Southern Maine Fire Notification's April 2001 Logs

Monday, April 30, 2001

01-657)4:30 PM-3rd.AL-Rockland,ME--FMC at Crocketts Point-Fire in conveyor system between 2 buildings-M/A from Thomaston & South Thomaston FD's

01-656)10:25 AM-W/F-Skowhegan,ME--Turner Ave-Shed and Vehicles on fire

01-655)7:00 AM-MVA-Manchester,NH--Calef Rd-Police Cruiser Vs Pole-Jaws operating

01-654)7:50 AM-W/F-Topsham,ME--8 Haskell Circle-Mobile Home fire-M/A to the fire

Sunday, April 29, 2001

01-653)10:45 PM-W/F-Lewiston,ME--495 Pond Rd-Garage fire-M/A from Auburn FD

01-652)9:20 PM-W/F-Jefferson,NH--Turnpike Rd-Brush fire extended to a structure-M/A to the fire

01-651)6:35 PM-W/F-Auburn,ME--15 Lafayette St-Garage fire

01-650)5:45 PM-W/F-Sumner,ME--Rt.140 in the village-House & Shed fire-M/A from Canton & Buckfield FD's to the scene

01-649)3:40 PM-2nd.AL-Barrington,NH--Rt.202 at Barrington Mobile Home Park-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-648)2:51 PM-W/F-Chester,NH--214 Halls Village Rd-Woods fire and small structure fully involved-M/A from East Derry & Sandown FD's

01-647)12:40 PM-Woods fire-Sabattus,ME--Ball Park Rd-Large fire with M/A to the fire-Maine Forestry chopper dropping water

Saturday, April 28, 2001

01-646)Evening-Woods fires-Brewer,ME--Wiswell Rd-(5) fires set on this road-M/A from Holden, Orrington and Eddington FD's

01-645)4:18 PM-W/F-Athens,ME--Boralex Athens Energy plant-Fire in the conveyor & wood chip area-M/A from Cornville, Wellington and Harmony FD's

01-644)2:30 PM-W/F-Deer Isle,ME--Jericho Bay Boat Yard-80 x 200 ft Boat Storage Building fully involved, burning over 12 boats, $10 Million in damages-M/A from Sedgwick, Stonington, Brooksville and Brooklin FD's

01-643)2:01 PM-2nd.AL-Henniker,NH--48 Depot Hill Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-642)1:15 PM-Woods Fire-St.George,ME--Rt.131 & Hilton Lane-M/A from Thomaston & South Thomaston FD's

01-641)12:15 PM-W/F-Raymond,ME--Raymond Hill Rd-Large woods fire-M/A to the fire from 5 towns and Maine Forest Service

01-640)Morning-Woods Fire-Veazie,ME--near Rt.2 along the Railroad tracks-M/A from Brewer, Bangor, Old Town, Orono, Milford and the Maine Forestry Chopper

01-639)7:01 AM-W/F-Limerick,ME--Washington St-2 story building well involved-M/A to the fire

01-638)1:16 AM-MVA-South Thomaston,ME--255 Buttermilk Lane-(2) Cars, Head-on, Jaws operating, (3) critical patients, (1) fatality, M/A from Rockland, Thomaston & St.George FD's

Friday, April 27, 2001

01-637)11:07 PM-W/F-Kittery,ME--Rt.1 at 5 Star Video-M/A from York & Eliot FD's

01-636)6:07 PM-MVA-Kittery,ME--Rt.236 & Dana Ave-Jaws operating

01-635)1:24 PM-4th AL-Durham,NH--off Mill Rd & Fogg Lane-Large brush fire involving over 26 acres-Reported by the Agamenticus & Blue Job fire towers-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-634)7:51 AM-W/F-Old Town,ME--Youngs Terrace-House fire-M/A from Orono & MIlford FD's

01-633)7:38 AM-W/F-Seabrook,NH--187 South Main St-2 story house fire-M/A from Hampton & Salisbury FD's

01-632)7:35 AM-MVA-Arundel,ME--Mountain Rd-Car Vs Tree-Jaws operating-M/A from Kennebunk FD

