2006 Maine & New Hampshire Public Safety Log

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Thursday, AUGUST 31, 2006

1018)17:24 PM-Tech Rescue-Arundel, ME-Don Hill Ln. A building collapse with 1 subject trapped, S/C for a Heavy Rescue from Biddeford FD.

1017)15:25 PM-2nd.AL-Nashua, NH-200 Temple St @ Micks Towing. A structure fire in a commercial building.

1016)10:19 AM-MVA-Wakefield, NH-Ballards Ridge Rd off Rt 153. 1 subject trapped in an overturned vehicle.

Wednesday, AUGUST 30, 2006

1015)18:47 PM-MVA-Manchester, NH-26 Lowell St. A van into a tree with entrapment, jaws going to work.

1014)11:53 AM-MVA-Sanbornton, NH-Rt 134. Single vehicle into a utility pole, jaws requested.

1013)11:15 AM-MVA-York, ME-Rt 1 @ The Lobster Barn Restaurant. 2 car headon with entrapment, jaws being used.

1012)08:01 AM-Tech Rescue-Paris, ME-13 Brook Rd. A porch collapsed with a subject trapped under it.

Tuesday, AUGUST 29, 2006

1011)08:05 AM-MVA-Bow, NH-Rt 93 Northbound at MM 32.4. 1 vehicle into back of a truck 1 subject entrapped, 2 sets of jaws going to work.

Monday, AUGUST 28, 2006

Sunday, AUGUST 27, 2006

1010)22:05 PM-W/F-Lee, NH-Rt 125 at the Fly fishing Store. Fire in the walls, M/A requested.

1009)10:22 AM-MVA-York, ME-I-95 Northbound at York River. 2 cars with 5 patients one of the cars into the river, S/C Engine & Rescue from Kittery FD M/A ambulances.

1008)02:54 AM-2nd.AL-Rochester, NH-Lafayette St. Fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

1007)01:25 AM-W/F-Columbia Falls, ME-Highlands Rd at Centerville Rd. A structure fully involved.

1006)01:10 AM-Water Rescue-Bangor, ME-Railroad Ave at the Trestle. 2 people were found face down in the river, attempting a rescue.

Saturday, AUGUST 26, 2006

1005)17:15 PM-W/F-Freeport, ME-Harraseeket Rd at the South Freeport Marina. A 65 foot sail boat fire.

1004)14:49 PM-Tech Rescue-Whitefield, ME-Hilton Rd. 1 subject trapped in a building collapse, Lifeflight requested.

1003)00:33 AM-W/F-Saco, ME-22 Ledgewood Dr. 2 1/2 story wood frame with fire on the 2nd floor.

Friday, AUGUST 25, 2006

1002)16:35 PM-MVA-Belmont, NH-Laconia Rd at Bryant field. A vehicle crash, with a confirmed fatality on scene.

1001)11:12 AM-2nd.AL-Pittsfield, NH-449 Tilton Hill Rd. Fire in a single story ranch heavy smoke showing from the eaves, M/A to work & cover.

Thursday, AUGUST 24, 2006

1000)21:24 PM-W/F-Brooksville, ME-Perkins Ln. A garage fire, M/A requested.

0999)16:50 PM-MVA-Kittery, ME-47 Martin Rd. Car vs pedestrian with serious injuries, S/C for a Paramedic from York.

Wednesday, AUGUST 23, 2006

0998)15:56 PM-MVA-Milford, NH-Osgood Rd at Burns Rd. Serious injuries with entrapment, jaws going to work & Medflight requested.

0997)10:13 AM-H/M-Rumford, ME-Canal St. A freon leak in the basement of a building.

0996)08:22 AM-2nd.AL-Concord, NH-Randolph St. Heavy smoke & fire showing from a 1 story residential structure, M/A requested.

Tuesday, AUGUST 22, 2006

0995)20:25 PM-MVA-Sharon, NH-Rt 124 just over the town line. A car vs tree with several patients.

0994)15:25 PM-H/M-Kennebunk, ME-Maine Turnpike MM 26 Northbound. A major gas leak, S/c for Haz-Mat Teams.

