Tuesday, January 31, 2006

0168)17:38 PM-ACW-Salem, NH-9 Woodmeadow Ln. A fireplace extended to the partitions.

0167)17:16 PM-W/F-Readfield, ME-26 Woodlawn Dr. Kitchen fire in a 2 story wood frame structure.

0166)16:32 PM-W/F-Palmyra, ME-495 Madawaska Rd. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

0165)15:45 PM-W/F-Lisbon, ME-On the Ridge Rd(Rt 9). Fire on floor 2 of a 2 story structure, room & content fire.

0164)15:14 PM-MVA-Concord, NH-Clinton St West of Interstate 89. Car on its side with entrapment, jaws working.

0163)14:58 PM-W/F-Norway, ME-On the Holt Rd. A structure fully involved, M/A requested.

0162)00:39 AM-MVA-Salem, NH-59 Shadow Lake Rd(Rt 111). Entrapment, jaws going to work.

Monday, January 30, 2006

0161)23:34 PM-Water Incident-Moultonborough, NH-Off Wentworth Shores Rd near Bryant Point. A snowmobile thru the ice, request for Fish & Game.

0160)20:38 PM-ACW-Candia, NH-12 Deerfield Rd at Morse School. M/A to work & cover.

0159)19:45 PM-MVA-Farmingdale, ME-Maine Ave. 5 car accident with entrapment, jaws requested.

0158)14:31 PM-ACW-Laconia, NH-South Main St at Dunkin Donuts. Fire in the duct work, M/A from Gilford.

0157)05:05 AM-ACW-Holderness, NH-38 North River St. Porch fire, M/A requested.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

0156)23:15 PM-2nd.AL-Twin Mountain, NH-Rt 302 at Mooseland Grill & Pub. Building was fully involved on arrival and went to the ground.

0155)20:08 PM-ACW-Waterville, ME-30 Chase Ave at Seton Hospital. A boiler explosion & fire, M/A ambulance for transport of the patients.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

0154)20:44 PM-MVA-Standish, ME-On Oak Hill Rd at Boundry Rd. Jaws operating.

0153)13:39 PM-W/F-Nashua, NH-Box 314 102 Temple St. Fire in a commercial building.

0152)12:25 PM-2nd.AL-Auburn, NH-800 Hooksett Rd. Building fire, M/A to work & cover.

0151)12:14 PM-MVA-Brunswick, ME-On Bath Rd. With entrapment, jaws to work.

0150)10:15 AM-W/F-Concord, NH-56 Second St. Building fire.

0149)09:30 AM-MVA-Portland, ME-Maine Turnpike in the area of Mile 48, 2 vehicle rollover with ejection.

0148)06:01 AM-W/F-Dover, NH-17 Rutland St. Companies have a fire in the partitions of a 2.5 story wood frame dwelling, M/A to work & cover.

Friday, January 27, 2006

0146)17:58 PM-Water Incident-Augusta, ME-Off 90 Allen Rd. Snowmobile thru the ice 1 10-45 C3 removed, request for the Warden Service.

0145)13:40 PM-2nd.AL-Swanzey, NH-Eaton Rd. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

0144)12:58 PM-Water Rescue-Embden, ME-Off West Shore Rd. 1 subject in the water, M/A dive team from Skowhegan requested.

0143)08:26 AM-MVA-Hudson, NH-Gloria Ave at Ferry St. Car vs pole & stone wall with entrapment, jaws requested.

0142)07:53 AM-MVA-Northwood, NH-625 1st NH Turnpike(Rt 4). Tractor trailer truck vs car with entrapment/jaws requested, M/A rescue from Epsom enroute.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

0141)07:52 AM-W/F-Salem, NH-Box 333 303 Lawrence Rd. Garage fire, M/A requested for coverage.

0140)05:25 AM-H/M-Grantham, NH-Interstate 89 North of Exit 13. Tractor trailer truck vs snowplow, a large diesel fuel spill.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

0139)22:11 PM-ACW-Nashua, NH-43 Simon St. Small fire in a commercial building.

0138)18:32 PM-ACW-Merrimack, NH-14 Beebe Ln. Fire in attached to a 2 story wood frame dwelling.

