Wednesday, April 30, 2003

00828)6:43 PM-W/F-Farmington,ME-Rt.27-Mobile home fully involved-M/A from New Vineyard, Industry & Wilton FDs

00827)5:16 PM-2nd.AL-Bethlehem,NH-Saw Mill Rd. Structure fire-M/A to the scene

00826)3:50 PM-MVA with fire-Newport,ME-Rt.95 Northbound near the Newport exit-Van Vs Tractor Trailer Truck with serious fire-(1) injured, (1) Fatality

00825)2:44 PM-W/F-Lebanon,ME-205 Oak Hill Rd. 2.5 story house, fire in the cellar-M/A from Milton, Rochester & Acton FDs

00824)2:00 PM-MVA-Manchester,ME-Scribner Hill Rd. Jaws from Augusta FD operating, Lifeflight to the scene

00823)1:40 PM-2nd.AL-Epsom,NH-Old Turnpike Rd. Large brush fire-M/A to the scene

00822)11:52 AM-W/F-Bath,NH-West Bath Rd. Structure fire-M/A to the fire

00821)7:12 AM-W/F-Saco,ME-36 Union St. cellar fire in a 2.5 story wdfr dwelling-M/A engine from Biddeford FD to the fire

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

00820)11:58 PM-2nd.AL-Thomaston,ME-next to 11 Lawrence St. House fire-(1) Fatality, M/A to the scene

00819)10:10 PM-ACW-Saco,ME-20 Garfield St. Gas grill & Deck fire extended into the walls of an apartment building

00818)7:08 PM-MVA-Derry,NH-Walnut Hill Rd. Rollover, Jaws operating

00817)4:45 PM-Woods Fire-Biddeford,ME-remote fire burning 4 acres off the end of the Andrews Rd. M/A from Saco, Goodwins Mills, Arundel, Kennebunk and the Hills Beach and Biddeford Pool district stations

00816)3:40 PM-W/F-Epping,NH-off Governor Rd. Small building fully involved with a woods fire-M/A from Newmarket FD to the fire

00815)8:58 AM-W/F-Windham,ME-166 Roosevelt Trail (Rt.302) 20x20' garage fully involved with extension into the woods-M/A from Westbrook FD to the scene

00814)8:45 AM-W/F-Gorham,ME-265 Houston Rd. House fire

Monday, April 28, 2003

00813)7:15 PM-MVA-Waterboro,ME-Rt.202 & Goodwins Mills Rd. Pedestrian struck by auto-Severe injuries

00812)5:02 PM-Woods Fire-New Gloucester,ME-on the railroad tracks off Rt.231-M/A from Pownal, North Yarmouth Auburn, Raymond, Durham, Cumberland, Freeport, Poland & Gray FDs

00811)3:54 PM-Woods Fire-Auburn,NH-672 Londonderry Turnpike-10 acre woods fire with extensive M/A to the scene

00810)3:00 PM-Woods Fire-Redstone (Conway),NH-1 Redstone St. Car & Woods fire with 1.5 acres involved-M/A from Center Conway FD

00809)2:30 PM-W/F-Hudson,ME-Woodshop Lane-Fire in a junkyard involving a mobile home, multiple vehicles and a woods fire-M/A from Corinth, Stetson, Hermon, Glenburn, Bradford & Milford FDs to the scene

00808)2:12 PM-W/F-Friendship,ME-115 Waldoboro Rd. Lobster boat, workshop & woods fire-M/A from Cushing & Waldoboro FDs

00807)1:15 PM-W/F-Lincolnville,ME-Rt.235-Small barn fully involved-M/A from Hope FD to the scene

00806)1:00 PM-Woods Fire-Livermore Falls,ME-unknown location-Large fire with extensive M/A to the fire & Maine Forest Service Chopper working the bucket

00805)12:59 PM-Woods Fire-Kennebunk,ME-off the Branch Rd. near the Fish & Game Club-Large area burning, M/A from Wells, Kennebunport, Arundel, Sanford, Ogunquit and Alfred FD's

