Sunday, Febuary 29, 2004

0320)1:45 PM-ACW-Windham, NH-Pleasant St. A structure fire, M/A responded from Pelham.

0319)11:20 AM-MVA-West Ossipee, NH-Route 25 west near Mt. Whittier. Jaws used for extrication, multiple 10-45's code 3, 1 10-45 code 1 (pediatric), M/A responded from Tamworth & Madison Rescue.

Saturday, Febuary 28, 2004

0318)11:35 PM-2nd.AL-Keene, NH-19 East View Dr. A building fire, M/A Tankers, Ambulance, & Fire investigation unit responded.

0317)03:30 AM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-Readfield, ME-Davies Ln off Route 41. Snowmobile went off the road into trees at high speed, 1 10-45 code 1, SP and Warden service responded to investigate.

Friday, Febuary 27, 2004

0316)10:55 PM-W/F-Hooksett, NH-77 Farmer Rd. Basement fire in a building, M/A from Candia responded.

0316)10:50 PM-W/F-Amherst, NH-22 Martingale Rd. An attached garage fire, minor extension to the house.

0315)9:18 PM-2nd.AL-Nottingham, NH-230 Mill Pond. A 2-story 40x60 abandoned farmhouse fully involved, the structure was destroyed. M/A responded from Lee, Epping, Deerfield, Northwood, Barrington and Raymond.

0314)4:45 PM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-North Fryeburg, ME-Route 113 across from "Pete's Garage". 2 snowmobiles crashed head-on. Reported 1 10-45 code 1 and 1 10-45 code 2, Lifeflight responded to the scene for transport. Maine Warden responded to investigate.

0313)2:48 PM-2nd.AL-Freeport, ME-Route 136 near Blackhawk Rd. Heavy fire in a garage and "EL" extended to a 2.5 story brick house, which was gutted. 1 FF transported with a leg injury. Brunswick, Durham, Yarmouth and Pownal responded M/A.

0312)11:30 AM-W/F-Wells, ME-Route 1 at the Seagull Motor Inn. A cottage fire, M/A responded from Ogunquit & Kennebunk.

0311)09:20 AM-W/F-Stratford, NH-Route 3. A house fully involved, M/A responded from several towns.

0310)06:05 AM-MVA-North Berwick, ME-Route 4. Jaws used to extricate trapped victim.

Thursday, Febuary 26, 2004

0309)8:45 PM-W/F-Barrington, NH-109 McDaniel Shore Dr. A lake shore cottage well involved, heavy fire destroyed a deck and living room area. M/A responded from Strafford for station coverage.

0308)6:00 PM-W/F-Rollinsford, NH-180 Oak St. A structure fire.

0307)12:00 PM-INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT-Thomaston, ME-107 New County Rd @ "Dragon Cement Products". Worker fell 52 feet into a Silo and was seriously injured, 1-1/2 hr long extrication time. M/A from Rockland with a Technical Rescue Team and Lifeflight transported to CMMC. 1 FEMA USAR Team member who was already on scene also assisted.

0306)11:25 AM-W/F-Richmond, ME-54 Ridge Rd. A mobile home fully involved, M/A responded.

0305)08:55 AM-W/F-Woodstock, ME-311 Curtis Hill Rd. A house fully involved on arrival, M/A from Greenwood, W. Paris, and Paris responded.

0304)02:25 AM-W/F-Gilmanton, NH-272 Mountain Rd. A barn with heavy fire, M/A responded from Alton & Barnstead.

Wednesday, Febuary 25, 2004

0303)8:30 PM-W/F-Wells, ME-Burnt Mill Rd. A fire extended into wall from stove pipe on wood stove, extended to ceiling area. M/A Kennebunk.

0302)8:00 PM-W/F-Raymond, NH-Briar Rd. A building fire, M/A responded.

0301)1:15 PM-W/F-Limington, ME-Brandy Ln. A house with heavy fire condition, M/A responded from several towns.