Thursday, April 26, 2001

01-631)5:15 PM-W/F-Hartford,ME--Rt.219-Large farmhouse & Barn fully involved with extension to some brush-M/A from Canton, Sumner, Turner, Leeds, and Buckfield FD's

01-630)1:29 PM-2nd.AL-Goffstown,NH--136 Page Hill Rd-Brush fire with extension to some small buildings-M/A to the fire

01-629)12:50 PM-MVA-Wakefield,NH--Rt.16 & Stoneham Rd-Multiple cars-(1) Fatality

01-628)12:15 PM-W/F-Falmouth,ME--off the Blackstrap Rd-Large woods fire-M/A from Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Gray, Cumberland, Westbrook, Portland FD's

01-627)6:49 AM-W/F-Littleton,NH--22 North Littleton Rd-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A to the fire

01-626)2:20 AM-2nd.AL-Windham,ME--Rt.302 next to the Shaws Plaza-1 story commercial office building fire-M/A to the scene

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

01-625)6:38 PM-W/F-Clifton,ME--Rt.9 & 180-Large barn fully involved with extensive grass fires-M/A to the scene

01-624)6:00 PM-W/F-Waterville,ME--70 High St-House fire

01-623)5:27 PM-MVA-Portland,ME--I-295 at Exit 7-Jaws operating

01-622)5:01 PM-W/F-Ogunquit,ME--Rebecca Lane-Brush fire extended to a shed and fence-M/A from York Beach FD

01-621)Afternoon-MVA-Hampstead,NH--Rt.121-Motorcycle accident-(1) Fatality

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

01-620)7:45 PM-2nd.AL-Concord,NH--Robinson Rd-2.5 story building with heavy fire

01-619)3:30 PM-W/F+-Windham,NH--Governor Dinsmore Rd-Large brush fire with exposure to are homes-M/A from Salem, Pelham, Derry FD's

01-618)2:18 PM-W/F-Farmington,NH--22 School St-Back side of house & deck on fire-M/A from New Durham & Milton FD's

01-617)Afternoon-W/F-Goshen,NH--282 Mill Village Rd. North-Excavator fire with large fuel spill-M/A from Newport FD

01-616)10:20 AM-W/F-Brunswick,ME--73 Harpswell Rd-2 story structure fire

01-615)9:50 AM-MVA-Marlboro,NH--Rt.101-M/A Jaws from Keene FD operating-(1) Fatality

01-614)8:48 AM-W/F-Whitefield,NH--Rt.3-Building well involved-M/A to the scene

01-613)8:10 AM-W/F-Salem,NH--15 Millville Terrace-House fire-M/A from Windham, Atkinson and Hampstead FD's

Monday, April 23, 2001

01-612)5:48 PM-MVA-Canaan,NH--Rt.118-Jaws operating

01-611)5:21 PM-MVA-East Baldwin,ME--Rt.113 by Limington Lumber-(2) Fatalities

01-610)9:45 AM-W/F-Hartford,ME--Rt.140 next to the Town Hall-House fire-M/A from Buckfield, Sumner and Turner FD's as Hartford has no fire department

01-609)7:45 AM-MVA-Saco,ME--Rt.112 & Rocky Hill Rd-Jaws operating

Sunday, April 22, 2001

01-608)8:58 PM-W/F-North Berwick,ME--382 Morrills Mills Rd-2 story house-Fire on floor 2-M/A from Sanford, Berwick, South Berwick & Wells FD's

01-607)5:44 PM-W/F-Sanford,ME--7 Maple St-Kitchen fire

01-606)5:21 PM-3rd.AL-Rochester,NH--Oak St & Hansonville Rd in Gonic-Large brush fire extended to a structure-M/A from Dover, Barrington, Milton, Farmington, Strafford, Somersworth, Berwick and Lebanon FD's

01-605)2:25 PM-2nd.AL-Londonderry,NH--39 South Rd near Ponderosa Trailer Park-Large brush fire with threats to structures-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-604)2:10 PM-W/F-Chesterfield,NH--Orak Rd-Large brush fire-M/A from Putney & Brattleboro,VT and Spofford & Westmoreland,NH to the fire