00804)3:00 AM-W/F-Frenchville,ME-Rt.1-House & Garage well involved-M/A from St.Agatha FD to the scene

Sunday, April 27, 2003

00803)3:00 PM-W/F-South Hampton,NH-85 Exeter Rd. 1.5 story house, fire in the attic-M/A from Amesbury, Newton, Kensington & East Kingston FDs

00802)2:32 PM-W/F-Lebanon,ME-Ledge Hill Rd. off the Hubbard Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Milton, Rochester & Berwick FDs

00801)6:00 AM-MVA-Princeton,ME-Rt.1-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating-M/A from Indian Township FD to the scene

Saturday, April 26, 2003

00800)7:28 PM-MVA-Henniker,NH-26 Weare Rd. (2) cars, head-on-Jaws operating

00799)6:00 PM-W/F-Nottingham,NH-22 Cooper Hill Rd. Garage fire

00798)3:48 PM-MVA-Gorham,ME-Ossipee Trail (Rt.25) Rollover, Jaws operating

00797)12:30 PM-MVA-Canterbury,NH-I93 NB, south of Exit 17-Rollover-Jaws operating

00796)11:00 AM-W/F-St.Albans,ME-Water St. Barn & House fire-M/A from Canaan, Hartland & Corinna FDs

00795)10:00 AM-W/F-Barrington,NH-29 Baxter Lane Extension-Garage fire-M/A to the scene

00794)8:57 AM-MVA-Manchester,NH-Spring & Commerical St. Jaws operating

00793)7:22 AM-MVA-Plainfield,NH-Stage Rd. Vehicle rolled over into a brook-(1) Fatality

Friday, April 25, 2003

00792)9:10 PM-W/F+-Boothbay Harbor,ME-48 Oak Point Rd. at Morgan's Boathouse-Structure well involved-M/A from Boothbay & Southport FDs

00791)8:12 PM-ACW-South Portland,ME-Cottage Rd. fire in a dry cleaners business

00790)5:00 PM-2nd.AL-Fryeburg,ME-Rt.302 at the "Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital" a Structure fire-M/A from North Fryeburg, Lovell, Brownfield, Bridgeton and East Conway FD's

00789)4:36 PM-Grass & Brush Fire-Winslow,ME-off the Abbott Rd. 3 acres burned-M/A from Fairfield, Waterville, China and Albion FDs

00788)3:00 PM-MVA-Pembroke,NH-860 Pembroke Rd. "Pembroke Sand & Gravel" Excavator rolled with entrapment-Possible fatality

00787)2:40 PM-MVA-Manchester,ME-Rt.100-(2) cars, head-on, Jaws from Augusta FD operating

00786)10:50 AM-MVA-Madbury,NH-Rt.144 by the new fire station-Rollover with (2) trapped-(2) Sets of extrication tools from Lee & Durham FD's operating

00785)1:30 AM-MVA-Thomaston,ME-Old County Rd. & Rt.1-Vehicle Vs Guardrail-Jaws from Rockland FD operating, Lifeflight to the scene

Thursday, April 24, 2003

00784)8:16 AM-MVA-Bethlehem,NH-Trudeau Rd. Rollover, Jaws operating

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

00783)1:50 AM-2nd.AL-Wolfeboro,NH-36 Filter Bed Rd. 2 story house fire-Several occupants transported for injuries-M/A from Tuftonboro, Ossipee Corner & West Ossipee FD's to the fire

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

00782)7:45 PM-W/F-Herman,ME-Rt.2 at Merrill Hill - House & Barn that contained a Well Drilling Business well involved - M/A from Hermon, Bangor, Hampden, Glenburn, Carmel, Newburgh, Levant and Kenduskeag FDs to the fire

00781)3:56 PM-W/F-Skowhegan,ME-12 Brad's Way-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Cornville, East Madison and Canaan FDs