Tuesday, Febuary 24, 2004

0300)PM-ATV ACCIDENT-Salem, NH-An island in Arlington Mill Pond. ATV struck some rocks and rolled over, ejecting the operator who was killed. Fish & Game responded to investigate.

0299)4:45 PM-W/F-China, ME-Tobey Rd. A mobile home fully involved, M/A responded from Palermo, Windsor and Vassalboro.

0298)3:00 PM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-Dixville Notch, NH-Roaring Brook Trail. Snowmobile operator with serious injuries, transported to the Hospital in Colebrook then airlifted to DHMC in Lebanon. M/A assisted from Colebrook, Errol, and Pittsburg.

0297)07:45 AM-MVA-Gorham, ME-Ossipee Trail at Dingley Spring Rd. Dump truck struck a car broadside, 1 10-45 code 1 on scene. PD reconstructed the scene.

Monday, Febuary 23, 2004

0296)9:58 PM-MVA-Warren, ME-Oyster River Rd near the Thomaston line. Vehicle hit a pole, the driver was ejected and killed. M/A from Thomaston.

0295)12:30 PM-W/F-Nashua, NH-24 Bartimus Circle. Fire in a 2.5 story apartment house, 1 apartment involved.

0294)04:00 AM-W/F-Brentwood, NH-5 Route 27. A structure fire, M/A responded to the scene and for coverage.

0293)02:00 AM-MVA-Durham, ME-Bowie Hill Rd. Plow truck struck a pedestrian with serious injuries, Lifeflight responded for transport. SP is investigating the accident.

Sunday, Febuary 22, 2004

0292)PM-W/F-Brewer, ME-Prospect St. A 2-story apartment building with heavy fire, M/A responded to the fire.

0291)6:15 PM-MVA-Poland, ME-Herrick Valley Rd & Old County Rd 1/2 mile from Mechanic Falls line. 2 10-45's trapped, jaws used.

0290)5:00 PM-MVA-Manchester, ME-Route 202. 2 vehicles involved with entrapment, jaws used. 4 persons injured, 3 were transported to the hospital. Augusta FD responded to assist.

0289)1:30 PM-MVA-Oxford, ME-Webber Brook & Morse Ave. Car struck a pole with entrapment, jaws used.

0288)03:10 AM-W/F-Standish, ME-11 Hereweare Dr. A chimney fire in a 2-story lakefront structure extended to the building, M/A responded.

Saturday, Febuary 21, 2004

0287)11:45 PM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-Boothbay, ME-Adams Pond off Route 27. Snowmobile struck an enbankment and a guardrail, 1 10-45 code 1 on scene, State Police responded to investigate.

0286)9:30 PM-3rd.AL-Hampton Beach, NH-20 Brown Ave @ Sunset View Condos. Heavy fire in a 2.5 story wood frame 18-unit condominium complex, the building was gutted and part of the roof collapsed. 5 persons including 2 police officers were transported for minor injuries, M/A responded from 12 communities including ME & MA.

0285)9:15 PM-2nd.AL-Augusta, ME-Tondra Pitt Rd off Mt. Vernon Ave. A mobile home fully involved, M/A responded.

0284)7:30 PM-W/F-Winterport, ME-Pine View Ln. House fully involved with collapse, 1 10-45 code 1. State Fire Marshal's office is investigating.

0283)6:00 PM-2nd.AL-Bath, NH-Joy rd. A building fire, 1 10-45 code 1. M/A responded from several towns and Fire Marshal is investigating.

0282)4:00 PM-MVA-Rumford, ME-Kimble Ave & Andover Rd. 2 cars heaqd-on with mulitple injuries and entrapment, jaws used.

0281)2:50 PM-MVA-Harrison, ME-55 Summit Hill Rd. A vehicle rolled over with entrapment, jaws used for extrication.

0280)10:20 AM-MVA-Hiram, ME-Route 113 near the tracks at the Brownfield line. Single vehicle rolled over with entrapment, jaws used.

0279)05:57 AM-3rd.AL-Bradford, NH-Howlett Rd just off just Rte 114 south. A barn with heavy fire, M/A responded from several towns.