01-603)1:30 PM-2nd.AL-Saco,ME--area of 106 Boom Rd-Large brush fire-M/A to the scene

01-602)12:21 PM-3rd.AL-New Durham,NH--212 Valley Rd-Brush fire extended to a Barn-Extensive M/A to the fire

01-601)10:57 AM-MVA-Saco,ME--New County Rd-Multiple patients-M/A from Goodwins Mills and Biddeford FD's

01-600)6:37 AM-W/F-Auburn,ME--107 Broad St-Building fire

01-599)00:17 AM-W/F-Old Orchard Beach,ME--39 Smithwheel Rd-Fire in 1 room of a condominium-M/A from Saco FD

Saturday, April 21, 2001

01-598)3:47 PM-W/F-Hiram,ME--15 Clements Cove Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

01-597)3:10 PM-W/F-Oxford,ME--613 King St-Barn fire-M/A to the scene

01-596)12:58 PM-W/F-Vassalboro,ME--Cushnoc & Mill Rd-Brush fire spread to a vacant mobile home fire-M/A from Winslow FD

01-595)Morning-W/F+-Unity,ME--Libby Hill Rd-Brush fire spread to a large barn & woodworking shop-M/A from Albion, Burnham, Dixmont, Montville, Troy, Freedom and Thorndike FD's

01-594)1:30 AM-W/F-Howland,ME--Main St-2.5 story house well involved-M/A from Lincoln FD to the fire-(1) fatality

01-593)1:17 AM-MVA-Loudon,NH--School St-Jaws operating

Friday, April 20, 2001

01-592)8:34 PM-MVA-Milton,NH--Rt.16 near Exit 18-Car Vs Moose-Driver trapped-Jaws operating-M/A from Wakefield FD to the scene

01-591)1:47 PM-W/F-Jackson,NH--Carter Notch Rd-Building fully involved-M/A from Bartlett & Glen FD's

01-590)12:00 PM-W/F-Somerville,ME--Rt.17 near the fire station-Brush fire with extension to a structure-M/A to the scene from Whitefield, Jefferson and the Maine Forest Service

01-589)11:40 AM-W/F-Belmont,NH--36 Fred Friend Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

Thursday, April 19, 2001

01-588)7:30 PM-W/F-Brentwood,NH--5 Ladd Rd-Chimney fire with extension to the house-M/A to the scene

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

01-587)Evening-MVA-Gilmanton,NH--Rt.140-Gasoline tanker rollover-M/A to the scene

01-586)7:51 AM-W/F-South Hampton,NH--14 West Whitehall Rd-2 story house fire-M/A from Amesbury,MA and Newton & East Kingston,NH FD's

01-585)7:22 AM-W/F-Auburn,NH--732 Chester Rd-1.5 story house fire-M/A from Derry & Chester FD's

01-584)4:47 AM-2nd.AL-Augusta,ME--85-87 Mt.Vernon Ave-(2) 3 story wdr apartment buildings on fire-M/A to the fire

01-583)3:35 AM-MVA-Newry,ME--Rt.2 & Bear River Rd-Jaws operating-(1) Fatality, (2) Seriously injured, Lifeflight to the scene, M/A from Bethel FD

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Monday, April 16, 2001

01-582)12:55 PM-MVA-Henniker,NH--Rt.202 by the Pineapple Gift Shop-Rollover with brush fire, Minor injury

01-581)11:11 AM-W/F-Springfield,NH--Cross Rd?-House fire-M/A from Grantham, Sunapee and New London FD's

01-580)5:43 AM-W/F-Augusta,ME--17 Summer St-Apartment fire

01-579)2:30 AM-W/F-North Berwick,ME--204 High St (Rt.4)-1 story, 30 x 40 house fire-M/A from Berwick, South Berwick and Sanford FD's