Monday, AUGUST 21, 2006

0993)21:40 PM-ACW-Waterville, ME-242 College Ave. A 2 story brick paper product mill machine fire in section B-8.

0992)21:08 PM-W/F-Scarborough, ME-40 Holmes Rd. Fire showing on arrival from a 1 story 150x120 commercial building, M/A to work & cover.

0991)20:54 PM-W/F-Concord, NH-129 Fisherhill Rd. A structure fire in an apartment building.

0990)19:15 PM-MVA-Merrimack, NH-F.E. Everett Turnpike Southbound on the ramp. Vehicle into the woodswith entrapment.

0989)11:49 AM-MVA-Antrim, NH-359 Keene Rd(Rt 9). A car on its side with 1 subject ejected.

0988)10:25 AM-W/F-Pelham, NH-150 Bridge St(Rt 38). Chunky's Cinema & Pub a partition fire in the projection room.

Sunday, AUGUST 20, 2006

0987)23:50 PM-W/F-Derry, NH-Mitchell Ave. An occupied structure well involved with partial collapse, M/A requested.

0986)15:35 PM-Water Rescue-York, ME-Off Nubble Rd at the Lighthouse. The Harbor Master has a boat on the rocks taking on water, S/C for Water Rescue Team.

0985)12:50 PM-H/M-Chichester, NH-22 Mason Rd. Home heating oil & waste oil spill outside & inside a 2 story dwelling.

0984)09:31 AM-ACW-Seabrook, NH-Rt 107 and Lafayette Rd. Heavy smoke showing from a commercial building.

0983)08:58 AM-2nd.AL-Kittery, ME-377 Haley Rd. A structure fire, M/A to work & cover.

0982)07:32 AM-Water Rescue-Scarborough, ME-End of Seavey Landing Rd. A kayaker overturned subject in the water for approx 10 minutes.

Saturday, AUGUST 19, 2006

0981)20:27 PM-ACW-Sanford, ME-River Rd. Fire in a 15x20 storage building at the Sanford High School Grounds, fully involved.

0980)20:11 PM-W/F-Waterford, ME-Deer Hill Rd. A working structure fire in an unknown type building, M/A to work & cover.

0979)16:36 PM-Water Rescue-Waterboro, ME-On Webber Rd at Ossipee Lake. A male subject hit by a jet ski, CPR in progress.

Friday, AUGUST 18, 2006

0978)19:42 PM-MVA-Franklin, NH-Rt 3 in area of Sophie Dr. A vehicle crash with 1 subject entrapped inside.

0977)17:50 PM-MVA-New Gloucester, ME-Colbath Rd. A vehicle crash with entrapment, Lifeflight requested.

Thursday, AUGUST 17, 2006

Wednesday, AUGUST 16, 2006

0976)00:45 AM-1st.AL-Franklin, NH-80 Terrace Rd. 80x100 Multi-story brick with fire on the 2nd floor.

Tuesday, AUGUST 15, 2006

0975)15:35 PM-MVA-New Hampton, NH-I-93 near Exit 23 southbound. auto accident with serious injuries, DHART requested.

0974)14:29 PM-2nd.AL-Epsom, NH-Area of 75 Leighton Brook Dr. 1.5 story wood frame dwelling fully involved, M/A requested.

Monday, AUGUST 14, 2006

0973)20:32 PM-2nd.AL-Dixfield, ME-Third St at Irving Mill. A fire in a planeing mill, M/A requested.

0972)15:16 PM-W/F-Hermon, ME-90 New Boston Rd. A large farmhouse with attached barn, M/A requested.

0971)09:35 AM-3rd.AL-Stratham, NH-54 Stratham Heights Rd. Fire in a 2 story garage extended to an attached house, M/A requested from multiple towns.

Sunday, AUGUST 13, 2006

Saturday, AUGUST 12, 2006

Friday, AUGUST 11, 2006

0970)16:35 PM-W/F-Brookline, NH-88A Old Milford Rd. A fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

0969)00:05 AM-MVA-Hampton, NH-121 Ocean Blvd. A car vs pedestrian with serious injuries.