0278)02:10 AM-MVA-Mechanic Falls, ME-350 Pleasant St. Car struck a pole with entrapment, 1 10-45 code 1 on scene, 2nd occupant transported to hospital.

Friday, Febuary 20, 2004

0277)9:30 PM-2nd.AL-Thornton, NH-655 Upper Mad River Rd. A 2-story luxury house, under construction but almost finished, with heavy fire conditions fueled by an underground propane tank. M/A responded from Plymouth, Rumney, Waterville Valley, Ashland, Holderness, Meredith, New Hampton, Woodstock and Center Harbor.

0276)10:40 AM-W/F-Freeport, ME-162 Main St @ "Harraseeket Inn". Stove fire extended to vent, smoke condition in the building. M/A responded.

0275)10:20 AM-MVA-Fryeburg, ME-Area of Fish St. Seriously injured victim flown by Lifeflight to MMC.

Thursday, Febuary 19, 2004

0274)10:50 PM-MVA-Mapleton, ME-State Rd (Rte 227). Minivan rolled over several times, female driver was ejected and died from her injuries. Her 3 children in the van were not injured. SP is investigating, appears operating too fast for conditions and ice & snow in the road were the cause.

0273)10:30 PM-W/F+-Stockton Springs, ME-South Dock Rd at South Cape Shores Development. Two luxury townhouses well involved, fire is considered suspicious. M/A responded from West Frankfort, Winterport, and Belfast.

0272)7:37 PM-W/F-Augusta, ME-Mount Vernon St. A 2-unit apartment building gutted by fire, M/A responded from Togus & Gardiner.

0271)6:00 PM-MVA-Milton, NH-Spaulding Turnpike (Rte 16) 1 mile south of exit 17. 4 vehicles involved with extensive extrication in 2 which collided head-on, 3 sets of jaws were used. 2 10-45's code 2 trapped and 4 other 10-45's code 3, who were not transported. Lifeflight responded for transport to CMMC in Lewiston, M/A assisted from Rochester, Farmington, and Wakefield.

0270)12:30 PM-SKIING ACCIDENT-Bethel, ME-Sunday River Ski Area. Female skier collided with another skier and was critically injured, she was flown by Lifeflight to CMMC in Lewiston where she died from her injuries.

0269)06:05 AM-2nd.AL-York, ME-50 Birch Hill Rd. off Rte 91. A 1-story 40X100 barn fully involved, exposed to unattached house. Kittery, Eliot, South Berwick, and York Beach responded M/A to the fire, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard FD covered.

0268)06:00 AM-W/F-Sherman, ME-205 Island Falls Rd. A 2-story 100+ year old farmhouse fully involved, minor extension to nearby barn. 1 FF was taken to Houlton Regional Hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. M/A responded from Staceyville, Patten and Island Falls.

Wednesday, Febuary 18, 2004

0267)12:15 PM-W/F-Hebron, NH-North Shore Rd. A 1.5 story house fire, M/A responded from Bristol, Alexandria and Plymouth.

0266)06:45 AM-MVA-HAZMAT-Seabrook, NH-I-95 at northbound rest area. A truck clipped a tanker truck carrying 1000 gallons of gasoline, slicing open the tank and causing a leak. A hazmat team responded to contain the spill.

Tuesday, Febuary 17, 2004

0265)9:20 PM-W/F-Temple, NH-52 Dutton Ln. A structure fire, M/A responded to the fire.

0264)3:30 PM-W/F-Pownal, ME-36 Poland Range Rd. Heavy smoke showing from a 1-story ranch with attached garage, heavy fire into attic over the garage. M/A responded.

0263)10:30 AM-W/F-Hillsboro, NH-Route 31. A mobile home fire, 4 towns responded M/A.

0262)09:45 AM-2nd.AL-Enfield, NH-565 Route 4A. A building Fire, M/A responded to the scene and cover.

0261)09:25 AM-MVA-Rochester, NH-Route 11 by the Auto Mart. Jaws used for extrication, S/C extra engine.