00780)12:06 PM-MVA-New Durham,NH-Rt.11 & Depot Rd. Jaws operating, M/A from Alton FD to the scene

00779)11:45 AM-MVA-Dover,NH-104 Long Hill Rd. Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating

00778)8:59 AM-W/F-Mount Desert,ME-Manchester Drive at the Swimming Club-Apartment fire-M/A from Soutwest Harbor FD

00777)4:28 AM-W/F-Campton,NH-503 Beech Hill Rd. - Cottage fully involved-M/A from Plymouth & Waterville Valley FDs

Monday, April 21, 2003

00776)6:55 PM-ACW-Ogunquit,ME-Rt.1 at the Ogunquit Resort Motel-1 Room fire-M/A from Wells FD to the scene

00775)6:52 PM-2nd.Alarm-Augusta,ME-12 Gabriel Drive-Structure fire

00774)6:00 PM-3rd.Alarm-Pittsfield,NH-821 Catamount Rd. 2.5 story house, heavy fire in the attic-M/A tankers to the fire

00773)5:25 PM-2nd.Alarm-Brunswick,ME-22 Bouchard Drive-House fire

00772)5:15 PM-ACW-Rockland,ME-191 Park St. at the "Puff N Stop" Fire in the bathroom ceiling area of the 1 story convenience store

00771)5:15 PM-W/F-Dresden,ME-157 Hale's Pond Rd. House fire

00770)4:45 PM-MVA-Buckfield,ME-North Hill Rd. Car Vs Motorcycle with fire & (1) Fatality

00769)3:50 PM-2nd.Alarm-Littleton,NH-Pine St. near the radio tower-Large woods fire-Extensive M/A to the scene

00768)3:38 PM-MVA-Woolwich,ME-Mountain Rd. Fire Truck rollover with entrapment & injury

00767)3:25 PM-Woods Fire-Woolwich,ME-Mountain Rd. Large woods fire-M/A to the scene

00766)3:14 PM-W/F-Charlestown,NH-South Hemlock Rd. Mobile Home fire-M/A from Walpole, Claremont & Langdon FDs to the scene

00765)3:00 PM-Woods Fire-Leeds,ME-Campbell Rd. Large woods fire-M/A to the fire & Helo from Maine Forest Service working with water drops

00764)1:32 PM-2nd.Alarm-Hooksett,NH-1465 Hooksett Rd. at Granite Hills-Large woods fire-M/A to the fire

00763)11:20 AM-Woods Fire-Madbury,NH-rear of 20 Huckins Drive-Large woods fire-M/A from Durham, Lee & Barrington FD's

00762)10:46 AM-W/F-Skowhegan,ME-56 Hathaway St. House fire

00761)5:16 PM-Woods Fire-Winslow,ME-off South Reynolds Rd. & Rocky Ridge Drive - 10+ acres burning, extensive M/A from Winslow, Waterville, China, Vassalboro, Fairfield, Albion, Belgrade, Oakland, Sidney and Clinton to the fire & Helo for water drops

00760)10:20 AM-W/F-Epsom,NH-Circle D Park, 39 Windemere Drive-Mobile Home fire

Sunday, April 20, 2003

00759)9:07 PM-MVA-Monson,ME-Rt.15 - Car Vs Tree after swerving to avoid a Moose in the road-(2) trapped & seriously injured-M/A from Guilford FD with the Jaws of Life

00758)8:15 PM-MVA-West Bath,ME-Hill Rd. at Foster's Point-Motorcycle Vs Tree-Serious injury

00757)7:25 PM-W/F-Piermont,NH-725 Rt.25C-Brush fire extened to a building-M/A to the scene

00756)6:10 PM-Woods Fire-West Bath,ME-New Meadows Rd. M/A from Phippsburg, Woolwich & Arrowsic FDs

00755)5:00 PM-Woods Fire-Berlin,NH- on the top of Mt.Jasper - 10-15 acres on fire - M/A from Gorham FD & NHFFS to the fire

