailer Vs State Snow Plow Head-on-Pickup truck fully involved-No entrapment, 2 seriously injured, 2 minor injuries

99-141) 5:48pm W/F-Brooksville,ME-Dog Island Rd-House fire-M/A from Sedgwick, Deer Isle and Penobscot FD's

99-140) 4:30pm MVA-Auburn,ME-Washington St near Kittyhawk-Rollover-(1)Fatality

99-139) 4:00pm W/F-Pembroke,NH-Thompson Rd-Garage fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-138) 1:00pm 2nd.AL-Fitzwilliam,NH-Rt.119 East-Garage & House fire-M/A to the fire

99-137) 10:00am W/F-Lincoln,ME-Frost St near Stump Pond-1 story house fire-M/A to the fire

99-136) 9:30am W/F-Washington,NH-Faxen Hill Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

99-135) 8:46am MVA-Cumberland,ME-I-295 SB-Jaws operating

99-134) 7:53am W/F-Stetson,ME-Rt.143 & 222-2.5 story wdfr Former Store & Post Office-Heavy fire & smoke-M/A from 9 towns responded to the fire

99-133) 1:01am W/F-Gilford,NH-Island View Rd. in Lake Shore Park-1 story wdfr 20x25 Building with heavy fire-M/A from Alton, Meredith, New Durham, Laconia and Belmont FD's

Thursday, January 14, 1999

99-132) 1:40pm W/F-Bennington,NH-59 Bible Hill Rd-House fire-M/A from Antrim, Francestown, Hancock & Greenfield FD's

99-131) 11:01am MVA-Wells,ME-Rt.9A-(2)Cars, Head-on-(2)Fatalities, Jaws operating

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

99-130) 4:45pm W/F-Brookline,NH-29 Pepperell Rd-Chimney fire extended into the house-M/A from Townsend & Pepperell,MA FD's

99-129) 4:15pm MVA-Newfield,ME-Bridge St-Rollover, Jaws operating

99-128) 10:14am MVA-Falmouth,ME-Ledgewood Rd. near the Cumberland town line-Jaws operating

99-127) 8:40am W/F-Pittsfield,ME-Webb Rd-Structure fire at "Atlantic Crust Pizza Baking Co."-M/A from Newport, Hartland, St.Alban's & Burnham FD's to the fire

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

99-126) 9:40pm 2nd.AL-East Derry,NH-43 Dameron Rd-2 story house, heavy fire on 1st floor

99-125) 8:47pm 2nd.AL-Somersworth,NH-Indigo Hill Rd at "Turgeon's Construction"-30x50, 1.5 story garage fire-M/A from Dover, Berwick and Rollinsford FD's

99-124) 7:43pm MVA-Salem,NH-Main & North Main St-Jaws operating,3 ambulances to the scene

99-123) 5:45pm W/F-Brewer,ME-16 Highland Ave-2 story house fire-M/A to the fire

99-122) 3:40pm Snowmobile Accident-Gorham,ME-Mighty St at the brook-Machine in the water-(1)injured

99-121) 3:00pm W/F-Albany,NH-Rt.113-Attic fire in a 125x350 warehouse at a Concrete Business-A quick knockdown by the Conway FD who responded to this fire as Albany has no FD

99-120) 11:30am MVA-Bangor,ME-Rt.95 by Kenduskeag Stream-Tractor Trailer & several cars-Entrapment, Jaws operating

99-119) 7:03am MVA-York,ME-Rt.1 by the York River-Rollover-(2)Victims Trapped, Jaws operating

99-118) 5:12am MVA-Chelsea,ME-Old Windsor Rd-Jaws operating

Monday, January 11, 1999

99-117) 5:13pm MVA-Wolfeboro,NH-Rt.28-Jaws operating

99-116) 4:34pm MVA-Oakland,ME-Kennedy Memorial Drive & Country Club Rd-2 cars Head-on, Jaws operating