0260)04:00 AM-W/F-Langdon, NH-84 Jewett Rd. A house fire started from wood stove, M/A responded.

0259)00:49 AM-W/F-Dalton, NH-French Rd. A mobile home fully involved on arrival. A male occupant and 2 of his children were killed in the fire after he had saved a 3rd child. The mother was transported with serious burns. M/A responded from Littleton, Whitefield, Jefferson and Lancaster.

0258)00:25 AM-W/F-Gilford, NH-742 Cherry Valley Rd. A single-story house fire, M/A responded from Belmont and Laconia.

0257)00:05 AM-MVA-Harpswell, ME-Route 123 near Mountain Rd. Car struck a tree with entrapment, jaws used. Lifeflight responded to transport 1 10-45 code 2 to CMMC in Lewiston with CPR in progress, he later died. 2 other 10-45's with minor injuries were transported by ambulance, M/A responded from Brunswick & Brunswick Naval Air Station.

Monday, Febuary 16, 2004

0256)7:25 PM-MVA-Derry, NH-Route 28 near the Windham line. Vehicle rolled over down an enbankment, with entrapment - jaws used. 1 10-45 code 3 was transported.

Sunday, Febuary 15, 2004

0255)6:48 AM-W/F-Fort Kent, ME-Charette Hill Rd. A 1-story house fully involved, an occupant was treated for minor smoke inhalation.

0254)5:38 PM-W/F-Rockport, ME-62 Meadow St. An out building fully involved.

0253)10:55 AM-2nd.AL-Sanbornton, NH-1055 New Hampton Rd. A 1-story wood frame house fire, M/A responded from Bristol, Belmont, Franklin, Tilton-Northfield and New Hampton.

0252)09:20 AM-W/F-Argyle, ME-Edinburgh Rd. Basement fire extended to several rooms on arrival of firefighters, M/A responded from Lagrange, Hudson, and Old Town.

Saturday, Febuary 14, 2004

0251)07:55 PM-MVA-Scarborough, ME-Gorham Rd (Rte 114) near Shaw's. Car struck 2 pedestrians, both were 10-45 code 2 transported to MMC in Portland. 1 died from injuries sustained, driver was charged with OUI.

0250)04:40 AM-MVA-Sabattus, ME-Maine Turnpike (I-95) northbound at Mile 90. Vehicle rolled over with subject pinned underneath. 1 10-45 code 1 on scene, SP reconstructed.

Friday, Febuary 13, 2004

0249)6:45 PM-MVA-Biddeford, ME-Federal St. Car struck a pedestrian then fled the scene, 1 10-45 code 2 transported. *Update- 2/15/04 Patient died from her injuries.

0248)4:15 PM-W/F-Whitefield, ME-Mills Rd. A barn fully involved, M/A responded.

0247)3:00 PM-W/F-Lebanon, ME-946 Carl Broggi Highway (Rte 202). Fire in a double-wide mobile home gutted the structure, M/A responded from Rochester,NH, Milton,NH, and Somersworth,NH Air Van.

0246)AM-W/F-Hermon, ME-Hopkins Rd. A mobile home fire, fully involved on arrival. State Fire Marshal's office is investigating.

0245)07:00 AM-W/F-Sabattus, ME-Hemlock St. An apartment building fire, M/A responded from Lewiston to the scene.

Thursday, Febuary 12, 2004

0244)3:25 PM-MVA-Rochester, NH-Spaulding turnpike at exit 13. 2 cars head-on with entrapment, Milton responded M/A with jaws. 1 fatality & 4 others injured.

02435)12:15 PM-MVA-East Andover, NH-Flaghole Rd & Route 11. Oil truck rolled over, trapping the driver. The driver was extricated without any injury, Heavy rescue responded from Franklin.

0242)12:04 PM-W/F+-Berwick, ME-Tall Timbers Dr. Fire in a cape style house w/attached breezeway and garage, which were saved. M/A responded from Lebanon, South Berwick, Eliot, Rochester,NH, Dover,NH, and Somersworth,NH.