00754)4:55 PM-2nd.AL-Windsor,ME-Rt.32 & Tyler Corner Rd. Structure well involved with extension into the woods-Extensive M/A to the fire

00753)2:45 PM-W/F-Windham,ME-Varney Mills Rd. Brush fire extended to a structure-M/A to the scene

00752)9:45 AM-ACW-Ossipee,NH-110 Dorrs Corner Rd. Partition fire around a chimney of a dwelling

00751)7:12 AM-W/F-Freeport,ME-114 South Freeport Rd. Garage fire with exposure to the house-M/A engine from Yarmouth FD to the scene

00750)4:10 AM-3rd.AL-Dover,NH-1 Orchard St. "Garrison City Bar & Grill" 2 story brick former City of Dover fire station-Heavy fire showing on arrival. Fire on floors 1 & 2-M/A from Rochester, Durham, Rollinsford, South Berwick & Berwick FDs

00749)1:05 AM-MVA-Hillsboro,NH-West Main St. & Rt.9-Jaws operating

Saturday, April 19, 2003

00748)2:00 PM-W/F-Farmington,NH-11 Pleasant St. 2 story house fire-M/A from Milton, New Durham & Middleton FD's

00747)12:15 PM-W/F-Boothbay Harbor,ME-250 Atlantic Highway-Structure fire-M/A to the scene

00746)10:08 AM-MVA-Somersworth,NH-High & West High St. Rollover, Jaws operating

00745)3:42 AM-MVA-Searsmont,ME-Rt.131 & Aldus Shore Rd. Jaws operating

Friday, April 18, 2003

00744)11:55 PM-MVA-Salem,NH-Rt.28 & 97-Jaws operating

00743)9:50 PM-W/F-Sabattus,ME-Rt.126 the Cumberland Farms Store well involved-M/A from Wales, Lisbon & Lewiston FDs

00742)9:20 PM-MVA-Epsom,NH-Rt.4 & 107-Jaws operating, M/A from Northwood EMS to the scene

00741)6:40 PM-2nd.AL-Westbrook,ME-502 Main St. 2.5 story apartment building fire

00740)1:12 PM-MVA-Brookline,NH-Rt.13 & Bond St. Jaws operating

Thursday, April 17, 2003

00740)6:30 PM-W/F-Rumford,ME-744 South Rumford Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Mexico & Peru FD's

00739)4:45 PM-MVA-Sullivan,ME-Rt.1 & Morancy Rd. (2) Cars head-on, (1) Fatality and several injured-Jaws operating

00738)4:20 PM-MVA-Hudson,NH-Central St. (2) Trapped, Jaws operating

00737)1:11 PM-W/F-Unity,ME-Unit Rd. Barn fully involved-M/A to the scene

00736)12:34 PM-2nd.AL-Carmel,ME-Fuller Rd. "R&R Saw Mill" Building well involved-M/A to the fire

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

00735)10:00 PM-W/F-Madison,ME-Main St. at the "Russell Insurance Agency". 3 story wdfr building with heavy fire on one side-M/A from Norridgewock, Starks, North Anson, Anson, Solon, Skowhegan & East Madison FDs

00734)9:18 PM-W/F-Portland,ME-114 Pine St. Rollover-Jaws operating

00733)5:28 PM-1st Alarm Brush Fire-New Durham,NH-201 Middleton Rd. 2.5 acres of brush burned-M/A from Middleton, Alton, Farmington & Gilmanton FD's

00732)11:08 AM-ACW-Raymond,NH-7 Moores Rd. Barn fire

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

00731)9:15 AM-ACW-Norway,ME-181 Main St. "Stephens Memorial Hospital" - Small fire on the roof

00730)8:50 PM-2nd.AL-Lewiston,ME-14 Union St. 3 story apartment building fire-M/A to the scene

00729)5:15 PM-2nd.AL-Lewiston,ME-9 Hillview Lane-2 story house fire-M/A to the scene

