FEBRUARY 1999 Sunday, February 28, 1999

99-434) 7:20pm MVA-New Durham,NH-Rt.11 at the Farmington town line-Jaws from Farmington operating

99-433) 7:03pm 2nd.AL-Nashua,NH-59 Broad St-1.5 story house & garage-Heavy fire on arrival

99-432) 2:39pm MVA-West Ossipee,NH-Rt.16-Jaws operating

99-431) 12:15pm W/F-Berwick,ME-53 Bridge St-Fire in the walls of a 2.5 story wdfr Dwelling-M/A from Somersworth & Rochester FD's to the fire

99-430) 5:58am W/F-Raymond,ME-Rt.85-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

Saturday, February 27, 1999

99-429) Afternoon MVA-Bradley,ME-Rt.178-Van Vs Pickup head-on-(2)Fatalities-Jaws operating

99-428) 10:59am W/F-East Livermore,ME-Campground Rd-"Just For Kids Retail Shoppe"-24x36 commercial building fully involved-M/A from Livermore & Jay to the fire

99-427) 9:43am W/F-Rochester,NH-11B Summer St-Garage Fire-(2)Vehicle inside

99-426) 8:30am Small Plane Down-Sanford,ME-Plane hung up in the trees between Whitcher's Mills Rd & Rt.99-(2) Minor Injury-Carry out in progress

Friday, February 26, 1999

99-425) 11:40pm W/F-Freedom,NH-63 Freedom Point Rd-House fire-M/A from Madison, West Ossipee, Center Ossipee and Effingham FD's

99-424) 11:32pm MVA-Pelham,NH-Marsh & Willow Rd-(5)Patients, accident involving a police cruiser-M/A ambulances to the scene

99-423) 4:01pm W/F-Farmington,ME-Rt.43 behind the West Farmington Post Office-Structure fully involved-M/A from Temple, Industry and Wilton to the fire

99-422) 3:20pm W/F-Dixmont,ME-205 Rt.7-Garage fire-M/A to the fire

99-421) 2:45pm W/F-Franklin,NH-71 Winnipesaukee St-House fire

99-420) 1:19pm W/F-Wells,ME-51 Pool Drive (Highpine District) House fire-M/A from Sanford to the fire

99-419) 1:09 pm MVA-Lewiston,ME-Russel & Morris St-Jaws operating

99-418) 11:49am MVA-Gardiner,ME-Rt.126 & Indiana Rd-Head-on, Jaws operating

99-417) 4:40am W/F-Jay,ME-Souls Hill Rd-Structure fire-M/A from Wilton & Livermore FD's

99-416) 1:50am MVA-Manchester,NH-Rt.293 at the Amoskeag Bridge off ramp-(2)Fatalities-Jaws & Air Bags working

99-415) 1:27am MVA-Kingfield,ME-Rt.27- 2 cars, head-on-(1)Fatality-M/A from Carrabassett Valley FD

99-414) 00:22am 3rd.AL-Portland,ME-13 Mayo St-3 story wdfr, 75x100, apartment building-Heavy fire

Thursday, February 25, 1999

99-413) 9:20pm W/F-Lincoln,ME-Rt.2 at "Libby's Market"-1 story wdfr 40x80 building fully involved-M/A from Mattawamkeag FD

99-412) 3:45pm W/F-Waterville,ME-Grossman Hall at Colby College-1 room fire in 3 story brick dormitory

99-411) 12:15pm W/F-Newport,ME-Joslyn St-House fire-M/A from Corinna FD

99-410) Morning W/F-East Madison,ME-Lake Wesserunsett-House & Garage fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-409) 8:48am MVA-Wilton,NH-Rt.31 South-Jaws operating

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

99-408) 11:49pm MVA-Concord,NH-85 Manchester Rd-Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating

99-407) 7:23pm MVA-Wells,ME-Rt.109 & Highpine Loop Rd-Jaws operating

99-406) 7:15pm 2nd.AL-Loudon,NH-97 North Village Rd-2 story house-Fire on the 2nd.floor

99-405) 7:14pm 3rd.AL-Bedford,NH-5 Colby Ct. at the rear of the Shop N Save-Storage trailer fire now extended into the recieving area of the main Grocery Store-Sprinklers operating & a heavy smoke condition

