February 2003 Fire & MVA Log

Friday, February 28, 2003

00433)8:00 PM-MVA-Belmont,ME-Rt.3-Pedestrian struck by car-(1) Fatality

00432)Afternoon-MVA-Palmyra,ME-Rt.152 & Rt.2 at Ell Hill - (2) vehicles, (1) Fatality, (1) Injured

00431)10:05 AM-ACW-Manchester,NH-250 Commercial St. "Curley's Carpets" Fire in the floor between the 1st floor and basement

00430)4:15 AM-2nd.AL-Lewiston,ME-87 Webster St. 2.5 story apartment building fire

00429)3:38 AM-2nd.AL-Northwood,NH-18 Winding Hill Rd. Barn fire-M/A tankers to the scene

Thursday, February 27, 2003

00428)8:20 PM-2nd.AL-Pelham,NH-12A Tenny Rd. House fire-M/A to the scene

00427)5:36 PM-W/F-Lyman,ME-Balsam St. in Oakwood Trailer Park-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Arundel, Waterboro & Alfred FD's

00426)3:08 PM-2nd.AL-Windham,NH-32 Kendall Pond Rd. House fire-M/A from Hudson, Londonderry, Salem, Derry & East Derry FD's

00425)2:48 PM-2nd.AL-Orono,ME-Main St. 2.5 story building well involved-All companies ordered out of the building-M/A to the fire

00424)11:00 AM-W/F-Sebec,ME-Sebec Village Rd. 3 story house fire-M/A to the scene

00423)7:25 AM-W/F-Plymouth,ME-401 Lower Detroit Rd. Partition fire in a dwelling-M/A from Etna FD to the scene

00422)4:30 AM-2nd.AL-Winslow,ME-Frawlett St. at "Babe's Garage" Building well involved-M/A from Waterville, Fairfield & Vassalboro FD's to the scene

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

00421)10:45 PM-ACW-Surry,NH-71 Surry Dam Rd. Partition fire in a dwelling-M/A to the scene

00420)9:28 PM-2nd.AL-Augusta,ME-76 Glenridge Dr. House fire

00419)3:45 PM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Old Blue Point Rd. Rollover, Jaws operating

00418)9:40 AM-W/F-Bristol,NH-46 Merrimack St. House fire-M/A from Alexandria & New Hampton FDs

00417)8:20 AM-MVA-Stratham,NH-Rt.101 & 108-Jaws operating

00416)1:05 AM-W/F-Raymond,NH-10 Govenor Drive-House fire-M/A to the scene

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

00415)8:10 PM-W/F-Franklin,NH-South Main St. next to the Daniel Webster Farm-Structure fire-M/A to the scene

00414)5:02 PM-2nd.AL-Kittery,ME-5 Boush St. 2 story Duplex, fire in 1 apartment-(1) Fatality to occupant-M/A from York, Eliot, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth & New Castle FD's

00413)4:40 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Enfield,NH-on Mascoma Lake-Sled through the ice-Dive Team from Hartford VT FD operating at the scene

00412)12:25 PM-W/F-Lee,NH-145 Concord Rd. (Rt.4) House fire-M/A to the scene

Monday, February 24, 2003

00411)8:30 PM-W/F-Hebron,NH-284 Groton Rd. Garage fully involved with no extenstion to the house-M/A from Alexandria, Rumney, Bristol and Bridgewater FD's

00410)5:05 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Laconia,NH- Machine through the ice on Paugus Bay off Channel Lane - (1) Fatality-M/A rescue boat from Gilford FD to the scene

00409)3:30 PM-W/F-Rockland,ME-Garage fire with no extension to the house

00408)3:10 PM-Snowmobile Accident-South Berwick,ME- Hooper Sands Rd. in Hussey's Pit - Serious injury-M/A from North Berwick FD & Dover FD Paramedic to the scene

00407)7:31 AM-MVA-York,ME-Cider Hill Rd. near Birch Hill Rd. Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating, Several injured, (3) ambulances to the scene