99-115) 2:50pm W/F-Grafton,NH-Rt.4 & Turnpike Rd-House well involved-M/A to the fire

99-114) 2:30pm W/F-Minot,ME-132 Woodman Hill Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-113) 1:03pm MVA-Landaff,NH-Rt.302 at the Lisbon town line-Jaws operating

99-112) 12:45pm MVA-Auburn,ME-Washington St-Jaws operating

99-111) 10:15am W/F-Wolfeboro,NH-261 Pine Hill Rd-Dryer Fire extended to the house-M/A to the fire

99-110) 9:22am W/F-Lancaster,NH-Elm St-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-109) 7:56am MVA-Dublin,NH-Rt.101 at Cemetary Corner-Jaws operating

99-108) 7:34am W/F-Turner,ME-Rt.4 near the Livermore town line-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-107) Early AM W/F-Surry,ME-Toddy Pond Rd-House burned flat with noone noticing the fire until morning when the 3 occupants did not show up for coffee-All 3 Died in the fire


99-106) 10:30pm W/F-Pittsfield,ME-Sibley Pond Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-(1)Fatality

99-105) Evening Snowmobile Accident-Moscow,ME-Rt.201-(1)Fatality

99-103) 8:47pm W/F-Portsmouth,NH-37 Sheafe St-20x40,2.5 story wdfr house-Fire on floor 2

99-102) 5:02pm Snowmobile Accident-Groton,NH-River Rd-Victim Unresponsive

99-101) 4:56pm Snowmobile Accident-Farmington,NH-off Rt.11-Victim with broken leg

99-100) 4:02pm W/F-Tamworth,NH-29 Mosher Lane-House fire-M/A from Madison & West Ossipee FD's to the fire

99-99) 2:50pm W/F-Fairfield,ME-620 Gagnon Rd-Garage fully involved extended to attached house-M/A to the fire

99-98) 2:01pm W/F-Portland,ME-12 East Cove St-2 story wdfr House, fire on floor 2

99-97) 1:13pm W/F-Oakland,ME-21 Fairfield St-Garage fire-M/A from Sidney, Belgrade & Rome to the fire

99-96) 12:45pm W/F-Rochester,NH-18 Mill St-East Rochester-Garage fire

99-95) 12:00pm Snowmobile Accident-Fryeburg,ME-Woodlawn Rd-Several serious injuries

99-94) 6:13am W/F-Salem,NH-87 Lowell Rd-"L & M Solid Waste"


99-93) 5:27pm MVA-Durham,ME-Rt.9 & Swamp Rd-(5) injured, (4) Ambulances to the scene-Jaws working

99-92) 5:04pm MVA-Sullivan/Franklin,ME- town line on Rt.200-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-91) 4:00pm MVA-New Vineyard,ME-Rt.27, (2) cars, Head-on,Jaws operating, (1)Fatality

99-90) 4:00pm MVA-Plainfield,NH-Rt.12A & Old County Rd-(2)Cars, Head-on-(5)ambulances to the scene-Jaws operating

99-89) 3:58pm MVA-Unity,NH-2nd.Turnpike Rd-(8)Victims injured, Jaws operating

99-88) 3:45pm MVA-Pittsfield,NH-260 Catamount Rd-Rollover with (2)Victims pinned under the vehicle-Jaws operating

99-87) 3:10pm MVA-Gray,ME-Rt.26 by the Water District-Involving a State Police Cruiser-Jaws operating

99-86) 1:40pm MVA-Madison,NH-Rt.113 & Boulder Rd-Jaws from Conway FD operating

99-85) 12:30pm MVA-Buxton,ME-Rt.22-(2)Car, head-on-Jaws from Hollis FD operating

99-84) 12:03pm 2nd.AL-Chelsea,ME-Rt.9-"Variety Pine Woodworking Shop"-Heavy fire involving a large barn-M/A from Randolph, Augusta, West Gardiner and Pittston FD's


99-83) 11:00pm W/F-Norridgewock,ME-Rt.2 by the Crossroads Landfill-30x50 3 car garage containing an auto repair shop & 3 cars fully involved