99-404) 3:48pm MVA-Norway,ME-Rt.118 & Greenwood Rd-Jaws from Paris FD operating

99-403) Afternoon W/F-Jonesboro,ME-Looks Point Rd-Storage Shed fully involved as the result of a grass fire

99-402) Afternoon W/F-Willimantic,ME-Elliotsville Rd-House fire-Monson FD responded as Willimantic has no FD-M/A to the fire

99-401) Afternoon W/F-Cutler,ME-Rt.191-Grass fire spread to a Greenhouse & Storage Shed-Cutler Naval Fire Department responded to the fire

99-400) 3:15pm W/F-Salem,NH-13 Henry Taylor Rd-House fire-M/A from Derry FD

99-399) 11:48am 2nd.AL-Bradford,NH-2 Greenhouse Lane-2 story 30x40 House attached to a simliar stye barn-Heavy fire in the house-M/A from Henniker, Hopkinton, Weare, Sutton, Warner and Newbury FD's

99-398) 11:08am W/F-Solon,ME-North Main St-Structure heavily involved-M/A from Madison, Anson & North Anson FD's

99-397) 3:34am 3rd.AL-Lewiston,ME-839 Main St at "Harleys Are Us"-Motorcycle, ATV & Snowmobile Dealership-50x100 2 story building-Entire complex including the main showroom heavily involved-M/A from Sabattus, Greene, Gray, Auburn, Lisbon and Mechanic Falls FD's

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

99-396) 10:49pm W/F-Twin Mountain,NH-Rt.3-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-395) 10:47pm W/F-Whitefield,NH-South Whitefield Rd-Garage & House fire-M/A to the fire

99-394) 8:24pm MVA-Ellsworth,ME-Phillips Rd near Branch Lake-Rollover-(1)Fatality

99-393) 7:30pm W/F-Manchester,NH-1484 Bodwell Rd-House fire

99-392) 6:42pm MVA-Woolwich,ME-Rt.1 & George Wright Rd-Jaws operating-(2) Fatalities at scene

99-391) 2:20pm MVA-Washington,ME-Rt.220-Rollover,Jaws operating

99-390) 1:00pm W/F-Burnham,ME-Mount Rd-1 story house & garage heavily involved-M/A to the fire

99-389) 12:25pm MVA-Swanzey,NH-Rt.10 South at "Joyce's Variety Store"-6 ambulances to the scene

99-388) 9:03am W/F-Auburn,ME-93 Crest Ave-House fire

99-387) 4:20am W/F-Francestown,NH-Rt.136 & Scobie Pond Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Hancock, New Boston, Peterborough & Bennington FD's-(1)Fatality

99-386) 1:23am MVA-Falmouth,ME-182 Longwoods Rd-(1)Fatality

Monday, February 22, 1999

99-385) 5:00pm MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.12 & 32-Jaws operating

99-384) 2:50pm MVA-South Portland,ME-Sawyer & Cottage St-Jaws operating

99-383) 1:40pm W/F-Manchester,NH-479 Merrimack St-2.5 story occupied house-cellar fire extended to upper floors

99-382) 1:20pm W/F-Arundel,ME-15 Bergeron Drive off the Mountain Rd-Garage fully involved-M/A from Kennebunk & Goodwins Mills FD's

99-381) 12:55pm W/F-Rumford,ME-"Mead Paper Mill" off Railroad St- Structure fire-M/A from Mexico, Andover, Dixfield & Peru FD's

99-380) 12:54pm W/F-Greenville,NH-Adams St-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-379) 8:39am 2nd.AL-Manchester,NH-336 Amherst St-3 story wdfr occupied apartment building-Fire on floor 3

99-378) 4:49am W/F-Topsham,ME-8 Green St-Apartment House fire-M/A from Brunswick & Lisbon FD's to the fire

99-377) 00:30am W/F-Poland,ME-272 Poland Corner Rd-House fire-M/A from Mechanic Falls FD to the fire

Sunday, February 21, 1999

99-376) 11:45pm 2nd.AL-Merrimack,NH-6 Short St-Garage & 2.5 story wdfr house fire-M/A to the fire

99-375) 10:20pm 2nd.AL-Tamworth,NH-Rt.16 at "Chocorua Woods Assisted Living"-Heavy smoke showing in a 50x200' building-Companies evacuating residents-M/A from Madison, Conway, West Ossipee, Moultonboro, Sandwich and Center Ossipee FD's