00406)7:30 AM-2nd.AL-Gorham,ME-76 Cressey Rd. House fully involved-Extensive M/A to the scene

Sunday, February 23, 2003

00405)9:30 PM-MVA-Nashua,NH-Everett Turnpike NB North of Rt.111-Rollover-Jaws operating

00404)7:25 PM-ACW-Mason,NH-Valley Rd. Chimney fire extended into the walls of a dwelling

00403)7:05 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Eustis,ME-2 miles in the woods off Eustis Ridge Rd. (1) Fatality

00402)4:30 PM-Roof Collapse-Dover,NH-115 Industrial Park Drive at "Bennett's Footwear" - Substantial damage to the building

00401)2:15 PM-MVA-Hooksett,NH-I-93-Rollover-(1) Fatality, (1) Injured

00400)11:55 AM-MVA-Saco,ME-McKenney Rd. (2) cars, Jaws operating, (1) Fatality, (2) Injured

00399)11:30 AM-Haz Mat Incident-Wells,ME-92 Deer Run Drive off Rt.9 - Unknown situation-M/A from Ogunquit FD Decon Team & Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Haz Mat Team to the scene

00398)10:18 AM-W/F-Nottingham,NH-174 Old Turnpike Rd. Barn fully involved-M/A from Lee, Barrington, Deerfield, Northwood, Raymond & Epping FD's

00397)00:30 AM-Snowmobile Accident-Canaan,ME- unknown location - Serious injury

Saturday, February 22, 2003

00396)8:50 PM-W/F-Salem,NH-1 Bullard Lane - Structure fire

00395)Evening-MVA-Eaton,NH-Rt.153 - Auto rolled over onto Crystal Lake-(1) Injured & aided by Conway FD

00394)6:22 PM-MVA-Topsham,ME-Meadow Rd. Jaws operating

00393)5:42 PM-MVA-Campton,NH-Interstate 93 SB between Exit 26 & 27 -Jaws operating, M/A from Plymouth FD to the scene

00392)5:20 PM-W/F-Milford,NH-34 Coburn Rd. Structure fire

00391)9:00 AM-W/F-Troy,ME-Bog Rd. House fire-M/A from Unity, Thorndike, Burnham, Detroit, Etna and Newport FD's to the scene

00390)7:42 AM-W/F-Plymouth,ME-610 Ridge Rd. Structure fire-M/A Newport, Corinna & Etna FDs to the scene

00389)5:10 AM-W/F-Laconia,NH-13 Zebley Shore Rd. House fully involved-M/A from Holderness, Winnisquam, Gilford, Meredith, Franklin, Belmont & Center Harbor FDs

Friday, February 21, 2003

00388)8:05 PM-3rd.AL-Concord,NH-400 Village St. "Penacook Fibre Co." 4 story vacant brick 100' x 400' factory-Extensive M/A to the scene

00387)7:08 PM-W/F-Lyndeborough,NH-across from 29 Cemetary Rd. Mobile Home fire-M/A from Greenfield & Wilton FDs

00386)6:30 PM-Snowmobile Accident-North Berwick,ME-Valley Rd. Car Vs Snowmobile with injuries

00385)4:22 PM-MVA-Canterbury,NH-I-93 SB Rollover-Jaws operating

00384)12:22 PM-W/F-Kittery,ME-3 Greenfield Drive - Unattached Garage fully involved

00383)5:00 AM-MVA-Waterboro,ME-Rt.202 & Old Alfred Rd.-(1) Fatality-M/A from Hollis & Alfred FDs

00382)3:30 AM-W/F-Greene,ME-135 Main St. House fire-(1) Occupied transported with burns-M/A to the scene

Thursday, February 20, 2003

00381)11:55 PM-W/F-Portland,ME-100 Pitt St. fire on floor 1 of a 3 story apartment building

00380)8:45 PM-W/F-Mapleton,ME-West Chapman Rd. 2 story farmhouse, basement fire-M/A from Presque Isle FD to the scene