99-82) 9:04pm W/F-Bucksport,ME-Church Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Orrington & Orland FD's

99-81) 7:20pm W/F-Falmouth,ME-10 Ramsdell Rd-House fire

99-80) 1:52pm W/F-Tuftonboro,NH-206 Middle Rd (Rt.109A) next to the Elementary School-Barn fire with heavy fire throughout-20x40 barn containing vehicles, tires and other construction items-M/A from Wolfeboro, Ossipee Corner & Moultonboro FD's

99-79) 9:35am MVA-Bow,NH-I-89 by Exit 1, Tractor Trailer Accident with an extensive deisel fuel spill-(1)1045c2-M/A from Concord FD

99-78) 9:35am 2nd.AL-Keene,NH-Depot Rd-Oil Truck fire inside a building with extension to the building

99-77) 8:00am W/F-Old Town,ME-432 South Main St-2.5 story woodframe house fire-

99-76) 7:35am MVA-Bowdoinham,ME-Rt.24-(2)Victims trapped-Jaws operating

99-75) 5:23am MVA-Albany Township,ME-Rt.5 & 35 in Lynchville-Jaws from Bethel FD operating-Stoneham Rescue to the scene


99-74) 10:30pm W/F-Carroll Plantation,ME-Rt.6-60x150 Barn fully involved-Springfield FD covers Carroll as they have no FD, Kingman & Lee FD's M/A

99-73) 10:00pm MVA-Mars Hill,ME-Rt.1A-Car Vs Tractor Trailer Truck-(1)Fatality

99-72) 9:12pm W/F-Belmont,ME-Morrill Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Montville, Searsmont and Morrill FD's

99-71) 7:45pm W/F-Belmont,NH-Scenic Drive in Pine Garden Mobile Home Park off Rt.140-Structure well involved-M/A to the fire

99-70) 7:00pm South China,ME-Rt.3 & 202-Gasoline Tanker heavily involved in fire-M/A from Windsor, Augusta, Togus VA FD and Vassalboro FD's

99-69) 6:40pm MVA-Plaistow,NH-Rt.125 by Sanborn Candies-Jaws operating

99-68) 6:01pm W/F-Conway,NH-500 White Mountain Highway (Rt.16) Attic fire in an occupied house-M/A to the fire

99-67) 2:31pm MVA-Belmont,NH-Rt.107 by Bill's Auto-Jaws from Laconia operating

99-66) 12:40pm 2nd.AL-Portland,ME-28 St.Lawrence St-2.5 story wdfr 40x60 house-Fire throughout & through the roof-Exterior attack

99-65) 10:00am MVA-Bangor,ME-State & Bellevue St-Car Vs Truck-(1)Fatality

99-64) 7:14am W/F-Exeter,NH-134 Front St at Supreme Pizza-Fire in the walls

99-63) 5:00am MVA-Lewiston,ME-Lisbon Rd-Car Vs Pedestrian-(1)Fatality

99-62) 4:48am 3rd.AL-Merrimack,NH-588 Daniel Webster Highway-Occupied Building fire with heavy fire through the roof-M/A to the fire

99-61) Early Morning W/F-Berlin,NH-19 Pleasant St-at the IGA Foodliner Store & Liquor Store-Fire in the rear of the building-Extensive damage


99-60) 9:39pm Snowmobile Accident-Lewiston,ME off the Pond Rd on No Name Pond-Leg Injury-Sabattus FD responded M/A

99-59) 3:50pm W/F-Albany Township,ME-Hutchinson Pond Rd-Structure fire-Contained to the area around the furnace-M/A from Stoneham and Waterford FD's as Albany has no FD

99-58) 2:35pm MVA-Mechanic Falls,ME-Rt.121 at the Oxford town line-Jaws operating-(2)Fatalities