99-374 7:23pm W/F-Monmouth,ME-Pine Hill Rd-Garage Fire-M/A from Wales FD

99-373) 12:12pm MVA-Fairfield,ME-Newhall St-Car Vs Child-Serious injury

99-372) 1:13am 2nd.AL-Laconia,NH-Rt.3 at the Village at Winnipesaukee Condominiums-Heavy fire on floor 2-M/A to the fire

Saturday, February 20, 1999

99-371) 11:29pm MVA-York,ME-North Village Rd-Car Vs Tree-(1)1045c3 Trapped-Jaws from Ogunquit FD operating

99-370) 11:25pm W/F-Newport,ME-West St-House heavily involved-M/A from Pittsfield, Corinna, and Plymouth to the fire

99-369) 11:09pm W/F-Sugar Hill,NH-Streeter Rd-House heavily involved-M/A to the fire

99-368) 5:00pm W/F-Troy,NH-248 West Hill Rd-Attic fire in a 2.5 story house-M/A to the fire

99-367) 2:05pm W/F-Washington,ME-Dorman Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Jefferson FD

99-366) 2:04pm W/F-Concord,NH-4 Ormond St-Garage fire-(1) Burn victim at scene

99-365) 5:00am 2nd.AL-Portland,ME-12 Forest St-4 story Occupied Apartment Building fire-Heavy fire on the top floor-Confirmed (1) Fatality at the scene

99-364) 2:43am MVA-Lebanon,ME-Upper Guinea Rd near the Beagle Club-Car Vs Tree-Jaws from Rochester FD & Rescue from Milton FD to the scene

Friday, February 19, 1999

99-363) 7:20pm 2nd.AL-Belgrade,ME-Station Rd-A fully involved Railroad Locomotive

99-362) Morning MVA-Auburn,ME-Rt.100-Car Vs Truck-(1)Fatality

99-361) 8:13am W/F-Augusta,ME-Rt.27 next to the North Augusta Market-House fire

99-360) 4:50am W/F+-Oxford,ME-Pleasant St at the "Village Green Market" -3 story 40x50 Building heavily involved-M/A from Mechanic Falls, Casco, Norway, Otisfield, Poland and Paris FD's

99-359) 12:30am W/F-North Swanzey,NH-12 Grove St-House fire-(2)Fatalities--

(Photo Courtesy of Nashua Telegraph)

Thursday, February 18, 1999

99-358) 8:03pm MVA-Caribou,ME-Rt.1 by Sleeper's-Pedestrian Struck by a car-(1)Fatality

99-357) 7:13pm 2nd.AL-Wolfeboro,NH-34 Port Wedeln Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-356) 6:30pm MVA-Greenwood,ME-Rt.26 in Locke Mills near North Pond-(7) injured, (4) Trapped, Jaws from Bethel FD operating

99-355) Afternoon MVA-Milbridge,ME-Rt.1-Car Vs Tractor Trailer Truck-Jaws operating from Steuben FD

99-354) Afternoon MVA-Old Town,ME-Rt.95-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating, (1)Fatality

99-353) 3:49pm MVA-Hermon,ME-Rt.2-Multiple injuries-Jaws operating

99-352) 3:30pm Snowmobile Accident-Shirley,ME-Oak Ridge Rd-Machine struck a tree-Rider suffered relatively minor injuries

99-351) 11:45am MVA-Sanbornton,NH-I93-NB near Exit 22-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-350) 11:24am MVA-Bradford,NH-Rt.114 at Henniker town line-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating

99-349) 5:44am MVA-Winthrop,ME-Rt.41 & 133-Jaws operating

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

99-348) Evening W/F-Carthage,ME-Rt.142-House heavily involved-M/A from Weld & Dixfield FD's

99-347) 5:02pm W/F-Saco,ME-across from 17 Meserve Circle-Mobile Home fire

99-346) 1:29pm W/F-Manchester,NH-236 Sewall St-1 story house with heavy fire throughout

99-345) 10:31am W/F-Brownfield,ME-Old County Rd (Fire Lane 15F)2.5 story House fully involved with attached garage-M/A from Denmark, Fryeburg & Bridgton FD's to the fire