Sunday, April 15, 2001

01-578)10:30 PM-W/F-Harpswell,ME--1892 Harpswell Rd-2 story house fire

01-577)2:00 PM-MVA-Manchester,NH--Rt.293-Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality

01-576)12:00 PM-W/F-Winterport,ME--Coles Corner Rd-House heavily involved-M/A from Frankfort, Prospect and West Frankfort FD's

01-575)Morning-2nd.AL-Walpole,NH--80 Schoolfield Rd-House fire-M/A from Keene, Surry,NH and Westminster,VT

01-574)5:01 AM-MVA-Warner,NH--Rt.89 Southbound at Mile 14-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-573)1:40 AM-W/F-Rochester,NH--23 Granite St at the "Allen School"-Car fire extended to the school

Saturday, April 14, 2001

01-572)4:25 PM-MVA-Brunswick,ME--Rt.1 Eastbound-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-571)2:30 PM-W/F-Keene,NH--George St-Garage fire

01-570)1:12 PM-W/F-Swanzey,NH--Eaton Rd-Building fire

01-569)6:45 AM-W/F-Holderness,NH--11 A North St-Building fire-(1) Fatality

01-568)3:00 AM-W/F-Whitneyville,ME--Back Rd-House fire-M/A to the scene

Friday, April 13, 2001

01-567)9:00 PM-3rd.AL-Lempster,NH--Rt.10 at Mountain Rd in East Lempster-Early 4 story wdfr 1800's Stage Coach Stop,Inn & Tavern with attached 30 x 50 barn-M/A from Newport, Marlow, Acworth,Goshen, Unity and Washington FD's

01-566)2:30 PM-MVA-New Hampton,NH--Rt.93 between Exit 23 & 24-Car Vs Tree-(1) Fatality

01-565)2:00 AM-MVA-Rochester,NH--Rt.16 between Exit 12 & 14-Car Vs Tractor Trailer Truck-(1) Fatality

Thursday, April 12, 2001

01-564)6:25 PM-2nd.AL-Portland,ME--Stone & Chestnut St-2.5 story house fire

01-563)6:25 PM-W/F-Gilford,NH--Belknap Point Rd-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-562)1:10 PM-W/F-Plymouth,NH--about 47 Pleasant St-House fire-M/A from Waterville Valley, Campton-Thornton, Hebron, Rumney and Holderness FD's (Lightning Strike)

01-561)12:40 PM-W/F-Ashland,NH--31 Scenic View Drive-House fire-M/A from Holderness & New Hampton FD's (Lightning Strike)

01-560)3:25 AM-W/F-Center Ossipee,NH--5 Stag Dr-1 story house fire-M/A from West Ossipee, Ossipee Corner, Freedom, Effingham and Tamworth FD's

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

01-559)5:15 PM-W/F-North Conway,NH--Main St at the "Penguin-Spruce-Hurricane" Block-Electrical fire in the walls of 2nd. floor

01-558)3:35 PM-W/F-Portland,ME--Sherman St-20 x 60 3 story woodframe apartment building fire

01-557)7:05 AM-W/F-Alexandria,NH--off Rt.104 at Morrison Pit Rd-30x50 3 Bay Commercial Garage fire-M/A from Hebron, Bridgewater and Bristol to the fire

01-556)2:10 AM-W/F-Allenstown,NH--near 21 Edgewood Drive in Bear Brook Gardens #1-Mobile Home fully involved-M/A from Pembroke, Epsom, Hooksett and Concord FD's

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

01-555)1:20 PM-W/F-Nottingham,NH--2 Snow Lane off Cooper Hill-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Barrington, Northwood and Lee FD's

01-554)5:15 AM-W/F-St.Agatha,ME--Rt.162 at the St.Agatha Catholic Church-Heavy fire conditions-M/A from Frenchville FD

01-553)5:25 AM-2nd.AL-St.George,ME--Rt.131 in Martinsville-House fire-M/A to the fire

01-552)4:15 AM-MVA-Franconia,NH--Rt.93 in the notch-Tractor trailer rollover with fuel spill and minor injury