0137)17:53 PM-W/F-Albion, ME-158 Noise Rd. Unknown type structure fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

0136)15:43 PM-H/M-Lewiston, ME-On Sabbatus St. Companies on scene at a METH lab, M/A requested.

0135)15:34 PM-Industrial Accident-Manchester, NH-John Devine Dr at a car dealership. A large sign fallen on a subject, request for a trauma team activation.

0134)11:23 AM-W/F-New Ipswich, NH-73 Mountainview Dr. room & content fire in an unknown type structure.

0133)08:13 AM-MVA-Manchester, NH-Chestnut St at Harrison St. car vs pole with entrapment.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

0132)20:16 PM-H/M-Whitefile, ME-On Felt Rd. car vs pole with a transformer down & leaking, request power company to expedite and environmental team enroute.

0131)17:32 PM-MVA-South Portland, ME-Interstate 295 between Exits 3 & 4. 1 confirmed fatality on scene, MSP photo recon.

0130)13:17 PM-MVA-Sanford, ME-Main St at Jagger Mill Rd. with entrapment jaws going to work.

0129)11:50 AM-3rd.AL-Manchester, NH-On Prospect St. Heavy fire in a large 2.5 story wood frame structure, M/A to cover the city.

Monday, January 23, 2006

0128)23:05 PM-W/F-Sanford, ME-Cyro Industries off Rt 109 in South Sanford Dist. Fire in a waste material grinder and collection system, 3 engines, a ladder and a rescue, M/a from Lebanon and Shapliegh for coverage.

0127)21:16 PM-MVA-Denmark, ME-On Hancock Pond Rd. Rollover with entrapment, M/A jaws from Bridgton to work.

0126)21:04 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Epping, NH-Near 115 North River Rd. 15 Y/O Female with lower extremity fractures, manpower for a carryout.

0125)14:08 PM-MVA-Gilead, ME-On Rt 2. With entrapment, M/A jaws from Bethal requested.

0124)13:25 PM-MVA-Epsom, NH-On Rt 4 near Rt 107. With entrapment.

0123)13:21 PM-MVA-Hermon, ME-On Swan Rd at Newburg Rd. Garbage truck vs pole, with entrapment.

0122)12:15 PM-MVA-Scarborough, ME-549 Rt 1. Rollover with entrapment jaws going to work.

0121)09:10 AM-W/F-Sanford, ME-19 Palmer Ln in the Springvale Dist. In the basement ceiling around a pellet stove installation.

0120)00:44 AM-W/F-Walpole, NH-86 Scoville Rd. Garage fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

0119)23:08 PM-ACW-Charlestown, NH-89 West St. Partition fire in a barn, M/A to work & cover.

0118)22:31 PM-MVA-Merrimack, NH-On linda Ln. With entrapment and ejection.

0117)18:00 PM-MVA-Liberty, ME-On South Liberty Rd near the Palermo Town Line. M/A jaws from Searsmont requested.

0116)16:50 PM-W/F-Hooksett, NH-527 West River Rd. At Hooksett Sand & Gravel building fire.

0115)16:03 PM-W/F-Auburn, ME-15 Willow St. Building fire, M/A requested.

0114)12:27 PM-ACW-Fairfield, ME-30 Cottage St. Basement fire in a 1 story ranch, M/A requested.

0113)11:27 AM-W/F-Augusta, ME-313 State St. Capital City Manor, Fire on floor 2 of an OMD.

0112)00:37 AM-MVA-Norway, ME-Main St at Rt 26. With ejection 1 10-45 C1 on scene.

0111)00:30 AM-2nd.AL-West Lebanon, NH-60 South Main st. Large apartment building, M/A to work & cover.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

0110)19:19 PM-MVA-Cornish, ME-On Main St(Rt 25). With entrapment, M/A jaws from Kezar Falls.

0109)17:17 PM-W/F-Wilton, NH-14 Gregoire Cr. Fire in an unknown type structure.

0108)15:25 PM-ATV Accident-Canaan, ME-on Bush Rd. Lifeflighjt requested, L/Z is at Canaan Fire Station on Rt 2.