Thursday, AUGUST 10, 2006

0968)21:45 PM-MVA-Manchester, NH-896 Goffs falls Rd. A car into the woods with entrapment, jaws requested.

0967)20:03 PM-W/F-Winterport, ME-North Rd at Stanlets Rd. A fire in an unknown type structure, M/A requested.

0966)11:15 AM-W/F-Jay, ME-Riley RA at International Paper Co. A fire in a commercial building, M/A to work & cover.

Wednesday, AUGUST 9, 2006

0965)15:03 PM-W/F-Rochester, NH-190 Blackwater Rd. Fire in a residential structure.

0964)13:24 PM-W/F-Manchester, NH-380 Merrimack St. Fire in a residential structure.

0963)11:45 AM-W/F-New Vineyard, ME-Rt 27 near Rt 234. A building fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

Tuesday, AUGUST 8, 2006

0962)00:38 AM-W/F-Hiram, ME-689 River Rd. A residential structure fire, M/A requested.

Monday, AUGUST 7, 2006

0961)16:24 PM-MVA-Dresden, ME-Middle Rd at Indian Rd. 2 serious injuries, Lifeflight from Maine requested.

0960)09:42 AM-W/F-Wolfeboro, NH-573 Governor Wentworth Highway. A structure fully infolved, M/A requested.

0959)06:45 AM-H/M-Scarborough, ME-10 South Gate Rd. A 55 gallon drum of Hydrochloric Acid leaking, S/C for the Haz-Mat Team.

0958)02:55 AM-W/F-Meredith, NH-Off Rt 104. Heavy fire showing from a 14x70 mobile home.

Sunday, AUGUST 6, 2006

0957)21:45 PM-MVA-Woodstock, NH-I-93 Northbound at MM 95. With serious injuries, 1 subject was ejected.

0956)21:34 PM-W/F-Rumford, ME-Waldo St. Smoke and fire showing from a store, S/C 2 additional Ladders.

Saturday, AUGUST 5, 2006

0955)05:30 AM-4th.AL-Hudson, NH-22 West Rd. A large pile of pallets on fire.

0954)02:55 AM-W/F-North Hampton, NH-37 Lafayette Rd. A building at the Home Depot Plaza well involved.

Friday, AUGUST 4, 2006

0953)15:40 PM-W/F-Canaan, ME-247 Brown's Corner Rd. Structure fire well involved.

Thursday, AUGUST 3, 2006

0952)08:13 AM-W/F-Bridgton, ME-Fire Ln 268 Off Rt 93. A fire in an unknown type structure, M/A to work & cover.

Wednesday, AUGUST 2, 2006

0951)19:28 PM-H/M-Hampton, NH-11 Presidential Cr. A gas main rupture inside a building, M/A requested.

0950)18:43 PM-W/F-Portsmouth, NH-5 Harding Rd. 2 1/2 story wood frame structure fire in the basement.

0949)18:07 PM-W/F-North Hampton, NH-2 Red Fox Ln. Fire in an unknown type structure.

0948)18:00 PM-ACW-Falmouth, ME-64 Oakmont Dr. a house fire after a lightning strike.

0947)17:54 PM-2nd.AL-Newmarket, NH-110 Grant Rd. Fire in a 1 story ranch structure, M/A to work.

0946)13:13 PM-W/F-Alton, NH-Rt 28 Southbound. A garage fire.

Tuesday, AUGUST 1, 2006

0945)19:36 PM-W/F-Woodstock, NH-183 Main St. Fire in a 2 story wood frame.

0944)10:17 AM-Industrial Accident-Greenland, NH-Ocean Rd at Novel Ironworks. A male subject pinned under an I beam.

0943)09:49 AM-W/F-Sidney, ME-476 Quaker Hill Rd. An unknown type structure fully involved, M/A to work & cover.

JULY 2006 Fire Log

FIRE and ACCIDENT Code Identifiers:
ACW = All Companies Working
W/F = Working Fire
H/M = Hazardous Materials Incident
M/A = Mutual Aid
10-45 = Injured Person and codes:
C3 = Minor Injury
C2 = Serious Injury
C2+ = Life Theatening Injury
C1 = Probable Fatality

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