00379)2:00 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Enfield,NH-on Crystal Lake at the end of Polly Drive-(2) snowmobiles through the ice with several injured-M/A from Lebanon EMS to the scene

00378)12:12 PM-MVA-Westbrook,ME-Rt.302 & Methodist Rd. Jaws operating

00377)11:42 AM-MVA-Enfield,NH-Bog Rd. Rollover-Jaws operating

00376)4:50 AM-W/F-Norway,ME-438 Main St. Commercial building well involved-M/A from Waterford, South Paris & Oxford FD's

00375)4:25 AM-W/F-Concord,NH-Runnells Rd. Building fire

00374)00:00 AM-W/F-Biddeford,ME-432 Elm St. at "Flotation Technologies" Structure fire-M/A from Saco, Hills Beach & Biddeford Pool FD's to the scene

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

00373)8:14 PM-W/F-Bath,ME-27 Beacon St. Apartment building fire-M/A to the fire

00372)9:00 AM-W/F-Grantham,NH-Rt.10 at the YANKEE BARN HOMES Manufacturing Facility - Structure fire-M/A from Croydon, Goshen, Newport & Springfield FD's

00371)8:32 AM-W/F-Parsonsfield,ME-Elm St. & Pendexter Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Cornish, South Hiram & Freedom FDs to assist the Kezar Falls FD at the scene

00370)7:02 AM-MVA-Sanford,ME-Rt.4 & Jagger Mill Rd. Jaws operating

00369)7:00 AM-MVA-Winthrop,ME-Rt.202-(2) Cars, head-on, (1) Injured, (1) Fatality

00368)6:55 AM-MVA-Topsham,ME-Rt.196 near the Topsham Fair Mall-SUV Vs Garbage truck-Jaws from Brunswick FD operating

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

00367)6:57 PM-MVA-Mechanic Falls,ME-Rt.26 near the Oxford town line-Jaws operating-M/A from Oxford FD to the scene

00366)5:48 PM-W/F-Lisbon,NH-Northey Hill Rd. Structure fire-M/A to the fire

00365)5:32 PM-W/F-Windham,ME-128 Cottage Rd. 2.5 story house fire-M/A from Falmouth & Gray FDs

00364)3:16 PM-MVA-Littleton,NH-Union St. Propane Truck Vs Building, propane is leaking, area being evacuated

00363)1:15 PM-W/F-Milo,ME-Riverside St. House fire

00362)10:42 AM-ACW-Westbrook,ME-485 Main St in the parking lot of Rite Aid Pharmacy - Fire in a Food Trailer

Monday, February 17, 2003

00361)8:44 PM-W/F-Gouldsboro,ME-Bunker Hill Rd. House fire-M/A from Steuben & Winter Harbor FD

00360)6:40 PM-3rd.AL-Pelham,NH-45 Bridge St. at Highland Avenue Apartments - Structure fire-M/A to the scene

00359)11:00 AM-Snowmobile Accident-Harford's Point,ME-Snowmobile struck a banking on Moosehead Lake tossing rider about 190 feet. Severe head injury, Greenville FD & Game Wardens assisted at the scene

00358)7:38 AM-2nd.AL-Derry,NH-23 Linlew Drive-Country Club Estates-3 story garden style apartment building fire-M/A to the fire

00357)4:05 AM-W/F-Rye,NH-140 Washington Rd. Garage & House fire-M/A from Portsmouth, New Castle & North Hampton FDs

00356)00:22 AM-W/F-Norridgewock,ME-Bigelow Hill Rd. Structure fully involved-M/A from Madison & Skowhegan FDs to the scene

Sunday, February 16, 2003

00355)8:15 PM-W/F-Jackson,NH-13 Upper Alpine Dr. Fire in the partitions of a dwelling