00728)3:41 PM-W/F & Woods Fire-Skowhegan,ME-Richardson Rd &Lambert Rd. Three small Shed/Barn type structures on fire with fire now into the woods-M/A from Clinton, Canaan & Cornville FDs to the scene

00727)Afternoon-MVA-Woolwich,ME-Rt.1 near the Taste of Maine restaurant-(2) cars, head-on, Jaws operating, (1) Fatality

00726)Afternoon-W/F-Naples,ME-Edes Falls Rd. Brush fire extended to a house-M/A to the scene

00725)12:33 PM-ACW-Greenland,NH-11 Holly Lane-Grass fire extended to the outside of a structure-M/A from Newington, Portsmouth & Pease Air National Guard FDs

00724)9:31 AM-MVA-Norway,ME-Rt.118 near the Country Club-Car into a tree-Several trapped, (2) Fatalities, (1) Seriously injured, Jaws from Paris FD operating

00723)6:05 AM-W/F-Portland,ME-211 Cumberland Ave. "Franklin Towers" fire on the 13th floor of a 16 story brick apartment High Rise

Monday, April 14, 2003

00722)12:30 PM-Grass Fire-Palermo,ME-off Rt.3 at the Liberty town line-10 acres burned in the fire-M/A from Liberty, South China, China, Searsmont, Montville, Freedom & Weeks Mills FDs

00721)10:04 AM-W/F-Hollis,ME-11 Moderation Drive in West Buxton village-Garage fire-M/A from Waterboro & Buxton FDs

00720)7:22 AM-MVA-Chesterfield,NH-Car Vs School Bus-Jaws operating

Sunday, April 13, 2003

00719)7:16 PM-W/F-Lisbon,NH-373 Mt.Eustis Rd. Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

00718)3:50 PM-W/F-Concord,NH-12 Eastside Drive at Regency Heights Apartments-Apartment fire

00717)2:39 PM-MVA-Wakefield,NH-Rt.153 near the Hayscale-(2) cars, Jaws operating, M/A ambulances to the scene

00716)Morning-W/F-Nashua,NH-507 Broad St. Mobile home fire

00715)Morning-W/F-Moultonboro,NH-Hanson Rd. House fire-M/A to the scene

00714)8:28 AM-W/F-Northfield,NH-157 Oak Hill Rd. Chimney fire extended into the house-M/A to the scene

00713)7:44 AM-MVA-Raymond,NH-216 Rt.27-Jaws operating

00712)7:02 AM-W/F-Portland,ME-633 Congress St. - Apartment fire in an occupied apartment building

00711)3:28 AM-2nd.AL-St.George,ME-14 Clark Island Rd. 2 story house fire-M/A from Thomaston FD

00710)2:11 AM-W/F-Skowhegan,ME-Saint James St. Mobile Home fire

00709)1:32 AM-W/F-Barrington,NH-Berry River Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Strafford, Rochester & Madbury FDs

00708)00:25 AM-W/F-Winchester,NH-Back Ashuelot Rd. Structure well involved-M/A to the scene

00707)00:00 AM-2nd.AL-Ossipee,NH-69 Dore St. House fire-(1) Fatality on scene-M/A to the fire

Saturday, April 12, 2003

00706)6:32 PM-W/F-Wakefield,NH-Lord Rd. House well involved-M/A from Milton, Newfield, Acton & Ossipee Corner FDs

00705)5:52 PM-MVA-Londonderry,NH-Rt.93 SB, north of Exit 3-Rollover, Jaws operating

00704)2:30 PM-W/F-Belmont,NH-Hueber Drive off Rt.3-Outbuilding & Mobile Home fire-M/A from Winnisquam, Laconia, Gilford, Gilmanton, Franklin & Tilton-Northfield FDs

00703)7:15 AM-4th.AL-Salisbury,NH-462 Racoon Hill Rd. "Horse Haven Bed & Breakfast"-Barn, House and other farm buildings heavily involved-Extensive M/A responce to the scene