99-57) 12:50pm W/F-Nelson,NH-Tolman Pond Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-56) 9:45am MVA-Jefferson,ME-Rt.17 by Traveler's Pond-Jaws operating-Whitefield FD M/A to the scene

99-55) 7:54am MVA-Casco,ME-Rt.302 & Brown Ave-Car Vs School Bus-Jaws operating


99-54) 11:30pm W/F-Albany,NH-36 Golden Oaks Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire-Conway FD responded to the fire as Albany has no FD, Madison FD responded M/A to the fire

99-53) 7:42pm W/F-Raymond,NH-13 Power St-House fire

99-52) 6:18pm MVA-Sullivan,ME-Tunk Lake Rd-Jaws operating

99-51) 4:49pm 2nd.AL-Lyndeborough,NH-Old Temple Rd-House fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-50) 3:10pm MVA-Whitneyville,ME-Rt.1-(2)Cars, Head-on, (1)Fatality

99-49) 1:55pm W/F-Searsport/Stockton Springs,ME-town line on Rt.1-A Gift & Collectable Store-M/A to the fire

99-48) 12:20pm 2nd.AL-Lisbon,NH-Savageville Rd-Barn Fire-M/A to the fire

99-47) 10:45am MVA-Portsmouth Naval Shipyard--Worker struck by a Vaccum Truck on the Shipyard-(1)Fatality

99-46) 10:45am MVA-Peterborough,NH-Rt.202 at Hanson's Gravel Pit-Jaws operating-(1)Fatality

99-45) 9:00am W/F-Weare,NH-98 Perkins Pond Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

99-44) 7:14am MVA-Hampton Falls,NH-Rt.95-Rollover with 3 injured,(1)Fatality-Jaws operating

99-43) 2:00am MVA-Portland,ME-West Commercial St-Car Vs Tractor Trailer rear-(1)Fatality


99-42) 11:00pm W/F-Detroit,ME-Rt.220-2 story House & Barn fully involved-The barn housed a used car business-M/A from Pittsfield, Troy and Plymouth FD's

99-41) 8:00pm W/F-Greenville,ME-Rt.15 in the Junction-Fire destroyed the "Railroad Cafe"-2 story wdfr building-M/A from Shirley & Monson FD's

99-40) 7:01pm W/F-Hiram,ME-Aaron Drive off King St-House fire

99-39) 6:45pm W/F-Berwick,ME-Merriam St-Chimney fire extended into the partition of a house

99-38) 2:10pm MVA-Canaan,ME-Rt.23 at the Black Stream bridge-(2)Cars, head-on-(4)injured, jaws operating

99-37) 1:25pm W/F-Nelson,NH-Center Pond Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-36) 12:13pm Small Plane Crash-Laconia,NH-O'Shea & Abbot Industrial Park-Plane on fire-(1)Fatality, (1) victim with serious burns Helo'd to Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston

99-35) 10:45am MVA-Auburn,NH-498 Hooksett Rd-(2)Sets of Jaws operating

99-34) 8:14am MVA-(MCI)Sanbornton,NH-I93 SB by Exit 22-Multiple Vehicle Accident-5 ambulances to the scene, (2) victims trapped, Jaws operating

99-33) 5:45am W/F-Livermore Falls,ME-Gagne St-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

99-32) 4:27am W/F-Belmont,NH-Rt.107-Partition fire in an occupied house-M/A to the fire


99-31) 5:32pm W/F-West Bath,ME-Bath Rd by the fire station-"Reno's Auto Body"-Building fire-M/A to the fire

99-30) 4:02pm W/F-Otisfield,ME-97 Bell Hill Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-29) 12:45pm W/F-North New Portland,ME-Rt.16 & 146-2 story house fire-M/A from Kingfield and Salem to the fire

99-28) 8:37am W/F-Allenstown,NH-20 Lane Drive-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-27) 8:00am W/F-St.Alban's,ME-Ripley Rd-House fire-M/A from Corinna and Hartland FD's

<99-26)7:45am W/F-Strafford,NH-Kendall Lane off Rt.202A in Beaver Dam Estates-House fully involved-Entire house destroyed-