00354)7:00 PM-W/F-Franconia,NH-729 Main St. at the Cannon Mt. Inn - 1 Room fire

00353)3:00 PM-W/F-Newport,NH-38 Sunapee St. 2.5 story wdfr house with heavy fire-M/A from Sunapee, Claremont & Goshen FD's to the fire

00352)2:30 PM-W/F-Newport,NH-Country Club Estates-Mobile Home well involved-M/A from Sunapee FD

00351)Afternoon-W/F-Caribou,ME-Main & Fort St. 2 story house fire-M/A from Presque Isle FD

00350)12:35 PM-W/F-Madbury,NH-43 Evans Rd. Fire on the deck of a house with extension-M/A from Durham FD to the scene

00349)9:00 AM-ACW-Sangerville,ME-French's Mill Rd. Partition fire around a woodstove of a house

00348)8:45 AM-W/F-Canaan,NH-21 Perry Rd. Mobile Home fire-M/A to the scene from Grafton & Enfield FDs

00347)7:50 AM-W/F-Falmouth,ME-38 Prides Farm Rd. on the shore of Highland Lake-1 story house well involved-M/A from Windham, Westbrook, Gray, Gorham & Cumberland FDs to the scene

00346)6:20 AM-2nd.AL-Ashland,NH-89 Main St. at "Pulsky Auto" - M/A from Holderness, New Hampton, Meredith, Bristol, Plymouth, Waterville Valley, Campton-Thornton and others to the scene

Saturday, February 15, 2003

00345)10:00 PM-2nd.AL-Londonderry,NH-136 Old Derry Rd. 2 story cape style home, basement fire-M/A to the fire

00344)9:55 PM-ACW-Brookline,NH-38 Taylor Drive-Out building fully involved, M/A from Hollis FD to the scene

00343)Evening-Snowmobile Accident-Sebec,ME-on a local marked trail-Sled Vs Trees-(1) Fatality on site-(This ties the all time record of Snowmobile related fatalities in Maine during 1 season)

00342)8:30 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Auburn,ME-the end of Sopers Mills Rd. M/A from Minot FD with the rescue sled, Lifeflight to the scene for serious injury

00341)6:33 PM-MVA-North Yarmouth,ME-Rt.231 & Thunder Rd. Rollover with (2) persons trapped-M/A rescue from Yarmouth FD to the scene-Jaws at work

00340)6:22 PM-MVA-Kennebunk,ME-Maine Turnpike Mile 22 Southbound-Rollover with 1 person ejected (1) Fatality

00339)3:50 PM-W/F-Epsom,NH-663 New Orchard Rd. Mobile Home fire-M/A from Chichester Pittsfield & Northwood FDs to the scene

00338)Afternoon-Snowmobile Accident-Success,NH-(near Berlin,NH) on a local trail, dogsledder was struck by a snowmobile which then sped off from the scene leaving the injured man unconscious in the trail. Lifeflight transported the badly injured man to Maine Medical Center.

00337)3:40 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Casco,ME-off Rt.11 near Hancock Lumber - 1 Injured

00336)3:25 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Freedom,NH-Wabenaki Campground - Leg injury

00335)3:10 PM-W/F-Claremont,NH-Puckershire Drive-House fire-M/A to the fire

00334)3:05 PM-W/F-North Conway,NH-Intervale Village at 73 Dinsmore Rd. Garage well involved with some extension to the attached 2 story house-M/A from Redstone, Bartlett & Glen FD's to the scene

00333)12:11 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Warren,NH-Rt.25 by the Warren Village Market-Relatively minor injuries

00332)12:10 PM-ACW-Milford,NH-North River Rd. Chimney fire extended to partitions of a house

00331)2:00 AM-W/F-Enfield,ME-in West Enfield village-"Ludden's Garage" fully involved including 3 school buses and 2 autos-M/A to the scene

00330)1:40 AM-W/F-New Boston,NH-281 Wilson Hill Rd. Garage & House fire-M/A to the scene