0107)01:07 AM-MVA-Nashua, NH-On Kinsley St at New Dunstable Rd. Rollover with serious injuries, Trauma team activated.

Friday, January 20, 2006

0106)14:04 PM-ACW-Portsmouth, NH-45 Elwyn Rd. Chimney fire extended to the partitions, Companies opening up.

0105)10:45 AM-W/F-Sabattus, ME-13 Mad Bull Dog Rd. Garage fully involved on arrival, M/A to work & cover.

0104)10:39 AM-H/M-Nashua, NH-429 Amherst St. City Bus with a large diesel fuel spill into drains & wetlands, Hazmat Team going to work.

0103)10:27 AM-MVA/MCI-Gorham, ME-332 New Portland Rd. School bus vs Pickup truck Head on, 1 10-45 C1, Multiple 10-45 C2's, The Cumberland County Strike team was activated for multiple rescues, everyone was transported to MMC for precautionary measures.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

0102)21:38 PM-MVA-waterboro, ME-On Middle Rd at Ross Corner Rd. Entrapment/jaws going to work, M/A from Ross Corner requested.

0101)17:07 PM-W/F-Livermore, ME-near 69 Flanders Rd. Building fire, M/A requested.

0100)15:30 PM-2nd.AL-Weare, NH-On Barnard Hill Rd. Fire in an unknown structure, M/A to work & cover.

0099)14:09 PM-W/F-Meredith, NH-11 Jenness Hill Rd At the Meredith Solid Waste Facility. Fire in a 1 story 20X30 building, M/A requested.

0098)13:25 PM-Skiing Accident-Waterville Valley, NH-At Mount Tecumseh Ski Area. DHART helo enroute for 1 10-45 C2 serious.

0097)09:59 AM-W/F-Rochester, NH-94 Gear Rd. Fire in a 1.5 story wood frame structure.

0096)09:22 AM-Industrial Accident-Portland, ME-40 West Commercial St. Worker trapped under 200LB propane tank.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

0095)19:25 PM-ACW-Keene, NH-Griffen St at People Laundry. Dryer extended to the structure, M/A requested.

0094)15:24 PM-W/F-Waterville, ME-On Concourse Place. The former Ames Dept Store. Fire on the roof, M/A requested.

0093)13:47 PM-H/M-Salem, NH-19 Ball Rd. Pole & transformer down, request for the hazmat team to the scene.

0092)12:38 PM-MVA-Salem, NH-On Lawrence Rd. With entrapment/jaws operating, trauma team activated at Holy Family Hospital.

0091)03:52 AM-W/F-Orrington, ME-12 Hosky Hill Rd. Mobile home fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

0090)17:13 PM-W/F-Portland, ME-28 Lawn Ave. Fire in a 3 story wood frame structure, fire is in the dumb waiter.

0089)15:34 PM-H/M-Westbrook, ME-On County Rd at Arcadia Commons. Ruptured gas line.

0088)12:00 PM-MVA-Belgrade, ME-On Rt 8(Smithfield Rd)in North Belgrade. Rollover with entrapment, Lifeflight requested for 1 10-45 C2 serious, L/Z is near the scene.

0087)11:09 AM-W/F-Wells, ME-7 Percy Ln off Tatnic Rd. Out building fully involved with ammo inside, M/A Ogunquit to the scene, Kennebunk for coverage.

Monday, January 16, 2006

0086)14:44 PM-W/F-Buckfield, ME-16 Morrill St. Fire in an unknown structure, M/A from Turner and Sumner requested/quick knock down.

0085)14:14 PM-W/F-Woodstock, ME-6 Main St. Mobile home fully involved, M/A from Bethal requested.

0084)13:19 PM-W/F-North Berwick, ME-427 Bauneg Beg Hill Rd. Chimney fire, S/C Sanford Ladder 2 to the scene, South Berwick for coverage.

0083)12:59 PM-MVA-Londonderry, NH-Near 206 High Range Rd. Jaws working, Medflight requested L/Z is St Judes church on Mammoth Rd.

0082)11:32 AM-MVA-Bridgewater, NH-On Dick Brown Rd near Rt 3A. Rollover with entrapment, M/A Jaws from Bristol to work.