0241)10:45 AM-2nd.AL-Alstead, NH-Rogers Rd. A fully involved residential structure fire, M/A responded to scene and for cover.

0240)10:08 AM-2nd.AL-North Berwick, ME-Wells St (Rte 9). Heavy fire in a 2-story garage/barn attched to a 2.5 story wood frame house, which was heavily damaged. M/A responded from Berwick, South Berwick, Wells, Ogunquit, Somersworth and Kennebunk. The Red Cross and Salvation Army responded to assist.

0239)04:25 AM-W/F-Greenwood, ME-Howe Hill Rd. A structure fully involved, M/A responded.

Wednesday, Febuary 11, 2004

0238)10:00 PM-W/F-Wilton, ME-High St. Fire extended from a wood stove pipe to a 2.5 story wood frame house w/attached barn. Fire heavily damaged the house. M/A responded from East Dixfield and Farmington.

Tuesday, Febuary 10, 2004

Monday, Febuary 9, 2004

0237)12:30 PM-W/F-Lincolnville, ME-255 Masalin Rd. A house fully involved, M/A responded from Camden, Hope and Searsmont.

0236)11:00 AM-SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT-Sebago, ME-Route 114 on Sebago Lake. Snowmobile struck a patch of crusted ice on the lake and rolled over several times, operator was 10-45 code 2 with a serious head injury. Lifeflight responded to transport.

0235)08:30 AM-MVA-Conway, NH-Route 302 near the Maine Border. 2 vehicles involved with 1 Fatality.

Sunday, Febuary 8, 2004

0234)10:52 PM-W/F-Bath, ME-14 Bailey St. Fire in a 2.5 story structure, M/A responded from West Bath.

0233)9:00 PM-W/F-Charlestown, NH-West St Ext. Fire in a dwelling, M/A responded.

0232)10:08 AM-2nd.AL-Epping, NH-15 Hunter Dr. Heavy fire on the 2nd floor of a 2.5 story house, M/A responded from Raymond, Brentwood, Lee, Exeter, and Stratham.

Saturday, Febuary 7, 2004

0231)11:10 PM-2nd.AL-Ringe, NH-Jones Dr. A building fire, M/A responded.

0230)9:15 PM-MVA-Durham, NH-Near 138 Durham Point Rd. A car rolled over an enbankment and into trees, with entrapment, extrication tools used to fold back the roof. M/A responded from Dover to cover the station.

0229)9:00 PM-WATER RESCUE-Belmont, NH-Lake Winnisquam near Mosquito Bridge. Snowmobile went through the ice, male operator was clinging to the ice when firefighters arrived. Assistance responded from Sanbornton, Tilton-Northfield and Laconia, and police officers from 3 surrounding towns.

0228)8:10 PM-ACW-Swanzey, NH-29 East Shore Dr. A chimney fire extended to the structure, M/A responded.

Friday, Febuary 6, 2004

0227)11:01 PM-W/F-Washington, NH-Ashuelot Dr. A partition fire in an occupied house, M/A responded.

0226)8:50 PM-MVA-Scarborough, ME-Holmes Rd between Mitchell Hill & Beech Ridge Rd. Jaws used for extrication, road closed for extended period.

0225)5:05 PM-MVA-Saco, ME-I-95 @ mile 35 northbound. With entrapment, jaws used.

0224)11:00 AM-W/F-Groton, NH-33 Giovanna Lane. A house fire started by a wood stove in the basement, M/A responded.

0223)01:49 AM-MVA-Cushing, ME-860 River Rd. Car struck a pole with 3 10-45's, 1 was 10-45 code 2 with entrapment. M/A from Thomaston and Rockland with the jaws and ambulances.

Thursday, Febuary 5, 2004

0222)PM-MVA-Trenton, ME-Route 3. 2 vehicles nearly head-on. 3 persons injured, one was 10-45 code 2 and airlifted to EMMC in Bangor. The road was closed several hours for reconstruction.

0221)3:55 PM-MVA-Falmouth, ME-Route 1 near "Gnome Landscaping". Single vehicle involved with 1 10-45 code 2+, CPR waas in progress.