Friday, February 14, 2003

00329)9:15 PM-W/F-Londonderry,NH-26 Ross Dr. 2 story unattached garage fully involved-M/A tankers from Derry & Litchfield FD's to the fire

00328)8:00 PM-MVA-Berlin,NH-Pleasant St near Diana St. Pedestrian struck by an auto - (1) Fatality

00327)1:40 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Fryeburg,ME-off the Harbor Rd. in North Fryeburg-(2) Injured, 1 seriously. Lifeflight requested to the scene by Saco Valley FD & Fryeburg Rescue

00326)11:00 AM-W/F-Farmington,ME-Broadway at the "Old State Theatre" - fire in the flooring, from thawing frozen pipes

00325)6:45 AM-W/F-Standish,ME-54 Shore Drive at Bonney Eagle Pond-House fire-M/A from Gorham, Windham, Buxton, Limington, Hollis, Westbrook, Sebago & Baldwin FDs (20 below zero at the time of the fire)

00324)6:30 AM-W/F-Brooksville,ME-Coastal Rd. at the Lebel Farm - Barn fire - Several animals, including 2 horses were killed. M/A from Blue Hill, Penobscot and Sedgewick FDs to the fire (14 below zero at the time of the fire)

00323)3:16 AM-MVA-Rockland,ME-29 Broad St. Pickup Truck Vs Pole-Jaws operating-M/A from Thomaston EMS to the scene

Thursday, February 13, 2003

00322)7:00 PM-W/F-York,ME-576 Cider Hill Rd. (Rt.91) Fire in the cellar with extension to the first floor of a 2 story house-M/A from South Berwick FD assisted York & York Beach FDs at the scene (2 below zero at the time of the fire)

00321)6:30 PM-MVA-Dixmont,ME-Rt.9-Auto Vs Pole with ejection-(1) Fatality

00320)5:48 PM-MVA-Falmouth,ME-Gray Rd near Hurricane Rd. Jaws operating from Cumberland FD

00319)4:10 PM-MVA-Belfast,ME-Rt.3 & Edgecomb Rd. (1) Fatality, several injured

00318)2:00 PM-W/F-Manchester,NH-44 Maurice St. 1.5 story house fire-(2) occupants transported with injuries

00317)12:30 PM-W/F-Enfield,NH-Rt.4-Large unoccupied apartment building well involved-M/A from Enfield Center, Grafton,Canaan & Lebanon FD's

00316)00:28 AM-ACW-Wolfeboro,NH-Estabrook Rd. Fire in the partitions at Estabrook Hall (Brewster Academy)

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

00315)8:40 PM-W/F-Londonderry,NH-10 Nashua Rd. Fire in a laundermat

00314)6:18 PM-W/F-Hillsborough,NH-1 Old Drift Way - Garage fire-M/A from Deering, Antrim & Henniker FD's

00313)5:00 PM-W/F-Nashua,NH-8 Brookline St. House fire

00312)No time available-Snowmobile Accident-Washburn,ME-on a local trail, ride missed the turn for a bridge and went 190' airborn onto the ice of the Aroostook River below-(1) Fatality

00311)7:48 AM-W/F-Londonderry,NH-13 Sanborn Rd. Garage fire

00310)6:35 AM-W/F-Jay,ME-Morse Hill Rd. in North Jay - Farmhouse fire-M/A from Wilton, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Chesterville & East Dixfield FDs to the scene

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

00309)11:35 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Turner,ME-on a trail near Wilson Hill-Sled Vs Tree-(1) Fatality

00308)7:00 PM-W/F-Hillsborough,NH-420 Beard Rd. Cellar fire in an occupied house-M/A from Washington, Deering, Henniker & Antrim FDs

00307)4:00 PM-MVA-Newmarket,NH-Rt.108 & Forbes Rd. Car Vs Cement Truck-Serious entrapment with patient suffering from extreme multi system trauma-2nd set of Jaws from Newfields FD to the scene

00306)12:05 PM-W/F-Orono,ME-2 Pleasant St. Fire on 3rd floor of a 3 story wdfr dwelling-M/A from Old Town FD