0081)11:30 AM-ACW-Manchester, NH-287 Canal St. Fire in the floors of a 3 story brick OMD former mill building.

0080)09:40 AM-2nd.AL-Webster, NH-1612 Battle St. Building fire, M/A to work & cover.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

0079)22:47 PM-W/F-Dover, NH-6 Fisher St. Room and content fire on floor 1 of an OMD.

0078)20:10 PM-General Alarm-Claremont, NH-34 Sullivan St. 5 unit apartment building, Explosion in cellar, 1 victim with life threatening injuries was found 30 minutes into the call in the cellar, M/A Charlestown to cover the city.

0077)18:08 PM-MVA-Augusta, ME-on Rt 105 near Togus Stream. RollOver with Entrapment.

0076)15:51 PM-2nd.AL-Merrimack, NH-21 Turkey Rd. Heavy smoke from the basement of a 1 story wood frame structure, M/A work and cover.

0075)11:21 AM-W/F-Vassalboro, ME-1339 Cross Hill Rd. Command reports Garage fully involved, M/A to work and cover.

0074)08:03 AM-MVA-Biddeford, ME-On South St. Truck vs Tree, Jaws working S/C 2nd Rescue.

0073)00:15 AM-MVA-Bristol, NH-On Lake St. 10 Wheel Truck RollOver with entrapment/Jaws to work.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

0072)20:54 PM-MVA-Bartlett, NH-On Rt 302. With Entrapment/Jaws working.

0071)18:20 PM-ACW-Litchfield, NH-1 Standish Ln. Electrical Fire extended to the walls.

0070)17:32 PM-Tech Rescue-Hinsdale, NH-On Rt 119 near Walmart. Command reportsa a hiker with leg injury,M/A to assist with carryout.

Friday, January 13, 2006

0069)21:53 PM-MVA-Pelham, NH-On Gage Hill Rd.3 Entrapped, S/C Salem for a 2nd set of Jaws.

0068)17:27 PM-2nd.AL-Gorham, ME-449 Ossipee Trail(Rt 25). Building Fire, M/A to the scene.

0067)16:33 PM-ATV Accident-Francestown, NH-Off Pleasant Pond Rd on Pleasant Pond. 1 10-45 C2 on scene, request for personelto the scene for a carryout.

0066)12:53 PM-H/M-Bristol, ME-Riverview Rd. A 100+ Gallon Spill of #2 Heating Oil, Request for pads and booms.

0065)12:15 PM-W/F-Franklin, NH-North Rd(Rt127) at the Daniel Webster Birth Place. Building Fire, M/A requested.

0064)04:01 AM-W/F-Falmouth, ME-On the Middle Rd. 1 10-45 C1 on scene,M/A requested.

0063)02:43 AM-MVA-Alfred, ME-On Sanford Rd(202).A RollOver with Entrapment, M/A Jaws from Sanford.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

0062)11:48 AM-W/F-Pittston, ME-354 Nash Rd. Building Fire, M/A requested.

0061)08:00 AM-MVA-Hudson, NH-On the West Rd. Rollover with entrapment/Jaws to work.

0060)07:22 AM-MVA-Rumney, NH-Rt 25 at Halls Brook Rd. Patient ejected/DHART requested to the Spear Memorial Hospital.

0059)07:12 AM-MVA-Sanford, ME-On Hansons Ridge Rd. RollOver with entrapment/Jaws going work.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

0058)21:55 PM-W/F-Gardner, ME-On Fars Rd. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A requested.

0057)18:45 PM-MVA-Bartlett, NH-On Rt 16. Multiple vehicles involved, M/A Jaws from North Conway going to work.

0056)16:50 PM-MVA-Derry, NH-Chester Rd (Rt 102) at Emerson Ave. Jaws going to work.

0055)16:09 PM-MVA-Rindge, NH-Rt 119. Roll Over with ejection, DHART Helo requested.

0054)12:35 PM-H/M-Gorham, ME-Hutchinson Dr. Ruptured Gas line. M/A requested.

0053)12:14 PM-MVA-Franklin, NH-On Rt 3A. With Entrapment/Jaws working.