99-344) 07:24 am 2nd.AL-Nashua,NH-797 West Hollis St-Building fire

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

99-343) Evening W/F-Monson,ME-Water St-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-342) 10:26pm W/F-Barrington,NH-224 Berry River Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Strafford, Madbury & Rochester FD's

99-341) Evening MVA-Brookton,ME-Rt.1-Car Vs Tractor Trailer Truck-(1)Fatality

99-340) 5:28pm W/F-North Yarmouth,ME-Walnut Hill Rd-Garage Fire

99-339) 4:15pm W/F-Paris,ME-Hannible Hamlin Rd on Paris Hill-Structure fire-M/A from Woodstock, West Paris, Norway, Buckfield and Hebron FD's-

99-338) 4:14pm W/F-Fitzwilliam,NH-Rt.119 West-Building fire-M/A to the fire

99-337) 1:30am Train Derailment-Little Squaw Township,ME (near Greenville)-13 Cars loaded with lumber rerailed near Kelly's Landing Restaurant, just outside of Greenville Junction--No injuries were reported

99-336) 1:16am MVA-Rochester,NH-Chestnut Hill Rd-3 injured, Jaws operating

Monday, February 15, 1999

99-335) 8:11pm W/F-Sullivan,ME-Tunk Lake Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-334) 7:56pm 2nd.AL-Campton,NH-Alden Dr. in the Deer Run Development-2 story house well involved

33-329) 3:13pm 2nd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-5 Freedom Circle (Patriot's Park) 3 story Garden style apartment building-Fire on floor 2

99-328) 2:59pm MVA-Rollinsford,NH-Clement Rd-Rollover-(2)Trapped-Jaws operating

99-327) 2:50pm 2nd.AL-Pittsfield,NH-46 Watson St-Chimney fire extended into the 2nd floor-M/A to the fire

99-326) 1:20pm W/F-West Paris,ME-157A High St-Garage & House fire-M/A from South Paris, Norway & Woodstock FD's

99-325) 10:30am W/F-Durham,ME-Churchill & Old Brunswick Rd-"Church's Welding" Building fully involved-M/A to the fire from Pownal &Freeport FD's

99-324) 8:30am W/F-Sanbornton,NH-38 Steele Hill Rd-Chimney fire extended into the roof of a dwelling-M/A to the fire

99-323) 4:43am W/F-Rumney,NH-600 Quincy Rd-1 story house fully involved-M/A from Plymouth FD

Sunday, February 14, 1999

99-322) 10:00pm W/F-Livermore,ME-River Rd-House heavily involved-M/A tankers to the fire

99-321) 1:05pm MVA-Merrimack,NH-Everett Turnpike at Exit 11-(2)Sets of Jaws operating

99-320) 06:54am W/F-Rye,NH-165 West Rd-2 story Garage & Woodworking Shop fully involved-M/A from Portsmouth & New Castle to the fire, North Hampton for cover

Saturday, February 13, 1999

99-319) 9:40pm W/F-Biddeford,ME-Lincoln St at "MERC" Maine Energy Recovery-Fire in the schredders

99-318) 5:20pm W/F-Gorham,ME-236 Mosher Rd-Storage Shed fire

99-317) 4:30pm Snowmobile Accident-Beaver Cove,ME-Summit of 3000' Baker Mt.-Rider struck a tree-4 hour carry out with rescue sled from Maine Warden Service & Greenville FD

99-316) 1:45pm W/F-Holden,ME-Chase Hill Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

Friday, February 12, 1999

99-315) 7:45pm W/F-East Corinth,ME-Rt.43 (Hudson Rd) Structure fire-M/A to the fire

99-314) 12:56pm 2nd.AL-Bristol,NH-803 South Main St-2 story house-Heavy fire on all floors-Extensive mutual aid to the fire

99-313) 10:30 am W/F-Londonderry,NH-4 Birchwood Dr-Bedroom fire on floor #2

99-312) 8:03am 2nd.AL-Casco,ME-Rt.121 at the "Spurwink School"-Quick knockdown of the fire-M/A to the scene

Thursday, February 11, 1999

99-311) 10:32pm MVA-Alton,NH-Rt.28 about 2 miles south of the Circle-1 car, 1 trapped-M/A Jaws from New Durham FD

99-310) 10:03pm W/F-Kingman,ME-Grass Mill Rd-House heavily involved-M/A from Macwahoc FD

99-309) 8:30pm W/F-Mariaville,ME-Marson Farm Rd-House well involved-M/A from Aurora FD