00305)5:00 AM-MVA-Newbury,NH-Rt.103 on the hill at the Newbury Cut near the Mt.Rd. Jaws operating

Monday, February 10, 2003

00304)4:44 PM-MVA-Winterport,ME-Main St. (Rt.69) by the Apple Orchard, Jaws from Holden FD operating

00303)3:05 PM-MVA-Ossipee,NH-Brown's Ridge Rd. Propane Tanker rollover in the road-No injury or leakage, M/A from Wakefield & Wolfeboro FDs

00302)9:15 AM-ACW-Biddeford,ME-Lincoln St at "Maine Energy Recovery", Fire in the building-M/A Engine from Saco to the fire

00301)3:10 AM-W/F-Tamworth,NH-Rt.25 near the South Tamworth Post Office-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A from West Ossipee, Sandwich and Madison FDs

00300)1:04 AM-MVA-Canton,ME-Rt.140 on the Jay town line-Tractor trailer Vs Car-Jaws operating, Serious injury transported by Lifeflight

Sunday, February 09, 2003

00299)3:59 PM-W/F-Atop Mt.Washington,NH-Generator building heavily involved-20 dry chemical extinguisher were used by workers in an attempt to fight the fire. Building was destroyed.

00298)2:59 PM-ACW-Rockland,ME-468 Old County Rd. Kitchen fire in an occupied dwelling

00297)12:59 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Acton,ME-on Lower Mousam Lake near the Acton Trading Post on Rt.109 - Back injury

00296)11:32 AM-Snowmobile Accident-Acton,ME-near 852 Lakeside Dr. - Minor injury

00295)11:20 AM-MVA-Newton,NH-Cranes Crossing Rd. at the railroad tracks-Rollover-Jaws operating, M/A from Plaistow FD to the scene

Saturday, February 08, 2003

00294)4:30 PM-2nd.AL-Kittery,ME-67A Rogers Rd. 2 story garage with apartment above-Heavy fire throughout, 1 occupant transported with burns. M/A from York, Eliot, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth & New Castle FDs

00293)3:42 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Ashland,NH-on Little Squam Lake near the town beach-Minor injury

00292)3:12 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Wolfeboro,NH-near Parker Island on Lake Winnipesaukee-(2) sleds involved with people injured-M/A from Tuftonboro FD to the scene

00291)2:02 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Fitzwilliam,NH-West Lake Rd. at the Railroad Tracks - Fractured Shoulder

00290)1:58 PM-W/F-Goffstown,NH-22 First Avenue-House fire

00289)1:32 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Gilford,NH-on Carriage Rd. near Mt.Belknap-Serious injury

00288)1:00 PM-W/F-Dover-Foxcroft,ME-6 Autumn Ave. 3 1/2 story apartment building fire-M/A from Guilford and Sangerville FD's

00287)11:40 AM-2nd.AL-Brunswick,ME-121-123 Maine St. at "Joshua's Restaurant & Tavern" M/A to the scene

00286)8:48 AM-MVA-Fairfield,ME-Rt.201 near Nye's Corner-(1) Fatality, (1) seriously injured - Jaws operating

Friday, February 07, 2003

00285)Late Evening-Snowmobile Accident-Tuftonboro,NH-3 Loon Point - Teenager thrown from machine with head injury (Cracked Helmet)

00284)10:20 PM-W/F-Phippsburg,ME-14 Hope Lane-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the scene

00283)9:11 PM-W/F-Manchester,NH-33 Carvel St. 1.5 story wdfr building fire

00282)2:45 PM-MVA-Kennebunk,ME-Western Ave & Little River Way-Rollover, Jaws at work

00281)1:05 PM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Lang Rd. (2) cars head-on, Jaws operating, M/A ambulance from Rye FD to the scene

00280)11:42 AM-MVA-Nottingham,NH-Rt.4 & Freeman Hall Rd. Car Vs Police Cruiser with entrapment, (2) Injured, M/A rescue from Northwood FD to the scene

00279)11:00 AM-Snowmobile Accident-Towhship 6 Range 8,ME-on ITS 85 Trail-Snowmobile rollover with rider suffering serious chest injuries. Patten FD responded with rescue sled and medical personel.