99-25) 10:48pm W/F-Berwick,ME-22 Berwick St-2 story house fire-M/A from Somersworth & So.Berwick FD's

99-24) 9:49pm W/F-Turner,ME-Snell Hill Rd Mobile Home Park-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Buckfield FD to the fire

99-23) 5:04pm W/F-Rindge,NH-79 Perry Rd-Partition fire in an occupied house-M/A to the fire

99-22) 12:59pm W/F-Kittery Point,ME-Coleman Ave at the "Kittery Point Art Association"-former Kittery Point Fire Station-2.5 story cinder block 20x45 building with heavy fire throughout-M/A from Kittery, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard FD's to the fire-Eliot & York FD's to cover the stations

99-21) 12:45pm W/F-Saco,ME-Fire Lane 113, off the Buxton Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-20) 12:30pm MVA-Kittery,ME-Rt.236 at the Eliot town line-(1)Fatality,Jaws operating

99-19) 12:27pm W/F-Bristol,NH-31 Mayhew St-Partition fire in a House-M/A to the fire

99-18) 11:10am W/F-Concord,NH-185 Loudon Rd-Apartment fire

99-17) 8:44am W/F-Portland,ME-80 Spruce St-House fire

99-16) 6:53am W/F-Belfast,ME-City Point Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-15) 5:24am 2nd.AL-Belmont,NH-Rt.140 by the Trailer Park-1 story 20x40 house fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-14) 2:00am W/F+-Carrabassett,ME-Rt.27 at Sugarloaf USA Ski Area-6 unit 2 story condo building heavily involved-M/A from Kingfield and Eustis FD's fought the fire in -25 degree temperatures


99-13) 11:25pm MVA-Dover,NH-Silver St overpasss-(2)Cars, Head-on, Jaws operating

99-12) 10:45pm W/F-South Bristol,ME-Harrington Meetinghouse Rd-Apartment fire over a barn type structure-M/A to the fire

99-11) 10:30pm W/F-Alfred,ME-Whitcher's Mills Rd by the Mousam River-1.5 story farmhouse fully involved-M/A from Sanford, Hollis, Goodwins Mills, Arundel, Wells, Ross Corner, Waterboro and Kennebunk FD's-Co's experiencing major freeze ups due to sub-zero temperatures-Fire Marshall requested to the fire, (2)-1045c1 at the scene

99-10) 8:00pm W/F-Jackman,ME-Rt.201-2 story house with heavy fire

99-9) 3:40pm MVA-Concord,NH-269 Mountain Rd-Car Vs Pole-(2)Victims trapped-Jaws operating

99-8) 3:35pm W/F-Derry,NH-82 Fordway Extension-Partition fire in a house-Quick knockdown

99-7) 12:50pm Snowmobile Accident-Gorham,ME-Fort Hill & Mitey Rd-Snowmobile Vs Sled-Serious Injury

99-6) 12:20pm 3rd.AL-Peterborough,NH-Main & Depot St-3 story 40x80 brick "Old Baptist Church" building, now occupied by "New England Marianette's"-Exterior attack and extensive Mutual Aid to the fire

99-5) 12:00pm W/F-Brookton,ME-Rt.1 in the center of town-"Brookton General Store"-2 story apartment over store-Heavy fire throughout-Danforth and Topsfield FD's fought the fire as Brookton has no Fire Department

99-4) 12:00pm W/F-Albany Township,ME-Rt.5 & 35-Garage Fire-Bethel FD responded as Albany has no FD-Newry FD M/A

99-3) 9:09am W/F-Rumney,NH-Rt.118-Garage fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-2) 4:30am 3rd.AL-Wilton,NH-10 Dale St-1.5 story wdfr apartment building-(under renovation)-Heavy fire throughout-M/A to the fire

99-1) 4:12am 2nd.AL-Hillsborough,NH-51 School St-Barn fire-M/A to the fire