00702)2:30 AM-2nd.AL-Hopkinton,NH-33 Main St. Barn fully involved with some damage to the attached house-M/A from Warner, Bow, Henniker & Concord FDs to the fire

Friday, April 11, 2003

00701)10:22 PM-MVA-Portland,ME-Warren Ave. near Joker's-Pedestrian struck by an auto with serious injury

00700)10:15 PM-W/F-Portland,ME-66 State Rd. Occupied Building fire

00699)10:05 PM-MVA-Bath,ME-Rt.1-Rollover-Jaws operating

00698)9:05 PM-ACW-Alton,NH-1 Butler Dr. House fire-M/A from Gilmanton FD to the scene

00697)2:55 PM-ACW-Wilton,ME-Munson Rd. Fire in a vacant mobile home

00696)1:30 PM-W/F-Bucksport,ME-Aspen Lane-House fire-M/A from Orland & Orrington FDs

00695)12:52 PM-MVA-Baldwin,ME-Rt.107 near Rt.113-Auto Vs Lumber Truck-(1) Fatality, Jaws operating-M/A from Sebago FD to the scene

00694)8:20 AM-MVA-Waterville,ME-Elm St. & Western Ave. Rollover-Jaws operating

00693)1:05 AM-MVA-Durham,NH-274 Bay Rd. Jaws operating, M/A from Newmarket FD to the scene

Thursday, April 10, 2003

00692)11:40 PM-MVA-Seabrook,NH-Ocean Blvd. at the Hampton town line-(2) cars, head-on-Jaws from Hampton FD operating

00691)8:00 PM-W/F-Pleasant Ridge Plantation,ME-Rowe Pond Rd. Barn fully involved-Pleasant Ridge & Bingham FD's at the fire

00690)5:10 PM-W/F-Raymond,NH-30 Ham Rd. Structure fire-M/A from Deerfield, Nottingham, Epping, Fremont and Chester FDs

00689)Afternoon-W/F-Bangor,ME-3 Parker St. Vacant Shed & House fire behind Shaws Supermarket

00688)10:20 AM-MVA-Farmington,ME-Main St. by Center Bridge-(2) Cars, (1) Fatality

00687)9:45 AM-W/F-South Portland,ME-end of Front St on the waterfront-Pier fire-M/A from Portland FD with the Fireboat

00686)9:20 AM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-Broad Turn Rd at Hidden Creek-Car Vs Pole-Jaws operating

00685)6:30 AM-MVA-Bucksport,ME-Main & Central St. Pedestrian struck by a car-(1) Fatality

00684)4:45 AM-W/F-Bath,ME-39 Lincoln St. (Scene of yesterday's fire) Structure fire-M/A to the scene

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

00683)8:15 PM-W/F-New Limerick,ME-Station Rd. at the Louisiana-Pacific wood chip mill-Fire in the dryer area with extension into the walls and roof area-M/A from Houlton FD to the fire

00682)2:45 PM-W/F-Bath,ME-39 Lincoln St. "Sign Loft" 3 story wdfr building well involved-M/A to the scene

00681)3:50 PM-W/F-Castle Hill,ME-2052 State Rd. (Rt.227)-House fire-Presque Isle & Washburn FD's worked the fire

00680)9:06 AM-W/F-Fitzwilliam,NH-Rt.12 South at "Damon Lumber Co." Fire in the main mill building-M/A from Meadowood, Troy and Ridge FD's to the scene

00679)2:00 AM-W/F-Plaistow,NH-204 Main St. House fire-M/A to the scene-(1) Fatality

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

00678)7:20 PM-W/F-Newington,NH-at the end of Coleman Drive on the shore of Great Bay-Building fully involved-M/A to the scene from Portsmouth, Rye & Pease Air National Guard FD-Only access is by foot, 4 Wheeler and Snowmobile-Companies using portable pumps to the fight the fire