0052)10:12 AM-W/F-Barrington, NH-240 Beauty Hill Rd. Structure fire. M/A requested.

0051)10:10 AM-MVA-Fairfield, ME-On Interstate 95 at Mile 133. Tractor Trailer rollover with entrapment/jaws working.

0050)09:25 AM-ACW-Nashua, NH-134 East Hollis St. Fire in an occupied dwelling.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

0049)16:56 PM-3rd.AL-Loudon, NH-7059 Pleasant St.Unknown Structure,M/A Requested.

0048)16:30 PM-3rd.AL-Lyndeborough, NH-79 Crooked "S" Rd. House fully involved on arrival, M/A to work and cover.

0047)15:04 PM-MVA-Mont Vernon, NH-Rt 13 at Purgatory Rd. MVA with Jaws working.

0046)14:30 PM-MVA-Londonderry, NH-Interstate 93 Southbound at Exit 5. Car vs Tree, Entrapment/Jaws working and Medflight requested.

0045)13:50 PM-MVA-Fairfield, ME-On the Covell Rd. Rollover with entrapment, Jaws going to work.

0044)09:21 AM-MVA-Gloucester, ME-Rt 231. Jaws working and Lifeflight to the scene.

Monday, January 9, 2006

0043)19:36 PM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-Hiram, ME-Off Sebego Rd on Barkers Pond. 3 10-45's all serious, Lifeflight requested, units doing a carryout via the narrow Guage Railroad.

0042)19:11 PM-W/F-Cape Elizabeth, ME-4 Keys Ln. Pick up truck extended to a garage.

0041)15:08 PM-MVA-Sabattus, ME-Crowley Rd near Littlefield Rd. MVA with Entrapment.

0040)14:44 PM-MVA-Kensington, NH-Rt 107 at Rt 150. M/A Engine and Rescue from Exeter with the Jaws.

0039)13:43 PM-W/F-Anson, ME-587 River Rd. Fire in an unknown type structure.

0038)12:15 PM-W/F-Lewiston, ME-115 Randall Rd. 1 story house, smoke and fire showing.

0037)00:35 AM-MVA-Barrington, NH-Rt 125 at Winlkey Pond. Jaws working, M/A Paramedic from Durham.

0036)00:30 AM-W/F-Sanford, ME-5 Montreal St. Single family dwelling, smoke showing from eves on arrival, 3 engines, a ladder, a rescue and a squad to the scene.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

0035)16:52 PM-MVA-Temple, NH-Route 101 at Old Peterborough Rd. Jaws working, Dhart Helo requested.

0034)15:35 PM-W/F-Bennington, NH-298 North Bennington Rd. Command reports fire showing on arrival, M/A requested.

0033)12:50 PM-W/F-Limington, ME-577 Ossipee Trail(Rt 25). A garage Fire, M/A Requested.

0032)11:47 AM-W/F-Moultonborough, NH-On Whittier Highway near Rt 109. House under construction, M/A going to work.

0031)11:47 AM-W/F-Westbrook, ME-30 Liza Harmon DR. At Larrabee Village Elderly Housing.

0030)11:40 AM-MVA-Lyman, ME-On Old North Berwick Rd. With entrapment, Jaws from Alfred requested.

0029)10:50 AM-W/F-Bartlett, NH-On West Side Rd. himney fire extended to the structure, M/A requested.

0028)08:46 AM-W/F-Exeter, NH-Winter St. Heavy smoke from an unknown type structure, M/A to work and cover.

0027)06:50 AM-W/F-Greenland, NH-11 MCShane Ave. House fire M/A to work and cover.

0026)06:15 AM-W/F-South Portland, ME-5 Barberry Creek Rd. An addition to an occupied house well involved on arrival, quick knock down.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

0025)22:15 PM-3rd.AL-Weare, NH-10 Guys Ln. A detached garage fully involved, M/A to work and cover.

0024)19:34 PM-ACW-Derry, NH-11 Newells Meadow Ln. A Chimney Fire extended to the walls.

0023)16:53 PM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-Norridgewock, ME-On Airport Rd. At the Airport Snowmobile Accident 1 10-45 C2 with serious trauma, Lifeflight requested to the scene.