99-308) 7:13pm W/F-Amherst,NH-4 Grater Rd-1.5 story house-Heavy fire in the laundry room-M/A to the fire

99-307) 5:15PM W/F-Solon,ME-Rt.201 by the Library-2.5 story apartment house fire-M/A to the fire

99-306) 2:30PM 2nd.AL-Rindge,NH-8 Pearly Pond Way-House fully involved-M/A tankers to the fire-

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

UPDATE-5:00pm Whiting,ME-Divers have recovered all 3 bodies from Rocky Lake

99-305) 8:55am MVA-Lewiston,ME-Central & Montello St-Car Vs Garbage Truck-Jaws operating-(1) Seriously injured, (1)Fatality

99-304) 03:39am 2nd.AL-New Durham,NH-41 Copple Crown Rd-2.5 story house fully involved with multiple venting propane tanks-M/A from Alton,Wolfeboro,Middleton, Farmington, Barnstead,Strafford and Gilmanton FD's..

Tuesday, February 09, 1999

99-303) Afternoon WHITING.ME-3 people ice fishing & their all-terrain vehicles on Rocky Lake are feared drowned when they disappeared into a 20' x 20' hole in the ice. Divers from the Maine Warden Service are searching tonight and expect to continue in the morning for the bodies of two men and a woman last seen riding ATVs on the lake

99-302) 12:20pm W/F-Merrimack,NH-Miriam Road-House heavily involved-M/A to the fire

99-301) 8:13am W/F-Nottingham,NH-12 King Fisher Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Lee, Durham, Northwood, Newmarket, Raymond, Epping and Stratham FD's 99-300) 4:00am W/F-Orono,ME-167 Bennoch Rd at the old Sutton Dairy Farm-Large 2.5 story farmhouse heavily involved in fire-M/A from Veazie & Old Town FD's

Monday, February 08, 1999

99-299) 5:30pm W/F-Derry,NH-213 Island Pond Rd-Building fire

99-298) 1:30pm MVA-Scarborough,ME-Rt.1 & Haigus Parkway-CPR in Progress

Sunday, February 07, 1999

99-297) 4:30pm MVA-Windham,NH-Rt.111 at Indian Hill Hardware-Jaws operating

99-296) 11:45am Snowmobile Accident-Chatham,NH-off Rt.113 on the Province Brook Trail-Fryeburg Rescue at the scene

99-295) 11:03am W/F-Langdon,NH-Old Jewett Rd-2 car Garage fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-294) 5:00am W/F-Belmont,NH-Waring Rd-Large Shed fully involved-M/A to the fire

99-293) 4:00am W/F-(Northumberland,NH)-Groveton Village district-Rt.3-Building fire, heavy fire on arrival-M/A from Lancaster & Stark FD's

Saturday, February 06, 1999

99-292) 9:00pm MVA-Whiting,ME-Rt.1-Rollover-Jaws from Machias FD operating

99-291) 7:30pm MVA-Bath,ME-Rt.1@ Carlton Bridge-Jaws operating

Friday, February 05, 1999

99-290) Evening W/F-Lee,ME-Thompson Hill Rd-House fire

99-289) 7:02pm W/F-Manchester,NH-167 Second St-1.5 story house & garage with heavy fire

99-288) 4:42pm W/F-Milford,NH-Christmas Tree Lane at the Mt.Vernon town line-Building fire at Riley's Lumber Co.-M/A to the fire

Thursday, February 04, 1999

99-287) 9:50pm W/F-Dixmont,ME-Rt.9-2 story House fire-M/A from Newburgh FD

99-286) 9:23pm MVA-Hancock,ME-Rt.1 at "Hancock Hill"-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-285) 8:30pm W/F-Wales,ME-90 Frank Sanborn Rd at the Sabbatus Town line-Structure fully involved-M/A from Sabattus, Lisbon and Monmouth FD's to the fire 99-284) 6:03pm W/F-South Conway,NH-Walker Pond Rd off the Potter Rd-3 story House fire-Fire through the roof-Units from Redstone, East Conway, Center Conway, North Conway & Conway Village FD's to the fire

99-283) 5:24pm MVA-Hampton,NH-High St-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating

99-282) 2:27pm W/F-Paris,ME-474 High St-Ranch Style House Fire-Firefighters rescued a child from the home who later died from his injuries-M/A from Norway FD 99-281) 1:35pm Snowmobile Accident-Ashland,NH-Rt.3 near the NB exit ramp to I93-Rider with injuries

99-280) 11:00am W/F-Blue Hill,ME-Turkey Farm Rd-Structure fire-M/A from Sedgwick & Surry FD's to the fire

99-279) 1:00am W/F-Dover,NH-Heaphy Lane behind Newick's Restaurant on Dover Point-2 story 25x30 house with heavy fire showing-M/A from Newington, Portsmouth, Rollinsford, Somersworth, and Madbury FD's

Wednesday, February 03, 1999

99-278) 7:41pm MVA-Limerick,ME-Rt.11-Person struck by a car-Serious head injury

99-277) 2:01pm W/F-Bath,ME-481 Middle St-Structure fire

99-276) 10:28am MVA-Ossipee,NH-Rt.16 in the Ossipee Corner section-Jaws operating

99-275) 9:00am Plane ran off the Runway-Presque Isle,ME at the Airport-FEDERAL EXPRESS CARGO PLANE sustained underbelly damage

99-274) 7:22am MVA-Alton,NH-Rt.11A & 11D-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-273) 7:00am W/F-Lisbon,ME-Moody Rd-House Fire

Tuesday, February 02, 1999

99-272) 9:00pm MVA-Nashua,NH-22 Thornton Rd-Person Struck by a Car-(1)Fatality

99-271) 6:13pm MVA-Milton,NH-Rt.16 SB near Exit 17-Jaws operating, (3) injured

99-270) 5:00pm 2nd.AL-Lisbon,NH-Wilson Rd-1 story House fire-M/A from Sugar HIll, Bath, Woodsville, Littleton and Landaff FD's

99-269) 4:00pm W/F-Avon,ME-Mt.Blue Rd-House fire-Phillips FD covers Avon as they have no FD, Salem Township & Strong FD's responded M/A

99-268) 3:26pm W/F-York,ME-78 Raydon Rd. Extension-1 story 24x40 house with attached garage-Fire contained to bedroom & hallway

99-267) 3:25pm MVA-Thomaston,ME-North Shore Dr-Jaws operating

99-266) 3:00pm MVA-Hermon,ME-Rt.2 at Miller Hill-Rollover-Jaws operating

99-265) 2:40pm MVA-Limerick,ME-Rt.160-Rollover,Jaws operating-M/A from Waterboro FD

99-264) 1:56pm MVA-Gilmanton,NH-Rt.106 at the Belmont town line-Jaws operating

99-263) 9:20am W/F-Bristol,NH-Rt.104 at "Freudenberg NOK"-Commercial Building-Fire in the dust collection system-M/A from Alexandria FD & New Hampton FD to the fire

99-262) 9:00am W/F-Eddington,ME-Davis Rd-Welding Shop & Live Bait Shop well involved-M/A from Brewer,Orrington and Holden FD's

99-261) 6:00am W/F-Troy,ME-Ward Hill Rd-House Fire-M/A to the fire

99-260) 2:01am W/F-Limington,NH-Rt.117-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

Monday, February 01, 1999

99-259) 7:18pm W/F-York,ME-26 Birch Hill Rd-1.5 story house-Chimney fire extended into the walls

99-258) 2:14pm W/F-Osborn,ME-Rt.179-Chimney fire extended in the house-Aurora & Waltham FD's operating as Osborn has no fire department

99-257) 12:49pm W/F-Old Orchard Beach,ME-9 Cookman Ave-1.5 story 24x24 House well involved

99-256) 12:49pm Snowmobile Accident-Henniker,NH-9 Old Concord Rd-Rider with head injury

99-255) 8:19am W/F-Fryburg,ME-595 Harbor Rd in North Fryburg-Chimney fire extended into the house-M/A to the fire

99-254) 8:01am 3rd.AL-Freeport,ME-Main St at Brewers Marine in South Freeport-100x150 building fully involved-The building contained boats & boat equipment-S/C the Cumberland County Fire Task Force, bringing many additional pieces of apparatus to the fire 99-253) 7:17am 2nd.AL-Northwood,NH-154 Old Canterbury Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

99-252) 7:00am A/C/W-Biddeford,ME-River St at the Mill-Fire in the Elevator Shaft