00677)3:40 PM-W/F-Sandown,NH-2 Water St. House fire-M/A from Hampstead FD to the scene

00676)8:30 AM-Haz Mat-Skowhegan,ME-West Front St. Unknown substance spilled in the roadway-M/A from Sappi Paper Co. Haz Mat Team to the scene

Monday, April 07, 2003

00675)9:10 PM-MVA-Hudson,NH-28 Robinson Rd. Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating

00674)8:45 PM-MVA-Kingston,NH-Cheney Mill & Long Pond Rd. Truck Vs Tree-Jaws operating

00673)6:08 PM-2nd.AL-Windham,NH-167 Haverhill Rd. House well involved-M/A to the scene

00672)1:35 PM-2nd.AL-Concord,NH-74 Regional Drive-"Transformer Services Co." 2.5 story wdfr building well involved with collapse-M/A to the fire

00671)Afternoon-W/F-Hartford,ME-Dakin Lane-Small house fully involved

00670)1:18 PM-W/F-Saco,ME-32 Storer St. fire between floors 1 & 2 of an occupied apartment building-M/A from Biddeford FD to the scene

00669)1:15 PM-W/F-Ashland,NH-1812 Hill St. House fire-M/A from Bristol, New Hampton, Holderness, Plymouth & Campton-Thornton FD's to the fire

00668)12:18 PM-MVA-Gorham,ME-Rt.25 & 114 in the village square-Pedestrian struck by a bus-Serious injury

00667)8:28 AM-MVA-Sabattus,ME-Fisher Farm Rd. Pickup truck rollover-Lifeflight to the scene for seriously injured child

00666)7:25 AM-MVA / HAZMAT-South Portland,ME-Broadway near the Central Fire Station-Tractor Trailer Tanker carrying 10,000 gallons of JET FUEL rolled over. Substantial fuel spillage into the storm drains and into Portland Harbor. M/A to the cover the city.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

00665)7:50 PM-4th.AL-Lempster,NH-Earls Lane next to 256 Mountain Rd. Large House fully involved-M/A from Unity, Newport, Washington, Marlow, Acworth, Alstead & Goshen FD's to the fire

00664)7:00 PM-MVA/MCI-Gilford,NH-RT.3 Bypass on the Gilford end-(2) cars head-on with fire-Several victims trapped, (2) sets of Jaws at work, (1) Fatality on scene-M/A ambulances from Winnisquam, Belmont, Alton, Meredith & Laconia FD's-DHART Chopper on the way to Lakes Region General Hospital for victims

00663)6:55 PM-W/F-Old Orchard Beach,ME-Shady Lane-House fire-M/A from Scarborough FD to the scene

00662)2:44 PM-W/F-Anson,ME-Valley Rd. (Rt.234) at Cousineau,Inc. Fire in a dust collection blower system-M/A from Madison and North Anson FDs to the scene

00661)12:21 PM-2nd.AL-Cornish,NH-171 Dingleton Hill Rd. House fire-M/A to the fire

00660)12:10 PM-W/F-Nashua,NH-371 Main St. Structure fire

00659)8:52 AM-W/F-Manchester,NH-90 Maurice St. Building fire

Saturday, April 05, 2003

00658)11:35 PM-W/F-Windham,ME-31 Brentwood Ave. House fire-(1) Fatality - M/A from Gorham, Falmouth & Gray FD's

00657)8:42 PM-MVA/MCI-York,ME-Rt.1 near the Kittery town line-Multi car accident with 6 people injured-M/A ambulances from Portsmouth, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, AMR and Ogunquit FD's

00656)8:04 PM-W/F-Rockland,ME-385 Main St. Apartment fire in a multi unit building

00655)6:42 PM-MVA-Scarborough,ME-277 Gorham Rd. - Jaws operating

00654)6:42 PM-MVA-Peterborough,NH-Rt.101 west near Mountain View Drive-Jaws operating