0022)11:16 AM-MVA-Jefferson, ME-On Rt. 215. With entrapment/jaws operating, Maine Lifeflight requested.

Friday, January 6, 2006

0021)15:14 PM-H/M-Hampton, NH-300 + Gallon spill of diesel from a trailer truck.

0020)14:32 PM-H/M-South Berwick, ME-98 Old South Rd. A 100+ Gallon Spill of home heating oil, DEP Requested.

0019)04:43 AM-5th.AL-Rochester,NH-19 Hansen St. Fire in 3 buildings, exstensive M/A to the scene and to cover.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

0018)03:30 AM-3rd.AL-Goffstown, NH-266 Addison Rd. A structure fire, unknown type of building. M/A responded from several towns.

0017)12:15 AM-W/F-Harrison, ME-60 Spring House Rd. A garage well involved, M/A responded to the scene.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

0016)4:05 PM-W/F-Chesterfield, NH-266 Gulf Rd. A partition fire in a structure, M/A responded to the scene.

0015)02:50 AM-3rd.AL-North Hampton, NH-206 Lafayette Rd (Route 1) at North Hill Hearth and Casual Living Shoppe. Heavy fire in the basement of a split level 2-story wood frame commercial building, the fire extended to the 1st and 2nd floors. The building was heavily damaged, M/A responded from several towns.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

0014)10:20 PM-W/F-Paris, ME-176 Paris Hill Rd. A 1-story wood frame house fully involved on arrival. A male occupant was seriously burned and taken to MMC in Portland by Lifeflight. M/A responded from Norway to the scene, Oxford for coverage.

0013)8:40 PM-MVA-Blue Hill, ME-South St. A male skateboarder riding in the roadway was struck by a car and critically injured, he was transported to Blue Hill Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the car was not injured. It was reported the skateboarder was wearing dark clothing.

0012)08:40 AM-3rd.AL-Gorham, ME-159 County Rd (Route 22). A large horse barn at Perkins Farm was well involved on arrival, a nearby farmhouse was protected by firefighters. The barn was destroyed, M/A responded from several towns.

Monday, January 2, 2006

0011)8:20 PM-3rd.AL-North Haverhill, NH-off Route 10 at the Grafton County Municipal Complex. Heavy fire in a 100X100 barn with additions, where equipment and vehicles were stored. M/A responded from several towns to the scene and for coverage.

0010)12:45 PM-2nd.AL-Franklin, NH-20 Canal St. Fire in a vacant section of the Franklin Business Center, the sprinkler system assisted firefighters in knocking down the heavy fire. M/A responded from several towns.

0009)08:45 AM-W/F-Old Orchard Beach, ME-134 Portland Ave. A 1-story house fire, smoke showing from the eves on arrival. M/A from Scarborough and Biddeford responded.

0008)08:00 AM-W/F-Gilford, NH-Lake Shore Rd near Ames farm. A 3 bedroom house with heavy fire showing on arrival, the home was destroyed. M/A responded from Alton, Laconia, Meredith and Belmont.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

0007)11:30 PM-W/F-Norridgewock, ME-Winding Hill Ln. A fully involved attached garage extended to a 1.5 story house, the structure was destroyed. M/A responded from Skowhegan and Smithfield.

0006)11:15 PM-W/F-Auburn, ME-80 Broad St. A structure fire, M/A from Lewiston responded to the scene.

0005)9:18 PM-2nd.AL-Lisbon, NH-137 Water St. A structure fire, M/A responded.

0004)9:05 PM-W/F-Washington, NH-1040 Faxon Hill Rd. A structure fire, M/A responded to the fire and for coverage.

0003)8:35 PM-2nd.AL-Newmarket, NH-43 Schanda Dr. A building fully involved, M/A responded to the scene.

0002)03:45 AM-W/F-Arundel, ME-234 Log Cabin Rd. A 2-story house with fire showing from 2nd floor windows on arrival. M/A responded from Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Goodwins Mills and Alfred.

0001)AM-MVA-Stewartstown, NH-Route 3. A pickup truck lost control on a curve and hit an enbankment. The 23 y/o male operator was ejected from the pickup when it spun and rolled over, he was killed in the accident.

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