00278)10:51 AM-W/F-Alton,NH-113 Larry Drive-House fire-M/A from Gilford, Gilmanton, Barnstead & New Durham FDS

00277)8:55 AM-MVA-Andover,NH-Rt.11 & Old College Rd. Rollover-Jaws operating

00276)8:15 AM-2nd.AL-Belmont,NH-426 Depot St. Structure fire-M/A from Sanbornton, Winnisquam, Loudon, Laconia, Gilmanton, Tilton and Franklins FD's

00275)6:40 AM-MVA-Enfield,NH-I-89 at Exit 15-Jaws operating, (1) Fatality, M/A from Lebanon FD to the scene

00274)3:50 AM-W/F-West Paris,ME-Rt.219 (North Paris Rd.) Farmhouse & Barn fully involved-M/A from Norway, Paris, Woodstock, Greenwood & Sumner FDs to the scene-Two firefighters injured when chimney collapsed

Thursday, February 06, 2003

00273)4:45 PM-2nd.AL-Wolfeboro,NH-183 North Main St. Partition fire at "Dr.Walsh's" office-M/A to the scene

00272)6:35 AM-3rd.AL-Tamworth,NH-Rt.25 at Chocorua Lumber Co. (2) Mill buildings on fire-M/A from Conway, Sandwich, West Ossipee, Madison, Center Ossipee and Freedom FD's to the fire

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

00271)10:15 PM-W/F-Newport,NH-489 Union Rd. Structure fire-M/A to the scene

00270)9:34 PM-W/F-Bedford,NH-148 Liberty Hill Rd. Chimney fire extending into the walls-M/A from Merrimack FD to the scene

00269)6:00 PM-W/F-New Vineyard,ME-Holley Rd. Auto Repair Garage fully involved-M/A from Farmington FD to the fire

00268)4:32 PM-W/F-Webster,NH-35 Concord Drive-Fire in the walls of a dwelling

00267)4:15 PM-W/F-Shapleigh,ME-566 Hooper Rd. Garage fire

00266)1:52 PM-W/F-Newfield,ME-489 Shady Nook Rd. Mobile Home fire-M/A from Wakefield,NH & Acton, Shapleigh, Limerick & Ross Corner FD's

00265)12:45 PM-W/F+-West Swanzey,NH-1 Railroad St. Warehouse fully involved at the "Port-O-Lite Co."-Extensive M/A from Keene, Meadowood, Troy, Spofford, Chesterfield, Richmond, Winchester, Swanzey Center and Swanzey to the fire

00264)6:00 AM-MVA-Clifton,ME-Rt.9-Tractor Trailer Vs Jeep-Jaws from Brewer FD assisting the Eddington FD on the scene-(1) Fatality

00263)00:58 AM-W/F-Nelson,NH-38 Nubanusit Rd. House fully involved-M/A from Harrisville, Stoddard, Keene, Dublin & Sullivan FDs to the scene

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

00262)10:37 PM-MVA-Lyman,ME-2223 Rt.111-(2) cars head-on, (2) Fatalities, Jaws operating, M/A from Alfred Fire/Rescue to the scene

00261)7:40 PM-ACW-Effingham,NH-unknown location-Chimney fire with extension to the wall of a house-M/A from Wakefield FD to cover

00260)5:48 PM-MVA-Tilton,NH-Rt.132-Rollover-Jaws operating

00259)5:45 PM-W/F-Temple,NH-131 Moran Rd. Chimney fire with extension to the house-M/A to the scene

00258)5:30 PM-W/F-Auburn,ME-65 Goff St. 2 story house fire-M/A from Lewiston FD to the fire

