12/31/97 4:35pm W/F-Hermon,ME-Billings Rd-Fire in the ceiling of the High School-M/A to the fire

12/31/97 3:53pm W/F-Manchester,NH-56 Morgan St-Cellar fire in occupied building

12/31/97 2:08pm W/F-Exeter,NH-Epping & Cronan Rd-A vacant building fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/31/97 1:05pm W/F-Wakefield,NH-4408 White Mt.Highway-Chimney fire extended into walls of house-Ossipee Cr. FD M/A

12/31/97 12:15pm MVA-West Swanzey,NH-Rt.10-(2)Sets of Jaws operating

12/31/97 9:50am MVA-Manchester,NH-Rt.293 NB by Exit 6-Rollover with Jaws operating

12/31/97 4:54am W/F-Hampstead,NH-89 Butterick Rd-Shed fire

12/31/97 2:43am W/F-Concord,NH-306 Portsmouth St-House fire

12/30/97 9:30pm 2nd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-Rye St off Corporate Dr.-Former Military Housing 6 family, 2 story woodframe vacant-fully involved- Extensive mutual aid-Co's experienced water problems due to dead hydrants in the area

12/30/97 5:43am MVA-Lewiston,ME-Lisbon & Willow St-Car into a pole-Jaws operating

12/30/97 2:34am W/F-Bar Harbor,ME-Old Norway Rd-House fire

12/29/97 7:14pm W/F-Portland,ME-2002 Congress St-Building fire at Crematorium at the Cemetary

12/29/97 2:55pm 2nd.AL-Gilmanton,NH-South Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

12/29/97 10:52am W/F-Sanbornton,NH-181 Lower Bay Rd-House well involved-M/A to the fire

12/29/97 8:06am W/F-Windham,NH-Rt.28-Service Station fire

12/29/97 3:32am W/F-Edgecomb,ME-River Rd-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

12/29/97 3:28am 2nd.AL-Gorham,ME-Rt.237 & Gambo Rd-2 story house well involved-M/A to the scene-(1)Fatality

12/29/97 1:48am W/F-Phippsburg,ME-Sam Day Hill Rd-2 story house fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/28/97 6:03pm W/F-Windham,NH-117 Rt.28-Rockingham Cycle-Garage fire-M/A to the fire

12/28/97 5:30pm W/F-Danville,NH-Hunt Rd-Car fire in Garage with extension into the house

12/28/97 4:23pm W/F-Rochester,NH-70 Lafayette St-Attic fire in 3.5 story apartment building

12/28/97 12:20pm W/F-Wilton,ME-Lake Rd-House fully involved-M/A from East Dixfield & Farmington FD's

12/27/97 5:12pm W/F-Bridgton,ME-Kansas Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/26/97 11:20pm W/F-Columbia Falls,ME-Pleasant River-House fully involved-M/A from Addison,Harrington & Columbia FD's

12/26/97 9:17am W/F-Nashua,NH-35 Northeastern Blvd-Commercial Building fire

12/26/97 4:35am 2nd.AL-Weare,NH-72 Craney Hill Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/25/97 10:41pm W/F-Hampden,ME-761 Western Ave-Building fire-M/A from Hermon & Newburgh FD's

12/25/97 4:15am 2nd.AL-Milford,NH-Emerson Rd-Commercial Building fire

12/23/97 9:58am W/F-Wells,ME-Stephen Eaton Rd-House fire-M/A from Kennebunk & Ogunquit FD's

12/23/97 7:40am W/F-Sanford,ME-10 Berwick Ave-3 story wdfr apartment building-fire on top floor

12/22/97 9:06pm MVA-Lewiston,ME-Minot Ave-Jaws operating

12/22/97 6:46pm MVA-Hermon,ME-Rt.2-Jaws operating

12/22/97 7:42pm MVA-Phippsburg,ME-Rt.209-Rollover-Jaws operating

12/22/97 2:07pm MVA-Stoddard,NH-Rt.9 & 123-Head-on with serious injury & Jaws operating

12/22/97 1:42pm W/F-Seabrook,NH-Boa Lane-Mobile Home fire

12/22/97 1:40pm 2nd.AL-Richmond,ME-Bridge & Front St-2.5 story house fire-M/A to the fire