0220)09:45 AM-HAZMAT-Limington, ME-153 Ossipee Trail (Rte 25) @ "Ray's Mini-Mart". 1000+ gallons of gasoline leaked at the rear of the building, M/A and DEP responded.

0219)09:00 AM-MVA-Farmington, NH-586 South Main St (Rte 153). 3 cars involved with entrapment, 2 10-45 code 2's were transported with head injuries.

Wednesday, Febuary 4, 2004

0218)4:45 PM-MVA-Auburn, ME-1194 Center St. Multiple vehicles involved with entrapment, jaws used.

0217)3:35 PM-MVA-Portsmouth, NH-1438 Islington St. 2 cars head-on with entrapment, jaws used. S/C additional engine.

0216)2:10 PM-2nd.AL-Nashua, NH-202 Flagstone Dr. A partition fire extended to a building, M/A responded.

0215)11:30 AM-W/F-Madison, ME-Preble Ave. A house fire, smoke showing from attic area on arrival. M/A responded from Anson, North Anson and Starks.

0214)09:55 AM-MVA-North Yarmouth, ME-Route 231 & North Rd. Reported 1 10-45 code 2 on scene with entrapment. Pownal & Yarmouth assisted at the scene.

0213)09:30 AM-W/F-Acworth, NH-Crescent Lake Rd. Chimney fire extended to a structure, fire showing at rear of the building on arrival. M/A responded from Unity.

Tuesday, Febuary 3, 2004

0212)4:15 PM-MVA-Hudson, NH-Route 111. Car over an enbankment down a 50' drop, with entrapment - jaws used. 1 10-45 female had minor injuries, M/A Nashua ladder to scene.

0211)07:45 AM-W/F-Lancaster, NH-10 Kilkenny St. A structure fire, M/A responded.

0210)04:00 AM-W/F-Hudson, NH-Melency Rd. Partition fire in a house started from chimney, quickly knocked down. A female caretaker is crediting with saving a wheelchair bound occupant from the home.

Monday, Febuary 2, 2004

0209)11:10 PM-W/F-Laconia, NH-155 Lexington Dr @ the New Hampshire Ball Bearing plant. A fire in an exhaust system extended to the roof of a commercial building, M/A responded.

0208)4:23 PM-MVA-Lebanon, ME-Route 202 near the Shell Station. 2 pickups and a car involved with 3 persons trapped in the car, jaws used for extrication. Rescues from Sanford and North Berwick responded.

0207)09:00 AM-W/F-Gilford, NH-9 Sargent Pl unit 27 in Lake Breeze Park. A mobile home fire, M/A responded from Laconia, Belmont and Meredith. Alton & Winnisquam for station coverage.

0206)06:15 AM-W/F-Wiscasset, ME-Route 27 @ the Quik Stop gas station & convenience store. The store was well involved, the fire which apparently started in the basement destroyed the building. Firefighters stopped the blaze before it extended to the gas pumps, M/A responded.

Sunday, Febuary 1, 2004

0205)10:20 PM-W/F-Lebanon, ME-21 Evergreen Ln in Evergreen Trailer Park. A mobile home fully involved on arrival, M/A responded from Milton,NH, Rochester,NH & Somersworth,NH.

0204)6:10 PM-3rd.AL-Manchester, NH-123 Parker St. Heavy fire on 3rd floor and through the roof of a 3-story wood frame apartment building. M/A responded.

0203)10:54 AM-MVA-Kittery, ME-Route 1 by the Tide Water Mall. FD used jaws to extricate an elderly female 10-45 code 2.

0202)09:40 AM-MVA-Salem, NH-I-93 near exit 2. Car slammed into a guard rail with 2 persons trapped, jaws used for extrication, 2 helos responded to transport seriously injured patients, one was resported a trauma code and died later at the hospital.

0201)04:00 AM-W/F-Dover-Foxcroft, ME-29 Hancock St. A mobile home fire, the home was a complete loss. M/A responded from Guilford and Sangerville.

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