00257)5:15 PM-MVA-Twin Mt. (Carroll),NH-unknown location - Car Vs Propane Truck - (1) Fatality

00256)11:00 AM-Electrocution-Skowhegan,ME-next to 61 Milburn St. Worker killed when dump truck body touched a 7,200 volt power line

00255)4:28 AM-W/F-Wakefield,NH-40 Lilac Lane off Bonnyman Rd. at Province Lake-House fully involved-M/A from Effingham, Ossipee Corner, Milton, Newfield & Acton FD's

Monday, February 03, 2003

00254)2:29 PM-MVA-Augusta,ME-State & Winthrop St. Car Vs Tractor Trailer-Jaws operating

00253)8:45 AM-MVA-Sebec,ME-Rt.6-Car Vs Van (2) Fatalities

00252)7:54 AM-MVA-Bristol,NH-Rt.3A at Amy's Ice Cream-Jaws operating, M/A from New Hampton FD to the scene-1 victim airlifted by DHART

Sunday, February 02, 2003

00251)11:02 PM-MVA-Berwick,ME-Blackberry Hill Rd. & Country Lane - Car into a pole, unresponsive victim, requesting Medics asap. Reconstruction team activated

00250)10:15 PM-W/F-Sanford,ME-Main & North St. 3 story building, fire on floor 1

00249)9:30 PM-W/F-Peterborough,NH-Pixel Acres Farm off Rt.136-Large Barn Collapse

00248)6:00 PM-MVA-Gorham,ME-Rt.25 & Mosher Rd. Head-on crash, Jaws operating, several injured, M/A rescue from Westbrook FD to the scene

00247)1:48 PM-MVA-Augusta,ME-Rt.3-Jaws operating

00246)1:45 PM-W/F-Woodland,ME-Thibodeau Rd. House fire-Caribou Firefighters were assisted by the Presque Isle FD at the scene

00245)12:05 PM-MVA-Belmont,NH-Rt.106 & Seavey Rd. Jaws operating

00244)Morning-W/F-Caribou,ME-Main St. Garage fire

00243)8:00 AM-MVA-Augusta,ME-Stone St. Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating

00242)1:16 AM-2nd.AL-Scarborough,ME-Sanctuary Lane off Black Point Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Cape Elizabeth FD to the scene

Saturday, February 01, 2003

00241)11:30 PM-W/F-Norway,ME-Roberts Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Waterford, Otisfield, Oxford, Paris & Hebron FD's to the fire

00240)11:30 PM-W/F-Bath,NH-469 Mt.Gardner Rd. Garage & Trailer Truck heavily involved-M/A to the scene

00239)9:00 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Stratford,NH-Nash Stream Wilderness Corridor 5 Trail - (1) Fatality

00238)7:27 PM-W/F-Ellsworth,ME-Aquarius Lane-Structure fire-M/A from Surry & Lamoine FDs to the scene

00237)6:34 PM-MVA-Sanford,ME-207 Elm St in Springvale-Jaws operating on 1 seriously injured victim

00236)4:38 PM-W/F-Parsonsfield,ME-561 South Rd. near the Newfield town line - House well involved-M/A from Newfield, Cornish, Limerick, Acton, Shapleigh ME & Wakefield NH FD's to assist the Kezar Falls FD at the fire

00235)2:02 PM-Snowmobile Accident-Moultonboro,NH-on Lake Winnipesaukee at Ambrose Cove-Rider thrown from the machine with back injuries

00234)1:50 PM-ACW-Turner,ME-55 Main St. Structure fire

00233)11:45 AM-MVA-Sutton,NH-I-89 SB at Exit 10-Multiple cars involved-(4) ambulances to the scene

00232)11:25 AM-Snowmobile Accident-Twin Mountain (Carroll) ,NH-Rt.302 at Cherry Mountain Rd. (2) Ambulances to the scene

00231)5:30 AM-W/F-Oaklfield,ME-River Rd. Mobile Home fire (1) Fatality

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