12/22/97 10:31am W/F-Portland,ME-1265 Washington Ave-Building fire

12/22/97 8:33am MVA-Bartlett,NH (Glen Village)-Rt.16 by the Scarecrow-(2) car head-on-Jaws operating

12/21/97 8:38pm MVA-Goshen,NH-Brook & Province Rd-Rollover,Jaws operating

12/21/97 11:50am W/F-Portland,ME-next to 114 Belfort St-1 story vacant building-heavy fire in attic

12/21/97 10:13am W/F-New Durham,NH-Birch Hill Rd-(2)Outbuildings on fire-M/A from Alton FD

12/21/97 9:36am 3rd.AL-Concord,NH-52 Pleasant St-Rectory of Sacred Heart Church-2.5 story wdfr-Scene of last nights fire-M/A to the fire

12/21/97 6:07am W/F-Laconia,NH-Court St-trash fire extended into a building-M/A from Gilford FD

12/20/97 9:32pm W/F-Wilmot,NH-Kearsarge Valley Rd-House fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/20/97 8:04pm 2nd.AL-Concord,NH-52 Pleasant St-Rectory of Scared Heart Church-2.5 story wdfr building-M/A to the fire

12/20/97 8:51am W/F-Portland,ME-5 Fenway St-2 story house fire

12/20/97 2:20am W/F-Nottingham,NH-Rt.152 & 156-House fire-M/A from Raymond,Lee & Northwood FD's

12/19/97 4:13pm MVA-Milton,NH-Rt.108 on Plummer's Ridge-Rollover,Jaws operating

12/19/97 3:57pm MVA-Dover,NH-Portland & Atlantic Ave-Jaws operating

12/19/97 2:56pm 4th.AL-Concord,NH-11 Wall St-2.5 story house-Heavy fire all floors-M/A to the fire

12/19/97 3:27am W/F-Jackson,NH-Rt.16 at "The Iron Mountain House"-5 story wdfr Hotel-Fire on 2nd floor-M/A from Glen & Bartlett FD's

12/19/97 2:30am MVA-Hampstead,NH-Rt.111 & Emerson Ave-Jaws operating

12/19/97 00:05am W/F-Gardiner,ME-46 Highland Ave-Vacant building fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/18/97 9:20pm MVA-Plaistow,NH-90 Pollard Rd-Jaws operating

12/18/97 3:30pm MVA-Alexandria,NH-Rt.104 & Paddy Hill Rd-(2) car head-on-(8)patients,Jaws from Bristol FD

12/17/97 2:05pm MVA-Jay,ME-Rt.4 North-2 car head-on-Jaws operating

12/17/97 9:39am W/F-Thornton,NH-7 Sherburne Drive-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/17/97 9:15am MVA-Baileyville,ME-Rt.1 North-(1)Fatality

12/17/97 6:58am W/F-Biddeford,ME-8 Kossuth St-3 story wdfr Apartment Building fire-(1)Fatality

12/17/97 3:11am W/F-Nashua,NH-28 Concord St-Garage fire

12/17/97 00:10am W/F-Hollis,NH-60 Ranger Rd-Barn fire

12/16/97 11:51pm MVA-Concord,NH-I93 NB by Exit 16-Rollover with 2 1045c2-Jaws operating

12/16/97 11:35pm W/F-Hooksett,NH-4 Dartmouth Rd-50x100 metal clad garage fully involved-M/A from Manchester FD

12/16/97 7:28pm MVA-Manchester,NH-MIlford & B St-Oil Truck vs Car-Jaws operating

12/16/97 6:59pm W/F-Alton,NH-Oak St in West Alton-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/16/97 1:49pm W/F-Jefferson,NH-Cedric Phelps Rd-Garage & House fire-M/A from Lancaster & Whitefield FD's

12/16/97 10:17am W/F-Hooksett,NH-4 Dartmouth Rd-Garage fire

12/16/97 8:35am W/F-Poland,ME-248 Everett Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/15/97 7:51pm W/F-Kingston,NH-Mill Rd-2.5 story house with attached barn-Barn F.I. with heavy fire in the house-M/A to the fire