Monday, April 09, 2001

01-551)7:23 PM-MVA-Thomaston,ME--Rt.1 & 131-Diesel Fuel Tanker rollover-8600 gallons on board-Extensive cleanup-M/A from Rockland FD

01-550)4:45 PM-MVA-Hermon,ME--Bog & Newburgh Rd-Car Vs Pickup Truck-(1) Fatality-Jaws operating, M/A from Bangor FD

01-549)2:45 PM-W/F-Litchfield,ME--10 Regan Lane-Mobile Home fire-M/A from Bowdoin & West Gardiner FD's

01-548)2:10 PM-2nd.AL-Madbury,NH--45 Evans Rd-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

Sunday, April 08, 2001

01-547)9:35 AM-MVA-Rumford,ME--Rt.2-(2) Cars, Head-on, Jaws operating, Lifeflight to the scene

Saturday, April 07, 2001

01-546)3:35 PM-MVA-Epping,NH--Rt.125 & 155-(5) Injured-Jaws operating, M/A from Lee, Durham and Nottingham to the scene

01-545)10:37 AM-2nd.AL-Merrimack,NH--4 Bishop St-House heavily involved-M/A to the fire

01-544)10:20 AM-MVA-Hollis,ME--Rt.117 & Hardscrabble Rd-Jaws operating from Buxton FD

01-543)Morning-W/F-Eddington,ME--Main Rd-Building fire-M/A from Holden & Brewer FD's

Friday, April 06, 2001

01-542)8:15 PM-2nd.AL-Wolfeboro,NH--58 Trask Mt. Rd-Barn fire-M/A to the fire

01-541)11:50 AM-W/F-Nashua,NH--525 Amherst St-Apartment fire

01-540)7:30 AM-Train Derailment-Auburn,ME--560 Lewiston Jct. Rd-Several Propane Tankers off the tracks

01-539)00:18 AM-W/F-Jackson,NH--Nestlenook Farm-Rental & Ticket Sales building fully involved-M/A from Bartlett & North Conway FD's

Thursday, April 05, 2001

01-538)12:55 PM-W/F-Middleton,NH--92 Deer Run Rd-House fully involved from a propane gas explosion-M/A from Farmington, Milton, Rochester, Wakefield and Ossipee Corner FD's

01-537)12:37 PM-W/F-Chester,NH--39 Haverhill Rd (Rt.121) House fire-M/A from Sandown, Auburn, Derry, Hampstead & Stratham FD's

01-536)8:00 AM-MVA-Pelham,NH--Mammoth Rd-Car Vs Pole-(1) Fatality

01-535)1:58 AM-2nd.AL-Manchester,NH--Elm & Salmon St-Building fire

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

01-534)7:20 PM-W/F-Ellsworth,ME--Dean St. Apartments-Apartment fire-M/A from Lamoine & Hancock FD's

01-533)4:30 PM-W/F-Caribou,ME--Van Buren Rd-Garage fully involved

01-532)11:51 AM-W/F-Holderness,NH--Rt.3 at White Oaks Motel-Cabin fire

01-531)8:05 AM-MVA-Rochester,NH--342 Washington St-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-530)5:09 AM-MVA-Scarborough,ME--Spurwink & Ocean Rd-Jaws operating

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

01-529)7:28 PM-W/F-Windham,ME--486 Falmouth Rd-Garage fire

Monday, April 02, 2001

01-528)8:51 PM-W/F-Kingston,NH--164 Rt.125-Structure fire-M/A to the fire

Sunday April 01, 2001

01-527)10:17 PM-MVA-Hudson,ME--Rt.221-Rollover-Jaws operating

01-526)9:39 PM-W/F-Lee,ME--Pine Bluff Rd-House fully involved-M/A from Lincoln FD

01-525)6:55 PM-2nd.AL-Plymouth,NH--4 Merrill St at the Non Traditional Houseing for Plymouth State College-Heavy fire from floor 1 extending up-Occupied Apartment building-M/A to the fire

01-524)2:11 PM-W/F-Pittsfield,ME--21 North Main St-2.5 story house well involved-M/A from Newport and Detroit FD's