00653)1:50 PM-MVA-Wells,ME-Maine Turnpike Mile 18 Northbound - Car in the trees-(2) trapped & seriously injured (1) Fatality- Jaws operating, S/C Heavy Rescue from Ogunquit FD to the scene

00652)1:00 PM-MVA-Hampton Falls,NH-153 Lafayette Rd. - Jaws from Hampton FD operating

00651)11:30 AM-MVA-Windham,ME-River Rd. near the WIndham Center Rd. (2) trapped, (1) Fatality, Jaws working, M/A from Gorham FD to the scene

00650)9:42 AM-MVA-North Yarmouth,ME-Rt.115 - Jaws operating

00649)6:15 AM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Ocean Rd. near the Greenland town line - Jaws operating

00648)1:30 AM-W/F-Manchester,NH-142 Falcon Crest Way-Fire in a 2.5 story occupied townhouse

Friday, April 04, 2003

00647)10:10 PM-W/F-Jefferson,ME-Carrie Rd. House fire-M/A to the scene

00646)9:10 PM-MVA-Falmouth,ME-Rt.95 Northbound-Rollover-Jaws operating

00645)8:15 PM-MVA-Lyman,ME-South Waterboro Rd. - Jaws operating

00644)6:57 PM-MVA-Winchester,NH-Rt.10 (2) cars head-on, Jaws operating

00643)6:12 PM-MVA-Wakefield,NH-Pine River Pond Rd. - Jaws operating

00642)5:57 PM-MVA-Salem,NH-Shannon Rd.-Jaws operating

00641)4:45 PM-MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.9 at Chesterfield Hill-Jaws operating

00640)4:37 PM-MVA-Keene,NH-Rt.12 near the Federal Express Building-Jaws operating

00639)3:28 PM-MVA-Fitzwilliam,NH-Rt.12 near the Landfill - Jaws operating

00638)2:48 AM-2nd AL-Hollis,ME-17 Moderation St. in West Buxton village-2.5 story brick home heavily involved-M/A from Buxton, Waterboro, Goodwins Mills, North Saco & Limington FDs

Thursday, April 03, 2003

00637)9:10 PM-MVA-Fairfield,ME-651 Middle Rd. Jaws operating

00636)6:15 PM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Lafayette Rd. by Dunkin Donuts-(2) cars, head-on-Jaws operating, (3) injured, 1 seriously-Portsmouth Hospital Trauma Team activated

00635)5:25 PM-MVA-Pelham,NH-203 Mammoth Rd. Auto Vs Tree-Jaws operating with serious injury

00634)4:00 PM-W/F-Embden,ME-Embden Pond Rd. House fire-M/A from Anson & Madison FD's assisted the North Anson FD at the fire as Embden has no fire department

00633)2:02 PM-MVA-Westbrook,ME-Larabee Rd. at the entrance to the Maine Turnpike-Serious injury & lengthy extrication

00632)00:42 AM-ACW-Skowhegan,ME-55 North Ave. "Beverage Mart" fire in the rear of the store

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

00631)7:20 PM-MVA-Lewiston,ME-720 Lisbon St. Car into a building-Jaws operating

00630)11:28 AM-MVA-Sanford,ME-56 Alfred Rd. Jaws operating

00629)8:28 AM-MVA-Portsmouth,NH-Lafayette & Peverley Hill Rd. Jaws operating

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

00628)9:10 PM-MVA-Alfred,ME-Swett's Bridge Rd. Car into the Littlefield river & submerged-CPR in progress of the three seriously injured victims-M/A from Sanford FD/EMS to the scene

00627)9:08 PM-MVA-Salem,NH-Johnson & Dawson Ave. Auto Vs Tree-Jaws operating

00626)3:42 AM-W/F-Orrington,ME-Johnson Mill & Fowler Rd. (across from the fire station) 2 story house well involved-M/A from Holden, Bucksport & Brewer FD's

00625)1:52 AM-3rd.AL-Nashua,NH-80 West Hollis St. Occupied Building fire-M/A to the scene

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