12/15/97 6:05pm W/F-Hollis,NH-60 Ranger Rd-Barn fire

12/15/97 4:15pm 2nd.AL-Keene,NH-298 West St-Barn fire

12/15/97 1:11pm 2nd.AL-York,ME-Rt.1 & Mountain Rd at "Elm Farm"-2.5 sty farmhouse-fire in attached 1.5 story ell- M/A from Ogunquit & Naval Shipyard FD's

12/15/97 10:30am 4th.AL-Bow,NH-658 Rt.3A-1.5 story house with heavy fire-M/A to the fire

12/15/97 9:39am 3rd.AL-Northwood,NH-28 1st.NH Turnpike-1.5 story house heavily involved-M/A to the fire

12/15/97 8:36am MVA-Loudon,NH-Rt.106 at Chichester line-Jaws operating

12/15/97 8:26am 3rd.AL-Portsmouth,NH-383 Maplewood Ave-2.5 story house heavily involved-M/A to the fire

12/15/97 2:58am W/F-Casco,ME-off Rt.121 on Fire Lane R4-2-Partition fire around chimney of a house

12/14/97 7:52pm W/F-Lisbon,ME-56 Wing St-House fire

12/14/97 7:25pm W/F-Dexter,ME-Upper Garland Rd-Building fire-M/A to the fire

12/14/97 3:05pm MVA-Raymond,NH-Langford Rd-Jaws operating

12/14/97 12:23pm MVA-Norway,ME-Rt.117-Jaws operating

12/14/97 12:18pm MVA-Sanbornton,NH-I-93 NB near Exit 22-Jaws operating

12/14/97 5:30am W/F-Winslow,ME-Clinton Ave-3 story apartment building fire-M/A to the fire

12/13/97 9:40pm W/F-Berwick,ME-309 Rt.236 by So.Berwick line-1.2 sty house-heavy fire-(3)1045c3 burns-M/A to the fire

12/13/97 6:00pm W/F-Merideth,NH-Merideth Center Rd near the Laconia line-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/13/97 2:48pm W/F-Tuftonboro,NH-31 Mountain Rd-Cellar fire in a house-M/A to the fire

12/13/97 2:08pm W/F-Saco,ME-2 Washington Ave-2 story wdfr house fire

12/13/97 10:55am W/F-Jefferson,ME-Rt.126 in North Jefferson-House fire-M/A from Whitefield & Washington FD's

12/13/97 4:01am MVA-Salem,NH-North Main St-Jaws operating

12/13/97 2:42am 2nd.AL-Kennebunk,ME-Rt.1 North-"Glen-Mor Restaurant" Fully involved-M/A from Arundel & Kennebunkport FD's

12/13/97 1:26am 2nd.AL-Charlestown,NH-Claremont Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

12/13/97 1:23am MVA-Londonderry,NH-109 Rockingham Rd-Car on fire, Jaws operating

12/13/97 00:14am MVA-East Derry,NH-Rt.102-Jaws operating

12/12/97 6:39pm W/F-Milton,NH-9 Sleeping Bear Drive-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Farmington,Rochester,Wakefield and Lebanon FD's

12/12/97 3:33pm W/F-Rumford,ME-Rt.232-House fire-M/A from Mexico FD

12/12/97 1:57pm W/F-Old Orchard Beach,ME-54 Randall Ave-3 story wdfr apartment/condo building-fire on 3rd floor-M/A from Saco FD

12/12/97 2:00am MVA-Gray,ME-Rt.115-Truck into a pole-(1)Fatality

12/11/97 5:50pm 2nd.AL-Westbrook,ME-250 Brown St-2 story Apartment Building fire-M/A to the fire

12/11/97 11:18am W/F-Hancock,NH-288 Forest Rd-Large shed fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/11/97 9:43am W/F-Mexico,ME-Granite St-Structure fire-M/A from Rumford FD

12/11/97 7:00am MVA-Auburn,ME-Rt.95 by Exit 12-Tractor Trailer on top of a car-Jaws,Air Bags & Heavy Wrecker for extensive extrication

12/11/97 6:30am W/F-Greenville,NH-Rt.31 South by the zoo-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

12/11/97 4:35am W/F-Lewiston,ME-765 Webster St-1 sty 50x100 concrete commercial building,fire thru the roof

12/10/97 7:14pm W/F-Sanford,ME-17 Kerry Drive-Mobile Home fire

12/10/97 2:50pm MVA-Freeport,ME-Rt.295 by Exit 21-Jaws operating

12/10/97 2:06pm 2nd.AL-Old Orchard Beach,ME-75 Ross Rd-2 story 40x40, 8 unit condo complex-Heavy fire all floors & thru the roof-M/A to the fire

12/10/97 11:59am W/F-Bradford,NH-2 Water St-House fire

12/9/97 6:56pm W/F-Wayne,ME-Rt.133 at the Corner Store-Building fire-M/A to the fire

12/9/97 4:46pm W/F-Surry,NH-Old Walpole Rd-2 story house fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/8/97 10:08pm W/F-Merideth,NH-Rt.104-A storage facility well involved-M/A to the fire

12/7/97 6:17am MVA-Freeport,ME-Desert & Merrill Rd-Jaws operating

12/6/97 3:41pm MVA-Lee,NH-Rt.125 & 155-Rollover, Jaws operating

12/6/97 2:59pm MVA-York,ME-Ridge & Old Post Rds-Rollover, Jaws operating

12/6/97 4:23am W/F-East Wakefield,NH-Francis Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Effingham,Ossipee,Newfield & Acton FD's

12/5/97 10:37pm W/F-Stockton Springs,ME-Rt.1-Building fully involved-M/A from Prospect FD

12/5/97 6:13pm MVA-Poland,ME-Rt.26 at Ricker Hill-(1)Fatality,Jaws operating

12/5/97 5:31pm MVA-Rollinsford,NH-Rt.4-(1)Fatality

12/5/97 5:31pm MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.101 & Main St-Jaws operating

12/5/97 4:20pm W/F-Alstead,NH-Griffin Hill Rd-House fire

12/5/97 10:43am W/F-Limerick,ME-Kelley Lane-2 story wdfr house w/attached garage-fully involved-M/A from Waterboro and Newfield Fd's-Deck gun operations due to heavy fire

12/5/97 6:13am W/F-Old Orchard Beach,ME-133 Portland Ave-Apartment fire in Retirement Center

12/4/97 3:41pm MVA-Kennebunk,ME-Rt.35 & Thompson Rd-Car VS Dump Truck-(1)Fatality

12/3/97 7:59pm 2nd.AL-Hampstead,NH-200 Stage Rd-1 story house fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/3/97 7:01pm W/F-Corinth,ME-315 Black Rd-House fully involved-M/A to the fire

12/3/97 4:41pm G/A-Concord,NH-18 Union St-2 buildings afire, (1)-3 sty wdfr omd-30x75,(2)-2.5 sty wdfr vacant-Heavy fire, numerous master streams operating. Extensive Mutual Aid to the fire

12/3/97 2:45pm W/F-Claremont,NH-Millbury St-Commercial building fire

12/3/97 2:34pm W/F-Eliot,ME-156 Main St-2 story wdfr house-fire on floor 2-M/A from Kittery & So.Berwick FD's

12/2/97 9:19pm MVA-Belgrade,ME-Rt.27-2 car, head-on-(2)sets of Jaws operating

12/2/97 7:20pm W/F-Concord,NH-121 South State St-2.5 sty wdfr building fire-S/C 2 extra engine co's

12/2/97 11:43am MVA-Concord,NH-Rt.93 NB by exit 15-Jaws operating

12/2/97 9:15am W/F-Lisbon Falls,ME-Pleasant St-House fire-M/A to the fire

12/1/97 6:59pm W/F-Salem,NH-94 Pleasant St-House fire

12/1/97 5:51pm 2nd.AL-Allenstown,NH-33 Washington Ave in BearBrook Villa-Mobile Home fire-M/A tankers to the fire

12/1/97 2:44pm W/F-Whitefield,ME-Rt.17-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Windsor,Somerville and Jefferson FD's


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